Only one bid to oust army chief: Qarase

Top of the morning bloggers. Making news today is this rebuttal from Qarase against the claim made by Aziz yesterday, that there had been 14-16 attempts to remove Vore as Commander of the RFMF. What SV finds amusing is that Aziz himself is not too sure of the actual number of attempts, whereas Qarase is certain they only tried once and challenges Aziz to show proof of his claims.

Aziz is beginning to reveal he has no backbone to stand up and be counted. He only tows the line and officers like him are not good leadership material because they will not stand up for themselves or for their principles, but will merely follow what they are told. They are dangerous because they one objective is to follow the leader at all costs to save their own skin.

Bloggers, anyone hear anything new about Chodo? Keep blogging ragone!!!


Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says there was only one attempt to try and remove Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as army commander. He confirmed that was when his Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) Government appointed Colonel Meli Saubuluinayau to the post of army commander while Bainimarama was away overseas in November 2006.

“We wanted to send him (Bainimarama) on leave and appoint Saubuluinayau to the post. That was the closest we ever got. “And it was a well-known fact,” Qarase told Fijilive. He was reacting to comments by the military that there had been 14-16 attempts to remove the army commander before the December 2006 coup.

“The SDL-led Government always worked within the law of the country even in relation to dealing with personnel in the civil service,” Qarase said. When asked about the other attempts claimed by the military, he laughed it off saying, “you have to ask them (military) to get documentation or proof of this”.

Military chief-of-staff Col Mohammed Aziz said the SDL instigated these attempts since Bainimarama did not agree to support the party’s agenda. Colonel Saubuluinayau, a career military officer, was the commanding officer of Fiji’s first deployment in Iraq. He was sent on leave after his appointment by the SDL Government became known and later resigned.


36 Responses to “Only one bid to oust army chief: Qarase”

  1. Striker Says:

    Actually, it would be to the advantage of the SDL if they had stated that Aziz was right – they had on numerous occassions attempted to remove Voreqe. Otherwise, the SDL should also be held responsible for indecision and inaction which had sent the nation on its destructive trajectory!

  2. soro Says:

    Woilei @Striker – enuf of the lies already – as the military know one lie perpetuates another and so on . Qarase has stated the truth – now lets see what Aziz and merry band of liers come up with next .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Everyone knows Frank is deluded and paranoid ! Who said that ?

  4. Save the Sheep Says:

    Striker might have a point, but to blame the SDL for their inaction is a bit tough.

    Voreqe was threatening to use the gun to remove them from well before the 2006 Election and the indoctrination of the Military was well entrenched by then.

    The failed ‘Truth and Justice’ campaign was the last straw for the egotistical Bainimarama and his Alliance Party backers and he was going to remove the SDL one way or another no matter what. There was nothing that Qarase could have done about it without risking bloodshed and an even more destructive trajectory for this Country.

    Voreqe just didn’t want to go.. ‘End of Story’. His contract was up and HE wanted it renewed. He is a seriously deluded individual who feels that he has a higher mandate to rule this Country. His Ego has been massaged a treat by the NAP factions and I believe more recently by the opportunistic FLP/Others who saw this as an opportunity to push their own agenda and get a bit of payback at the same time.

    The sadist thing of all is how the RFMF have been led down the Garden Path YET AGAIN

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bula everyone,

    since Qarase has said they only tried once, let’s wait and see what Aziz has to say?

    BTW, what SV said about Aziz being unclear himself is a worry because if he knew what he was saying then he should know the actual number of attempts!

    Qarase at least was certain and said only once!

    Let’s see what proof Aziz will rely on.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Did anyone see this gem from slimy sami?

    “””””There is now confirmation that there will be no referendum held on the draft People’s Charter as the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) does not have the time and funds.
    Within the next 6 weeks, the NCBBF teams will distribute the draft Charter to each household in the country and get signed feedbacks on whether they accept or reject the document.”””””””

    I wonder how many of these replies will come from bananasinpyjamas’ house. His photocopier will be working overtime churning them out. It’s going to look a bit funny when 2 million replies are received from the 200000 households in Fiji.

    Since when can one tick on a piece of paper represent numerous adults living in the one house; this process is flawed before they even start.

    Anyone who disagrees with the military charter and signs their name will be taken in by the police and bashed for being “inciteful”.

    “””””It is not known what questions will be asked.””””””””

    The military charter is a wonderful, marvellous well written document that will get rid of coups, put a chicken in every pot and provide wealth beyond our dreams. Do you agree that sami should be paid extra money for writing this 2 years ago?
    Yes Yes
    I agree

    “”””””However, NCBBF’s Head of the Technical Support Secretariat John Samy said they hope the overseas donor countries come on board to assist in the process.””””””

    Only the Chinese could see this as a ‘democratic’ way of gaining opinion. Remember, the Chinese have elections but not everyone votes and only one party can stand. This is similar to sami’s illogical thinking.

    “”””Samy also said they will also ensure that no one pressures people to reject the draft Charter.””””””

    It looks , SV, that bloggers will have to ensure that no pressures people to accept the draft charter. i.e. the police, military.

  7. Islander Says:

    More inconsistency from the ILLEGAL MILITARY. Enough time has been wasted pussy footing around this already — time for foreign intervention to take these illegals out now. Precious time is wasted and not very many families can endure further hardship any further.


  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Surprise surprise!!!

    Just in

    “”””The Australian Government will not assist Fiji in the consultation process for the Draft People’s Charter.
    The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji James Batley told Fijivillage that Australia will not provide support.
    Batley’s comment came after the NCBBF’s Head of the Technical Support Secretariat John Samy said this morning that they hoped the overseas donor countries now come on board to assist in the process.””””””

    I guess slimey sami will have to hope that the chinese will assist in this very undemocratic, flawed, illegal process.

  9. kaiveicoco Says:

    save the sheep,
    some very good and valid points.True the military has been misled yet again and the coup coup culture sadly will never end.With the current leadership helm within the FMF it would be interesting to see who they decide to replace Voreqe one day.Will it be somebody dancing to the tunes of the NAP? or someone who will respect the consitution.

  10. newsfiji Says:

    I strongly recommend that the Fiji Military Forces should convert itself to become a political party and along with choosing our own elected reps in Parliament, we should also be given the freedom to elect our head of the military forces -he/she’s contract should be reviewed every 24 months..that’s fair and square..then they can go and find their own $$ to fund their campaigning…kua na mai vodo loto tiko na taxpayers buno…

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Ragone (as SV always says), the latest from Fiji Times… your face John Sami…


    THE Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party will over the next six weeks launch a campaign to the counter the Peoples Charter.

    Party executives met earlier today to discuss the Charter and Party president Solomone Naivalu they would work with Christian Churches, especially the Methodist Church because their stand was similar.

    “We have decided in the next six weeks to counter issues in the Charter, especially those ones affecting members of the SDL Party Fijian People,” he said.

    “We will summarise points on the Charter in one or two pages so that our members can read and understand it rather than giving them 30 odd pages.

    “That should be completed in two days time.”

    Mr Naivalu said the Methodist Conference was ideal because people will be coming to Suva thus the party would save on funds and resources.

    Qori..nomudou news..

  12. Ablaze Says:


    This is an email that has been circulated! ( Shove it up to you know where)

    Dear all

    Attached is the draft version of the People’s Charter as approved by the NCBBF at its fifth meeting (4-5 August, 2008). This document is intended to be widely circulated to all the people of Fiji. As an educational program, please forward this email to all your friends.

    Kind Regards

    Keshwa Reddy

    Technical Assistance and Support Secretariat

    National Council for Building a Better Fiji

    Parliament Complex

    Suva, FIJI

    Ph: 3310793 (ext 274)

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Good Luck SDL but I sympathize with you because you are trying to reason with a bunch of dickheads!

    Do it for the sake of our children, it is not acceptable to coup and develop a charter to make Fiji a better place in the future.

  14. anon Says:

    Ragone, dua na ka au rivarivabitaka, o ya na gata ka sa ulu tiko ni mataivalu ena gauna saraga oqo.

    Sega tiko ni kila o vore ni susuga tiko e dua na gata.

  15. Pusiloa Says:

    Would it be possible for SDL to send out a similar email with all the summerised points of the Charter farter so we can print and dispatch….?Dua la na vakasama ya…

  16. newsfiji Says:

    Ragone…check out the latest on Raw Fiji News…apparently Aziz is in panic attack mode and scared of SDL’s public announcement that they will join forces with the Methodist Church to counter the charter with a 2 page release – so that it’s simple to understand… papai…

    wailei qai everybody will be gathering in Suva come this weekend, Hibiscut festival by dashook lal bikha.., tandra kahani, deans & methodist church conference…

    qori…baci watch ga the green uniformed terrorists baci flex their muscles…

    na ka ga dou kila tu qori..blerry bad loosers…

  17. Ablaze Says:

    Pusiloa great idea. Please SV work on it so we send out our version of the Charter Farter!

    Thank you Australia for not recognising it.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More good news!

    The USA also said that they don’t support the military charter and want elections by March 2008.

  19. qitawa Says:

    I thought Qarase wanted Frank out by offering him two posts. One was for High Commissioner to NZ and the other when the SDL government promoted him acting rear admiral or something to go for interviews for UN job in Kuwait. When he didnt get the job in Kuwait they reverted him back to commodore. This was what i think Aziz is refering to as part of the 14 to 16 attempts. I will ask my source again. The attempt by colonel Baledrokadroka was linked to SDL as well at the time Lesi korovavala was PS home affairs. They say phone records proove their allegation that SDL was involved. I will get the rest for spice up of discussion.

  20. qitawa Says:

    Good thing he didnt get those two jobs!

  21. Kudrukudru Says:

    We hear rumblings of dissatisfaction amongst the ranks over the massive leave payments made to Bainimarama and other senior officers.

    Are there plans afoot for payments to be made to the other ranks? Will Frank force Chaudhry to come up with funds to pay daily ration allowances ? Can he rely on the support of other ranks if he can’t force Chaudhry to pay up? But how much will be needed to make this payment to the masses, and not just the priviledged few, in order to buy their support?

  22. Tim Says:

    On the matter of the charter – how about this little gem:

    Fiji People Charter’s advocates invite foreign monitoring
    Posted at 03:51 on 12 August, 2008 UTC

    A spokesman for the team gathering feedback on the draft for Fiji’s People’s Charter says they would welcome independent monitors to ensure the process is fair.

    The head of the technical support secretariat, John Samy, says a referendum won’t be held as Fiji does not have experience of holding such votes, nor the time or money.

    Teams from the National Council for Building a Better Fiji are distributing the draft charter and hope that a copy will get to every household.

    Mr Samy says they plan to draw up a questionnaire that will be signed and will ask if the individual supports the Charter.

    He says the results will be taken seriously:

    “If individuals who complete this questionnaire do so in an unfettered way of their own free will, we will have to take that very seriously otherwise what is the purpose of doing that. If it was not worth doing that why would we bother?”
    …from RNZI.

    Isn’t his call about 2 years too late? How many villages have been visited (supposedly) already?. How many have had persuasive tactics, and we all know what I mean, foisted on them. How many have had the opportunity during the canvassing to hear opposing views? – not many!
    What does this nutter think International Monitoring will hope to achieve after a brainwashing process is well and truly in train – and some might say almost completed!
    Had International monitoring been asked for from the very START, he might have had a little more credibilty.

    These people, Frank and Chodo have much in common really;
    Both Chodo and Frank are liars of the first order.
    Both have betrayed the institutions they stand for – Chodo a complete and utter disgrace to the entire ‘labour movement’ and Frank a disgrace to the principles and tradition of the Military.
    Both prefer to use bribery and backhanders in an attempt to gain loyalty rather than respect and support.
    Both have almighty egos and delusions of grandeur.
    Both consider themselves natural leaders
    Both are paranoic
    Both are cheats – in their personal lives as well as in public life.
    Both have a holier than thou attitude.
    Both think they’re smart when they’re really only smarmy.
    The list goes on.
    I hope they’re genuinely comfortable with the legacy they’re leaving.
    The above seems to apply to a fair few of the junta opportunists.
    Very ugly people indeed!

  23. Mark Manning Says:
    getting a bit farcical now isn’t it , especially when lawyers can be treated this way .

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    By the way , the Westminster System of Government works under the ” Separation of Powers ” concept . So the Military have absolutely nothing to do with Politics .

  25. soro Says:

    @Tim dina. Why should we bother indeed ? Maybe if he gave up his big fat salary, our nation might have enuf for the referendum to take place …. but Nooooooooo … they are too lamu sona to have cos they know wat will happen …………. The word NO will slap him across the face … again and again and again.

    If our nation’s thoughts were laser beams, he and his ilk in the NBCVAKACICI would be little mounds of ash a long time ago.

  26. Tim Says:

    @soro: Yep. It seems Ema Mua now wants a million dollars too. She needs to solve a “million dollar Question”:

    Fiji police investigate long delay over arrest warrant for Suva lawyer
    Posted at 07:39 on 12 August, 2008 UTC

    Police in Fiji are investigating why it took so long to issue an arrest warrant against a prominent Suva lawyer.

    Ratu Savaneca Komaisavai, was taken in for questioning after expressing his thoughts on national television in regards to the draft People’s Charter and the proposed new form Great Council of Chiefs.

    He was released after questioning about his remarks, which police thought might be seditious and inciteful.

    After his release, he was arrested within hours on a warrant relating to an alleged assault more than two years ago.

    A policespokeswoman, Ema Mua, says the two coinciding matters were in no way linked and no one knows why the arrest warrant was not served before now:

    “That’s the million dollar question we are looking at realy why were the police not vigilant two years to do this, CID investigating why this file was never brought up and who was in charge of the file and why now the case has been brought to light because as you say he is a very significant lawyer and he is always to be seen in the corridors of the court.”
    (from RNZI)

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    No doubt Hitler used the same tactics , discredit your opponents so they lose popular support amongst the masses !
    United we stand , divided we fall , it’s an old tactic .

  28. painter Says:

    Well said Save the Sheep!

    @ Striker – try looking beyond yr nose before u start striking anywhichway!

    @ kudrukudru – seems $2million is now peanuts for them, next bidder please!

    Why am I not surprised with the level that dickhead Mohammed Aziz will stoop down to – counting all his fingers and toes for the number of times they were reminded by their true Master of their role within a civilian administration! Good grief, the poor taxpayers of this country footed this nutcase’s studies for nothing – Aziz obtained his undergrad law degree, masters in law degree and was trying to complete a PhD in 2006, all from the SAME UNIVERSITY i.e. Bond Uni in Aust! Gee, I wonder if bloggers associated with any academia could shed some light on this becoz it seems highly unusual to me that someone would limit himself to one university for all his academic studies! And really, what work has this good-for-nothing ULUCOU contributed for the benefit of the people of Fiji with his law degrees other than planning and executing coup after coup after coup?!!!!

    The only way to STOP the coup culture perpetuated by Mohammed Aziz and the terrorists in this military council is that they face the full brunt of the law and face the consequences of their actions. George Speight stands taller than all these poofters in the military council who fancy themselves as soldiers! Pooh! You all stink from where we stand! The people of this country can’t wait to see you all in prison garb!

  29. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Why would anyone in Fiji think this was a bad thing? Given that Frank went on to commit the treason that Home Affairs told the security council that he was planning, who wouldn’t try to remove him? And now that the post-coup economic consequences have proved every bit as bad and Oz/NZ told Frank and the senior officers it would be, who doesn’t wish that Qarase had succeeded in removing Frank before the coup?

  30. Striker Says:

    @ painter: Too right I have looked well above my nose. Why can’t the SDL come out and say the truth? That so many times representations were made to the Vice President and the President to have the pig controlled? With all the suffering and the poverty, how could we as a nation learn from this experience? I suggest:
    1. Our chiefs need to be more responsible in their choice of important officers of State
    2. That accountability begins with the President and Vice President and the appointing power i.e the GCC, should have been more diligent.
    What are your views painter?

  31. soro Says:

    @Striker – you can be as diligent as you want but the point is that elected government HAD to act within the law – not above it.

    Who was to predict then that Iloilo’s private secretary really was the evil joker at that stage and how his influence had penetrated the Pres’s grey matter … remember there were many factors to consider . Things were not as cut and dry as you make out too be.

  32. Striker Says:

    @Soro: So are we to learn that there is a case for removing executive authority of the President so the evil joker private secretary can answer for his actions? We are all for the rule of law which to be just and appropriate has to change with the times!

  33. soro Says:

    Good we all agree that the rule of law is paramount – without it there is only anarchy.

  34. newsfiji Says:

    Yep agreed..rule of law is paramount. Their is nothing in this farter charter to say that those who conduct coups should face the full brunt of the law and that should go for Bainipyjamas too, military council members, Rupeni Nacewa, President Iloilo, all appointees who accepted appointments by this illegal regime and those who violeted the laws just to satisfy Bainipyjamas..

    You break the law – bloody be a man and face the consequences.Period.

    After this is all over, we call for a full public enquiry into the 2006 Coup and all it’s supporters. That includes all the pretentious judges, ombudsman etc.


  35. soro Says:

    I believe this person put it nicely (letters to the Fiji Sun) –

    “After reading the draft Charter, I am of the opinion that the work of the NCBBF would have been made a lot easier had they stopped after the point on Page 3 where it states: “We, the people of Fiji affirm that our Constitution represents the supreme law of our country, that it provides the framework for the conduct of government and the people.”

    What follows this point is an attempt to legislate morality, ethics, and human behaviour.

    After this epiphany, there was no need to go any further. ”

  36. Cama Says:

    the FLP were trying to overthrow the SDL Government before the Election in 2006 as mentioned by their President in an interview in the Fiji TV saying that the millitary should take over the leadership of the Government.
    Dont worry about taking Frank off as been initiated by the SDL as they are an legitimate Government voted by the people because Vore was not picked on merit but whom you know.

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