In a dark time the eye begins to see (with apologies to the wonderful poet T. Roethke this is one of my favourite poems).

We can be smug on SOLIVAKASAMA and say ‘I told you so’ about this illegal regime but we’re not going to do that because the first line from Roethkes poem says it all. I personally feel this poem along with another ‘The Reckoning’ could be all about voreqes coup and all it’s coup coupness plus the three previous coups.

One wonders how life would be today if Rabuka had not carried out the 1987 coup on behalf of the Alliance Party. I’m sure the Alliance Party did not stop to think how exacting a coup would affect Fiji in years to come. It seems that whenever a party other than an Alliance connected party wins the election a coup is carried out by the military.

Like other Nations we in Fiji vote in the Party that we want to lead us forward to a bigger and brighter future, out with the old, useless party and in with the new. Time and time again we’ve voted in a Party other than the Alliance Party then what do you know? another useless coup to take Fiji backwards AGAIN. This really goes to show that people don’t want the Alliance Party to lead as it has never been effectual and I’m not sorry to say never will be. A title such as Ratu or Adi does not entitle automatic leadership of

We’re a small Nation and it’s almost impossible to invent ones origins or bank balance in Fiji. As soon as an upstart thinks he/she can tell the people what they should do, it’s on for young and old and the truths they don’t want revealed about themselves is open slather. Sins of the father, illegal use of monetary funds,et al donated to the Nation, nepotism and criminal acts covered up are all discussed openly. We know this and we will not vote for a political party whose members continually flout all of the above. People who did not have a brass razoo now own and live in homes, yes homes, there’s no mistake about the plural, in upmarket suburbs that they would only have been able to walk past and admire or maybe to mow the lawn or take a reading for the electricity or water metres. They’ve all come a long way by using money intended for the public and frown as they drive by in their 4×4 on the honest ones waiting for the bus in the rain or the stinging hot sun as the bus shelters are so inadequate. Is it any wonder we don’t want any of these murderous thieves to have positions of power.

The people of Fiji do not trust the military or the police anymore, nor do they have much faith in some high profile families. The loss of trust and respect just cannot be regained by an election – it’s gone forever. We’re tired of the rigmarole that is the Alliance Party and the military and they know so they will cling onto this lucrative gravytrain as long as they possibly can. I say no matter what, when normality is restored the military be dismantled forever, no buts about it, we have to rid Fiji of this insidious group that continually destablise our lives and our beloved Nation. We as a Nation do no owe the military anything, they are public servants yet behave like the Lord of the Manor.

We have always been patient and obedient so why are we always being treated like we are not the custodians of this Nation Fiji and allowed our political party of choice legally elected by vote to do what they are paid to do instead of being unceremoniously usurped by some so called military personnel and vengeful losers. 

The Alliance Party will never ever gain political prominence. We are smarter, more savvy than most in economics, politics and law because of the coups we’ve had to endure and communication systems such as mobile phones and computers have helped us grow and quickly  understand  our rights and put the coconut wireless on broadband.

In a dark time the eyes begin to see.



  1. Tuks Says:

    Wonderful reflection SV..wonderful..who knows that at times like these and after a genuine soul searching by all,we may just be getting at the tip of the icebergs of the real truths and its high time we nip the problems in the buid now that the true colors are surfacing…

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Bunch of cowards , and now the Police are tainted with the same smell as the Military .
    Amazing how Fijian Soldiers International reputations have been washed down the toilet in such a very short space of time .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Peter Foster for President and Andrew Hughes for Police Commissioner . I’ll accept the treasury post !

  4. Tim Says:

    As I’ve said a couple of times before, if the Military leadership, that has quite obviously earned rank on merit, were actually concerned about their rank and file, they’d have put a huge amount more effort in educating them, and preparing them for civilian life. OR for those that choose a lifelong career in the Military, skills attained would be busily put to constant use in improving infrastructure. Such has not been the case.
    It seems that the expectation is that they might have survived on a once proud tradition alone. Unfortunately that tradition was severely fcuked over a long time ago. Most have been demoted to the rank of dumb slob with skills that are best suited to cannon fodder as it prostitutes itself on a world market as machoman shoeshine boys in the worlds ‘hot spots’.
    If they only knew they could attain a better earn outside the “RFMF”, such as it is. As Discombobulatedbubu says, their behaviour is learned and it seems the rank and file are too thick to know any better OR to look at things longer term. Not only do most appear as thick as two short planks that would be better propping up some infrastructural project, but it seems most are short sighted as well.

  5. Tim Says:

    * not on merit – the flees must be interfering with the backspace key

  6. Indian Says:

    Not sure what you mean by an “Alliance connected party”. Does that include SDL? Does it include any party supported by Fijians? Does mean any party which believes in a Fijian homeland, a place where Fijians get special recognition? One must be careful here. I thought SDL was moving away from strictly chiefly control with teams of technocrats and educated chiefs.

    Please clarify.

    Why should the first Nation of Fiji be completely overrun, subsumed,and marginalized by immigrants with their own caste system any more than Japan, China, or India? I thought the World had moved beyond that with the end of colonialism.

  7. Tim Says:

    @ Indian: Nononono. There’s money to be made, people to see, places to go with the new agenda. Let’s shit on the indigenous a second time round – we just need to sign up to a new hegemony, and what better authors of spin to represent us than those that have suffered in the past. Instead of placing the blame where it is due – we’ll just put it on the First Fijians – and carry on as if nothing ever happened. Them bloody natives are too thick to know what’s going on anyway and why shouldn’t we lay claim to this turf anyway? We paid our dues!
    Fiji seems to be the biggest hoodwink of all time!. No wonder Foster felt at home.

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    Really nice work SV and good to see the story behind the story tarting to come through.

    The Opportunists, in particular the FLP might be justified in taking the ‘Well if you cant beat ’em, join ’em’ approach this time around but in doing so they have compromised their principles and cheated on the good fight that might have made them immortals.

    Instead they are lower than the ‘Plenty School All Bull’ aristocrats that drive those tinted 4 wheel drives without a days honest work to their name.

    2006 was very much a repeat of 1987 but with a new set of kutu feeding off the same dead host.

    When will it all end??

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    Some very astute observations SV. However I must say that not all founding members of the Alliance party were or are corrupt.

    In fact although their are numbers are few, becase of their national prominence, some who did become involved in corruption have tainted the majority of hardworking Alliance member famiilies who have done a lot and worked very hard without requiring any recognition for this country.

    In all honesty we also have to face upto the fact that Qarase was and is not clean, his whole cadre of the ex-QVS clique that started out as the Octagon prayer group have a lot of dirt ontheir hands.

  10. Striker Says:

    Talking of clean, didn’t the Bible say that all have sinned and have fallen short of God’s exacting standard? And it is only proper that if we make insinuations, we should be man enough to go to the Police with our evidence. One thing you can’t deny though, Qarase was voted in by the mejority and under the law.

  11. Dauvavana Says:

    Too true Naita IB however, sadly the corruption of a few, especially the top Ratus have made some people paint them all at the Alliance Party with the same corruption brush.

    I had very close realitives who were dye in the wool Fijian Association Campaigners that got nothing out of it personally but were doing it in their belief of the saving of the iTaukei and th three legged stool theory.

    I am also aware of the noble stand by that astute Rewan member who served with distinction as a Minister in the Alliance Party and humbly refused a knighthood when offered because he thught there were others more deserving.

  12. church mouse Says:

    Mick Beddoes is right. There is still a lot of goodness in the people of Fiji and in the charter, the exaggerations that form a premis for some of the proposed changes paint a gloomy picture which is not accurate.

    There Are No Bad Race Relations
    Publish date/time: 12/08/2008 [11:09]

    Fiji does not have bad race relations as depicted in the Draft People’s Charter said Ousted Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes.

    He said some measures listed in the Draft Charter like reform of the electoral system and eliminating racial categorization in all government records and registers, paints a gloomy picture about Fiji’s racial relationship amongst the various ethnic groups, which is not the case since the people have not disintegrated despite experiencing four coups.

    Beddoes said a critical factor that has not allowed Fiji to disintegrate into any form of violence, which is worth mentioning in the draft, is the goodness of the people.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Ni Bula Vinaka Na Turaga Naita! O au saka sa soro vakadua vi kemuni.

  14. Save the Sheep Says:

    When we are good, we are very very good but when we are bad we are down right nasty…..

  15. Dauvavana Says:

    Hahaha at IB, Naita ko ni se qai soro tu edai, o keitou mai Kubuna keitou se soro tu mai e nai vakatekivu ni gauna vei kemudou. Dua mada vei kemuni na waini bu

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I have never heard Rabuka said at any time that he carried out his coup on behalf of the then Alliance Party. I also read his book No Other Way. Up and down those pages he laments The coup was his, masterminded by none other than him for what he believed was right. His 2nd coup was birthed because “they” wanted to push him out.

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    But Kata, as they say, action speaks louder then word. The interim cabinet that came in after that had the bulk of Alliance supporters including the late Tui Nayau therefore merely continuining the status quo to a certain extent.

    However a new dawn was begining including the late Ro Lala (Marama Bale na Rokotui Dreketi) loosing the presidency vote for the new chiefly endorsed SVT Party to a commoner Siti Rabuka.

    I think leaders of the time did not quite comprehend the pandora box they were opening, including the creation of the uncontrollable monster we now endure (the coup coup Military) when they planned and endorse the first coup of 1987.

  18. IslandBoy Says:

    @Sniper – Rabuka has repeatedly told the dailies that the late Turaga Tui Nayau asked him to execute the first coup.

    One need only search through the Fiji Times archives, as well as the other papers to find multiple instances where he said as much and must also bear in mind that his book came out when many of his co-conspirators were still alive.

    Just last Sunday in his column he labelled the late Tui Nayau, “….narrow minded and shallow.” Whether Rabuka is telling the truth or not and leaving aside his propensity to malign those departed, I have never had any doubt and have heard and overheard many many conversations to be firmly convinced the gentlemen sharp shooter from Kubuna has again hit the bullseye. I would urge you to believe him Kata – he had me dead centre – se vo na waini bu ni Ovalau, o au sa kune tu!

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Dauvavana sorry for the late reply. I do not come here everyday. There is some truth to your analysis but they most certainly did not plan or requested coup daddy to execute the 1987 coup and that is factual.

    In hindsight the Alliance Party gave the appearance of having endorsed the coup. Ours is still is a very young democracy and we were barely a decade away from Independence when Rabuka executed Fiji’s 1st. Who else was there to take up the mantle? No one. The chiefs looked to what was familiar to bring stability and it worked. And that is merely what Rabuka meant when he stated on Fiji live that the chiefs supported his coup. But he did not say that Ratu Mara asked him to carry out the coup.

    2000 coup ought not have occurred. And most certainly not 2006’s.

    The late Marama Na Roko Tui Dreketi had no political aspirations to lead the country for if she had; a mere failed SVT endorsement would not stand in her way. It was a different time and gathering momentum to build an independent political party would have been achieved without as much as a blink of an eyelash.

    Aside from reading everything printed on a daily basis on the Fiji Times I have also searched its archives and nowhere is it written that Rabuka was asked by the late Tui Nayau to conduct his coup.

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