Detainment reeks of cowardice: Beddoes

Top of the morning bloggers. Well the criticism just keeps piling in over the detainment of Serafina Silaitoga. SV totally agrees with Beddoes because he shares the very same sentiments we have been expressing on this blog site. Charan Jeath Singh has upped the ante as well by standing by his claim and challenging Chodo to come out clean on whether he still has his job! Meanwhile, Chodo the ‘million dollar threat man’ who normally constantly barks ‘me, me, me’ remains quite and docile!

SV hopes this week will see further implosion within the illegal junta and John Samy must be fuming because it will distract and could have a boomerang effect on his fart-er Charter as well from the FLP supporters.

SV exhorts all to keep up the fight freedom bloggers and once again vinaka vaka levu Serafina Silaitoga!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

OUSTED opposition leader Mick Beddoes says the taking in of Fiji Times reporter Serafina Silaitoga yesterday by Labasa police is an outrageous show of cowardice. Mr Beddoes asked why Charan Jeath Singh was not taken in when he was the one quoted as issuing the challenge to interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

“So he obviously knows something and would be the most obvious person to question. Instead they go for the weakest person who is pregnant and question her for hours,” he said.

“When we come to resolving all our problems and democracy is returned we must take each and every police and military person to task, who carried out an order they felt was wrong because they remained silent and carried out the job anyway. They let people down and they should not be allowed to hide the ‘I was doing my job or following orders excuse.” Mr Beddoes said each members of the force had a brain and should know the difference between right and wrong. He said security personnel should stand up to what was wrong even if it meant losing their jobs.

“Their concern should always be the welfare of the people,” he said. “Is this an example of the good governance and personal security the People’s Charter is talking about? “My question is this how they are going to react when a person does not agree with the charter.”


24 Responses to “Detainment reeks of cowardice: Beddoes”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well the plot thickens Huh?

    So much for this brave illegal junta! Can’t even face the small truth in verifying that Chodo has been sacked! How can someone incite when they are telling the truth in a factual way as to not ruin the business community?

    Beddoes reiterates what former Commissioner Hughes had said prior to his forced departure, ‘following an unlawful order is not an excuse’, which Leung had stated during the CRW’s Court Martial.

  2. Jim Black Says:

    Mahen Chodo was given his termination letter on the same evening that Frank & Aiyaz (Arse) met the water bottle company executives.The letter signed by Frank was delivered to his home in an unsealed envelope which was received by his daughter as Mahen was in the shower. His daughter gave it to her Mum who questioned Mahen when he came out of the shower as the family were sitting in tears in the living room waiting for Chodo. Mahen said that he knew nothing about the letter or termination.The next morning Mahen was summoned to government buildings to meet Col. Aziz as Frank & the military council were meeting at his residence. Mahen told Aziz that if he goes so does Lekh Ram & Ricketts in cabinet as well as all labour supporters in the NCBBF and on government boards. Col Aziz immediately called Frank who summoned Mahen to his house to meet with the Military Council.It was at this meeting that an agreement was reached for Mahen to remain in cabinet temporarily.I can now confirm however that 22nd August 2008 has been issued as his last day in office!

  3. Striker Says:

    And what does the draft charter say about the media? “We believe in a free and well informed media that promotes good governance.” Just a ploy at looking good while the green goons trample all over the Constitution, break the law, steal from govt. coffers and deny reporters and people their basic human rights and dignity!

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    How come chodopu$$ hasn’t come out threatening to sue Singh for a billion dollars?

    Maybe he is sick of bluffing and is preparing to accept defeat.

    Let’s hope that an Australian current affairs show offers chodopu$$ big dollars to spill the beans on bananasinpyjamas.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Have a read of this news item from NW Africa and see if there is a similarity with Fiji.

    “”””The 52-year-old general again insisted the coup was aimed at “avoiding a catastrophe in the country” and eliminating the regime of “an elected president who acted in an irrational manner”.
    Over the weekend Gen Ould Aziz said he had warned President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi – who is also accused of corruption – before the coup of consequences if he went through with plans to revamp the military.
    “I telephoned him (Mr Abdallahi) personally to explain to him the gravity of his decree and suggest he postpone it to avoid the worst,” Gen Ould Aziz said on the Al-Jazeera television channel.””””””

    Notice the words corruption and dismissal.

    In both countries, the elected government attempted to remove treacherous, incompetent military leaders. This then resulted in these military officers committing treason; claiming corruption.

    You would think that these idiots could come up with something better than corruption.

  6. mediawatcher Says:

    He has only $2million

  7. anon Says:

    Hey! sa yali tiko o NP.

  8. Wailei Says:

    Na pufta ga na pufta! Taking in a pregnant woman and on a Sunday too in front of her family! They couldn’t wait for today to take her in for questioning when she would be in her office? Plus did they have a warrant to enter her premises????

  9. Groggymaster Says:

    WTF! If the IG are not managing the country for us, who the bloody hell are they running the country for? We want an answer as to who are rulers are (legal or illegal) and Serafina has asked a fair question in the interests of the public.

    Chodo is only good at threatening to sue other people – he and his son have not won many of these.

    @ raw news – the Military Council are looking for a safe haven for Bainivuaka. Good luck to them.

  10. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Chodopu$$ the great puppeteer has outsmarted himself. He begged Frank to stage manage his exit by concocting some story to explain why he is leaving of his own accord. Then he dropped a hint that he might be leaving to fight for the Charter prior to an election.

    The dilemma facing Chodpu$$ is that he is running out of time. There has to be a gap between the time when he is not sacked and the time when he chooses to leave but it looks like he has run out of time.

    The Charan Jeath Singh report is a problem because it robbed of him the clear space he needed before he made his “I’m going of my own accord” statement to the world. So what happens now? Frank can’t do anymore for him but Chodopu$$ did get to where he is through meekly accepting conditions imposed by others.

    Expect bitterness, back-stabbing and bluster from Frank and who’ knows what from a cornered Chodopu$$.

  11. Navosavakadua Says:

    One Corporal Chand has let the truth slip out. They needed to detain Ms Silaitoga so that they could brief the I for illegal PM by 1 am. If this was normal police work why was a brief needed for the Illegal PM? The first step should have been obtaining legal advice about what laws were broken. This is what they need if they are to avoid being sued for wrongful arrest.

  12. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    !f anyone had any doubts about the truth of the rumours about the firing of Chodopu$$ the ham-fisted harassment of the Fiji Times journalist reporting the comments of Labasa businessman Charan Jeath Singh confirm that a nerve has been touched. A simple denial
    would have been sufficient to deal with any story that was false. Information Supremo Leweni could do no more than sound like Rishi Ram and say “I know nothing”.

    Thank you to all actors in this second rate comedy of errors: your message is coming through loud and clear.

  13. Striker Says:

    @FDN:Information supremo Leweni? More like the embarrassment supremo!

  14. tualeita Says:

    Why is MPC not coming out to deny the report? CJS through Serafina must have been telling the truth.

  15. Talei Says:

    Yeah! Why aren’t you suing Fiji Times on this Mahen? Perhaps, because it’s TRUE! ha ha ha ha ha! Aww, your boyfriend Frankenstein gave you your walking paper’s? Poor Mahen – no where to run to – maybe India, if you make it out of Fiji alive. You’re not allowed in Australia, so hopefully they will freeze that account with the stolen 2 mil.

    This coup has exposed just how many crooked and brainless men and women we have in our forces, military and police. The real clean up is at the doorstep. Hooray!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Shows how delicate this alliance of criminals is .
    They don’t even want the public to know that the Regime is falling apart at the seams .

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    So the cowardly pig gave the order from Beijing. Chodo must have alerted him of the FT news and the Pig then gave his order. It is really a trivial news item that did not warrant such drastic action. The pressure must overbearing that it has got into their heads that they would just jump at the drop of a pin.

    Man I was really irked by this evenings news about the Pig having a meeting with one of the Chinese leaders. Whilst China should be proud of hosting a magnificent game this meeting darkens all the good points that China gained thus far by agreeing to meet a criminal dictator who hijacked an elected govt and openly raped democracy by the barrel of the gun. By meeting this dictator it has made China a supporter of criminals which is a big minus. I think the Pig’s open support of the Tibetan suppression by the Chinese armed forces must have earned the Pig this honor.

  18. Tim Says:

    Anyone else noticed how quiet the iIAG and fag hag incorporated Shyster have been of late? I’d have expected Bubba to have LEPT to defend this Chodo foreskin of the junta, and Shaista to be proclaiming his human rights are being abused. Perhaps they’re too busy concocting some spin

  19. 46664 Says:

    It is amazing that the reporter was taken in and not the person who made the comment. And if it took 8 Police Officers to go and pick up the reporter, who by the way is pregnant, then all I can say is wow……. makes the Police force look silly and desperate in trying to make her an example.

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    This from FT today. What idoits!

    Probe on Chaudhry yet to be completed
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Update: 10:10AM POLICE have yet to complete investigations into a television interview with Suva lawyer, Rajend Chaudhry.

    Police spokesman Atu Sokomuri said they were still investigating.

    “They have interviewed everyone implicated in the case,” he said.

    “They are still going through the finer details.”

    Late June, police seized a copy of the interview because of claims that the content was inciting to viewers.

    Fiji TV lawyer Tanya Waqanika had said the company complied with a search warrant that required them to provide police with video footage for the Close Up on Mr Chaudhry.

    Ms Waqanika said the master tape was handed to police but Fiji TV was concerned that censoring of the program by police was unwarranted.

    She said police were of the view that the recorded interview breached the Public Order Act.

  21. Islander Says:

    This only shows just how lower then scum Bainimarama is and what a paranoid control freak he is as well that someone at his “level” has to also deal with what one would normally consider trivial matter for the big shot wanna be “PM” ILLEGAL as he is.

    You are NOTHING but a LOW LIFE SCUM OF THE EARTH FRANK VOREQE BAINIMARAMA and ANYONE that FOLLOWS your lead. LOOSERS!!!! Your day of damning draws nigh — even at your doorstep you idiot!

  22. Forward Fiji Says:

    DICTATORSHIP springs to mind, thats why the fat lazy Teleni took up the police commissioners post. This is a planned mastered so that the police and the army dont fall out, to carry out insulting the citizens of this country.
    There`s only one word for this ciminal military force “NI YAVU TAMATA VIAVIA LEVU”.
    The police force is an Institute that maintain law and order in any country, obviously not our`s.

  23. painter Says:

    @ mediawatcher – that’s right, and that $2million just isn’t enuf to go around aye?! So what’s plan B…??

  24. Peni Waqanivalu Says:

    The charter is not bible based and we should not waste our time on it.

    In Kadavu , the charter team really need to improve in the fijian protocol.

    Na noda charter levu duadua na i vola tabu. e sega tale na charter me rawa ni buli me sivia na vosa ni kalou…Na matabose ni vueti viti ka bulia na charter e sega na kena yavu vakalawa, e na noda veivakadonui na lewe ni vanua.

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