NCBBF member gets Board appointment

Yadra bloggers. Well it seems our celebrations that kicked off yesterday was not in vain because we now know that Chodo Jnr is no longer with the Fiji Sports Council and another spineless wannabe has taken his place.

Also making news is Naupoto, alleged to have sworn and physically assaulted a Muslim man. Nothing will come out of this because kete poka-Teleni is his relative and he is a Navy Man together with Vore. BTW bloggers, anyone know anything about Vore’s brother-in-law, convict Kean? Rumours that when he gets out he will either retain his Navy Commander’s position or be slotted into a high government position, creating history as the 1st convicted civil servant to hold a high government position.

Some of you may ask, how about Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama? He was a Government Minister or elected member and not civil servant. Chodo too was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and served some time in prison as well, but he was not disqualified from contesting for a seat in Parliament and later became Prime Minister, making him the 1st Prime Minister with a criminal conviction and who spent some time in prison. No wonder he visited Naboro, maybe to face up to his ghosts!

SV wonders what this week will unfold, but this we know for a certainty, we will keep blogging until this illegal junta is brought to justice and the coup culture is permanently eradication in Fiji. Se kuca bloggers?

One National News                                                                                                            9 Aug 2008 04:22:28


A sitting member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji has been appointed as a board member of the Fiji Sports Council. Rupeni Silimaibau’s term started from July 21st and ends in 2010.


In a gazette notice dated yesterday, interim Sports Minister Filipe Bole notes the vacancy on the Fiji Sports Council board was created by withdrawal of membership by lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry. Rupeni Silimaibau is a Project Officer with the Provincial Youth Forum.


7 Responses to “NCBBF member gets Board appointment”

  1. Joe Silimaibau Says:

    Ask the officer in charge at Domestic court about his criminal record while working there

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    They may as well appoint (and sack) each other to these Boards since they share the same idealogies. Who ‘d want to serve this junta, anyway, other than their own? But I note with interest these appointments have been made well past March 2009 – the date we were promised Elections!

    As for the convicted Kean , SV may have heard right , but I don’t think he will accept an appointment on release. We all know Francis could have easily escaped conviction , with this junta , but he chose to face the consequences for his ill-actions , and serve the time. I seem to have this perception of him in the way he dumped his lawyers at the crucial stage of his court hearing. His biggest appointment is with his conscience which he will carry with him to the grave. That in itself is a death sentence! In a couple of months we may see him walking back into freedom – a broken man. But that said , we have a God of a second chance. Repent Kean!

    A prominent figure with blood on his hands , is a sitting Judge of the Fiji High Court . Not sure though if he was convicted for causing death while a student in NZ. But Praise be to God for the great gift of repentance!

  3. Vukivuki Says:

    They should all be shot, no need to make excuse for this Kean ass. If you kill by the sword than you shall be killed by the sword?Hopefully when things do get back to normalcy the court can relook at this kind of injustices and retry these kind of cases and put this bastard Kean away for a long time.

  4. Cama Says:

    They is always a second time. we can give him a second time but according to the rule book.

    if we have finished the reconciliation orchestrated by the SDL than all will be well with us, but some are keen on revenge and we will see that trend to continue as those who live by the sword shall die by the sword as the bible says.

    the SDL was just trying to do just that (reconciliation) but some people with blood on their hands still want more blood.

    I pray that good sense might prevail and we give truth and reconciliation a try. Please note that as christian, this part of priciple and I do not know for other denomination where we can forget the past but for the Fiji Labour Party, they are full of vengeance.

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Rupeni – mai yaso…blerry BOCI..

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Rupeni – e se vinaka cake sara o Chodo Jnr vei least Chodo Jnr can spell and speak proper english…something which cannot be said for you..

  7. Frida Says:

    Who is this Rupeni Silimaibau?

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