Tycoon throws down gauntlet. We at SV say: hip, hip, hooray. Kaila – yae!!!!

Top of the morning bloggers. This is the day that the Lord hath made! Indeed!! Can’t beat waking up to some refreshing news like Chodo being shown the door by Vore, BTW is a practice he had perfected whilst illegal Minister. It seems the reinstatement of Pramesh Chand spelled the demise for Chodo. We’ll have to wait and see the spill over from this debacle because Chodo is not to go away quietly. However, something tells me that this time around, Chodo may not ‘spill the beans’as expected, although we at the SV Team challenge Chodo to stand up, be a man and ‘spill the beans!’This time Chodo has been implicated in supporting the coup and chances are he was involved or knew of the coup before it was actually carried out in December 2006. Also his tax evasion cover-up plus the fact he has been ‘warned’by Vore are ‘persuasive’ reasons why he may not ‘spill the beans’because he knows those murderous green goons at QEB are very capable of carrying out their threat. The unlawful deaths of the 5 CRW members and the pending murder cases of Nimilote Verebasaga & Sakiusa Rabaka are clear proofs. Enjoy your day now bloggers okay because we at the SV Team are going to celebrate!!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Charan Jeath Singh yesterday said he was reliably informed that Mr Chaudhry was handed his termination letter on Wednesday this week by interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. “I was told that the letter was given to him by Mr Bainimarama before the Government team left for China for the Olympic Games and the letter states that he has until August 22 to clear himself from public office and that will be in the next two weeks,” Mr Singh said.

“This means he won’t attend the next Cabinet meeting on August 22 and I challenge Mahen to tell the people that his job is on the line. “And I am prepared to take Mahen head on in any battle or whatever battle he may want to take out with me.”

It is understood the letter also cautioned Mr Chaudhry not to make public statement on behalf of the regime but for his Fiji Labour Party only. Mr Singh said that Mr Chaudhry was also warned not to make any major decisions for the regime until August 22. “This was also confirmed to me and my friends this evening, (yesterday) from a senior government official who is also out of the country saying that Mahen is going out of the regime.

“This should have been done long time ago because he has only brought problems to the country’s economy,” Mr Singh said. Efforts to contact Mr Chaudhry yesterday proved futile as his cell phone was diverted and messages left on his phone were not responded to.

Yesterday Mr Bainimarama referred all queries to military spokesman Neumi Leweni who said he was not aware of any letter. Acting permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office Edward Blakelock said he was not aware of the letter to Mr Chaudhry. However, reliable Government sources confirmed yesterday that a letter was sent to Mr Chaudhry.


18 Responses to “Tycoon throws down gauntlet. We at SV say: hip, hip, hooray. Kaila – yae!!!!”

  1. Wailei Says:


  2. Jose Says:

    “TYCOON throws down gauntlet”???????????? A little extreme don’t you think?
    What is there to celebrate? We’ve always known what little Mahen was about. There are real live snakes in the illegal regime. They happen to be natives.

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Jose,

    Mahen and those Fijians in the illegal regime are all snakes! We should celebrate because he was seen as the money man and the reason for FLP’s support of the illegal regime.

    I won’t be surprised if his fellow FLP members resign as well, spelling the doom of the illegal regime. If not, then Chodo has been marginalised within his own party, spelling the doom of the FLP itself.

    So Jose, either way, we have genuine reason to celebrate, but if you choose not to, then that’s your choice, but I will celebrate along with the SV Team.

  4. Cebbo Says:

    Now the real purpose of the coup begins to unfold and those behind it are now becoming clear. The military will maintain an order that is friendly to no other but them families of Mara, Ganilau an the associated colonial elites.That is the aim of the military rule that will come next in the guise of a propped up democracy. Multiracialism will be the order of the day but will be garnished with superlatives and adjectives that will be favourable to no other than these elites. But Fijians now know who are their enemies. Fiji will never be the same again. Chodoman and FLP are not down and out yet. They will combine with the above in the next (2017) elections.

  5. LUVfiji Says:


    Is this the beginning of the end?

  6. Cebbo Says:

    SV It may be too early to celeberate yet. We are only seeing a small picture. This could be a well orchestrated plan by the interim government, for the reasons I have mentioned above.

  7. Islander Says:

    CHOOOOOOHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! One down and a few more to go. I smell liberation folks – what a way to start the weekend. You all have a great and safe one.

  8. Wailei Says:

    Fiji police nab critic of proposed name
    New Nationalist Party leader Saula Telawa was taken in for questioning by Police yesterday for objecting on television to the use of the common name ‘Fijian’ for all Fiji citizens.

    Police spokeswoman Ema Mua said officers from the Criminal Investigations Department are trying to establish if there was any intent to incite any unrest.

    Mua said while people are free to express their opinion in the media, care should be taken to avoid comments which are inciting and can become a threat to public safety as prescribed under the Public Order Act.

    Telawa said the proposition in the draft People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress for a common name for all citizens will be met with a national outcry from all indigenous Fijians.

    He said the name Fijian is reserved for the indigenous Fijian people, the land and their culture.

    Meanwhile, Mua also confirms that police have taken a copy of the video of Telawa’s television interview, which was aired this week.

    The television news showed Telawa and Great Council of Chiefs lawyer Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai candidly expressing their views on the proposed common name.

    When asked by FijiLive this morning, Telawa said he welcomed being questioned by police.

    “They asked me what I had said and I told them what I thought of everybody having the common name Fijian,” he said.

    ” I stand by what I said on TV on Wednesday night, everything I told the police, they wrote it down and I was released.

    “You see the word Fijian, Fiji is the land and the suffix an refers to the people who own the land – the traditional owners of the land are to be called Fijian, anyone else can be called Fiji citizens, but not Fijian” he added.

    According to Mua, police are also likely to interview Komaisavai.


  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Don’t celebrate too early !
    This could be a ploy to allow Chaudhry to sit in the next Election , despite Frank saying no Minister serving in the I.G. mat contest the next Election ! Is it all just a smoke screen ?
    Be vigilant and don’t get too excited too soon !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I saw your illustrious leader at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night and thought , Who’s paying for this ?

  11. kaiveicoco Says:

    Yes I agree with MM the way FB and the military council has been goosestepping the issue about MPC raises so many questions.So we wait and see

  12. Tuks Says:

    Charan Jeath Singh from Labasa must have already been briefed by Jim Ah Koy in China [by phone] after Jim’s discussion with Bainimarama on the eve before the Official Opening of the Olympics..Jim Ah Koy is already at work here and are now using his usual connections with Charan Jeath Singh etc. They are positioning themselves against any backlash from Chaudhry and gangs…The next few days will be very interesting…The real battle of the Giants are about to begin…This will be uglier than Dr Sahu Khan’s FFA Championships judging from Mr Singh’s challenge to Chaudhry above. By the way, Mr Singh had been one of the many in Fiji who had really suffered in the past from Chaudhry’s personal animosities..
    There is something truly in the air folks.. Something really fishy smelling here. Knowing Chodo, he is not the type to take things lying low. Its a real stab in the back for him by Bainimara after all his support which guaranteed and provide that intial confidence in Frank instigate his most unpopular coup on Dec 06th ,2006.
    Chaudhry is up against some strong fellas here but he is used to it..My conclusion is that they will all come out losers in the end. If it is true that Chaudhry has been given the boot by Bainimarama, then I say…goodbye, and bye, bye Frank,…the end draws nigh!!!!!!.
    Chaudhry’s exit plan may be prematurely put in action but it is well placed…Yeac!!!!!!!

  13. Groggymaster Says:

    With the departure of Chodo, and the expected withdrawal of support by the FLP, who actually would the IG now represent ??

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ MM,

    Chodo is quite welcome to contest the General Elections, but I think they will feel the backlash of the electors from within their own Party because of the further widening of the racial barrier.

    Remember if his own stooges don’t resign from the illegal junta, then he is marginalised and on his way out, but the FLP will still face the brunt of the electorate.

    The FLP may experience what the NFP and SVT did, when they joined as a Coalition before the 1999 General Elections. The NFP has not won a single seat from 1999 to the last General Elections and the SVT after 1999 is no longer trusted by the majority of the Fijians who have changed their loyalty and joined the SDL.

    If the FLP wants to survive and be a formidable political party in the future, they will have to cut Chodo and his cronies loose because they have will be an election loser.

    However, it is already too late because it has become tarnished in its support of the illegal junta and I fear it will become a party of the past and a disgrace to the founders like Dr. Bavadra, Krishna Dutt, etc who stood for a higher and universal ideals unlike the selfish motive of Chodo and his cronies.

  15. Nazihunter Says:

    Jim is no better

  16. Talei Says:

    Tuks, more like the battle of the weasels than Giants around the bend – Giants usually referring to people of importance, not these want to be little shits, little mongrels, Bhai, Chodo and lot.

    You guys know, these clowns are on their way down now. Bhai, you just better stay in China and don’t come back coz you’d be lucky to get out of this coup alive. Death is too good for you, but your due is coming.

  17. Talei Says:

    Chaudry is losing it, this is a great article from fijilive.
    n 1284, while the town of Hamelin in ancient Germany was suffering from rat infestation, a man dressed in colourful clothes appeared, claiming to be a rat catcher.

    The people of Hamelin promised to pay him for the removal of the rats. The man accepted the offer and began playing a musical pipe to lure the rats into the Weiser River, where all of them drowned.

    The people of Hamelin reneged on their promise to pay the rat catcher.

    The man left the town, but returned later seeking revenge.

    He played his pipe again, this time attracting the children of Hamelin.

    One hundred and thirty children followed him out of the town and into a cave, never to be seen again.

    That man, who took out his revenge on young and innocent children, was known as the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

    A similar scenario has engulfed this country for the past nine years.

    But this time the role is likely to be reversed. Fiji’s Pied Piper has for all intents and purposes, exacted revenge on the people of this nation, particularly the Indo-Fijian community, who until now have been dancing to his melodious tunes or believing his promises and pie-in-the-sky theories.

    Slowly but surely, they are now realising that their leader is not a Great Deliverer but a Pied Piper.

    They are now realising that they will never get the Chaand ka tukkraah or piece of the moon which was promised to them, but would perish forever if they continue being hypnotised by their leader’s tunes.

    For this is what Fiji Labour Party Leader and general secretary of the National Farmers Union Mahendra Chaudhry has been preaching to the electorate after assuming the mantle as the mandated Indo-Fijian leader following the May 1999 general elections.

    In an opinion piece I wrote on December 4, 2007 I discussed Mr Chaudhry’s attempts to convince people into believing that the doctrine of political posturing and grandstanding will resolve their grievances.

    This, I said, leads to the protagonists behaving like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. In the end they destroy not only their people but themselves as well.

    This, for all likelihood, will be the scenario in the near future as the fate of M P Chaudhry, his fellow interim regime’s Cabinet sidekicks, the Labour Party and his blind followers is determined.

    On July 24, the nation was abuzz as various theories were formed regarding the fate of Mr Chaudhry following the Military Council-engineered decision to overturn his policy to implement 20 cents per litre export and excise tax respectively on every bottle of water produced by the local bottled water industry.

    The sight of Mr Chaudhry running away from microphones by executing a decoy run fuelled rumours that he had been given the boot.

    As usual, the Labour leader called a press conference to show Fiji and the world that he was unscathed and cynically laughed off suggestions that he had been bid goodbye by his boss(es).

    On Wednesday, August 6, Mr Chaudhry was unusually chirpy on Fiji Television’s One National News at 6pm.

    He told Fiji TV journalist Maggie Boyle that now that the draft People’s Charter was out for public consumption, everyone should be working towards getting an election date because the Charter was ahead of schedule.

    He said the FLP had to play an important part in promoting the Charter and “must do it quite independently of NCBBF (National Council for Building a Better Fiji”, despite engineering the hugely flawed and illegitimate process and document for more than a year now.

    Mr Chaudhry said his party’s call would come first referring to him having to relinquish his interim Cabinet position.

    This was hypocrisy of the highest order, especially from a man who has so far insisted that there is no need to hold elections in March 2009.

    A day later (August 7), he told Fiji TV One National News that elections could be held within 12 months and blamed the delayed appointment of the Supervisor of Elections as the reason polls could not be held in March 2009.

    This is yet another example of the flip-flop attitude of a leader caught in a web of his own making.

    In April 2008, Mr Chaudhry got the interim Cabinet to agree to defer the Sugar Cane Growers Council elections until April 2010 to complete sugar industry reforms.

    In the FLP’s Annual Activities Report, he states SCGC elections would be held in April 2010, after the general elections.

    Therefore, why sing a different tune now? On Thursday, August 7, Fiji TV news at 10pm showed Mr Chaudhry, party president Jokapeci Koroi and interim Tourism and Commerce Minister Tom Ricketts refusing to answer any questions following the FLP management board meeting.

    One thing is for sure members of the FLP management board including the FLP leader would have been pondering about their and the party’s fate at the hands of the people following the past 20-month honeymoon in the military installed regime.

    How can a leader and its party, whose official letterhead displays the slogan “Peace, Freedom, Justice, Democracy” justify to the people their decision to jump into bed with those that the party had accused of being the executioners of three previous military coups and also executioners of the fourth coup that many, especially predominantly Indo-Fijian supporters of FLP initially thought was a match made in heaven?

    How can Mr Chaudhry and the FLP justify to the people that the draft People’s Charter, which promises to give a new day to everyone despite the document’s intentions to seriously violate the 1997 Constitution, its electoral provisions, enforce free market rental to be paid by the tenant farming community and worst of all, condemn the Indo-Fijian community to permanent opposition in Parliament and deny them political equality by removing power sharing provisions of the Constitution?

    Like it or not, Mahendra Chaudhry and the Fiji Labour Party have been caught with their pants down and have outsmarted themselves.

    The Pied Piper of Fiji may have shut himself in the cave by trumpeting and singing too many tunes.

    * Kamal Iyer is a former journalist and former administrative officer of the National Federation Party.

  18. Talei Says:

    They are all in DENIAL…..also, notice how when the IIG don’t want to fess up to something they’ve been busted on, Bhai and Leweni pass the buck between each other on who’s going to reveal whatevers. What happened to Bhai not having time to answer questions to now his little slut Leweni says to wait for Bhai. Man they are so dumb it’s unreal.

    Fiji regime mum on Chaudhry exit claim
    Reports of Fiji interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry’s likely exit from the interim Government this month have not been officially confirmed.

    Spokesman for the interim Government and the military Major Neumi Leweni has referred all queries to the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who is currently in China.

    “I am not aware of anything that happened. You will have to wait for Bainimarama to return,” he said.

    Speculations have been rife that Chaudhry had been given his exit letter on the advice of the military council, a grouping of retired and serving military officers who advise the army commander on ceremonial and policy matters from time to time.

    On the 24th of last month, both Chaudhry and Bainimarama denied this took place.

    Now a prominent Labasa businessman Charan Jeath Singh claims he has been reliably informed that Chaudhry was handed his termination letter on Wednesday this week before Bainimarama left for Beijing.

    Singh said a senior government official told him that Chaudhry has been given until August 22 to vacate office.

    Chaudhry could not be contacted; however a local media quotes him denying the claim.

    His son and close confidant, lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry, also denies any knowledge of his father’s plans to leave the interim Government soon to concentrate on the affairs of his Fiji Labour Party ahead of the next general election.

    FLP President Jokapeci Koroi also denies that Chaudhry’s future in the interim Government was discussed in the party management board meeting in Suva on Thursday evening.

    Chaudhry last month indicated in the local media that his job in taking the national economy in the right direction is almost complete.

    He later told a television interview this week that he may step down to promote the draft People’s Charter if his party wills it. “My party is priority to me,” he said. The party’s national council meets in Nadi next week.

    Last month, well placed sources told FijiLive that the military council had decided to give Chaudhry the boot.

    It is understood, the council had called for Chaudhry’s ousting before, but Bainimarama stuck with him.

    Now the ball is again in Bainimarama’s court.

    And the uncompromising military head may have an opportunity to gauge his options while in China, with Fiji’s envoy there, former Finance Minister Sir James Ah Koy already indicating to FijiLive that he is ready to take Chaudhry’s job at anytime.


    ok, sa rauta mada na o au va ka ‘o MM levu na posts LMAO! Blog ragone!

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