Police question prominent lawyer – sign of desperation says SV

Bloggers, this is a sure sign of desperation. The Police who have been inactive over these past few months, have all of a sudden come alive to the ‘sound of music.’ SV says ‘sound of music’ because to all freedom bloggers, opposing the farter Charter and standing up for justice is ‘music’ to our ears, but to the illegal junta, it must sound like an eerie lone lali beat, signifying the passing away of a high Fijian Chief.
SVsays the Police crackdown are signs of desperation because of its inconsistency. On one hand, you have kumi-duka John Samy inciting the majority of Fijians with his farter Charter and gas-bag Yabaki accusing any objectors as not being open minded, yet as soon as Saula Telawa or Komaisavai speak out against the farter Charter and in particular the name ‘Fijian’ they are nabbed!
What has happened to Chodo Jnr’s inciteful interview encouraging Indians to stand up and fight for their rights, including the shedding of blood against Fijians? SV asks kete-poka Teleni, what is the staus of this investigation? What about the Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga muder investigations?
The Fiji Police Force should pull their head from out of the sand and their finger out from behind because kete-poka Teleniis dragging their name through the mud and they have already started reverting back to their thuggeryways culminating with the death of Tevita Malasebe and the prisoner almost beaten to death. The quicker they return and uphold law and order, which the Force is directed to do under the Fiji Police Act, the better for Fiji.
SV suggests they can begin cleansing themselves by arresting the following people: kete-poka Teleni (Police), Vore (idoit), Driti (Military), Naivalurua (Prisons), Chodo (Robin Hood), both Eveli’s (boci’s), Aziz (wannabe), Aiyaz (no experience), Nhazhat (wannabe CJ # 1), Gates (wannabe CJ appointed by wannabe CJ # 1), Shaista (gusu kabasu), 50c Joe (king of the namu’s), Lewensky (idoit’s mouth piece – not sure where he puts his mouth, although there is a lot of speculation), Rhisi Ram (lamulamu), Kurusiga (macawa), Daniel Urai (opportunist), Fleix Anthony (liu muri), Taito Waradi (hopeless). Any other names you want to suggest to the Police bolggers!
Saturday, August 09, 2008

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Police are currently interviewing a prominent lawyer in regards to public statements made on television recently.

Police spokesperson Ema Mua says the lawyer is being questioned on his statements against the National Council for Building a Better Fiji and on the Great Council of Chiefs.

She says the statement is deemed as inciting and could cause tension in the country. Mua says the Public Order Act is in place and people should abide by it.

Meanwhile police have released a politician who was taken in for questioning last night. Mua says the man was released after being interviewed over public statements believed to be inciting.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


18 Responses to “Police question prominent lawyer – sign of desperation says SV”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank reminds me of Achmed : –

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    These idiots must be shitting their pants at the thought of the public turning on them !
    All that is needed to take control back , is a handful of well armed Loyal Police and Military Soldiers and a few thousand members of the public .
    The Regime must realise that any decent from anyone , will spell their doom and subsequent imprisonment .
    Bring it on !

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    the Police are a bunch of losers. They have delayed bringing certain military personnel to court to be tried for the murder of Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga.

    Teleni, Mara & Aziz know full well that if these military personnel are to be tried for murder. they will confess and give the names for those who directed them to commit these murders or any others who may have had a hand in their deaths.

    This would certainly bring down Vore, Teleni, Mara and all officers directly involved.

    I agree with SV that the Police should come out clean and start arresting people, beginning with Teleni.

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    BTW MM,

    I note the Police coat of arms says ‘Serving the People.’

    At the moment that are serving the illegal junta and have their priorities mixed up

    Again, as I said above, they should try salvaging their reputation by arresting these bastards, beginning with Teleni and Vore and then work down the line.

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Jese W – Malo Bula my Tau – have you noticed how the police are dismantling a lot of their admin and operational units all over the country and re-configuring their divisions because of a severe lack of funds.

    I’m wondering how they can continue to maintain operational effectiveness when they do not have the basic tools to attend to calls and investigate complaints.

    Morale must be extremely low.

  6. Tim Says:

    There’s a couple of problems with that photo. Shyster and Yippe I Aye bleat on about neo-colonialism. Not only is the motto a joke but what do they think the Crown represents – do they wish for a return to earlier times or are they keeping it for the day when Frank is crowned Queen?
    What was just as big a joke was to hear the rantings of Yabaki on Radio NZ earlier.

  7. Tim Says:


    Another bargaining chip perhaps? India might be persuaded to ‘influence’ some of the diaspora in Fiji such as what appears to be a vocal minority tickling Frank’s rump.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Reminds me of an episode in the Twilight Zone many many years ago , called , To serve man .
    They were taking people away on spaceships to another planet .
    After some months and many folks had gone on a one way trip , the book was finally translated into human language .
    It turned out to be a cook book !
    So could , Serving the People , mean something different in Fiji ?
    Knowing Fiji’s history !

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    The real Frank : – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj1Xn3VB818&feature=related

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    Sure is a sign of desperation and shadow jumping. The great charter farter propaganda machinery is about to hit the road and they don’t want any roadblocks on the way. But with the wrong footing it is starting off on it will not get very far. It is founded on an illegal fouindation which makes it unacceptable even it has one or two noble concepts like the eradication of poverty. This is just a window dressing to get acceptance of the charter which contains other devious trojans.

    The charter in simple summary is that it will dilute the Fijian race, elevate the military dominance in the governance of the country and propagate the Indo scheme of further enhancing their position in the country without due regards to the Fijians. Note that I am using Fijian as reference to original meaning and not as the charter proposes.

    So freedom of speech is still restricted. I cannot see anything wrong with what these gentlemen said on TV. Where is the our rights on freedom of expression. What’s inciteful about what these gentlement said.

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    PP, it is all about intimidation.

    Just like a pack of dingoes will attack the smallest and weakest sheep at the rear of the flock, the moronic military attack these 2 gentlemen as they don’t have a high media profile.

    You would think that the police would have better things to do e.g. arrest fullchow for impersonating a police officer or find who ever sent the threatening letters to the Aust HC.

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another brilliant editorial in the Sun.

    It sums up the military charter suscinctly; acceptance of permanent military rule


    The argument that the draft People’s Charter contains worthwhile and progressive measures is valid. However, they are the sugar coating that cannot be separated from the bitter pill that they contain. And the argument that the charter should be retained because of its good points ultimately fails.

    For while the interim government and the military have been able to pick which clauses of the constitution to follow and which to ignore, the people of Fiji will have no such opportunity or even ability to do likewise with the charter.

    It will be imposed lock, stock and barrel.

    Acceptance of the draft charter means acceptance of permanent military rule.

    For, in effect, the downside of the charter which negates all of its high sounding principles is that it places an armed and unelected body at the pinnacle of public life.

    In any democracy, this would be entirely unacceptable. In ours it is downright dangerous.

    For once the military is in control it will not be readily removed.

    And how can we say that the military in ten years time will the same as the military of today? Without democratic checks and balances, military dictatorship is a foregone conclusion. There is neither logic nor merit in installing a military-controlled regime as a means to end military coups.

    To do so is merely to accept the success of such a coup – something the spoon-fed members of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji appear to have missed. Or if they haven’t missed it, they have actively collaborated in it. For this reason alone – though there are others – the draft People’s Charter must be rejected.

    But all the time and expense needn’t be wasted. An elected parliament could well pick out the sensible and progressive measures that the charter contains while leaving the rest aside. Those same sensible measures could then be legally – that is by an Act of parliament -incorporated into the constitution.

    And there again is another obstacle to the charter. Just about everything it proposes goes against the constitution which remains the supreme law of the land having been enacted by the supreme law making body of the land – parliament. The constitution will not be altered by decree or promulgation and anything that purports to do so will be subject to endless legal challenge. The charter must be rejected and parliament either recalled or recreated under the rule of the 1997 constitution or, in other words, the rule of law.

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The arresting of Komaisavai and charging him will raise a lot of interesting issues. For instance, how come he is being charged when Chodo Jnr made more serious remarks on TV, yet was not charged!

    Talk about discrimination. Here you have a classical case and the Police are so stupid to follow Teleni’s directive.

    Just shows how low they have stooped and their willingness to wallow in the mud.

    Well, they will be held accountable one day.

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    exFT – LOL !!

    Here’s a good one folks.. arrest our Police Commissioner for impersonating a police officer ! That had to be my laugh for the day – thanks.

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thats a very good point there JW. This is an opportune time for Komaisavai to get a court order to produce the video clip and to cite discrimination being practised by the police force by virtue of the inciteful comments made by chodo jnr. It is exactly the same and should be treated equally.

  16. painter Says:

    Tis the reason why people prefer to blog because of this very kind of double standard that they witness being openly practiced, daily, by the Pig’s authoritarian regime.

    Whether one agrees with the two gentlemen or not, their views essentially constitute fair comment in response to the extensive media coverage of John Sami’s charter-farter that Fiji has been bombarded with in recent weeks.

    And what happens when people come out and openly speak out against the charter farter at the various avenues it is being promoted at. A charter-farter that they see as being an extravagant, insulting, futile piece of exercise and that has no basis in fact or in law and contains copycat provisions that parallel our Constitution including plagiarized writings of certain upstanding citizens! Would the junta also characterize the views of those dissenters as being inciteful and therefore, criminally liable?

    People aren’t also fooled by the switcheroos that has gone on within the military junta in recent weeks, they are patiently holding out for the March 2009 elections and will accept no excuses… or the junta will suddenly find a mass of people who have well and truly reached the limits of their patience.

  17. Striker Says:

    Go on Komaisavai; thousands who are concerned about the Fijian race, language, culture and tradition are behind you! Folks, iIt’s time! If Komaisavai goes to jail, let’s commit to breaking the Public Order Act together and go to jail for the sake of the course! Time to stand up and be counted!

  18. Frida Says:

    Vinaka Naita. It is important that gentleam like you stand up and lead us. Striker i agree with you and let us see what happens. It would really be interesting if the video clip of Chodo JNr is produced in court and compared to the Turaga Naita’s comment.

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