Let the Propaganda Begin

The Charter is already a farce, but it’s set to become an even more costly farce. For the Charter to have any status the Dictator would have to organize a referendum and that would need a lot of hard selling to have any chance of acceptance by a majority of the people.

The un-elected, self-anointed, law givers who have drafted the paper are completely out of touch with the people of Fiji.

With our roads falling to pieces, our hospitals in a pitiful state, water supplies falling everywhere and schools falling to pieces, not to mention the hardship of pay cuts endured by the teachers, nurses and civil servants, too much money has been spent already on this insult to democracy.

Before the 2006 elections the RFMF used money without proper authorization to tour the country side on their campaign of “information” to attack the SDL. The Auditor General has already condemned this misuse of public money, but the people of Fiji showed what they thought of this campaign in the ballot box.

Democracy means elections, and even a Parliament elected by an imperfect election system, has more legitimacy than a so-called National Committee” appointed by a dictator who has seized power at gun point.

How much money will be wasted on this farce? John Samy will not disclose how much he is being paid. Council members are paid hefty sitting fees.

Samy and others on his self-appointed friends now have their hands out for more money for a “second consultation phase”, which is code for an expensive propaganda assault. Dewan Chand Maharaj apparently thinks the UN will come up with funds but also thinks business might be persuaded to fund it.

Are we now going to waste another truckload of money that could be spent on roads, hospitals and schools on propaganda? Enough is enough.



3 Responses to “Let the Propaganda Begin”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Could somebody give an ethnic breakdown of the traitors who make up this illegal committee? e.g.. 31 Indo Fijians, 9 Fijians.

    It appears to me that this is an attempt by chodopu$$ and the Indian govt to colonize Fiji.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    When will Fijians act , what will it take to get a reaction of some significance ?

  3. Budhau Says:

    Let the propaganda begin….. and what the hell have been doing for the last 18 months… its all about propaganda – on both sides, because they all know that the Fiji public can be suckered into anything.

    ..and that Chaudary guy – trying to sell Fiji to India – he will be closing the deal soon – right?

    as for “The un-elected, self-anointed, law givers who have drafted the paper are completely out of touch with the people of Fiji.”…isn’t that how we got our constitution and the one before that.

    Maybe these guys should abrogate the constitution and start with a clean slate…and we shall call it the 2008 constitution.

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