Fiji Charter reforms to be complete in 2020 – John Samy

Bloggers, these idiots just keep churning out garbage. What does John Samy think in trying to blackmail elected governments for the next 20 years? In your dreams says SV. This man is showing his dark and sinister side and he too will be taken to task because it is now very clear that he has been preparing the Charter before the coup in December 2006. Only time will tell who else were involved because people like Samy will sing like a parrot when he feels the heat? Keep up the opposition ragone!


Reforms proposed in the draft People’s Charter will be implemented over the next two to 12 years, according to its co-architect John Samy, the head of the secretariat for the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.  Samy in an exclusive interview with Fijilive said that the implementation of the proposed electoral reforms will depend on consensus reached by political leaders and other key stakeholders that will participate in the soon-to-be convened President’s Forum.

He told FijiLive that they have divided the implementation of the reforms in four phases. “Short terms are the next 2 to 3 years, medium term-next 4 to 6 years and what we call the long term up to year 2020,” he said. “There is a very detailed chapter in the full State of the Nation and Economy Report which goes and talks about how this will go. There is also coloured matrix there which shows that there are some things which you start now, it is immediate but will carry on for a few years.

Samy said all this will require communities working together because much of the actions recommended are not for Government alone.



6 Responses to “Fiji Charter reforms to be complete in 2020 – John Samy”

  1. Indian Says:

    If King Jim is coming in, Samy will be out.
    The military is desperate, so they will follow King Jim.
    Jim is a man of commercial action, Samy is a runt with a wagging tongue, vindictive mind, and hard core ethno centrist.
    SVT is back? Funny how the World turns. Jim does not care about ethnicity, but he does care about who will jump on his bandwagon. It will be interesting to see how many from the Worlds most caste ridden, anti-Fijian, racist, ethnic group join or support Jim.
    Military leadership? When will Rabuka come up from the political grave?
    Where will the hard core, behind he scenes coup financiers, put their money? Will SVT come back and start feeding at the trough?

    Real leaders will not emerge until an election campaign starts, and that will not happen until the military withdraws.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    By 2010 , Fiji will be a slum like Calcutta !

  3. Budhau Says:

    SV says “in your dreams”

    Have you noticed that there seem to be more dreamers in here shooting off that the mouth – while those guys out there are taking action.

    Yeah, bring back Rabuka – the dude is almost God….and some of you bugger have been bad mouthing Rabuka her in this forum.

    There is nothing wrong with Rabuka – and there is nothing wrong with military coups or the military. We just have to have our own military and pull one of those “mother of all coups” – and then we will have “our” boys running the show till 2020.

    ..and that “Worlds most caste ridden, anti-Fijian, racist, ethnic group”..well let us see what they do then – and we can tell them – what goes around comes around, Karma right?

  4. Tui Says:

    Sami’s charter will not see the end of 2008. It will be mass produced as toilet paper for the people in parliament house and the military!
    Sa yala kina.

  5. Cama Says:

    The So called peoples charter is nothing but a white collar scam to buy votes for the Fiji Labour Partyas Chodo$$$ is being shown the door out of the regime to prepare for the Election

  6. 46664 Says:

    I believe the ultimate plan here is to rid all I Taukei ownership of the Land and it’s resources. By way of this charter, they are working all angles to get to the ultimate goal. Is it really a crazy idea for a i Taukei to do all he can to maintain his ownership of the land and other natural resources? Is he really being unfair in saying that this is my land and I wanna keep it that way? Absolutely not !!. Look at New Zealand, Australia, United States, etc etc. What happened to it’s natives? They been kicked to the curb and told they don’t own anything !!. That is what we are trying to avoid in Fiji. I ask that all I Taukei be as fair as possible to the Indians. We can work a peaceful system to live under. But the bottom line is, the land to be protected at all costs.

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