‘People’s support will legitimise Charter’ – says who???

Top the morning bloggers. Samy now seeks the vindication of the majority to rubber stamp his Charter. Why didn’t he think of the majority before taking on the job? His response to the question what if the majority of people in Fiji rejected the Charter ‘…it is their free will and God help Fiji’ is so fatalistic, that it seems to SV that Samy and his cronies knew all along that they were doing the wrong thing and now seeks to have their illegal actions legitimised by the acceptance of the majority. Just because the majority rejects the Charter does not necessarily mean it will be bad for Fiji, but rather it means that the majority rejects the coup and all that it entails, including this illegal Charter. Sad to see how Samy now grovels to the common folk for their endorsement of the Charter, because when he came on board, he treated them like shit and only thought of himself. Like his political masters.


The support of the people of Fiji to embrace the People’s Charter will be enough to give it legitimacy, says Charter architect John Samy. Samy made the comment at a press conference in Suva after the draft Charter was released yesterday afternoon. Samy told journalists there were a lot of questions on the legality of the Charter.“Some say it is an illegal document and others say the Charter replaces the Constitution.” He said this was a very narrow view. “It will only become the People’s Charter if a good majority of the people of Fiji embrace it. “It’s not about the Government, it’s about the people of Fiji making a commitment at family level, community level, village level etc,” Samy said.

He said the Charter will only remain words “unless the people of Fiji breathe into it”. “I hope they will seize it.” When asked what will happen if there is a lot of opposition to the Charter after consultations, Samy said it will be ‘their own free will and God help Fiji”.



40 Responses to “‘People’s support will legitimise Charter’ – says who???”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I hope the majoirty of the people will reject the Charter and shove it back to Samy and company.

  2. FijiGirl Says:

    Oh for f***s sake.

    If you want legitimacy, Johnny Boy, just hold a referendum.

    It would be cheaper than these sham ‘consultations’ you are forcing us to pay for.

    And then we can show you, beyond your leaders’ abilities to deny, that we don’t want this forgery of yours to replace our legal Constitution.

    Oh, but of course – you don’t have the courage to call for a referendum…
    God bless Fiji

  3. IslandBoy Says:

    And on top of that he is also saying the NCBBF Secretariat needs more budget support for the work they are doing. Give it up and go home John, you have well and truly screwed up this time.

    And after this not self-respecting international agency will touch you. You and your cronies will all become like ardent Nazi supporters after the fall of the third Reich.

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression here folks, but Raw Fiji News must be on the money because of Mahen’s television announcement last night that he would depart cabinet if the Labor Party wants him to get ready for the elections.

    However RFN have been saying the Military Council wants Mahen to gare jhao pronto.

    How many people does Mahen think actually believe him? Perhaps those livingin his house and Jor Cabbage, as for the Labor party, this is not want Doc Bavadra had intended.

    Mahen tell your PR pilow-talk friend Asha that was not a succesful face saving strategy, everyone else thinks it was just another of your lies.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    A common identity and national cohesion , ensuring a sustainable democracy , good and just governance , ENSURE effective enlightening accountable leadership , enhancing public service efficiency , performance effectiveness and service delivery !
    ” ( Another move is to achieve higher economic growth while ensuring sustainability . ) ”
    Also , ” ( ” HIGH ” on the AGENDA ) ”
    is making more land available for productive and social purposes as well as developing an integrated development structure at the provincial level .
    ” ( The pillar ) ” aims at reducing poverty to a negligible level by 2015 allowing Fiji knowledge-based societies.
    The charter will improve health service delivery and enhance global integration as well as international relations.
    The draft says only a fair and just constitution is the basis of good governance.
    However, a constitution that divides the people and separates them, which does not provide for equal opportunities, can be neither fair nor just.
    What a crock of shit : – http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=crock+of+shit
    These people , these hidden faces , the cowards who hide behind closed doors , whoever drafted this crap , are living in a world of fantasy !
    Nothing they’ve proposed in this so called ” People’s ” Charter , couldn’t be achieved within the framework of a Democratically Elected Government . There was no need for a coup , it doesn’t ensure a damn thing , including that there will never be another coup !
    The paper this Charter is written on , is better spent as toilet paper for the public toilets in Suva !
    I think the most obvious point to make about this Charter and the people ( whoever they are ? ) who wrote it , is that you can’t build a house on sand !
    Were this silly Charter proposal to be accepted , you would be accepting an illegal document , delivered under illegal circumstances by a band of thieves , liars , murderers and human rights abusers !
    These people who are delivering Fijian society this silly Document ( sorbent toilet paper ) are criminals who should be behind bars for life !
    How can they suggest that they are capable of even writing , let alone delivering , all that they are proposing in this silly document . And where’s the Volkswagen and toaster ?
    As Monty Python said , I respect your right to want to become a woman !

    You have to watch this to the very end and listen to the last comment , symbolic of his struggle against reality !

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    As usual , I’ve gotten carried away again and forgotten the point I was trying to make initially !
    All this , from a society , INDIA , that has 250,000,000 starving , abused , down trodden men woman and children living in extreme circumstances in their own country .

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Is this the type of progress Fijians want or need ?

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    What happened to ” all men are created equal ? ) .
    Some more equal than others , it seems , under this regime , I mean , where is Frank now ?

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I remember a late friend of mine telling me of a conversation he had on Air Pacific with Ah Koy, during one of his trips back from Fiji during a semester break. Jim told him he was going to PNG. My late friend asked ‘Why go there with all the unheaval?’ Jim replied ‘Where there is upheavel, there is money to be made.’ So true. John Samy is living proof of this philosophy as clarifed by my tau IslandBoy.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    All of a sudden J Samy is a legal expert on how to legalise the charter farter. This charter was born out of wedlock and has no legitimacy. Lets not waste any more money and drop the illegitimate charter. We already have the constitution and any changes need proper due process i.e. elected parliament so lets move on to elections 2009. Thats it.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    What will God ask ?
    The getting of Wisdom !

  12. newsfiji Says:

    John Samy: if you think the majority of that by the majority of the people in Fiji supporting the Charter will legitimise it – i ask u this – where were you when we last spoke as ONE?

    We’ve already spoken – it was called the General Elections in May 2006?

    If you want us to know the views of the majority than i dare you to push for General Elections NOW!

    Only through that will our voices be heard and you are most welcome to convert the NCBBF to become a political party and use the Charter as your Manifesto – that’s fair and square.

    On Mahen’s announcement last night – so this charter is now FLP’s manifesto??

    One conclusion – it’s been an FLP coup!

    To end the cycle of the coup culture – all those who have conducted coups should be taken to task by existing laws!

    If George Speight has enough balls to due his time than Voreqe and everybody who benefited and supported this latest coup should also have enough balls to do their time!

  13. Wailei Says:

    HOLY SHIT!! Has anyone read the charter??

    In one of their dictatorial points. Basically, they suggested that if a decision has been made by Parliament, there will be another sub-committee who will look into any decision passed by Parliament! Than what the hell do we need a Parliament for! Fuck wits! Who are these people in the sub-committee representing exactly? They are not elected individuals!


  14. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei – i can really feel the fustration in your words..don’t worry, we all are very very upset with the release of this bullshit document..

    Everyone is just doing their best to still abide by the rule of law becoz if not i just feel sorry for John Samy, Mahen etc etc..

    All hell will break loose in Fiji and the army will not be able to contain it..

    May God Be With US all in these difficult times..

  15. Mark Manning Says:


  16. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s very easy .
    The emotional state of the fijian is such that to cut off ties with those in the military , will have the effect of bringing them and consequently , this regime , to their knees .

  17. Tim Says:

    Earth to Samy: “It’ll remain words only” whether people breathe into it or not. It is only ever enforcable and legitimate if it endorsed in a parliament of elected representatives. While it isn’t it has the same status as hot air, and very smelly hot air at that.

  18. Striker Says:

    What’s the real worth of a $14,000.00/month consultant when he can’t even have the basics right? The will of the people have already been determined. The majority support the 2006 multi-party government. The charter is illegal and unconstitutional fullstop.

  19. Indian Says:

    Look at Swamy’s shyt eating grin. What does he care. He gets his enormous salary from these desperate Green goons, desperate FLP and NAPF losers, for his pile of waffle bullshyt which is supposed to give the military an excuse to continue in dictatorial power, helping each other to handouts like the Samy $400K handout, the MPC handouts in Australia, and the bogus leave handouts to military officers. You go in for an armed robbery and your split up the loot. What else is new?

  20. Save the Sheep Says:

    This Charter is very sinister indeed.

    As usual its authors think they are too clever for the rest of us to see what they are up to.

    It is a pathetic document that veils evil intent with good intention.

    Watch out now for the full militarisation of Fiji and the legitimisation of the 2006 enshrined within the new Constitution…

  21. namosimalua Says:

    Someone shoot these bastards! John Samy is nothing but a communist and marxist, someone need to kick the shit out of this mother….chop-off his toungue and plant a stick of tnt up his ass and blow this mother to kingdom come!!!!What a daylight robberies by the Military,IG and Labour Party? I for one votes to permanently banned the Labour Party from ever participating in any parliamentarian election etc. Hang every bastard that support or participating in the IG.

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    Great comment SV!

    How else does this buggerlog want to hear it from the majority? Havent the Provincial Councils been clear enough?

    Oilei Turaga , Ni taqea tani mada na ka sa mai maliwai keimami tiko ‘qo.

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – Bula Vinaka Tau, how about you (our relatives from the sunrise islands) join our Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi in her statement (today’s paper) regarding the use of the term Fijian.

    Apart from the very emotional connotations attached to the term she points out how the word Fijian is embodied in many acts of Parliament and the constitution to define a certain group of people and thus has legal implications which would imply a re-drafting of the relevant pieces of legislation and re-enginering its meaning for most of us.

    She also mentions the implications of abolishing the provincial councils and merging it with the advisory councils.

    Its unimaginable that people of other races will now sit on and make decisions on matters relating to the administration of our respective yavu.

    Do you think the entire NCBBF circus was just stupid and did not do their homework or do you think its an underhanded more sinister mechanism to circumvent our traditional instutional safeguards like the Vola Ni Kawa Bula? Is that even possible?

    A thousand curses on Filimoni Kau and Peter Wise!!!

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    At best, the charter would be given 4 out of 10 for a Year 6 essay.

    Buzz words abound within its pages; but substance is missing entirely.

  25. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The charter’s biggest problem is its fundamental dishonesty. It claims to represent the people of Fiji but it has been written by an unelected group installed by armed force.

    This dishonesty can also be seen in the fact that is bold and unambiguous on a matter like a common name, which is really just decoration. Then, when it comes to real issues like land, the Charter is all fog. The Native Land Trust Act will replace ALTA but ALTA’s
    good bits will stay. We don’t know what this means but it could easily mean 50 year leases under the heavily reduced rents of ALTA.

    Section 9 of the charter talks about what it calls “public consultation” but it’s obvious that this is going to be nothing more than an avalanche of propaganda, including “public relations teams at grassroots level in all villages and the settlements throughout the
    country”. What a massive waste of time and money.

    Will they be consulting Provincial Councils when they say they want to abolish them?

  26. Navosavakadua Says:

    The Charter declares that it is going to be translated into Hindi and Vosa Vakaviti. Pardon? What language is that second one? Isn’t that Fijian? How can that be? Aren’t they going to abolish it? Or do they mean if everyone is Fijian, everyone going to speak Fijian?

  27. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    It looks like it’s official, Chodopu$$ is about to squirt ink and scuttle sideways. When he says he will leave the Illegal Regime if asked to promote the charter by his party, we all know what he means.

    One National News

    “Party Comes First” Chaudhry
    6 Aug 2008 02:44:27

    Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says he will leave the interim government if his party asks him to promote the proposed Peoples Charter amongst its supporters.

    There has been widespread in recent weeks that Chaudhry is on his way out after the reversal of the tax imposed on the bottled water industry.

    Chaudhry told One National News that a Fiji Labour Party management board meeting tomorrow will decide what should be done to promote the proposed Charter amongst its supporters Fiji wide.

    The only question is when. Raw Fiji News report that the Military Council have given him a deadline of mid September.

  28. bodyguard Says:

    Johny Samy u little weazel, wherever u go after this we will hunt u down like dog u small pce of shit….u and the idiot at FTIB.

    SV…let spread the word that everyone in fiji must buy a fiji flag & hang from your house/property etc to show support for democracy & need for generals elections no later than 2009.

    ppl …. buy ur fiji flags & hang from ur property from now till October 10 when the shit document will be presented to the dead president.

    remember everyone to stay home … do not come to see the green puftas @albert park. bleary shit

  29. Say True! Says:

    FDN – I think what he meant that “Party Comes First” was that the bunch of losers have been having a “Party” and hope to continue – getting on to 2 years now. Party first all right! Illegal opportunistic promotions, pay rises, new houses, overseas trips, chaffuers, body guards, luxurious resorts, shopping sprees, healthy bank account, elevated self importance … the list is endless. What about the fcuken people you bunch of morons.

  30. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    I belive there are very sinister moves within the NCBBF to permenantely derpive Fijians of what is rightfully theirs all along. Yabaki, Tevi, Ralogaivalu and cronies are simple idoits. They think their views and aspirations are being listened to by the others, but this is not the case.

    The GMB is quite correct in pointing to the value we have in the term ‘Fijian’. The Indians never like being called ‘Fijians’ nor the ‘Vasu’s’ or the ‘Rotuman’ or ‘Chinese’, so what is the big deal in trying to have us put us all in one big melting pot?

    At the end of the day, to assimilate or ‘melt’ all races into one is good in theory, but it is the race (Fijians) which has the most to give away who will be the biggest losers. Guess which race will be the major benefactor?

  31. Talei Says:

    Ha ha ha ha, these fools are begging for the people’s support to legalize their ILLEGAL piece of toilet paper charter, bartered amongst the demons of the illegal interim regime. Now they want the support of the very people they have been IGNORING and ROBBING? Think again you dummies! Ha ha ha ha, egg and poop on your faces. Listen you kaisi bakola, your charter will NEVER be a legal document. OMG, I’m never seen such stupid and dumb people like those of this regime and those that support them and their NCBBF BULLDA!


  32. kaiviti4lyf Says:

    The charter will end up in the septic tank where it belongs. It will not be very long….patience people!

  33. Peace Pipe Says:

    From what reports I have been hearing in the media about the charter it will only spell doom for Fiji. And how does John Samy expect people to accept the charter. The NCBBF make a big song and dance about the 1000 villages visited which showed approval of the charter. Where is the evidence of that like statements, signatures pictures etc to prove their words. Its just pie in the sky to hoodwink the people.

    Most disappointing of all is the greater involvement of the army in the governance of the country. Shit, these very people are the sole cause of all our misery to date and instead of insulating them from the affairs of the civilians they will be more integrated into the civil society. It just shows the premeditated objectives of the charter from the very beginning to accomodate the wishes of the institution that hired these overpaid waste of time and money members of the NCBBF mostly its TASS J Samy. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard J Samy explaining the new role of the army in the governance of the country. Something like national security. Security from what man. More like security from themselves I’d say. They create the problem and they step in to solve it themselves like they did on 5th Dec 2006. And he said that the army could be used for development of infrastructure. OMG is this man for real. Just leave that task to the right body and if the right body is found wanting then focus on improving it. The army didn’t even lift a finger during the latest natural disasters to help out. They all think they are well above menial tasks as they are now rulers of the country. We must throw out this charter to where it belongs – the sewers.

  34. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    It’s amazing that Samy uses the concept of ‘breathing life’ into the Charter. The good book says, that after God created man from the dust of the earth, he then breathed life into it and it came alive and became God’s likeness. In Fijian it says. ‘tou ia me tou bulia na tamata, me tovo vata kei kedatou, ka me uci kedatou.’

    Using that same example, if people ‘blow life’ into this illegal Charter, it will become the likeness of the illegal junta and their cronies!

    Now, would you want a Charter resembling Vore, Evelis x 2, Chodo, etc????

  35. newsfiji Says:

    So let’s just thrash this out. This is what the charter is about in very simple terms:

    1. All Fiji Citizens whether chinese, indian, indigenous or whatever will be called FIJIANS.
    2. Provincial Councils to be dismantled and called some sort of Provincial Development Council.
    3. Change electoral system to a one man one vote system.
    4. Extension of army powers to incorporate “human security”…whatever the fukc that is.
    5. Some other bullshit crap ideas brought up by John Sami.


  36. moz Says:

    The charter has “noble” intentions. Full of crap! Adi Ema Tagicakibau of PCRC got it right. – “every coup comes with its package of hoodwinking and we need to strongly oppose the Animal Farm strategy that the NCBBF is surcharging the people.”

    On stopping the Coup Culture – the charter farters blame everyone else except the military! The ones that held the guns to everyone’s head in all 4 coups!

    A simple remedy such as decreasing the size of the military doesn’t even enter their pea-size brains! Instead they want to increase the size of it! Why don’t Tevi and other so-called God-fearing people on the charter (and that doesn’t include Sami, Aiyaz, Arya and MPC etc) come out and say that they were intimidated, influenced, bullied into believing the lies of their non-believers and the green goons – and were simply over-powered by the influence of their money-allowances (the source of all evil) to think straight!

    And these civil servants in the Charter group? You cannot be excused if you haven’t started hunting already for another source of livelihood or for another job. Many civil servants have resigned since 5/12 because of their principles and have better-paying jobs in regional organisations and the private sector.How about you?

  37. Tui Says:

    Now that ten of the 12 Fijian provinces have rejected the charter, what other support from the community is Sami banking on? Maybe the majority of the Indian population. As demonstrated by Saula Telau this evening, this charter is definitely getting no support from the Fijian people. Maybe those who are confused wether they are Fijian or something else.
    As for the military, it’s only role is to protect the state from an invasion or from all-out revolution that would threaten the state of Fiji. It has no role in policing the state. It has no role in the parliamentary process. It’s major function is to obey the government of the day, full-stop!
    When it does otherwise, then we as freedom loving people must do all we can to rid this country of tyrants and dictators like Rabuka and Vore. We must begin the process to de-militarize our nation and substitute that institution with another that is willing to attend to the development needs of the state.
    Imagine this institution being seconded by the government of the day to start developing alternatives for fossil fuels. What if government was to spend the same amount it spent on RFMF on research and conduct more feasibility studies on bio-fuel and renewable energy?
    I hope the next government will include in their manifesto the downsizing of the RFMF which will God-willing lead to the total eradication of our military.

  38. FijiGirl Says:

    Personally I think the naming issue – of whether everyone should be called ‘Fijian’ or just the taukei – is another distraction tactic by the Illegals to deflect debate on the REAL mischeif at hand, which is their ‘draft’ charter.

    It is infantile of the Illegals to think that they can decree a term into usage – language is a social tool. Words and meanings evolve by consensus and usage. They can decree all they want, it won’t make us use their stupid terms. And it won’t stop the rest of the world knowing the difference between a real Fijian and someone who’s lucky enough to live here.

    I for one am sick of people using us as a stepping stone migrate to Australia, NZ, Canada, wherever. Pls can these countries stop accepting migrants from Fiji, and then the ‘users’ will stop coming here in the first place.

    God bless Fiji

  39. Vuki Says:

    A common roll; A common Name? Would this means that Indians will lose their Indian identity?Will they also be forbiden to speak Hindi? Will all their current Ramadan,and other hindu holidays be removed from our Fijian calender? Will they be forbiden to have dhiwali. Will their heathen temple be destroyed? Will the new parliament language be spoken in Fijian only?Will there be a spoken and written test requirement conducted in Fijian for members of parliament?Will all newly born Indo-Fijian required to have but Fijian names only?

  40. Jose Says:

    @ Jese August 7 5.30pm says

    “At the end of the day, to assimilate or ‘melt’ all races into one is good in theory, but it is the race (Fijians) which has the most to give away who will be the biggest losers. Guess which race will be the major benefactor?”

    At the end of the day, Jese, the biggest losers though it may seem like the natives, the biggest losers at the end of the day are the protestants.

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