Government critic to promote Charter

Top of the morning bloggers. Well take a look at this. What can you say? We at SV say to Craddock, if you cannot ‘walk the walk, than don’t talk the talk.’ Don’t talk on issues that you cannot or aren’t willing to follow through. Maybe he’s trying to get a job back with USP? Can anyone assist with more information about this spineless man? SHAME ON YOU CRADDOCK!!!


A critic of the military-led interim Government has been hired to promote an initiative of the administration he once opposed. Australian Pat Craddock, a former lecturer at the University of the South Pacific’s media program, is part of the media team of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji. He was a strong critic of the military-led regime following the 2006 coup, even airing his views on television. No comments could be obtained from Craddock.



13 Responses to “Government critic to promote Charter”

  1. Striker Says:

    So much for integrity. It’s a saleable commodity nowadays. They’re all a bunch of crooks!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Fuck off Pat!! What’s the status of your residency here in Fiji btw?

  3. Islander Says:

    Selling one’s soul to the devil seems to come easy for Craddock.

  4. Wailei Says:

    Thats one of those examples of academics who cant get a job in their home countries and come to Fiji (USP) using it as a stepping stone to get into the best Universities. This Fuck wit (PAT); contradicts his own principals and now wants to live the high life in Fiji. Fly by nite journalist! (Parachute Academics)

  5. Say True! Says:

    Can’t believe Fiji accepts everyone elses rejects such as Cradock!

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Well, well, well, remember folks all this hoop-la-ha..started with Australian Conman Peter this dickhead Craddock comes as no surprise..

    Hey, also, i’ve just read that NCBBF will take exactly 6 weeks to get the views of the public and then it will be presented to his excellency the PRE – CICI – DENT…on October 10th!

    How the hell do they think that they will get the opinion of ALL the FIJIANS (since that is what we are all known by now)???????????????


  7. Groggymaster Says:

    Pat – drau veivutu kei Sami na boci!!!!

  8. Pusiloa Says:

    Sa ra sota kece ga va lamu sona na Turaga ni Valu ra tiko mai na keba…..leqa gona ni sa mai nodra i liuliu tiko e dua se kora wavoki tiko madaga…..taking orders from a kulina…neu…..

  9. Corruption Fighter Says:

    What dirty deals have been done?

    Sanjay Punja, CEO of Flour Mills of Fiji, said “he had sorted out issues with the interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry” and that $10 million of investment shelved because of Illegal Regime policies would be resurrected.

    So what are the differences that were “sorted out”? Let’s hear about

    Chodopu$$ has been bragging about the increase in Corporate tax payments. But we have no details and we have no Parliament which can demand answers from him. Any tax paid in 2007 would have to be for profits earned in the years before the Chodopu$$ tentacles took over the levers and wrecked everything. In tax matters there are always long running negotiations which could relate to profits made many years earlier.

    Has Chodopu$$ cut deals that reduce the liability of some big corporates in return for quick settlement? What this means is that when he leaves, the tax take will fall and he will proclaim how inefficient his successors are compared with him.

    No matter what, Chodopu$$ has faith that his loyal supporter will always believe him and reject the accusations of his enemies. This time, however, it will be different. Once, he’s gone, he’ll find that too many people know too much. The truth will come out, with too many (details to deny, It will be the offshore bank accounts all over again.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Please mr. president , I’ll sell my soul for 29 pieces of siver !

  11. Save the Sheep Says:

    Me Too

    25 pieces…..

  12. Tui Says:

    I am shocked by the 180 degree turn this Kiwi has done. I suppose he has a role to play in looking after the interest of our Indian population. Judging from the number of them hanging around him in Suva, he probably feels now is the right time to fully expose his anti-Fijian sentiments. He was a waste of time and space at USP anyway. What was he teaching at the journalism school anyway, how to hold a mike properly! Karaiki!

  13. D.list Says:

    This Crad cock of a guy was the head of USP Media and Production Unit, I once watched one of his production at the Fiji Arts Club named Ferangii. THe lead acters in the play are some of the main coup mongers and supporters.
    Namely – Nooni less Naidu ( Dr Vijay Naidu from CCF), A Arse Khaiyum,Mrs Jane Rickets ( Chairperson of CCF) and many other Fiji Labour Party supporters.

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