Ganilau acting PM, Aziz acting Commander

Bloggers, Vore has bypassed Saumatua, Driti, Mara and other hopeless Colonels to have Aziz act as Commander. Something smells fishy here and Saumatua. Driti and Mara must all be fuming in being relegated by Vore. Well these bastards all deserve each other because they were made for each other. SV asks its bloggers to listen out for any dissension from QEB. Aziz are in the same loop with Shyster, Nazhart, Jahir and Kyaiyum. All major beneficiaries from this illegal coup. SV SAYS ONE DAY MAFATU!!!


Fiji’s interim Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau and military chief-of-staff Colonel Mohammed Aziz will resume the post of acting interim Prime Minister and acting army commander respectively from today.

They will fill in for interim Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama who leads a Fiji delegation today to attend the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Aziz and Ganilau stood in for Bainimarama when he attended the coronation of the Tongan monarch last week. Meanwhile, Bainimarama is scheduled to return from China next Friday, August 15.

He will be accompanied on the trip by interim Minister for Education, Youth & Sports Filipe Bole and his Permanent Secretary Subhas Chandra. A Government statement said Bainimarama is looking forward to attending the 27th Olympics in Beijing and visit industries and projects of interest to Fiji.

“There is scope for growing our bilateral relations through trade, investment, education, sports and cultural exchange and seizing these opportunities will ultimately improve the standard of living for our people,” the statement said. China is planning one of the most spectacular opening ceremonies with the theme “One Nation One Dream”. Leaders from various countries have been invited to attend ceremony.



11 Responses to “Ganilau acting PM, Aziz acting Commander”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    Bainimarama is not only getting away with murder he is also getting away with genocide. Genocide of the Fijian race is happening as we speak with everything Fijian being eradicated. And strangely this is happening without any vociferous opposition from the Fijians themselves. Thats whats giving the pig the boldness to enforce all these objectionable changes which mostly favors the Indos. After one bad decision is enforced another follows as there is no real opposition to the previous decision and it goes on.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    Aziz is Acting Commander because their is NO ONE else at Delainabua WORTHY!

    Wa.ha..ha..what a bunch of losers!

  3. qitawa Says:

    I just learnt that Saumatua has already retired and Aziz is more senior than Mara. That has Driti as the most senior. Would we want Driti or is it better to have Aziz? I remember Aziz as a captain in the military police in 1987, very neat and fit. He was very noticeable as the only indian around at that time in uniform. He was no lawyer back than. Someone said he went to bond later in an earlier post.

  4. painter Says:

    This endless musical chairs act must come to an end soon, we deserve better than to put up with these bullying sissies who forever feed each other’s ego! Take us to elections you freaking good for nothing poofters!

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Sounds more like Pauline Hanseon’s : –
    One Notion , One Dream ! a wet dream !

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    They’re all acting aren’t they ?

  7. anon Says:

    They should put ahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! Lewena as actg. commander.

    newsfiji very very very very true, a bunch of no brainers.

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Finally this piece of trash , Ganilau , is realising his dream. Pretending to be prime minister of this country for the iIG. I guess its the only time he can get there , so why the hell not? What a crying shame.

    I like that @painter.. : they’re feeding each other’s ego. One of them is almost bursting. I hope he makes it to Beijing.

    Happy days , Eveli!

  9. iceman Says:

    $50.00 man!!.. Yawa na PM

  10. taukei power Says:

    nomudou druka qori..
    by hook or by crook, PM ga nikua !! Eveli, you the man… the $50 man !!
    isa, tovolea na veidigidigi, sega ni rawa, tovolea na Tui Cakau, sega ni rawa…
    meca i ‘force’ ga !!

  11. George of Sydney Says:

    The country needs Trade and Investment Experts together with successful business records and experience to go as a delegation to carry out this important market research in China. This is beyond Voreqe’s area of expertise. Why cant he just admit that he is going to watch the Olympic at taxpayers expense? He could have paid a private trip to watch the Games from his emormous unjustified leavepay which was backdated ($189000).

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