Charter talks continue, but to do what SV asks????

Bloggers, this Charter Farter Yabaki, Arms, Tevi and company have been trying to push down the people’s throat is illegal and unconstitutional. Furthermore bloggers, this Charter has been Vore’s excuse to delay the General Elections because according to him, it will ensure the end of the coup culture and beginning of all good things in Fiji.

Yet, we at SV ask, how can that be, when these bastards (Vore and his illegal junta) are engaging in illegal, unlawful, corruptive, nepotistic, practices? How can they preach something to us, which they claim will being about the good for Fiji, when they actually practice the opposite? They themselves have become the enemy of all things good they claim it will bring!!!

It is then sad when you consider Yabaki. Tevi, Arms and company sucking up the illegal junta and trying to put into place this illegal document, when its own sponsor (illegal junta) themselves do not abide by it! How then can they expect the people of Fiji to respect and follow the same! Yabaki, Tevi and Arms may have knowledge, but lack wisdom!!!

05 August 2008

Members of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji will continue discussions on the proposed People’s Charter today before it is taken around the country for public consultation over the next six to eight weeks. The draft form of the Charter was deliberated upon yesterday as it was presented to members and it will have to be endorsed first.  It has been confirmed that one of the proposals in the Charter is that all Fijicitizens be called Fijians and indigenous Fijians, who are now referred to as “Fijians” will be referred to as “itaukei”, the aboriginal inhabitants of Fiji.

Another proposal contained in the paper’s State of the Nation and Economy (SNE) report is that a mini-economic summit be held to discuss ways of reviving the Fiji economy. Council members are hoping to present the draft Charter to the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo on October 10 to coincide with Fiji Day celebrations. The NCBBF’s fifth meeting ends today.



22 Responses to “Charter talks continue, but to do what SV asks????”

  1. Jose Says:

    No more Racial divide. No more Religious divide. No more this or that divide. We are just one race. All human. All for the Greater Good and the Common Good. No more Nationalism. Deplore Patriotism. All for one, one for all.
    This is the song of the pope to the world youth in Sydney. Obama recites it in Germany. George Bush senior have been shitting it for years The leaders world wide are birds of the same feather flocking together, parroting the song of the pope in their own parts of the world. There is no difference here in Fiji pushing for the charter that will align Fiji with the world wide call for the One World Order. No doubt these illegals are sold out through and through to the one eyed one to move the country forward toward that Order. This is no longer a Fiji coup. This is for world peace. Unity, Unity, Unity. Babylon in the making.
    “Come out from among them my people lest you partake of the plague that is coming upon them…………….

  2. Vosavakaduru Says:

    Sa dina!

    Self serving wanna -be’s all in it for something. A job or a promotion or a trip to Beijing! (Just queitly)

  3. newsfiji Says:

    E leqa gona ni da se tiko ga qo i Viti..o keda eda kai VITI..eda sega ni mai kawa vata kei ira na lulu ra via suguraka tiko mai qo nodra vakasama lialia..

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    How many abductions,tortures,illegal detentions and murders just to get a piece of paper saying you are all now recognised as Fijian ?

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    A name for the peoples charter , Sorbent !

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The similarities between Zimbabwe, China and Fiji are frightening.

    Just look at the way the press is treated in these countries.

    From China;

    “Journalists ‘beaten for reporting China police attack’

    A reporter and photographer from two Japanese news organisations were detained and beaten by Chinese police as they were covering yesterday’s terrorist attack on a police station in Xinjiang province, the organisations said.

    The two men arrived in Kashgar late on Monday and were stopped by force when covering the incident.

    They were allegedly taken inside a nearby hotel, and were beaten before being released two hours later.””

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, what has happened to the police spokeswoman who has had a lot to say lately, even mouthing off to a FijiPost reporter about the bashed up escaped convict being part of the plot against bananasinpyjamas.

    After 5 hours of questioning the reporter and his editor, the police realised that their spokeswoman had told the reporter a lie to try to cover up the beating of the convict. It now appears that she has been sacked from her role.

    Remember she is the one who made up the story about young men [ not Fijians ] who were expected to be charged with the threatening letters to the Aust High Com. It looks like her lies have caught up with her; just like chodopu$$.

    The police must have no evidence at all against the 10 men who are charged with plotting the miserable life of bananasinpyjamas if they have to make up absurd stories.

  8. Say True! Says:

    Has Rome politely asked Petero Mataca to step down as head of the Catholic Church in Fiji?

  9. Striker Says:

    Say True! Says: If Rome did, it is only consisitent with the sentiments expressed by the great saint, the late Pope John II that coups cannot be justified on the basis of social justice and uneven distribution of resources. There are proper procedures. So the Fathers Arms and Barr need to take note!

  10. Islander Says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    How long will we endure the rape and pillage of our land and heritage by gutless thugs of the illegal Bainimarama interim regime?

    How many more children to go hungry today and tonight while the state coffer’s are pillaged by these very same thugs to come and go in luxury like it’s not our business?

    Isa ko Viti – what has become of thee my beloved home? :'((

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another poignant letter today in FijiTimes.

    Other side

    “” In Mahendra P Chaudhry’s letter in an edition of the The Fiji Times, the interim minister complains the other side’ is being heard and he clearly believes he is not given fair hearing.

    Perhaps the interim minister should consider the plight of those worse off than himself.

    The people of Fiji who wish to publicly protest against activities of his interim regime are unable to voice their protest. We are not given licence to legally march or hold rallies. We cannot vote because his regime actively avoids commitment to general elections. Those who choose to voice their concerns publicly or through the media know that they do so under threat of human rights violations. The only mouthpiece left for the dissenting voice of the common people is the Letters to the Editor columns and informal networks.

    Any normal person would sympathise with legitimate cases of media bias. But the irony is self-evident when the alleged victim is the same person who is robbing others of their right to be heard.

    At least, it’s evident to the rest of us.

    Vanessa Charters
    Suva “”

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    These lawless renegades in the NCBBF are pushing on with the charter in spite of the lack of public support for it. So they now crank up the propaganda machinery and try and sell the bullcrap concept to the people with a special unit headed by a USP professor who somehow had lost his principles and fell in with these illegals.

    Do they have to go out and promote the charter in a very high strung manner to garner support for it. It just needs the gist of the objectives published in the papers and then let the people decide for themselves whether they support it or not. Why all these expensive and extensive printing and high powered personnel to drive the charter on.

    Girmit council NCBBF member was reported saying that costs does not matter in this exercise. What planet is this joker from. Another member Maharaj was concerned where the money would be coming from. Yeah since it would pay his company to do the printing of the charter. If he is sincere about the nobility of the charter and his involvement then he could do it for free couldn’t he.

    Whilst we have two schools of opinion on the support or not of the charter we would like to put to the test and have a referendum on the matter. This is where we wish to request the UN, Commonwealth or EU to assist in conducting this exercise. As far as I am concerned there is overwhelming lack of support for the charter. This referendum will open the NCBBFs eyes to this realisation. Let the people have a say in their destiny not some bunch of misguided and self centered individuals in the NCBBF.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    What a charade!

    This national council of BullDust makes a mockery of decent decision making.

    The Military charter has been written for a long time; remember samy told people 2 years ago that he had helped write it

    For the last 6 months , all that the $100 a day fools have had to do was to read samy’s rubbish and say how good it was.

    They have not added one word to samy’s original document.

    Imagine how much it cost yesterday for 60 X $100 people to all read the charter and agree to it; without changing one word.

    Strangely enough, the document had already been printed months ago so they were powerless to change anything.

    And these fools think they are taking Fiji forwards.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Have a read of the crap that came out of the mouth of bishop sinful.

    “The NCBBF accepts that Fiji needs a strong and capable military force that remains engaged with the community and has a more active role in our national development.”

    The military are the fools that have set back Fiji 20 years every time they have a coup d’etat.
    ‘engaged with the community’ – so that is the name they now give to bashing and murdering their own in 2000 and civilians last year .

    “A redefined role for the RFMF that incorporates the concept of human security for all must also include a future obligation on all RFMF personnel to at all times defend the Constitution of Fiji.”

    Did you notice the change of tense in this silly statement; ‘ future obligation’ i.e. forget about all the treasonous behaviour from bananasinpyjamas but in future blah, blah.

    Methinks that bishop sinful has spent too much time with the communion wine.

  15. Islander Says:

    It is clear that this coup was all about entrenching the military’s role in government. What nation in it’s right mind allows this sort of crap? On the other hand, it reveals how short-sighted and dumb these thugs are to think that they will be around for the long haul. YEAH RIGHT! Enjoy your day in the sun now IIG, because your time is running out.

    What a bunch of dummies – ugh! So annoying.

    As for Mataca, his day of reckoning is still on the horizon.

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    On a different note what about the whopping price increase imposed on fuel oil products. This is very curious since it came at a time when it was reported that world oil prices had gone down due to slump in US consumption. The chod came on TV and said he couldn’t hold back any longer since oil companies are losing.

    I think there is a more sinister reason for this hefty price increase in fuel since it came not so long after his failure to raise extra revenue from the bottled water companies. I tink there is dire shortfall in govt coffers that he had to find money from somewhere, anywhere to meet the extravagance of the ig and NCBBF and this was the ideal source. It is ironic and sad that it is the common people that bear the brunt in the end as they have had to for the last 18 months.

  17. Striker Says:

    Peace Pipe: Every time I hear chodo’s name mentioned, I puke!

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    Touche Talatala James!

  19. newsfiji Says:

    Mataca – you are a fucking disgrace to christianity – kua mada na tabetabe vei Voreqe…sa matai lelevu mai ni o va KALOU tiko vua..

    drau pamu..

  20. anon Says:

    newsfiji, relax, relax bro. tubu ni dra jiko vei iko…………

  21. egregious Says:

    I am afraid that history tells us that the Roman Catholic Church will do absolutely nothing about Mataca and his support for the illegal regime. In fact quite the reverse, they have gained more power and status as a result of their lieutenants bedding down with dictators and tyrants. You only have to look at Roman Catholic support of the Nazi regime, and its blindness to the extermination of 6 million under its very nose to understand this.

  22. FijiGirl Says:

    @ egregarious – don’t forget that the Catholic Church also brought us the Spanish Inquisition, the Conquistadores, some really inventive forms of medieval torture and, more recently, institutionalised paedophilia.

    I know it’s probably unfair to blame today’s church for the sins of yesteryear, but “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree” , if you know what I mean.

    @ Peacepipe – today’s Fiji Times had an excellent cartoon about our oil prices increasing just as world prices fall. The illegals can say what they like about how the calculate PIB – it just shows how far they are behind ACTUAL efficiency or REAL effectiveness.

    God bless Fiji

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