Can we get the NGOs and ifluential people to do this???

If it worked on sending Mugabe packing, it should work on Vore. Lets lobby the international community to also ban the Pig.

Via lai sara Olympic, pay your own way, no qare!!!

ZIMBABWE’S President, Robert Mugabe, has been forced to return home following intense political pressure from the Chinese Communist Party not to attend Friday night’s opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

The Herald understands high-powered lobbying from political leaders who will be attending the ceremony prompted the highest levels of the Chinese Government to convince him not to attend. It is understood he had arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday but could get no further.

The two countries have a close relationship and it took intense persuasion to convince Mr Mugabe to return to Zimbabwe and not cause embarrassment to the host country.

A Mugabe spokesman, George Charamba, wrote in a Zimbabwean newspaper: “President Mugabe attaches great importance to the ongoing talks [between the Government and Opposition], which is why he is not going to China for the grand opening of the Olympics.”

The US President, George Bush, and the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, will be among heads of state attending the opening ceremony.  The pro-Tibet supporter and Tour de France runner-up Cadel Evans will respect the Olympic rules and not protest at Games venues, says the Australian Olympic Committee president, John Coates


5 Responses to “Can we get the NGOs and ifluential people to do this???”

  1. dugong Says:

    Some one call the IOC NOW PLS..LETS STOP THE KILLER FROM going to the olimpics

  2. Puf-Military Says:

    Sources within Civil Service revealed that greedy Bai and Mrs Piggy squealing for their $5k plus per diem for the China trip.

    The guy isn’t satisfied with the $184k looted from Govt coffers for his bogus leave allowance.
    PM’s Office officials have been bombarding via telephone cash strapped Ministry of Finance to find the money from somewhere. More people go hungry….

  3. Cama Says:

    Pliz can we lobby support to bar Interim PM from attending games as was done to Mugabe?

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Puff military – if that is true..which i know it is…knowing Bainibanana’s is desparate for cash..luveni dravudravua o koya..mai ya so..


  5. FijiGirl Says:

    Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can the governments of countries with embassies in Fiji PLEASE can you arrange for your heads of state to COMPLETELY SNUB Vore when he turns up in Beijing?!

    That would be such a fine stroke of real diplomacy in action to show this usurper how little the international community thinks of him and his tinpot regime.

    Turn your backs on him! Refuse to shake his hand! Don’t invite him to your parties!

    Please Lord, let it be so…
    God bless Fiji

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