Abolish the Army

THE military is an encumbrance to our political and social life and the public budget ($100m a year is spent on the military).It is a threat to our personal security.

It has violently overthrown a democratically-elected government and carried out arbitrary arrests. Our longest period of democracy and stability will come when the military is totally demilitarised.

As long as the army is there, it will divert money that is urgently needed for education, healthcare, infrastructure and environmental programs.

If you look at the real role of the military in Fiji, you will see that it is the backbone of dictators and an instrument of internal repression.

Abolishing the army has several functions. It prohibits the formation of a military group capable of gaining autonomy, avoids military involvement in political affairs, avoids dictatorship, coups and internal turmoil that has plagued Fiji, frees public funds for development, allows the government to spend more on health, education and ecology, makes elections the only route to- power and establishes Fiji’s neutrality in the region and the world.

Fiji’s commitment to peace and stability will start when it abolishes the army.

A militarily weak country cannot be attacked without provoking international condemnation of the aggressor and shows the illegitimacy of armed opposition toward a state that has renounced the use of force.

Costa Rica’s experience is proof that Fiji must abolish the army through a constitutional amendment and recognise an Anglo-Saxon nation (Australia) as the dominant super power of the region and as its ally and friend.

Fourteen countries have followed Costa Rica’s example and demilitarised through constitutional amendments and 28 nations have no army.


(Fiji Times Letters to the editor 4/8/08 )


25 Responses to “Abolish the Army”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wonderful sentiments expressed in this missive.

    Just think of the number of quality schools that Fiji could build with the $140 million that has been wasted on the army this year.

  2. kaiveicoco Says:

    I wonder what people like Sitiveni Rabuka thinks about when it comes to this issue.People like him have claimed their fame and made their millions through their manipluation and use of the so called army

  3. IslandBoy Says:

    ex FT – I agree with the post and also dream of all the alternatives these funds could be used for, but to make this really happen on the national landscape, members of the military present and past must be engaged and must be part of the initiative.

    For any real and long lasting change to happen they (members of the uniformed forces) have to recognise the need and also come up with alternative proposals.

    This can include:

    1. strengthening our police force,
    2.managing a training academy on a comercial basis to train and deploy men and women looking for military/security type occupations overseas. 3. continuing to deploy contingents under the Fiji flag with international peace-keeping initiatives
    4. patrolling our sea border eez

    ar any other aternatives that contribute to national economic development and security and international development initiatves.

    After all the army has done, there is no denying that the Fijian soldier has for the last several decades earned a sterling reputation overseas as an excellent soldier. Well generally speaking, of course there are bad eggs here and there.

    We just have to manage this in an intelligent fashion so that we regain the advantage we previously held with a well trained professional military corp working to our advantage not to our demise.

    And after all that has transpired I continue to have faith in the people of this country, (perhaps stupidly) to think men and women of goodwill and with a deep and abiding love for Fiji can still pull it off and make it happen.

  4. newsfiji Says:

    To Mr J Singh of Sabeto, i pray that you’ll be safe n sound from the military’s terrorist arm as they will surely hunt you down for a training session at QEB.

  5. vakatakilai Says:

    Why none of the people in government or even Qarase and his group is not coming up with this suggestion is beyond my understanding. We as normal citizens can see the problem, its cause and the simple remedy, but somehow this cannot be said of the leading politicians or heard to be discussed in the NCBBF discussions.

    Some people still see that they can use the military one way or the other in the future and would not like to see it abolished.

  6. namosimalua Says:

    Amen, hallelujah,Praise the lord and kick those bastards right out of Fiji.Every single one of them ought to be sent away to Iraq, Afganistan or any other hotspots in the world to defend the local Government and after the war and if they’re still alive ask the Country to keep them there but don’t bring them back.All immediate family members be forbiden to work,join or associate with anyone in the displinary forces and in any Government,local government or as public trustee for the next 25 years? I say, if they want immunity from prosecution-why not- give it to them all and we want an immediate election to choose a civilian Government and after that than we can legislate good and reasonable law and maybe we can begin to think about doing some of the ideas i’ve said above?

  7. soro Says:

    @ Vakatakilai – hello …. wea u been for the last 2 years ? One of the reasons Bhaini did the coup was because of the fact that Qarase’s government had recommended very strongly that the army be downsized …. so its not a new proposal.

  8. Striker Says:

    Well I used to support the army because it provided employment for our boys. Thanks to Vore, not anymore. Give the $81million to capital projects and social services instead. The nation cannot afford and should never again be subjected to an army of terrorists!

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Mark Manning for President , free Volkswagen and toaster !

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    Kudos to J Singh for actually putting it out in the open media what we have been saying all along about the root cause of all the coups and how we can solve it. Fully agree with J Singh on his comments. Hats off to him for putting his neck on the line because as we know these green mercenary thugs are no longer noble soldiers but terrorists who would do anything to strike back. The trouble is now the army is charge and it would difficult to implement that. What can we do without arms?

  11. Tuks Says:

    J Singh is another face and Chaudhry’s own puppet. He is part of Chaudhry’s mutli faced propaganda Team. Believe it or not folks but that is the truth. We need to remind ourselves that one of the long term objectives of Chaudhry and Co is the ultimate dissolution of our Fijian dominated Military . That is what J Singh is already lamenting on their behalf. From their strategy and in their view, as long as the Fiji Military exists, they will continue to pose a real threat to them [Chaudhry and Co’s] and their bigger Vision and Mission of making Fiji their “little India of the Pacific”. The blessing they currently enjoy and using Bainimarama and his men’s vulnerability has been unexpected and Chaudhry and Co are really utilising to make every moment count in reaching their goal. Bainimarama has made a big mistake and made Col Aziz as Chief of Staff. He is reportedly making a big head way into making proposals for changes within the military itself that will ultimately lead to their being totally dismantled in years to come. It is a multi pronged approached being discussed regularly with a Think Tank Team unknowingly to Bainimarama and the Fijian boys at Delainabua. They can never be understood by Bainimarama and Co due to their current obsession for power together with their selfish and narrow personal agenda. While Bainimarama thinks he is only giving Chaudhry and Co and inch, he must realise that in real life, Chaudhry and Co are taking miles out of it towards achieving their long term goals. This goal of course includes the total disbanding of our own Fijian dominated Military.

  12. newsfiji Says:

    tuks – that’s a very interesting piece you have thea..

    it’s interesting too that this letter has to come out on the eve of Mahen’s impending departure from this interim cabinet..

    you could be right thea…becoz one thing is for sure, Mahen’s not going to take it lying down..no way in hell..

    i just hope that the combined brains of the “i taukei” in the military council have enough vision to KNOW that fact (about mahen not taking this lying down)

    my guess is: Mahen will immediately fly off overseas and start his fundraising campaigns and start pushing for elections…just watch..

  13. Tuks Says:

    News Fiji,
    Responding to a query from one of the Indian labourers working at his poultry farm in Naboro on whether he too will be going in Mr Butadroka’s famous “Back to India Policy”, the late Butadroka was reportedly told his very concerned worker :, “No,dont worry, but one thing I must tell you now..you will leave by the very last Boat”!…
    That is exactly how Chaudhry and Co are positioning their current relationship with the Fiji Military..The Military will be the very last of our Fijian dominated institution in our Government to go and they better wake up that now..After they have used them in changing the laws through their current push for the abrogation of the 1997 Constitutuion etc,,and when the time is right, the wave will change against the military as they will blatantly be told …”Time to Go…We are now in charge and we do not need you….Valoloma levu na via vakabauti ira tiko na i lala qo…

  14. Meme Says:

    Very interesting Tuks!! Excellent ,this is what we need to realise!!

  15. Mae na mae Says:

    Au kerea me sa botani vinaka tale mada na Leonidas..

  16. Tui Says:

    I’ve said it before and will say it again, disband the terrorist RFMF! Get rid of the useless buggers! We have no time for these idiots prancing around as all they do is f@$#k this country left, right and center. There is no need for such an institution, period! Use that money to fix our infrastructure for crying out loud! We need better shipping services, better health care, affordable housing, land reforms for food security, we need to fix this country but the terrorist RFMF are taking us back to the cannibal days! Someone please ask the Auzzies and Kiwi military to intervene, we are getting desperate here people!!!

  17. Jose Says:

    Get rid of that spineless, mindless bulshit press-stand at ease too. Big time waste of space. Fiji needs strong intelligent leaders with character and strong principles.

  18. Striker Says:

    Tuks: Exactly my opinion a little while ago. Now I fully agree with Tui. Otherwise these no-brainers, corrupted green goons will always pose a real problem for the future of our children and nation. Enough shit is more than enough. Never again!

  19. kingrat Says:

    veicai ga na fiji army

  20. Tuks Says:

    Whatever happens..my point is that Chaudhry will come out winner concerning the disbandment of the Fiji military whichever way the wind blows..That’s the tradegy that those guys at Delainabua must realise now and do something about.
    Nomudou Chaudhry qori e butu rua tiko unlike our green gons dua tikoga na vanua era tiko kina. Ni sa na yavala ga o Chodo me volitaki ira lesu…ena qai kila ga ko gauna na tama ni vakaloloma levu ena yacovi ira… Totoka dina na loli era se vakagunuvi tiko kina qo..Waraka vakalailai me tavuki mada na ua sa na qai basika na leqa..
    Hope our intels at delainabua are doing some serious thinking now about how to deal with Choro at that stage….or may be they are too blind to see beyond reality?????

  21. Budhau Says:

    It ain’t the army folks – it is Chaudary…right?

    You idiots – if the FLP would have won the last election and this coup was pulled by some Fijian nationalist military officer – you guys (well most of you) would have been all for the army.

    It just so happens that FB ain’t you regular nationalist type – that is why you seem to have a problem with the army.

    BTW – haven’t you guys figured it out yet – the chodo boy is trying to destroy all those Fijians institutions – and the military sure used to be a Fijian institution.
    So those of you trying to get rid of the army – you are playing right into Chodo’s hands – after that happens, he (chodo) will sell Fiji to India and will have his private army/militia of ex-Indian army folks…watch out.

    ..the military or parts of the military were doing just fine when they pulled those previous coups – this time, they are evil….very funny.

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    so Gandooodhau whicj chief lost the election to Captain Maitoga was it Ganilau or Tuivanuavou?

  23. Tui Says:

    Budhau you are seriously loosing the plot here. To even think that your motherland India would even think of trying to invade Fiji is seriously dumb. I thought you were better than that.
    This regime has failed miserably and it does not have any morals whatsoever. While Fiji burns, Commander Nero is celebrating with his endless trips overseas. While Fiji’s citizens try to cope with the endless tirades of government mismanagement, your warped mentality still openly embraces the military and the fracas they have put us in. Easy for you to say as you live abroad.
    Come to Fiji to experience what life really is like.
    Never in our history since independence have we experienced such demoralizing and corrupt leadership in the civil service. Never before have we seen such a breakdown in infrastructure, worsening health services and a nation spiraling fast into the state of a “Failed State!”
    Regardless of who is controlling who, the RFMF has gone past is “use by date” two decades ago.
    It has done more harm than good for Fiji. It must be disbanded come the next government. As long as it is around, people like Rabuka and Chaudhary will use this useless arm of the civil service for their own personal gain.

  24. namosimalua Says:

    I don’t think that there is any need to totally dismantle or destroy the FMF but we can change and or modify its current membership and possibly charged a couple of high ranking officers for treason and hang them? That might give future coup conspirators something to think about before they even think about pulling a coup?Now if you go a bit further and sent members to overseas hot-spots and make a deal with the countries government as to their future status and forbide them to return to fiji for-say-50 years? Forbid any close relatives of these military coup makers from ever joinning or working in any Government dept.or public enterprises for –say 3 generations? There are all kinds of punishment we can come up with, for these bastards?People who supported the coup,like chodo,ganilau,mara,nailatikau etc should also get the same punishment? Really,no need to destroy the RFMF totally-just a total make-over for its membership?

  25. benhur Says:

    Namosi,i like your suggestion.But what can we do to Chiefs like Ganilau,Mara and Gaunavou? How about Strip them off their Chiefly title for ever including their immediate families? Scrap their name off the VKB and disallow them from visiting any Fijian Villages? Disallow any Fijians to visit them in their homes, where-ever that maybe?

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