‘Dismiss regime’ – says NLP (Rewa Branch)

Bloggers, this is taken from today’s Daily Post. SV agrees with with the NFP (Rewa Branch) because the illegal junta has become a law unto themselves! They have become the antithesis of President Iloilo mandate!

How can the illegal junta via the NCBBF justify pushing forward the Agenda of the People’s Charter to Fiji citizens claiming it will make Fiji a better place, when they are practising corruption, nepotism, bad governance, illegal backpays, etc? We ask Mataca to pay heed!

The People’s Charter is reflective of the illegal junta! The illegal junta should be practising all aspects of the People’s Charter before pushing it down our throats! Your say bloggers?

4-Aug-2008 08:51 AM

NATIONAL Federation Party (NFP) Rewa branch has called on the President to dismiss the interim regime. This was part of the branch’s list of topics discussed at its Annual General Meeting yesterday at Saraswati Primary School, Nausori.

A statement released yesterday by NFP acting general secretary Bimal Prasad also revealed that discussions included a call for an early return to elections. Prasad said they had discussed in the meeting that Ratu Josefa Iloilo to start exercising use of his powers.

“It was resolved in the meeting to call upon His Excellency the President to dismiss the current interim government and also install a caretaker government of politically independent personnels,” he said. The NFP Rewa branch wants the President should “pave way for an early return to parliamentary democracy.” Prasad said the meeting also condemned those who wanted a delay to the general election.

He also talked about the charter saying it was more than what it actually looked from outside. “The intent of the charter was more than what the charter council was preaching. The 1997 Constitution was the real charter and NFP will not succumb to the demands of terrorists and power hungry politicians,” Prasad said.

He added that people in the current regime had nothing to offer apart from creating more problems. “Power hungry politicians have nothing to offer apart from creating chaos upon which they have been thriving in Fiji,” Prasad said.


7 Responses to “‘Dismiss regime’ – says NLP (Rewa Branch)”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Too late , Frank will be at the Olympic village to the hurdles !
    Good to see though that the very people supporting the treasonous regime , are now opposing it .

  2. Striker Says:

    Time to go Joe!

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    No, no and no NFP.

    It’s elections and nothing else but elections.

    You put in a caretaker govt and they might get just as comfortable hogging the trough as this IIG.

  4. newsfiji Says:

    All de best to the NFP! I hope noone from there gets taken to the camp to do the usual rounds as we all know the interim regime and it’s backers cannot STAND any criticism..chiu!

  5. Mae na mae Says:

    Can someone enlighten me about Mr Presidents whereabouts?? I haven’t seen or heard him in a long tym!!.. Se bula ‘ika se wara?????

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    The President and the Office of President , are of no relevance in Fiji today !

  7. Budhau Says:

    Great discussion.
    BTW – when they pulled the coup in 2000, what happened back then – did they re-install the elected government. They could have put back the FLP government as the caretaker government while the country prepared for the election – hell no!
    They put in Qarase first as the interim government and later as a caretaker government – remember.

    Keep the Faith – how come you demanding an election – and nothing less. I thought we have a legitimate government in Fiji – the SDL government which was elected to serve for five years.

    What you should be asking for is that this unconstitutional/illegal regime should hand over power back to the legal government, the soldiers march back to QEB and those responsible should be tried. None of this election crap.

    As for these NFP buggers – if Ganilau had not asked asked Chaudary, or if Chaudary had refused to join the IG – I bet these NFP buggers would be in there – and found a way to justify their presense in the IG.
    The NFP ain’t no friend – those buggers only hate Chaudary – once Chaudary leaves – their policy would be sort of like “support the cause and not the means”

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