Speaker calls for resumption of Parliament

Bula vinaka bloggers. Well Pita Nacuva has it correct by calling for the resumption of Parliament. Interesting to see the reaction of Chodo. He is saying that nothing should be done, until the court rules! Remember in the Chadrika Prasad case, illegal Gates had ruled in his favour and found the interim Qarase government illegal and asked the Military to ensure the Chaudary Government is reinstated into power. The Military refused and maintained their support for the Qarase Interim Government, eventhough it was ruled illegal by Gates!! Chodo, who was criticising Qarase and the Military for non compliance with the court order is now vindicating that nothing be done until the illegal court rules! SV asks whether this is hypocrisy or what????

01 2008

Ousted Speaker of the House of Representatives Pita Nacuva is calling on Fiji’s President Ratu Josefa Iloilo to recall Parliament because it is the right thing to do. Nacuva said he is still the Speaker and has requested an audience with Ratu Ilolo. Nacuva claims that the President did not dissolve Parliament after the December, 2006 military overthrow of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua-led Government.

The President’s secretary Rupeni Nacewa said he has yet to receive any letter from Nacuva on the issues he raised today. SDL leader Laisenia Qarase had also suggested that the way forward for Fiji was to reconvene Parliament before elections.

Qarase and members of his ousted Government have issued a court challenge on their overthrow and are still waiting for the three High Court judges who presided over their case to deliver their ruling. Former Opposition Leader, interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry told local radio that no action should be taken on the matter until the court judgment.



16 Responses to “Speaker calls for resumption of Parliament”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yea SV – its hypocrisy! It’s what the junta does best!.
    But, having said that, I’ve always wondered why the legitimate Parliament has not at least met/convened, or whatever – outside its usual chambers (which after all, are only buildings).
    Were they to do so, without question, they have the legitimacy that Franks and his little dicks do not.
    By the way, pardon my posts this evening that seem to have content that would be better left in the toilet.
    Reason being, I’ve been wondering where Budhau has been, equipped with his $18 per hour blow jobs in the seedier parts of Sydney.
    I’ve always thought, if he were a little more entrpreneurial, he’d have gotten a better earn during the Pope’s visit to Sydney in the non-practising littering the parks adjacent to Oxford Street, or perhaps a return home flicking his wares outside QEB, or if he was really desperate, a hop across the ditch and a Tupou in a Taxi: Budhau you should realise, as all good business entrepreneurs tell us – its quality not quantity, VALUE ADDED man! Tupou’s dik is twice the value of the Redfern diks, all of which are 3 times the worth of a Voreqe dik.
    Budhau – remember – Money up front too! No credit!

  2. Tim Says:

    Hey Budhau – here’s something you’d be interested in: Coup apologist Sharon Smith Johns Connect makes zero profit – its on RFN!
    She’s kind of like that Scutt wonder girl – champion of discrimination and in touch with the flax roots. Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch of the civilised world – hawking their wares in the colonies. Cos most of her best friends are black or female, and she really really understands their plight, and she empathises – even if it is 2km away and at the end of a glass of G&T.
    Given half a chance, I’d neck the bitch. She’s akin to a Gattung. A reputation that is hyper-important and the foreskin of the NZ Stock Market. So far, no-one appears to have noticed the loss of her acumen.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Only in Fiji !

  4. flycatcer Says:

    Maybe he has inside knowledge that the judgment will be in the regimes favour

  5. Mae na mae Says:

    Pure hypocrisy at it’s highest level!!

  6. Budhau Says:

    That resumption of parliament idea – they have been mentioning it but it does not look like there is much support for it.
    First, since we have a legally elected government in Fiji – why all this talk about having an election in 2009 or 2010.
    Don’t you think that you guys should take the stand that there is no need for an election – just get this parliament back in action with Qarase at the helm.
    Sort of like they got the Chaudary government back up and running after the 2000 coup – or did they.

    So, SV, none of this having another election discussion in here.

    ..and Tim, the good business entrepreneur that you are, I see that you got this all figured out – “Tupou’s dik is twice the value of the Redfern diks, all of which are 3 times the worth of a Voreqe dik.”…good for you guy, you seem to have figured this all out….no wonder you were inviting Vorege to you home….. BTW..how much do you charge for you wife, is it also by the hour also.

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    This is the most logical path out of this impasse. Anything outside the constitutional realm is illegal and will not stand the acid test of the law. Everything is now being upheld by the barrel of the gun which if taken out of the equation the ig will collapse. This is the stronghold of the ig at the moment and so they are looking at other civilian means of legitimising their existence and continuance on holding on to power by introducing and forcibly forcing in their abominable farter charter.

    Pita Nacuva is just reiterating whats been advised by law abiding leaders and international communities so as constantly notify the ig of their mistakes and to take the correct avenue out of this mess we are bogged in. Thats why their charter have not had the support they so desire which would give it a mantle of majority national acceptance and blessing.

  8. TomasiB Says:

    @Tim. sharon Johns is having an affair with that senior military idiot qilio, the bishops son. they were seen in traps several times in the last month all over each other. Thats how she got the job at FAVC.

  9. FijiGirl Says:

    Sorry to digress so early in this posting, but MAJOR kudos to the Mayor of Nasinu in his strong stance for democracy, to represent those who elected him, and showing our nitwit interim minister of local govt that those in power cannot impose ridiculous directives, the people won’t put up with it!

    Meantime – Great call, Mr Speaker.

    They have the guns, but WE HAVE THE POWER.
    God bless Fiji

  10. Tuks Says:

    Its worst then hypocrisy SV…Especially when one consider the fact and truth that Chodo himself was being the culprit. He did NOT want the FLP Coalition Government to be reinstated as per Justice Gates ruling in the Chandrika Prasad Case. Instead, and it is now public knowledge, that at that stage, Chaudhry was being sidelined by the majority of his own FLP caucus. They had selected a Fijian Labour MP [Dr. Tupeni Baba] against him to be the PM once they got back in to continue as Government. To save his face, and having being advised that he will win the General Election by even a bigger margin.!!. On the contrary, Choro opted for a quick return to Parliamentary Democracy through General Election and advised the President accordingly. That General Election was held in 2001 and won by Qarase and the SDL. Choro’s own failure to outsmart his own FLP MP’s added with the stigma of being a political failure through his continous unsuccesful attempts to regain political control through the postal ballot [in 2001 and again 2006] has continued to continued to haunt him and will be forever. It is true Chaudhry is a failure….But we all must know that things have changed and Choro is now having his last laugh. Using Bainimarama and his soldiers guns, Chaudhry is is now having a field day in pushing his political agendas. Like other failed politicians in the current IG, Choro’s inability to regain political leadership through the ballot papers is now being achieved through the point of the gun. Deceptive Chaudhry will always be aat all times.

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    Great post, Tuks.



  12. manasa Says:

    It’s all boring now! Same old story,where’s the our ingenuity, need more sensational news.

  13. Tim Says:

    @budhau – I’m the most unentrpreneurial character you could ever imagine – content with minimal wealth and life that is sustainable at minimal cost. I just note occasionally 18ph earns and other triks you seem so willing to take advantage of.
    Your current stomping ground is familiar turf, and if you can’t get what you want, then by all means get what you need, even if it is an 18 an hour blow and a warm bed. IF that is the state you’re in, the for fuck’s sake head back to Fiji – there are greater earns to be made as long as you are prepared to prostitute yourself to the junta. It would at least be a short term solution – the longer term doesn’t look so good however.

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    Manasa why don’t you contribute something

  15. namosimalua Says:

    Hello people, go to Fijiexileboard and read some great articles by GDEV partaining to the above subject.

  16. george of sydney Says:

    It is a pity that the Pig didnt consider the above when it was suggested by Qarase at the very early stage of the coup. Qarase recommended to the Pig that to legalise the coup he suggest that Parliament be recalled and they will move to officially dissolve parliament. The president can then appoint the interim government to take us to the next election.

    This, Qarase believes that if implemented would legalise the existence of the interim government, and Aust, NZ and USA might reopen trade so that the status of our economy doesn’t deteriorate.

    You know what the pig said ” E NANUMA O QARASE NIU GONE LAILAI”
    Qarase then replied” You should not be scared. What power do we have when you have all the guns on your side?

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