Army welcomes probe into PM’s leave pay

moce jo…

31 JUL 2008

The Fiji military says it will co-operate with investigations into the $184,740 leave pay given to army commander and interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama by the Auditor General.

Several senior army officers employed in the civil service also received payouts for leave owed them.

Acting army commander Colonel Aziz Mohammed told Fijilive the military is in the process of providing documents to the Auditor General’s office on their staffs’ leave payouts.

 “We have nothing to hide,” he said.

“We will be transparent and we fully cooperate with them.”

The interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry maintained that Bainimarama’s leave had to be cleared since it was owed by the RFMF since 1978.

He said it would have cost more if they would have deferred it longer.

Bainimarama is reported to have accumulated $184,740 after his basic salary of $263.77 was multiplied by 698 days.



35 Responses to “Army welcomes probe into PM’s leave pay”

  1. Pusiloa Says:

    Lets wait and see how far this so called co-operation will go…..Levu ga ni jamu..ratou veivutu…..

  2. vuki Says:

    A coup within a coup is taking shape at Delainabua as we speak. Vore is been told via a faxed statement to Nukualofa, Tonga to seek refuge elsewhere and never return to Fiji unless he wants to die or live the rest of his life in Jail? Military personnel have been dispatched to deliver messeges to Radio Fiji,Fiji TV, and the Medias.

  3. KIngrat Says:

    isa ko viti. veicai ga na mataivalu

  4. Pusiloa Says:

    @ Vuki,
    ke qai dina nai tukutuku qori, au sa lose saraga qo……

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Pusiloa.. qai taki mai!

  6. Dugong Says:

    qai dina qori tou sa vatawase sara ga na gauna qo

  7. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    what was it he said “no military officer will benefit from this coup”

  8. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ vuki ke dina ‘qori me sa kua walega ni vakatawase me rau sa cokovata talega kei na kirisimasi!

  9. lauan boy Says:

    luveni boci na sotia….ra veivutu.

    ni veicai….na dredre sa yaco tu nikua mera saumi taro ga kina na sotia sonalevu qo. oti mada …keda na qai sota tiko.

    with all the weapons etc to military disposal they still scared to death of a piece of paper [constitution & the law]. vei vtutu sona.

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Well, well, well! It does seem that all is NOT WELL at QEB!

    So, finally the mysterious Military Council can see for themselves that it was Bananarama was just trying to amass riches for himself…bau lai rawataki tu kina na voli vale! Bau lai rawataki na vodo wavoki na lori vinaka!

    This revelation by Col Aziz surely shows signs of some sort of miscommunication!

    Because the rest of us in this country can also calculate and something is just not right with the leave calculations of Bainipyjamas!



    ME DA SA SOTA MADA ME DA TUKI LOSE! hi..hi..hi..

  11. Pusiloa Says:

    And whats with all this bullshit from this “sona levu lauvutu mai Jaina” wanna be….

    Military Conditions Different-Leweni
    Publish date/time: 31/07/2008 [11:19]

    The military has stressed that they do not operate under the Civil Service Regulations and the Public Service Commission cannot tell them that they are not supposed to accumulate leave.

    Military spokesperson Major Neumi Leweni said ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who has criticized the Army Commander’s $184,000 leave payout, should realize that the military’s conditions are different.

    Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry maintained that the leave payout was correct as Bainimarama’s leave had accumulated over the last 30 years and previous governments did not take decisive action to pay it out.

    Auditor General Eroni Vatuloka confirmed that they have started off with the investigations into the leave payout.

  12. Mark Manning Says:
    It’s totally acceptable for parents or close relatives of a loved one , to stay in the Hospital , even sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the patient’s room .
    To suggest that it’s inappropriate , is garbage !
    As if the regime give a damn !

  13. Mark Manning Says:
    Let’s reduce Fiji to the level of India , let’s get our children working for free from the age of 4 years old , break their legs so they can beg in the streets and set up a new cast system !

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    The rumours of coup brewing in the camp is interesting because there seems to be merit for this to happen.

    First of all, it is becoming very clear the coup was carried for the benefit of the pig and the top brass of the army who are all enjoying the spoils of the kill, eating the best parts and leaving the scraps for the rest of the army.

    Then there is the constant defense of Chod by the pig. Regardless of what wrong the snake does he is always defended and rescued by the pig. There is a mutual protection of each other going on since their coexistence is vital for their survival.

    And for the first time in history an Indo is in charge of the Fiji military albeit in an acting capacity. Where are the senior officers who were in line for the top job. This would run against the grain of most of the soldiers.

    The methodist church is also making a stand and telling the soldiers to decide where they allegiance lie in regards to either supporting the church or the illegal govt.

    All the above and others are good enough reasons for a counter coup. That is unless there are no more men of guts and patriotism left in the military. It is a good thought to sleep over with to imagine this coup happening.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Who said that the green goons aren’t in fear of these blogs?

    Firstly yesterday,
    Church to give ultimatum to RFMF officers
    July 30, 2008 by rawfijinews

    “””Word is that Fiji’s largest church denomination, the Methodist Church, will soon give the ultimatum to all its military members serving in the Royal Fiji Military Forces to choose between the church or RFMF.
    This follows the church’s move to confront two of their lady members, Tevi and Sereana Qoro to reassess their choice in supporting the military regime. Tevi is a committee member of the NCBBF while Sereana Qoro is a financial advisor to the military council that appointed her as Fijian Holdings Limited CEO. Both women have opted to support the tyrants for their hefty pay-checks.”””

    Remember , now, that this story appeared nowhere else but on a blog.

    Today, major disaster tries to take the initiative but falls, once again, on his ugly face.

    From FijiTV

    “””The Fiji Military Forces has tonight issued a challenge to the Methodist Church, to ask soldiers to choose between the army and the Church.
    The Church says, it doesn’t support the interim government.
    And today the military says, its aware the Methodist church is targetting members who are associated with the interim government, or the army.””

    I wonder where this ‘awareness’ has come from?

  16. Ima Says:

    The leave payout made to the iiPM has indeed “awoken a sleeping dog”, need I say more…

  17. George of Sydney Says:

    First Chodo renovete his own private house with government funds to be of the same level as the PM’s residence.
    Second he defraud his tax by not disclosing the $million dollars paid into his private account in the name of “HELPING THE POOR INDIAN CANE FARMERS”
    Now the its the Pigs turn. $185000 for leave not taken since 1978.
    This is pathetic and could never be justified.
    I am amazed at the reason given that his leave accumulated because no one can do his job. WHAT A BULLSHIT TO THE FIRST DEGREE. THIS IS CORRUPTION AT ITS ULTIMATE. No one is irreplaceable especially in a small navy unit such as in Fiji. What is complicated about their work compared to the more complex, scientific and technical role held by Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Researchers and other profesionals and University graduates who have worked hard and studied hard to earn every penny they get.
    Now that vuli vakavo and masipolo Leweni says that the condition of service of the military is different from other civil servants-BULLSHIT.
    You guys did the coup for the reason of clean up. Now it seems to me only the army itself needs the clean up – TEKIVU MAI NA NOMUDOU MAIMURI BALETA NI SA TEKIVU ME BOIBOI KARI MAI.
    Man you guys created all this mess. Now while the people are striving to survive, you continue to reward yourselves with goverment top position depriving career civil servants and qualified specislists, abuse goverment funds, dictating the judicial system so that cases like the constitutional challenges can be delayed and the CRW case can dissapear forever. Now everybody knows that the way this interim government is operating is like this:-
    THE PIG IS SCARED OF CHODE (Tukuni au au na tunkuni iko)

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    I think George that most on this site will agree with you on most of your points , but the question remains , what has to happen before Fijians stand up for their rights .
    I now think I understand what they are waiting for . There’s an old saying , united we stand , divided we fall .
    And I believe that the majority of Fijians in positions of authority , legal authority , have just waited for this regime to implode on itself . Another saying is , there is no honour amongst thieves and like rats on a sinking ship , you will see many abandoning the regime as it slowly begins to sink . It’s at this point that action will be taken .

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    If the Methodist church has challenged military personnel to take sides and if the rumours are true regarding someone threatening Frank not to return to Fiji , then perhaps it now might be the right time for civilians to take to the streets in a quiet , peaceful rally in full view of the International press , local and many many hidden digital cameras etc. so it can be downloaded immediately . I think that Rupert Murdoch would be interested in exclusive footage of the collapse of this regime !

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    You have to question , if a patient is unconscious or in a coma , what difference would it make to that patient , if his family was visiting or staying by his bedside ?
    He’s unconscious ! He wouldn’t know the difference !
    The real reason might be a little more sinister , could it be that they don’t want any witnesses to him dying overnight ? Because if he recovers enough to identify those who beat him , then they will be the ones going to jail or facing this man’s relatives !
    another question might be , are these Police officers , the same ones who have beaten up or killed other citizens ?

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    Police is an acronim : –
    Protection Of Life In a Civil Emergency = P.O.L.I.C.E. !
    So what ‘s happened regarding the escaped prisoner ?

    Has anyone heard about Leweni getting Chand’s job as permanent secretary ?

  22. Islander Says:

    I haven’t read all the postings yet, but by the headline, the only thing that comes to mind is anything this regime/military will agree to as far as investigations/court cases/etc., only means one thing …… THEY CONTROL IT! Bring in an independant investigation/inquiry committee and they will all be up in arms against it. We are not fooled.

  23. newsfiji Says:

    agree with you fully Islander…

  24. anon Says:

    MM, if this is true, OMG, MASIPOLO pays well too.

    Sa yaga na kubuta tiko na i soresore nei vore.

    From army spokesman, diplomat, deputy PS, and now a PS, boy oh !!!!! boy I am speachless.

    Luveni MAGAITNINAMU VAKAITAMERA.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is being announced that the farter charter that was spawned and incubated the Non-elected Collectables for Bullying and Battering Fijians or in short NCBBF is in labour now and about to be delivered very soon. RFN’s article on this is a good one titled John Samy fathers a mongrel. Perhaps on the eve of this announcement it could a subject to get our teeth a good workout as we disect maul and tear this subject the way it deserves.

  26. kaiveicoco Says:

    if i can add one more to your list of leweni’s CV to start it off he was a bandsman palying to FB’s tune then he became bandleader composing and conducting FB’s hay-wire tunes then he became Military spokesman and the rest is history !!

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    The new toilet paper for Fiji public toilets has been unwrapped !

  28. LUVfiji Says:

    A Pacific king has been crowned. A rather extravagant affair for the island kingdom; but what the heck, he is their king!

    Great pictorial coverage on Matangi Online, for those interested!

  29. Groggymaster Says:

    Army welcomes Bainivuaka’s pay probe ? Yeah right – it welcomes the probe as much as it welcomed the attempted past probes into certain other funds that the other senior army ranks have been swilling in, including Eveli we-all-know-who.

  30. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Who’s afraid of Qoliqoli?

    Has anyone noticed that a court in Australia has recognized indigenous rights over coastal fishing grounds in Australia? Sounds like Qoliqoli to me. Will a former Chief of the General Staff take money from fishing and hotel industries to run an election campaign against the law and then back an armed takeover by the military if they lose the election? I don’t think so, but that’s exactly what happened in Fiji.

    Read it for yourself.

    “The Australian”

    Court upholds Aboriginal land rights

    July 30, 2008

    ABORIGINES are entitled to exclusive access to a large swathe of
    the Northern Territory’s coast, the High Court has upheld.

    In a landmark decision in Canberra today, the High Court dismissed
    an appeal by the Northern Territory Government.

    It found traditional owners had the right to exclude fishermen and
    others from tidal waters within Blue Mud Bay in northeast Arnhem

    The ruling upholds a decision by the full bench of the Federal Court
    early last year, which sparked protests from the NT Government and
    the fishing industry.

    The Federal Court granted Aboriginal people from Blue Mud Bay
    access to the tidal waters abutting their land between the high and
    low water marks in May last year.

    The ruling had an immediate impact on recreational anglers and on
    commercial licences for barramundi, mud crabs and trepang.

    It also superseded the NT Fisheries Act – regulating such things as
    fish sizes and catch limits – and left the seas effectively lawless.

    The NT Government scrambled to assert order following the ruling,
    striking an interim licensing agreement allowing recreational fishers
    permit-free angling.

    It was also granted special leave to appeal against the decision in
    June last year.

    But with its legal bid dismissed, Aborigines will have the power to
    decide who enters the waters on up to 80 per cent of the territory

    Northern Land Council (NLC) chairman Wall Wunungmurra said he
    was overjoyed by the ruling.

    “It is a landmark victory for traditional owners and we have waited for
    over 30 years for our sea rights to be legally recognised,” he said.

    Mr Wunungmurra said traditional owners would speak to all
    stakeholders, including the fishing industry and Government to “to
    obtain a negotiated settlement” to ensure ongoing commercial and
    recreational fishing.

    “A negotiated outcome will mean that traditional owners around the
    Northern Territory’s coastline can jointly participate in the
    management and development of a sustainable fishing industry,” Mr
    Wunungmurra said.

    This would include the protection of fishing stocks and sacred sites,
    he said.

    Mr Wunungmurra allayed fears the ruling would threaten the
    territory’s billion-dollar fishing industry.

    “Traditional owners have developed a constructive relationship with
    commercial and recreational fishing representatives over the last
    year,” he said.

    “The NLC looks forward to continuing that relationship and obtaining
    a win-win outcome for all Territorians.’

  31. Tim Says:

    Come on guys! reality check! “Army welcomes probe into PM’s leave pay”?. Yea Right! – just as much as it welcomes a probe into the boil on Frank’s bum that Mere can’t bear to lance. Actually no one wants to lance it because if they do, the pus that erupts might just turn out to be a Chodo dressed in a dainty little cream chiffon neglige looking for another one to turn a trick

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve always thought that the best conservationists are the Aboriginals , when it comes to Australia . And it’s a great boost for the Aboriginals of the Northern Territory and a sign that Democracy works and works very well .

  33. Tim Says:

    @ Mark: Yes, I agree. But them it always has been the indigenous that have been in tune with sustainability – which, when you think about it is quite logical.
    Shame the buggers that came later were more concerned with “sustained growth” rather than “sustainable growth”.
    Is there a Selwyn amongst your whanau somewhere?
    I know we have some bus driving skills in common – I suspect yours are more in tune with MANs and power steering, where as mine are similar, but more familiar with Reliants and Cable Cars in the days we were called “gripmen”

  34. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Another fiasco like the Choro tax evasion investigation.

  35. manasa Says:

    Disgruntled people-wakeup buy some bread for the family!

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