This response from Adi Kaila requires a posting by itself

This was a comment from blogger Adi Kaila in an ealiar  posting:

Honestly PP – I’ve asked that question many times here – We are Fijians and we know what we want & how we want it and how we can achieve it. We know we can look after our beautiful Islands. We want to live in peace without our lives being constantly disrupted by a bunch of has beens who don’t want to put in a hard days work for an honest dollar yet think they know what’s best for the Fijians.

Our benevolent nature has been taken for granted and the canefarmer mentality still abounds – the kaidias think they are the only ones who work hard to keep the economic structure of the Nation going. Please take off your blinkers and realise that the Fijians who are in managerial positions and presiding over companies are there because they are well educated and blessed with a sharp brain – can’t say much for the ones who have been illegally placed there since 5.12.06 by voreqe and his clean up crew of boiled eggs(take away the guns and they shit themselves – like peeling a boiled egg the smell can be rather high, especially if it’s been sitting out of the fridge for a couple of days)

The trouble is the many kaidias living in comfort overseas are very quick to criticise and denigrade the Fijian race for very the fact that Fijians and Fiji do not need them. Little do they know is that we are the ones who look after their poor without judging them. Stay away and stop meddling and putting the innocent kaidias lives in Fiji in jeopardy.

This coup has happened at a time when the educated mass have had enough with morons who are better equipped with opening beer bottles with their arseholes trying their damnedest to get rich quick by taking the Nation to ransom – thereby giving Fijians a bad name and hoping we will riot and cause bloodshed. No way – we are not going to hurt each other, that is what they want the world to see us as – savages – shori modri.

This turn of events – Fijians letting the coupsters coup on is a good thing – why should innocent people who went to the polls to elect a government to lead a democratic country fight a useless fight – it’s futile – because we know this coup is futile – it has been proven with the amount of corruption going on – we are going to let them – the ig coupsters fight each other – what are they going to do? Kill us all?

I noticed that when the kerfuffle happened last week there was sympathy for the bipolar pig because he was going to kick his arse buddy chodo out of his pathetic clique. Hey let’s not go there ok – this bipolar pig has to be made to pay for his usurping of a legally elected government and the democracy of this Nation – bipolar piggy and everyone single one involved in the coup have to stand trial – NO VOSOTA au kerekere – otherwise it’s back to square one.

BTW – miss sereana qoro has been busy busy busy making herself into a Marama Levu – big car to go with big title – I hope a big prison sentence will finalise her big scam. See what I mean – No exclusivity – everyone to Naboro


14 Responses to “This response from Adi Kaila requires a posting by itself”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s renovate the prison 1st. so they are comfortable for a very long time .

  2. Tim Says:

    @mm: possibly a good pass-time for the RFMF to engage in along with renovating a few roads and other infrastructure projects. Such activity might provide them with some useful training and skills for when the inevitable happens and they get “right sized”. Far better to provide them with some skills for the future – especially those that WILL actually build a better Fiji such as electrical and water reticulation, renovation of hospitals and prisons as well as a bit of initiative. At present, most skills attained seem only appropriate to Black Water which leaves them with fuck all skills to cope with in later life other than to use and usurp, kill and maim, and be coralled and led like sheep.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila – what a load of crap why don’t you first figure it out that this is an intra-Fijian (Fijian versus Fijian) conflict and the “Indian threat” is just a scapegoat.
    Secondly, also realize that the Fijian race is not some God’s gift to humanity. The Fijian people are no better or worse than any other race. BTW – many of these racist from all races have some superiority complex – racial superiority. As if you as a race are very benevolent people and those Indian have the cane-farmer mentality.
    To find a solution for the Fiji problem – the first thing you gotta learn is to be more inclusive – when you say “we” – include all Fiji citizens in that “we”. When you talk about “our” island – that means island belonging to all Fiji citizens.
    The sooner you learn that, the easier it will be for you.
    That silly-ass remark about Fijians being as smart as the rest of them – you idiot, this ain’t about race, this is socio-economic issue – Fijians are lagging behind other communities in education and commerce etc. – that is why the need for affirmative action, the blue print, the those preferential loans and scholarships, licences and government contracts.
    Also, Ms Kaila, you are not taking care of the Indian poor in Fiji – on the contrary, those Indians and others tax dollars have taken care of some of your folks for a very long time – that cargo cult mentality that free money without working for it – that seem to be a problem in certain sections of your community – and that is one reason that the lower end of your community has some problem adjusting.
    So honey, cut out the racist crap, and deal with the problems in Fiji as a problem facing all the people. BTW – as I said above, stop that crap about the Fijian race as some sort of superior race, Gods gift to mankind.
    I can understand that some dumbass like Adi Kaila posting such stuff in here, what I don’t understand is that SV taking this racist post and makes it into a feature.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    I see what you mean , bahh .

  5. Manasa Says:

    Good on you! how many more blue prints? Work hard, owning an Island is no use money dosn’t fall from heaven.

  6. Mae na mae Says:

    Hmmmmm.. I do agree with Adi Kaila but Budhau does have a point!!

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooodhau you’re the dumb ass because it takes one to know one. I would have agreed with you posting if you stop for onec calling people names and just discuss topics in a civilise manner but since you are of low caste and low IQ ww will just refer to you as dumbass idiot as well.

    If its not a Fiji versus Indian thing than why is your father Mahend Chodo doing his best to replace all Fijian CEOs in Government with either Fijians with less ability and freed riders or Indians.

    Take a look around for the last 18 months almost all things done by this government has affected Fijians more than Indians. Blatant attack on what we identify ourselves with.

    We see better than you do because obviously your head had remained in your arse for the last 18 months while all these are happening.

  8. Manasa Says:

    Yes ,replace all CEO bottomline performance,numb and dummm people.I can’t change the fact…work hard pride is not helpful. weed grow faster than sugarcane.. just one example…name one successful business lasted a year….get into the real world ..grow up people get exposure ..I can think differently chooduu’ why can,t U life will change.

  9. egregious Says:

    If Fiji and the Fijians are so clever, why is it that Fiji and the South Pacific are the biggest beneficiaries of donor and governmental aid per capita in the world, surpassing even Africa?
    If you are so good, then perhaps its time for the donors to allow you to stand on your own two feet.

  10. manasa Says:

    Ha! Ha! One my own feet clever nation… how!. who will gossip forget every thing join the bandwagon. Any help! Sweat your ass no need for donors “shame” living on mercy of other people.Anyway I like wireless news ..many more idiots around….

  11. Striker Says:

    Sereana Qoro: What can I say? Every dog has its day; or is that a bitch?

  12. Wailei Says:

    I could not believe this article!!

    Coup good for economy

    What the freaking hell! Is chodo in another galaxy!

  13. Striker Says:

    The only economy that has improved since the 2006 coup are the personal ones – of choro Chodo from the interest accrued on his illicit millions, the coupsters including butako Vore the pig, his thieving goons and those unemployables now holding positions of power in the ig. Credibility’s now a scarce commodity in ku-ku Fiji, and everytime that butako Baini or choro chodo speaks, I puke.

  14. Nuccucoushery Says:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

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