So-called Electoral Reform

Jioji Kotobalavu has put his finger on the most important problem with so-called electoral reform. Fijian communal representation is only partly an issue of the Fijians versus other communities. It’s also about the way Fijians themselves want to be represented by Fijians.

Lomaiviti, Kadavu, Lau and Rotuma would become three electorates if numbers are the only thing taken into account, even though there are there are four distinct communities to be represented. The long established formula ofViti kei Rotuma recognizes the separate identity of Rotuma, which is always understood and respected by Fijians and Rotumans alike.

Equality can mean many things. FrArms preaches to us that we must accept his version of equality in voting, as this is the purest form of equality, according to what he believes is his expertise. It’s funny, however, that he talks with such an air of authority about elections, but he has never been elected to any position that allows him to do this. Is the electoral method he wants to prescribe used by his church? Is this how the Pope was elected? Is this how Bishop Mataca was appointed?

It will be sad day for Fiji when our Fijian traditional groups count for nothing. When long established relationships between groups are dismissed as irrelevant and each person is just a number to be shuffled around in order to give electorates the exact numerical ‘equality’ which Fr Arms and others tell us is the only way to hold an election.

The electoral system in 1997 constitution, which the national Committee for Bullshit and Bluster in Fiji dismissed as undemocratic, was approved by a two thirds majority of a Parliament of elected representatives. The NCBBF was elected by no-one.



5 Responses to “So-called Electoral Reform”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Mark Manning for Presi. free toaster ( four burner ! ) and V.W. all round . Roads and electricity supplied at a later date !

  2. Jose Says:

    @ Arms
    Marxism is un-Fijian and we don’t want it. The popi elaborated in Aussieland last week with world youths and the potential second beast calling for the same shit in Germany early this week.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Not only the Rotumans but the General Voters too will miss out representation in parliament in the new proposed electoral system being forced down our throats by the brainless dicktaker. All these new proposals will benefit one race and deprive others. I cant believe the army being majority Fijian could believe in this spin.

    Anyway the ig have been reminded and warned that there is no other way that electoral changes can be effected except by act of parliament. This is where they are in a dilemma. They know there is very little support in the NCBBF and “Peoples” charter and that their proposal is unpopular as well as illegal.

    That is why John Samy is today giving excuses about the difficulties of having a referendum on the charter citing finance and time as factors affecting. He knows it will fail miserably if it goes through this process and this rejection will be a huge rebuttal on their waste of time efforts. I for one wish to have a referendum on the charter farter not only to test its unpopularity but to bring it to light on these day dreaming morons the wishes of the people.

  4. Striker Says:

    Sorry but I just can’t see anything good with these bunch of illegal crooks in the IG and the Military Council. Having been corrupted by Choro Chodo at taxpayers’ expense they now realise that the truth is that sooner or later they will have to face the music. For most later’s better than sooner, what with the exorbitant loot they’re paying themselves. So a false sense of denial has set in; they imagine they have an iron grip on power when in fact they are up to their necks squirming in quick stand. But others, the ones we do not see, show the most promise; although these will be called the Judas who betrayed the course, when the chips are down, they will be the only ones who will secure themselves amnesty for helping in returning the nation to democracy and the rule of law. Only a question of time.

  5. George of Sydney Says:

    Thank you Joji, It is very true.

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