Ratu Epeli orders beating inquiry

Morning bloggers. Wasn’t it wonderful to read the Supreme Court strike out illegal Gate’s appeal concerning the Fiji Court of Appeal’s finding him ‘biased’ when it upheld Ratu Inoke’s Appeal. Imagine the gull of Gate’s lawyer to question Fiji Court of Appeal’s putting more weight on the testimony of a private citizen over that of the venerated Gates!! At least we have the Supreme Court constituted by legal heavyweights who will not take crap from Gates and his cronies. IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

Well today it is business as usual for the illegal junta. A society is known by the way it treats its citizens and here again is the handiwork of our Policeman. We also have 50c Eveli making noises about his going to investigate this act of brutality. SV asks how can this idiot investigate the abuse of force used by Police, when his own position was obtained through the same means? WHAT HYPOCRITES!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Doctors said it was a life and death situation as Baleiloa was being ventilated undergoing surgery for serious injuries to his head. “I am concerned and want answers on how a human being was treated like that as his life hangs on a thin thread,” Ratu Epeli said. Police allege Baleiloa was armed with a kitchen knife. Ratu Epeli said no one deserved such treatment and he wanted to know how much force had been used.

“Reasonable force is usually determined by police so they should answer how much they used,” he said. Ratu Epeli said he would ask police for details on this today and that such violence should not be tolerated. Police spokeswoman Ema Mua said she did not know how Baleiloa was injured and who was involved.


21 Responses to “Ratu Epeli orders beating inquiry”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Only in Fiji !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Pakistan , South Africa of past , Zimbabwe , Palestine , Colombia , Venezuela , etc. etc.

  3. Ex Isle Says:

    I am reprinting below a quote from John Samy from today’s FijiLive web site:

    Samy was responding to Fijilive queries, in particular whether the Peoples Charter process can end the country’s so-called coup culture.

    “The Peoples Charter therefore will bring the RFMF closer to the people,” he said.

    “It will mean the RFMF will be committed not to allow itself ever again to be used to enforce coups against elected governments.

    “It should also be recognised that it is not only the RFMF that has been linked to or responsible for investigating and executing coups in Fiji since 1987.

    “There are some people outside of RFMF who have played an active, even lead role, in executing coups.”

    Is he saying that the RFMF was manipulated by politicians into carrying out the December 2006 coup? This is the most amazing piece of Orwellian double speak I have yet seen from the junta.

    Is it not blindingly obvious that the only way to get rid of the ‘coup culture’ is to get rid of the RFMF? there will then be no military force to manipulate.

    The Commander has made it very clear that he sees his role as monitoring the elected government to ensure that they follow his ‘Peoples’ Charter’ This means that, so long as he does this we do not have a democracy – we have a military dictatorship – a state of permanent coup. A democracy that is stood over by an army is not a democracy.

    Looking around the world at other countries that have been made to suffer as we have it seems that a country can sink to the most extreme depths of misery – think Zimbabwe or Burma – without being able to rid themselves of their dictators.

    Are we destined for the same fate?

  4. Ablaze Says:

    The only way to rid of the coup culture is for everyone including the army to honour and be afraid of the law.

    The law is what holds society together!

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    The Constitution is how any society decides it wants itself to be governed and on what terms .
    In Fiji’s Constitution there are already guidelines which determine the punishment of those people willing to defy the Constitution .
    So the risks of doing so , are already pre determined and it’s with that in mind that Frank and his buddies have gone ahead and must now pay the consequences .
    I hope the souls of those he had murdered in 2000 and since 2006 , haunt him and his supporters .

  6. TomasiB Says:

    I have only recently visited this site, and feel the need to ask a question. mark Manning i notice you spend a lot of time positing here, thanks. But what is your involvement in Fiji, sorry for being nosy, i know you live in Australia (you have mentioned that) but you have such great opinions on everything, what has drawn you to defend our wonderful island.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    A long standing acquaintance of and friendship with many Fijians and a sense of fairness for all .

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    I also detest bullies .

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    No matter what you order EVELI, we all know you gonna do fcuk-all about it.

    Just like how your sister-in-law went to visit Sakiusa Rabaka while he was still LIVING and did fcuk-all about getting to the bottom of it.

  10. Tim Says:

    Hola to MM in his hatred of bullies. I’d even publish my address if I could be sure of facing Voreqe, unemcumbered, one-to-one, and face-to-face.
    The man is so full of the bull’s shit and a perceived legitimacy he derives from a gun barrel that he deserves a fucking great whipping. That’s aside from any of the other bullshit he’s accumulated that he thinks gves him legitimacy.
    I have the very same heart problems that little coward thinks gives him an excuse.
    I’d even take on his pathetic little hangers-on. The bleached blonde and her protoge. Were it to be that there could be one or two episodes in a Martinborough Vinyard. I guess there’s a message for them that they shouldn’t come near.
    If I set my sights lower and aspire to an encounter in a Park near Redfern even where blow jobs go for 18 dollars-that is per hour, not per blow job – one is left to assume that disarmed minders would be included.
    Well Frank – fuk ya. You’re welcome at my abode anytime, but you better come with the pistol shooter, or the bullhit artists that you think are going to protect you

  11. RawFijiNews Says:

    Bring the military back on the streets, this way there will be no more violence, robberies, rape, etc………………..

  12. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Good for you Mark.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    WOW – $50 ep is looking for respect – must be something in the water

    gates or matamatanida himself was put nicely in his place.

    More More More

  14. Groggymaster Says:

    Ratu Eveli – order a beating for yourself and the other Eveli.!!!!

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    This pathetic loser has lost all respect ever since he joined up with the ig. He is just putting on act to pretend he is doing something. Although his performance has nothing to show to date and he should have been on the firing line long ago. The problem is the pig and Ganiluka are indebted to each other especially when Ganilua promoted the pig ahead of many other more qualified persons to the top post in the army.

    And yes Groggymaster he should order a beating for himself and if they can’t do it we can offer our services free of charge.

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    $50 epi is trying to play down the fact that the Nation will be paying for wifey ateca and the familys little trip across to Tonga for the coronation.

    bai lai coba na Christian Dior sunglasses butakoci mai vei dua na bhaini – one of the Punja nanis. Ooh lala! I dread to think what their gift for the King will be. I can just hear the King say in his wonderful plummy accent
    ‘OMG I wonder what that awful ateca is going to present me with – whatever it is give it to the kitchen staff au kelekele’

    Well I’d better grab my ta’ovala for the coronation. Will report back.

    Mou nofo a.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    AK the Tongans that will attend the Coronation will spend heaps on what they will wear. Mara girls will be trying to compete so no doubt will be using taxpayer’s money to spend up big.

  18. Budhau Says:

    I see that dumbass Tim has invited FB to his home so he can beat up Bainimarama’s arse – good job Tim boy, I see that you are taking the discussion in here to the next level.
    Very macho white dude here this Tim guy – making chalenges in forums such as this.

    As for praise from SV for the Court that decided against Gates – how about the next time when a court decision goes against you guys – would you have the same attitude towards this court.

    As for the beating of the escaped prisoner – this seems to be the routine in Fiji – when the police recaptures a escaped prisoner, they beat the crap out of him – if does not matter which administration is in power.

    Such brutality is not good for out society – you guys should have objected to this a long time ago.

    Remember when they capured Speight and company, or how those rebels were beaten to death in 2000 – this is what will happen when the action begin to bring down the military – if will be very brutal.

  19. Striker Says:

    Good on Him. What about the regimental fund, can we have an investigation please? In other words, put your money where your mouth is ehh, or is that supposed to be the other way round? Ahhh whhaaattt saaaahy ahhy you ahhh Leweni?

  20. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    I hate that Eveli….No no I don’t hate him, I detest him……..Well back in Taveuni and the whole Cakaudrove Yasana, the Ganilau are not respected except for their close relatives who think Eveli should be given the title…..The close relatives are the First Lady (second), the Kubuabolas are in too, that short shit from Naselesele, Talemo, most probably that insignificant clan from Welagi calling themselves the Tui Taveuni, all those in Somosomo who are vasu to Bau…..It was the Bau connection that caused all the headaches for the Tui Cakau title.

  21. Neutral Says:

    Police now denies, through their gusunivosa Ms Mua, that Baleiloa was part in a big ring involving the assisination of FB and cronies. Good on Daily Post for exposing this in DP’s interview with Ms Mua on Baleiloa’s brutality. What reason is forthcoming from the police to Baliloa’s family and to the general public. Another lie??

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