Elected Government to dialogue

Bloggers, it is well known that once an elected government comes into power, out goes the People’s Charter and NCBBF. Although these 2 forums may have some good prospects, it is the mode of its formulation that questions its integrity. SV agrees with Kinivuwai and challenges the interim government to go to the polls as previously undertaken and see who commands the majority of Fijian confidence!

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

The Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua Party says the Interim Government’s should leave the dialogue process to an elected government.

Party Director Peceli Kinivuwai says the interim government must focus on getting Fiji to go to general elections as promised. He says the elected government will then work on dialogue processes like the National Council for Building a Better Fiji and its Peoples Charter.

Kinivuwai says the people of this country want to hold dialogue however talks must abide by the current constitution. He says holding talks on unconstitutional motives is against the law. Kinivuwai says people will suffer more if the Interim Government chooses to ignore holding elections as scheduled.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


27 Responses to “Elected Government to dialogue”

  1. Save the sheep Says:

    mera veicai ga na sotia

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I don’t think it has occurred to Fijians , that Frank is waiting for the President of Fiji to pass away or become too ill to administer the Office of President .
    It’s at that point in time that Frank will appoint himself President , dismantle the GCC appoint a Vice President and possibly even abrogate the Constitution .
    All these things have already been discussed openly by the I.G. yet Fijians seem to linger onto the hope that there will be Democratic Elections in March 2009 or soon thereafter .
    Hello , what planet are you all living on ?
    My point is this , yes , under the current Constitution all is well and good , but what if it’s abrogated , then what does all the above mean ?

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    Save the sheep above please use your own Tag in future…

    Moderator please look out for this imposter…..

  4. Wailei Says:

    @MM if that happens, than Fiji is in the shits!

  5. RawFijiNews Says:

    Who the hell does Helen Clark think she is, bloody sheep shagger.

  6. Save the sheep Says:

    You are the imposter,I am the true save the sheep

  7. RawFijiNews Says:

    well go fcuk a sheep

  8. waisou Says:

    Just a note…Sorry if I am digressing from this topic, but a thought on the payout of Bainimarama…was it supposed to be nuliified at the expiry of his previous contract…do we carry that over or what!!!

    And secondly… this Charter thingie and NCBBF crap tries to make Fiji a non racial country….race is a fact of life and you cannot wipe that out and secondly…what they should wipe out is the caste systems within the Hindus… and no more segregation according to your caste….no muslim no gujis, no madrasi etc!!! Just a thot!

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, I agree with the thrust of your posting.

    Have you noticed how the green goons try to divert attention from damning statements by impersonating bloggers and using gutter language. And this from morons who have proved that they can’t run a country.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    At least helen clarke was elected !

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    waisou – the race issue is one always waved by the kaidias to justify anything illegal that they indulge in such as this coup.

    the fact is & we are more than aware of it here in Fiji is they are extremely racist – first is among themselves –

    marriage between a gujerati and madarasi – NAHI! BIG NO NO

    marriage between a muslamia and madarasi – another BIG NO NO

    marriage between a gujerati and muslamia – another TAMANI BIG NO NO

    THEY CAN’T GET IT RIGHT BETWEEN THEMSELVES SO THEY FABRICATE A HUGE LIE THAT THE ITAUKEI ARE RACIST. It’s a well known fact all over the world that kaidias just cannot live in peace among themselves, let alone with other ethnicities.

    Hello? – Lights are on but noones home!

    Fijians don’t give a shit what these kaidias do amongst themselves – but for them to impose their huge intolerance on Fijians will result in the shit being thrown right back at their faces and they don’t like it – So why start it in the first place. The Fijian race is not mooted. The Fijians have history, if these usurpers can’t handle that then they should set sail for the mother india that they worship from afar.

    That would be a wonderful thing for the Fijian race – but the welcome mat in mother india may not be as welcome as one of our ibes tattered or otherwise as whole scale genocide is being carried out there as I write. Do they really think everything is a rosy as their beloved over the top bollywood movies – the indian parliament is full of bloody criminals.

    What the kaidias in Fiji have to admit to is that they have brought up the race issue and have now imposed it on the Fijians saying that the Fijians hate them and are therefore racist all because they cannot legitimise their stance in this 5.12.06 coup. Let’s get it straight right here and now – you kaidias can’t keep blaming everyone else for your innate meanness GREED and absolute insecurities.



  12. Groggymaster Says:

    P Kinivuwai is absolutely right – Frank should call and election ASAP. The IG have had nearly two years at the helm, and Chodo feels he has done such a good job with the economy – so why fear the electorate ?

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    Adi Kaila, Rev Lasaro summed it up nicely in this evenings news. He said with all the things being said and done against the Fijian race. “Is there something wrong with being a Fijian. Cant they be free to live their lives as Fijians.”

    Todays Fiji Sun online had two contradictary news items. One was Condolessa Rice adding to the demand that elections be held in March 2009. The next had the pathetic Chairman of the Electoral Commission saying they are waiting for the reforms before they move on election preparations which means elections will not be held in 2009. Our main issues now are When will it be and How will it be.

    The question we should ask ourselves is whether we just resign ourselves into accepting the bullying tactics of the dictator and do nothing. Or do we speak up and tell the dictator in his face we do not accept his bad decisions.

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    In case you missed it y’all this is what The Condy said about Fiji whilst in NZ:

    “There is especially hard work to do concerning Fiji, where the return to democracy is an absolute necessity, where free peoples everywhere are speaking out for the importance of elections in Fiji, and that those elections should not be based on any other conditions but the ability to hold an election — something that the government of Fiji has promised to do, and has promised to do next year, and should do forthright.”

    Check it out @ http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2008/07/107470.htm

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    Honestly PP – I’ve asked that question many times here – We are Fijians and we know what we want & how we want it and how we can achieve it. We know we can look after our beautiful Islands. We want to live in peace without our lives being constantly disrupted by a bunch of has beens who don’t want to put in a hard days work for an honest dollar yet think they know what’s best for the Fijians.

    Our benevolent nature has been taken for granted and the canefarmer mentality still abounds – the kaidias think they are the only ones who work hard to keep the economic structure of the Nation going. Please take off your blinkers and realise that the Fijians who are in managerial positions and presiding over companies are there because they are well educated and blessed with a sharp brain – can’t say much for the ones who have been illegally placed there since 5.12.06 by voreqe and his clean up crew of boiled eggs(take away the guns and they shit themselves – like peeling a boiled egg the smell can be rather high, especially if it’s been sitting out of the fridge for a couple of days)

    The trouble is the many kaidias living in comfort overseas are very quick to criticise and denigrade the Fijian race for very the fact that Fijians and Fiji do not need them. Little do they know is that we are the ones who look after their poor without judging them. Stay away and stop meddling and putting the innocent kaidias lives in Fiji in jeopardy.

    This coup has happened at a time when the educated mass have had enough with morons who are better equipped with opening beer bottles with their arseholes trying their damnedest to get rich quick by taking the Nation to ransom – thereby giving Fijians a bad name and hoping we will riot and cause bloodshed. No way – we are not going to hurt each other, that is what they want the world to see us as – savages – shori modri.

    This turn of events – Fijians letting the coupsters coup on is a good thing – why should innocent people who went to the polls to elect a government to lead a democratic country fight a useless fight – it’s futile – because we know this coup is futile – it has been proven with the amount of corruption going on – we are going to let them – the ig coupsters fight each other – what are they going to do? Kill us all?

    I noticed that when the kerfuffle happened last week there was sympathy for the bipolar pig because he was going to kick his arse buddy chodo out of his pathetic clique. Hey let’s not go there ok – this bipolar pig has to be made to pay for his usurping of a legally elected government and the democracy of this Nation – bipolar piggy and everyone single one involved in the coup have to stand trial – NO VOSOTA au kerekere – otherwise it’s back to square one.

    BTW – miss sereana qoro has been busy busy busy making herself into a Marama Levu – big car to go with big title – I hope a big prison sentence will finalise her big scam. See what I mean – No exclusivity – everyone to Naboro

  16. Jose Says:

    @ Condolessar Rice says:
    “There is especially hard work to do concerning Fiji, where the return to democracy is an absolute necessity, where free peoples everywhere are speaking out for the importance of elections in Fiji, and that those elections should not be based on any other conditions but the ability to hold an election — something that the government of Fiji has promised to do, and has promised to do next year, and should do forthright.”

    Get your facts right Condy, there ain’t no government in Fiji. There is an illegal one run by your criminals and oh yes, “There is ESPECIALLY hard work to do concerning Fiji, (the SPECIAL work you and your secret society want done in Fiji by your stooges.) where the return to democracy is an absolute necessity” where free peoples everywhere…….., Condy? What about the oppressed Fijian people everywhere in Fiji? How about you come and ask us what WE want especially the Kai Viti. And this kai Viti will tell you , Gather up everything and everyone that is alien in Fiji and take them to your country and stay the hell away. Fiji, the way Fiji should be, the way we want our country to be. NOT what you and your pack of WITCHES want our country to be.

  17. manasa Says:

    What is democracy idiots! sounds big in writing…what’s your contribution towards my beloved nation! I have nothing -.except for a kettle,hut and few pots ,still happy with my hardwork.

  18. kaiviti4lyf Says:

    Bula vinaka to all. Please click on this link and check out a prophesy caught on YOUTUBE concerning our nation. The Lord is hearing the cry of Fiji and He will vindicate. “Vengence Is Mine” saith the Lord!

  19. manasa Says:

    Free gospel of evil—

  20. LUVfiji Says:

    @kaiviti4lyf – Thank you for that. Great viewing of a Mighty prophesy. Bless you!

  21. Budhau Says:

    That preacher dude – sort of like Tim – knows jack shit about Fiji.
    BTW – did that guy say where we should send our checks and money orders to.

  22. Tuks Says:

    You better be careful…our God is a Jealous one and do not play around with him in any way..Be careful man, be careful..you are trodding on dangerous grounds.

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    AMEN to that

  24. Manasa Says:

    I have a poverty mentality.I have nothing -.except for a kettle,hut and few pots ,still happy with my hardwork.

  25. Striker Says:

    Yes, I agree with Rev Lasaro and the Methodist Church. Elections should be held by March 2009. Leave the poverty mentality to the green goons. Because they do not have the brains to compete academically so it’s only through coups they are able to get top positions-God help us! That fellow Leweni is not only a failure he is a farce and a PR fiasco. Can’t see reaso staring himself in the face the fucking bugger!

  26. manasa Says:

    I have a poverty mentality.I have nothing -.except for a kettle,hut and few pots ,still happy with my hardwork.
    I’m still waiting for my friend Bainimarama to give me a hurricane relief house like he gave his father.

  27. demon Says:

    Quit all the fussing and lets all move on. The green goons should give power back to the powers that Be.

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