The condemnation keeps on coming

FAWG Slams Payout
Suva, FIJI – A leading educational NGO today slammed the interim Minister of Finance for his support of the controversial back pay made to interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama and other military officers, saying it was a racket and the funds should have been invested in education.”In these financially burdened times where parents find it especially hard to pay for schooling, this payment to members of the military makes a racket of public money,” said Fiji Association of Women Graduates President, Winifereti Nainoca.

“Fiji deserves good governance from its leaders, not face-saving measures,” said the FAWG President.

Yesterday interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, defended the payment.

“That money should have been invested in the real future of Fiji through education, education, education,” claimed Nainoca, echoing a speech by former British PM Tony Blair.

“The real victims of this backpay scandal are the young men and women who we are supposed to be preparing for life and the workforce,” said Nainoca.

“What applies to one Public Servant should apply to all who are paid by public funds and public taxes. The special treatment in this case is highly irregular,” she added.

There have been three ministers for education since the December 2006 coup-de-tat.

Nainoca explained that with each the new Education Minister comes a new agenda and the repeated changes had a detrimental effect on the system all the way to the classroom.

“Education needs stewardship and consistency. It needs stable leadership so educators can do the right thing for our students” said Nainoca.

FAWG had earlier made a submission to the Fiji Education Commission outlining the necessity to fund counselling all schools in Fiji and the benefits of formalising those appointments.

FAWG is committed to improving society in Fiji by promoting further education for women and girls and is a member of the International Federation of University Women.



9 Responses to “The condemnation keeps on coming”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Yes I agree .

  2. Budhau Says:

    The real victims of this ALL scandals are the young men and women who we are supposed to be preparing for life and the workforce – the Ag scam, the bank failures, the FHL scandal, the FDB paying out to people that should not have, and all that money…… this “compo” payout is just one in the series of scandals and scams that have robbed the Fijian people for the last 30 years.

    BTW..why you guys blaming Chaudary – blame the guys who received the money and Chaudary’s bosso, the military council, because they will fire his arse if he says anything.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Birds of a feather Budhau , Chaudhry has aligned himself with these treasonous traitors .

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Which right minded person or organisation would not condemn this act of fraud and the subsequent attempt to mitigate it. It is so blatantly and obviously a money grab and self helping of the precious taxpayers money. What sort of accountability is this to show to the public.

    In this evenings news the snake was his usual lying self trying to tell the public unconvincingly though that it was okay to pay hime now or else it would get even bigger. What a load of crap. And in his other usual fashion puts the blame on past government on letting this happen. Wasn’t he one of the past governments in the past 30 years. Birds of a feather crook together.

  5. FijiGirl Says:

    Peace Pipe – Agreed that all right minded people would condemn this.
    But what we need is for these right minded people to come out and pubicly condemn it.
    Don’t hold your silence, people – SPEAK OUT!
    God bless Fiji

  6. Talei Says:

    I have to agree with FijiGirl, we need the majority to speak up. Stand up and be counted. Evil lurks when good men do nothing.

  7. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree that we should blame thoise who received the payout, but lets not forget the man who connives and manipulates behind the scenes.

    The one trasonous self serving and malignant cancer affecting this nation.


  8. Mae na mae Says:

    Me sa “inside job” taki mada ga o MPC…. Where can we find an assasin??…. kaila!!

  9. George of Sydney Says:

    what a shame!!! How can he justify his action to the general public to take a backpay of that gigantic amount while the people are striving to survive. He was the culprit who created all this mess in the first place.
    Now no one will ever believe his reason for the coup which was to clean up every corruption elements in the government. From all that is happening looks like this illegal IG and the military needs a massive clean up themselves.
    I dont understand why chodary and Bainimarama are so dedicated in protecting each other.
    Some things to remember:-
    1) Chodary during his term as PM didn’t want to move to the official PM residence in Veiuto but instead used government funds (nearly $1million) to renovate his own house to be of the same standard as the official PMs residence.
    By the way, they have been trying to find some evidence of corruption to the level that justify the necessity for the elected government forceful removal but have absolutely nothing.
    Using the poor peoples plight for his own gain.
    This was abolute shame and it just reflect the selfish heart and attitude you have.
    For Bainiimarama,
    Do you still remember the death of the CRW under your orders.
    Do you still remember the GCC and the Fijian Chiefs whom you have continuously humiliated. Remember you are a native fijian and the fijian people are waiting to see how long and how far your show will last.
    Do you remember the Methodist Church which you also criticised, condemned and humiliated?
    You cant judge this ordained ministers for only god is their judge. They have done alot for the people. I dont have to remind you of the contribution of the church to the nation for you should be farmiliar with it since you are from Kiuva which is very close to Viwa, Bau, Kaba, Navuloa and close to Davuilevu.
    Remember what Jeremaih 17:10 says …… ONE DAY I WILL PAY YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR DEEDS
    I hope you will have the heart to approach them and seek their forgiveness.
    One thing to remember that they have the largest membership in the country of which majority are native fijians. This is a very important religious institution and you should show them respect if you need their support and the support of the majority of the fijians.

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