Fiji Sun Editorial Today 25/07/08

It was a day of high drama and a day of missed opportunity. The interim government shied away from the opportunity, some might say the duty, to dismiss interim finance minister Mahendry Chaudhry while Mr Chaudhry ignored his own opportunity to resign in the public interest. Had Mr Chaudhry gone yesterday, as this newspaper said he should, his Fiji Labour Party colleagues in the cabinet would have gone also. Now, setting all personalities aside, a chance to remove the widespread perception of party political bias in the interim government has gone begging. More importantly, perhaps, the parallel opportunity to once and for all wash away the taint of political bias in the National Council for Building a Better Fiji has also been lost. This will only serve to further reduce support for the interim government and the NCBBF both of which are increasingly perceived to be overly influenced by the electoral and political interests of the Fiji Labour Party. It also dramatically lengthens the odds against the early election the nation so keenly desires, given Mr Chaudhry’s plainly expressed determination to have the next election contested under the rules of the People’s Charter rather than the 1997 constitution for which he voted and which remains the supreme law. Predictably, a clearly confident Mr Chaudhry yesterday blamed the media. It was the media both domestic and foreign that sought to undermine him by starting false rumours of his dismissal, he said, despite the fact that he must certainly know by now that this is quite untrue. In fact the “rumours” originated much closer to home. In any case the media did not lie to parliament. The media did not seek to avoid tax on secret overseas bank accounts. The media did not bungle through sheer vindictiveness the negotiations over the potentially disastrous bus strike which required the last minute intervention of Commodore Bainimarama. And the media did not put at risk more than $200 million in bottled water exports – a risk that also required last minute intervention by the interim attorney general to keep 1000 people at work. Ministers worldwide have been sacked – or have resigned – for much less. Yet Mahendra Chaudhry remains untouchable. The nation can be forgiven for wondering why that should be so. And in the absence of any convincing explanation, people are left to draw their own conclusions. And how any minister can endure the humiliation of having matters that fall within his or her portfolio decided by others passes all understanding. The only honourable option open to Mr Chaudhry now is to resign. And if his cabinet colleagues and the military council cannot bring him to an understanding of that he should be sacked.


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  1. newsfiji Says:

    I must commend the military council for their efforts. They seem to have the people of Fiji close to their heart. They seem to intervene when action needs to be taken. However, they need to really make a firm decision NOW on whether their leader the Commodore is doing a good job or NOT. Most of us think NOT. Some of them may have thought they were doing the people of Fiji a great service by overthrowing the elected government in December 2006. I wonder what they really think now – nearly 2 years down the line.

    I must ask – Was it really worth it? Who were they really fighting for? Did they think this through or did the Commodore just issue instructions to mobilise?

    For those of you in the military council that usually frequent this site – please put your foot down now and remove the Chaudhary, the Commodore and everybody else, call for fresh elections this year and give us the respect we deserve!

    Enough is enough! We’ve just been fooled for too long now.

    If Chaudhary threatened to pull out all his Labour people from the interim cabinet, the NCBBF and the boards of statutory bodies, SO BE IT! Fiji will NOT collapse. Their are countless people here in Fiji, right now that are willing to move the country forward.

    But, not under this illegal regime! Do it properly, follow the right channel, consult the previous government and get us back on track.

    If you stand by and do nothing, remember, not only you will suffer, but your children and their children after them will carry the curse that you have started.

    May you come to your senses before it’s too late.

  2. budweiser Says:

    Dont be fooled bloggers – i think these chaps are just trying to deflect the massive payouts to themselves – only to look good – re $185,000 payout to bhainimarama

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Perhaps Chaudhry , Frank and the rest of the I.G. and the Military council , can be recycled also !

  4. Budhau Says:

    Bud, above is right – with all the action, you buggers were supposed to forget about the “compo” pay-out.

    So let me get this correct the Sun editorial suggests that Chaudary and all FLP member in the IG should have left – that would make the IG a-political.

    You idiots – if that happens, all the “civilian” elements in the interim government would be gone – then why even bother with the IG and the cabinet – just let the Military Council rule. And we would have a full fledged military junta. Nailatikau and Ganilau – being former military chiefs should not be considered “civilian” – and what about the political influence of the New Alliance.

    If Chaudary would have left, and there was no coalition with between the FLP and New Alliance/Military – there is no chance in hell that we would have an election – electoral reform or no reforms.

    Sun editorial also mentioned that the decision regarding the Water tax was made by others, and since it was Chaudary’s decision, he should should now quit.

    Since the it was Chaudary and the cabinets decision, and it backfired, Chaudary did not want to go tell the water people that he has to back down – so the IG sent in others to do that embarrassing job. The same thing happened when the Bus operators decided to take on some decision made by the Finance Ministry. As for Chaudary, he said this ain’t over – this time he will give them a fair trial and than hang them.

    It looks like the Lal dude is contributing to the editorials of the Sun also.

  5. Ablaze Says:


    Buranada – live in today’s world. The smart ones learnt from the Rabuka coup – (learn from your mistakes)

    We will be patient!

    These idiots may not rule by fear but they must be ruled by their own fears thinking how they could have a future in Fiji.



    It may take time but we will be patient as we have learnt our lesson from Rabuka’s Coup and so much wiser for it.

    As we wait we will watch these lunatics make jokers of themselves.

    The sad situation is that the longer we wait for them to self destruct, the worse off the nation will be.


    Dictatorship is the only way they can survive – we all know what happens to Dictators!

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    This snake has brought the country nothing but misery and should have left the scene long ago. Unfortunately he has got his hands firmly on the pigs balls and some fingers up the pigs rectum. So however serious the snake’s indiscretions are the pig’s hands are tied and due to obligation to the snake and some deadly secrets shared between them the pig can’t do much. This is typical chod slimey and cunning tactic whereby the snake covers all possible reactions which isn’t too difficult considering that the brainless iPM is not aware of the snakes posturing strategies. Unfortunately the snake and the lawless FLP seem to be the cornerstone of the house of cards housing the ig. They are members of cabinet, boards and NCBBF which will fold if he is sacked. It just shows the arrogance of the man when he does all these draconian things without impunity because he knows he holds the mainstay of this shaky tin-pot govt.

  7. Budhau Says:

    So Chaudary has his hands on the pigs ball and according to Tim, the pig has his finger in Chaudary’s arse – that must be a sight.

    You got that one right – the FLP and the New Alliance would become the political wing of the Military.
    .. Chaudary ain’t the enemy – find the enemy and then you may try an figure out how to defeat the enemy – aas for Chaudary, he will be gone one day, but your problems, they will remain for several generations.

    Ablaze – read my post in another thread in response to this same message.

  8. semper fi Says:

    chaudary resign ?? fat chance of that happening !! vodoloto… the whole bang lot of them !!

  9. Islander Says:

    Great article. Chaudry doesn’t have the decency to resign and the illegal regime – council included don’t have the balls to sack him. Poor Chaudry, where will he escape to when the fat lady finally sings and they are all done with.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I think your babies would have 2 heads !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Does anyone have a profile of every person involved in the ig and military council ?
    I would like to know their school history , the villages and tribes they are from , their chiefs and lineage , who is supporting each of them , their military background and military service , someone must know all of this especially their grades and behavioural patterns at school, primary and high school , and where they served , whether they saw action etc. and if they have benefited or bought any new property or cars etc . since this coup began . we really need to expose these f—ers .

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    a sex-starved individual has appeared in our midst!

  13. Wailei Says:

    @ SV you sound like a horny little boy that would hump anything in a skirt. Instead of wasting your time blogging in here, why dont you use a bar of soap and go have a shower. Bloody Wangker!

  14. Ablaze Says:

    @ SV since you are like the Maras, not caring people without principles and obviousily not suffering you can go with them to Tonga for the Coronation and wank all of them.

    Don’t do it here! We do not want your sort! Get your satisfaction from those like you!

  15. jjcool Says:

    the mara’s are trying to forge the dynasty their parents were trying to run the country with… Adi Lala married off her children with the darkest of motives

    ateca moceiwaqa was hitched up with epeli ’50 dollar man’ ganilau with the hope that he would succeed the Tui Cakau title… three unsuccessful attempts at the title, and numerous attempts at the general elections well, sa sega na madua… me madua vacava when ur up 2 yr neck in debt, yr wifw has never held a job in her entire life and all yr children are dysfunctional

    vasemaca koila hitched up with her uncle nailatikau the incestous old man in the view that he would take up the Vunivalu title… mo rawa vaka cava ni o kai Tonga matanisiga? koila the schemer is now trying to get EN to somehow qualify for the Tui Lau title…

    alifereti finau is so mucked up mentally, it’s even effected his son, poor boy, hang in there Tusa,
    … tui nayau??… big shoes to fill… the people of Lau deserve better than u r able to give…

    Ratu George (R I P).. poor dear… the sacrificial lamb was taken to the slaughter for naught… mommy dear tried to manipulate the system so he would succeed to the Roko Tui Dreketi title.. with all due respect how can someone from Lau come and lead the people of Rewa and subsequently the Burebasaga confederacy

    litia cakobau was married off to harry stupid dugdale from pommieland … dubious if yo ask me

    margeret.. isa margeret with all her baggage

    uluilakeba does not have the guts to be seen in public, forever in the shadows, while we all know he’s there. always the egoist, still the child. with older sister koila pushing him on, he’s now swimming in the deep waters, still unsure of himself. your destiny is clear, your legacy you have written indelibly for our history to judge. maumau na uniform qori vei iko.

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Made my day JJcool!

    OK SV da imposter – you see go full speed and wank the whole bang lot of them. They are a disgrace to Fiji!

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    Through no fault of it’s own , is the GCC finished?
    Has all that has happened now and in the past 20 years , made it all the more apparent why Democracy , as flawed as it also is , is the better option .
    Where does Fiji go from here ? In which direction , what Institutions will prevail , which Chiefs , if any and who will represent whom ?

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    Time for a clean sweep of the Fijian elders and to replace them with competent younger players in politics and the GCC .

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    Kudos to jjcool!!!

    I am so glad you’ve revealed the truth!

    who the hell knows why this mara lot keep trying to be the cream of the crop when they’ve never ever done anything for the People of Fiji nor have they given anything back.

    They’ve been educated overseas – what a waste of resources that was – handed everything on a plate – BUT it does not occur to any of them that it is their duty to serve this country LEGALLY if they still want the bells and whistles of the gentrified lifestyle – otherwise – piss off smartly!

    The lawakica inherited from their mother continues – remember the garage full to the brim with mats, masi and whatever that when the door was opened revealed a huge colony of insects living comfortably off the iyau that should’ve been distributed to the people who used to go to their homes for ogas. Pure selfishness and Utter Greed as they did not want anyone to have anything – so they lost the lot.

    Another example was a poor old live pig that was a gift among other gifts that was left tied up out the back of Gov House until it died. Lady Lala wouldn’t give it to her staff to either take it home or for them to lovo. She preferred for the animal to die right there. Kosima Vakaitamera!

    Her cousins from the West know all about it and quickly put her in her place when she wanted to take over the Paramountcy of Nadroga.

    You’d think the mara siblings would get over it. They can’t because like voreqe no neqe they don’t have the brain power to see reason. No Shame!

  20. tomu Says:

    O Voreqe na luve ni kai idia. Na tamana o Ram Singh nai Taukei ni Sitoa mai Nasilai.
    E na qai kuri tale yani!

  21. qitawa Says:

    @ tomu. ha,ha,ha, tabaka ga vei Ram Singh. Dou bula.

    Au sega ni vakabauta rawa io sa bau lasa dina.

  22. qitawa Says:

    @jjcool enough damage has been done to our chiefs by the junta. Are we going to add to the wounds? I think the Mara’s have done enough for Fiji. Imagine if we start opening all those cans of worms on the Cakobau’s, Tuisawau, etc. We will only totally ruin whats left of the chiefly respect and we will be playing right into the junta’s gameplan.

  23. Ablaze Says:

    qitawa at the moment its only those chiefs that have no principles. Maras will not stop because the only thing they know is more more more for themselves!

    Today they are preparing for their trip to Tonga for the Coronation, saying that as family they have been invited. Whose paying the expenses???????
    Dunniedale may have paid for Mrs Dunniedales but let me assure you desparate for cash Garolau’s wife and husband stealier sister of hers is paid by Fiji’s taxpayer. qitawa check them out they will be staying in the best hotel in Tonga.

    People of Fiji need to learn not to respect them, there are worthy chiefs that remain in Fiji that still holds our respect.

    The youth of today need to learn to weed out these obnoxious weeds!

    Look at those dopey Fijians in USA raising US$6000 for Coka, brother of Ulukau, while he was visiting his wife, money to attend the Coronation. This money is earned by people working in the USA because financially they do not have a future in Fiji. This way of thinking needs to stop. Our youth need to realize this and put a stop to it.

    All the cursing that koila talks about that will happen to us because we are trying to show them up will only backfire because they are uncaring, selfish and greedy people. I know I have been trying to show them up for years and nothing has happened to me. Think about; why aren’t the male folks in their household, taken over what their father left off???????? They have lost one, one is looney and the other one like jjcool said is being pushed by the evil sister. The way it looks to me, he is the only that will lose his cool, shoot Bainipuaka and became the next dictator until the law can deal with him. Not a very nice scenerio!

  24. Keep The Faith Says:

    Can that wanna-be SV bounce the fuck out of here and have his wet-dreams on loyalfijian or the ECREA blog site?

    I honestly don’t think he’s adding any value here.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    @qitawa. Vinaka vakalevu – E totoka na nomuni vakasama. Ni rusa na kawa Turaga e Viti, eda sa na rusa na kawa i Taukei. Sa noda i tavi vaka lewenivanua na veivakadodonu taki. Me da kakua sara ni vutugu na cola sau.

    I love yr spirit ! Bless yr day!

  26. Keep The Faith Says:

    We Fijians need to be clear in ourselves that if chiefs want respect they need to play by the rules of Chiefdom: Veikauwaitaki, Veirogorogoci, Veivakaliuci, Veilomani and all the other VEIs that are integral to our communal cohesion.

    Then and only then will the Fiefdom will reciprocate with respect.

    Whether one is a CEO, PM, Mayor, Principal, Head Girl or Chief one’s leadership qualities will be mirrored by your constituents responsiveness to you.

  27. Ablaze Says:

    Agree with you Keep The Faith – Respect the chiefs that deserve our repect and rid the users!

    Times are a changing!

  28. Tim Says:

    Ideed KtF, the imposter seeks to pass judgement on issues and affairs in a way that he’s guilty of himself.
    In fact it’s even worse. If title is inherited, mana is earned. The little munter has NEITHER – which is probably what he’s pissed off about.

  29. Wailei Says:

    Imitation SV, Just F.O. mada… Regarding the “MAra’s”. Its because they think that their status quo is the “ROYAL FAMILY OF FIJI” Thats why they think that the people should serve them and that they are entitled to the Tax money! We all know that they are just fooling themselves!

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s really interesting to see how quickly the I.G. was able to distract people away from the overpayments of leave entitlements ( bribes ) to Frank and his buddies in the Military by pretending to resolve the water bottling tax and the Chand and Chaudhry sagas !
    How easily Island people can be fooled ! Except those on this site of course !

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    Hitler and his buddies thought they were above the Law , but most committed suicide before facing jail and Hitler himself , eventually was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease . So the Lord does work in mysterious ways indeed !
    What will befall all those involved in this coup ?

  32. Wailei Says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! This was from the Sun :

    Apparently, a friend of mine said that this guys (CRW) eyes had actually popped out!

    Cagina … You’re right. What about the missing link?

    Cadruti … SK on that fateful day was at home looking after his sick child as the wife was at work. At 3.30pm he received a call to report to work. On his way he was picked up at Tamavua by soldiers and they searched his knapsack. The knapsack contained camouflaged army trousers, detonator, cord, knife and a water container. At this time the camp was taken over by the CRW unit.

    Cagina… Was he part of the takeover group?

    Cadruti… Just hold on as I’m trying to recall what happened that day.

    Cagina… Sorry for my intervention. Carry on.

    Cadruti… He was taken to the boss who was at his safe haven and instruction was given for SK to be taken to CPS. Half and hour later he was picked up by 4 – 5 men in green Witnesses could hear swearing, hitting with rifle butts and kicking at the back of the tray. At about midnight on 2nd November 2000 SK was taken to the mortuary at the CWM hospital.

    Cagina… It is really a sad story. What was the cause of the death?

    Cadruti … The cause of the death was found to be “multiple blunt force injuries including head injuries with sub-dural haemorrhage. SK’s body had a number of recent injuries.

    Cagina … The doctor’s report?

    Cadruti … It states – “He sustained numerous blunt impacts, particularly to the head but also to the chest and abdomen. All compartments of the head – front and back of the scalp, forehead, eyes cheeks, mouth has received multiple blows. These have resulted in bleeding around the brain.” It adds – “The pattern of injuries indicate that this man has been severely assaulted.”

    Cagina … So SK was a victim of cold blooded murder?

    Cadruti… The report said so.

    Cagina… So what is the missing link?

    Cadruti … The very people who conducted the forceful beating, where it happened and who gave the order for the killing.

    Cagina… How can the missing link be put together?

    Cadruti … It’s easy. The people who took the body to the mortuary should be asked where they picked the body from.

    Once that is established, they would also tell the people who handed them the body.

    These people will then identify the real culprits. These culprits then will tell the nation on who gave the orders for the beating that led to the death of SK.

    Cagina… Surely those at camp green only follow orders.

    Cadruti … Well the one that gave the order must now be ready to follow orders.

    Cagina … How can the missing link be established?

    Cadruti … My friend we’re dealing with cold blooded murder where a man’s life was lost, leaving behind his family to struggle to live without him.

    Cagina… There is also the struggle to hide the missing link.

    Cadruti … Yes it is but the truth will always prevail at the end.

    Cagina … But the problem is some are trying to turn the truth to untruth.

    Cadruti… It can apply to certain conditions but surely it will hit. Just hold on Bling is on my coconut wireless line.

    Cadruti … Hello Bling. What do you have now?

    Bling … Just on the missing link, those involved are frightened to speak out. Find that out.

    Cadruti… Bling is on the right track as he is saying those involved are frightened to speak out.

    Cagina … Why?

    Cadruti… They should not speak out as the missing link is already in the judgement. All that is to be established is the pick up point and who handed the dead body.

    Cagina … But no charges had been laid.

    Cadruti… That’s true because some people up above think they’re above the law.

    Cagina …. But for how long? Just hold on Ron is on my coconut wireless line.

    Cagina … Hello Ron. What do you have for us?

    Ron … Those in the inner circle and also members of the round table should learn a lesson from the war criminals.

    Cagina … Well Ron is mentioning about the lesson from war criminals.

    Cadruti… He’s right on the point. Those who were involved in the killing of the CRW soldiers must know that they cannot escape from the long arm of the law. In the latest case in Serbia, war criminal Radovan Karadzic was free for the last 13 years but now he has been caught and is now ready to be prosecuted.

    The place up above is just too small and those involved can be easily traced unless they’re in the other world.

    Let’s end here and pray. Our dear and mighty Lord, we thank you for this day. We’re blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for us and You keep on blessing us. Forgive us this day for everything we have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. We ask now for Your forgiveness. Please keep use safe from all danger and harm. Help us do our work for the coming week and broaden our mind that we can accept all things.

    Keep us strong we also pray for those who are lost. Amen.

    Cagina … Amen and thank you for the prayer.

    Cadruti … Vinaka and Moce. God be with you and your family.

    Cagina… Same to you.

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    And now let’s get intouch with the U.N. and have these bastards arrested for crimes against humanity so they can be picked up by interpol .

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    There’s a theory that Neanderthalls never actually died out but that they simply mated with homosapiens and blended in with the rest of the community . If you look at some mens skulls , you can tell from the shape that they are throw backs ! This is actually true !

  35. qitawa Says:

    OK I agree chiefs should earn our respect. I dont respect them anymore. Teimumu had affair with former journalists husband. Apenisa Cakobau fucking two sisters and getting them pregnant while still married and other women he has children from. Filipe Tuisawau, luveni sala and screws around. Inoke Takiveikata a criminal. Tui Cakau another criminal. Most of them sega na vuli. Most of them have children out of wedlock, bunch of immoral shits. Komaisavai a taxi driver basher and looney.

  36. Wailei Says:

    @ MM what has the Neanderthals (populated Europe) got to do with Fiji Politics? Just curious??

  37. Wailei Says:

    @ qitawa… Thats their businisi, and their moral choice. Our concern is the Politics in Fiji.

  38. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t it pathetic to read that the incompetent, useless, so-called foreign minister, arrived ‘late’ for a meeting in Samoa.

    ‘Dimwiti’ style, reading between the lines, it means that he was too gutless to face the real foreign ministers face to face.

    What a useless piece of excrement.

  39. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula ex FT

    the priapic ig foreign minister may have been struggling to get his suluvakataga right way around after a bit on the side with a fafine.

    At his age a bout like that would wind him no end – no wonder he was late.

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    st. Thomas
    wasn’t Ariel Sharon who admitted that Israel was in fact in occupation of Palestinian land and ordered the withdrawal of Israeli settlers from that area . i think that was a great acknowledgement . the problem in the middle east is the refusal of the Palestinians to recognise Israelis existence , even the other Arab nations are fed up with the Palestinian stand against Israel .
    Nazi don’t believe in Jesus or God , I just don’t see that your analogy is anywhere near correct at all !
    We’ll see soon how useless the U.N. is .

  41. Mark Manning Says:

    i just thought that Frank’s skull look like a Neanderthals , they basically were an inferior human being !
    I think it explains his behaviour .

  42. X Says:

    Bainimarama – A neanderthal that time forgot….

  43. Ablaze Says:

    Stop it you guys and read this post. This is what we want to eliminate so lets keep fighting for the right reasons!

    Bainimarama is bad so whatever you associate the word bad with, it is that lunatic, may it be neanderthal etc.

    Mae na mae Says:

    July 28, 2008 at 8:36 am
    I feel sorry for the lil baby that cries every night because she’s hungry and the lil boy and girl who go off to bed with grumbling tummys…. for the mum who starts work at 6am and finishes off at 8pm to put what little she can on the table.. and the father who walks 3miles every morning and every night to send his kids to school.. and to those families who just want to have a roof over their heads!!
    Some of us…wait, let me rephrase that…most of us, have these real problems to deal with… and it really angers me to think of how some people like Chodo & Bai can make thousands of dollars in payments to themselves when they already have the necessity of life..

    My heart goes out to these families..

  44. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Ablaze, AMEN to your sentiments and thank you for getting the comments back on track.

  45. Mark Manning Says:

    ST Thomas
    Although I’m not so sure about the ST bit !
    Jesus was a Jew and I respect all religions but reject extremism in any of them . I’m Catholic and even feel that some of them are hypocrites . All I can say is , thank God I’m perfect !
    I did see a documentary on the Neanderthals once and it said that they more than likely mixed with homosapiens rather than just dying out altogether .
    The land Israel occupies now , was promised to them in the Bible and it’s on that basis that the State of Israel was established . Sadly though , another tribe was displaced as a result . Israel was established because of the atrocities committed against the Jews by Hitler and his Nazi party in world war 11 . I would like to see the Palestinians accept Israel’s right to exist in order that Palestine and her people might flourish .
    I like to think St Thomas , that I am a man of God , as I believe in the right of all peoples to live in harmony no matter their religion or beliefs , even you !
    As for being a Jew-ass kisser , I’d prefer that to being shallow and closed minded like you my friend , but none the less , I will pray for your salvation and deliverance .
    You made a judgement about me and so I will make one about you , you seem pigheaded , obstinate and very very one eyed . I’d love to know your Military background and where you became indoctrinated with all these feelings of hate and loathing for the Jews and the United States and the United Nations . You seem to hate all things that stand for freedom , liberty and Democracy . I suspect that you are an anarchist , a small man with a small appendage , a man of no significance with no Chiefly title , a man that has no authority within his own family , a man of few prospects in life . I wouldn’t be surprised if you even have doubts about your own sexuality !

  46. manasa Says:

    Sad day for my kind.. Has got so much knowledge ,ZERO DALLARS in my bank account ….nation full of wise people lord is comming closer to FIJI,I will be in church on sunday –so no foul language– remember sunday.

  47. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Manasa, suggest you go ad see a Shrink

  48. Budhau Says:

    Mae na mae Says:

    July 28, 2008 at 8:36 am
    I feel sorry for the lil baby that cries every night because she’s hungry and the lil boy and girl who go off to bed with grumbling tummys…. for the mum who starts work at 6am and finishes off at 8pm to put what little she can on the table.. and the father who walks 3miles every morning and every night to send his kids to school.. and to those families who just want to have a roof over their heads!!
    Some of us…wait, let me rephrase that…most of us, have these real problems to deal with… and it really angers me to think of how some people like Chodo & Bai can make thousands of dollars in payments to themselves when they already have the necessity of life..

    My heart goes out to these families..

    The only thing that I would like to add to that is that it is in not only this regime that does not care about those folks mentioned above – they have been screwing these same folks for the last thirty or so years – every successive Fijian administrations has done the same – a small group of people have accumulated wealth by the help of the government of the day.

    …BTW can I get some subsidized loans from FDB or Merchant Bank or someone to invest in FHL – and make enough money in dividends to payback the loan and than some – so I do not have to work for a living.

  49. Samson Fox22 Says:

    So now the country is in peril… where the heck is ligairi? isn’t he the one who could see theinvisible enemies that the rest our forces couldnt see? He is the onlyone who can take those guys at delainabua out.They even maintain him as a high priority threat.. even at the age of 70!!. A soldier once told me that he was part of patrol that went to interrogate Naqase last year because he had gone to Nakobo.. they suspected he went to Rabuka’s farm but in fact he went to see his only surviving sister. Ligairi said they had alot of nerve trying to investigate him especially when he no longer wanted to have anything to do with what was going on… he told the serageant ‘when you are 5 minutes away from dying… that is the most difficult time in your life – and the worst thing is when you don’t know that you’re in that time zone… believe it or not young man.. you’ve in THAT five minutes right now….leave me alone’.. . Now usually I would expect that gung ho soldier to pick up his weapon and threaten the old man.. I though Ligairi was abit off base.. but the soldier telling the story said that even with their weapons and comms on ready they couldn’t stop sweating – the cold voice of the old man seemed to chill them stiff.. they apologised to him and, after a lecture on how intel should be gathered he offered them a cup of tea and bid them farewell. I wonder if its the stigma associated with him.. or they now just how dangerous he is.. the thing is ..with power like that, why is doing absolutely NOTHING??

  50. Danny G Says:

    Hey samson.. I don’t think so. There are only 5 or so CRW soldiers left in prison.. The rest are free.. awaiting to go to high pay jobs in Iraq and afghan beacuse of their exceptional skills.. I don’t think their master in nabalebale village would want to have anything to do with any more unrest.. i hear that he still involves himself with his boys with his new security company as well as liasing with the prisons dept for their jobs overseas ( the commissioner of prisons… naivalurua..was one of the Old man’s initiation pupils in the CRW unit along with tarakinikini and other elite officers who were brought up in the unit) so things are looking good for the rebels.. they obviously made a statement in 2000.. no one listened.. so they’ve decided to forget our plight and are now atending to their families and their future, so no..I doubt ligairi would want to do anything else to incite danger or any uprising. Besides he’s quite happy with the media labelling him as a burnout because it puts him back on the shadowy side of thngs and away from attention. Believe me..the less we hear of that man, the better. he has shed too much in Fiji and around the world. Like you said ‘Leave me alone’

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