And by the way

Oh what a week!!!

We thought it couldn’t be better last week with the $180k payout to the pig and the tall falla walking.

But this week, what can I say????

Just three things puzzling me:

1.  If the Tall fall resigned but is coming back again, did he received a big payout when he resigned? If so, is he going to pay it back since he’s returning??

2. Yesterday’s high drama and countless Military Council Meetings. A big players name was never ever mentioned. Uluilakeba!!!!  Is he in on retaining Chaudary or not??? Is he being kept in the loop and still in the inner circle. If he’s not, Vore better watch your shadows because he’s the one in charge of the standing Army, the 3rd F.I.R.

3. It was a well knon fact that a letter was indeed signed by the pig demanding the snake’s resignation. What happened????

600,000 hits here we come. Blog on ragone!!!!

Stay tuned for more looney tunes in our troubled paradise…………….

PS/  Two letters was delivered to Vore 1. For Chodo to resign  2. If not both of them to resign


28 Responses to “And by the way”

  1. Jon Jon Says:

    Just to let you all know that as off last week, more soldiers are resigning after hearing the big pay out.. while week after week most died out of unnatural causes they now facing week after week loosing 40 already last week n more going this week.. Most of the goons that left, are already in other countries working as security forces.. Isa moce jo wale melei.. o bainipuaka kei chodo rau sa male wale na veilecayaki…Very soon bai na chodo wont have much to protect them since they have already lost of a thousand soldiers in the past years.. Most retired, others died n recently more resigned….. Now the Fiji labour party willl be Bainipuakas security team…

  2. newsfiji Says:

    To the illegal wannabe Solivakasama: Lako mada lai sili rawa qai vaqara yalewa! O sa boidada mai! Wa..ha..haha..ha..

  3. solivakasama Says:

    someone must be really desperate to now pretende to be SV.

    to the imposter SV above I have a suggestion for you there is a blonde on level one at Civic Towers. She sometimes pretend to be the Ombudsman and Human Rights Commission Director.

    Fire boy, ya na kemu.


  4. hopefiji Says:

    to the real SV..this site must be pissing them off hahaha…well the reward is in civic towers ..but than again it must her blogging like mad pretending to be SV LOl!!!

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Frank’s become blinded by the cha-ching, cash money.

    By ignoring the military council’s request for the SECOND time, he probably won’t get a 3rd chance.

    Ului’s got the key’s to the armoury & personnel and that’s where the real power is.

    At some point Frank’s wheeling and dealing of his men is going to result in some flexing by his crew who want EXACTLY what he’s getting and not the crumbs that they’re getting now.

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Illegal SV: didn’t you see what the real SV had to say!

    Your prize awaits you at Civic House – oh!


  7. newsfiji Says:

    wa..ha..ha..big POTE to the illegal SV! Sa delete taki sara tiko ga! Cavaga gute! Hi..hi..hi!

  8. Corruption Fighter Says:

    It’s hard to make sense of all the conflicting reports that we heard
    over the past 36 hours regarding the Chaudhry sacking.

    We can assume that both Chaudhry and Bainivuaka are lying because that’s what they always do. But, whichever way you look at it. Chodpu$$ was forced to surrender on Fiji Water. This is something that he doesn’t normally do. Only a close brush with sacking could have allowed him to surrender on that issue.

    What this means is the hold Chodopu$$ has on FB must be very strong and all of the RFMF must be able to see this and understand that ‘clean-up’ campaign they were sold in 2006 was all a lie.

  9. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The Illegal Regime have said that the leaked draft of the charter is out of date but they can’t come up with a new version to prove it. From this we can conclude that they agree that the draft we put on our web site was pathetic.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s funny how Frank is being made out to be a hero regarding the bottled water fiasco , despite the fact that the increased taxes of 20 cents a litre was because of a shortage in revenue caused by his treasonous act in the first place .

  11. Tim Says:

    Like I’ve said before – Vore is as thick as pig shit – which is quite a bit different from Animal Cunning (survival). Once a finger is removed from a Chodo anal canal, it is put firmly in the air to test which way the latest gale is blowing. Currently from the south.
    Tighten the sanctions OZ and NZ!. Do a little more investigations and start applying the rules consistently. Honestly is the best policy – even if you’ve got one or two in the administration who’d rather this situation never arose.
    Naenae’s a fucking hole anyway

  12. Budhau Says:

    “Like, I have said before”…whats with this fricekn “I” – “I” this and “I” that.

    I see that you have this fascination for Chaudary rear – I don’t pulling the finger out of chaudary rear may be a good way of finding out which way the wind is blowing – how about if he shoves it up a certain part of your wifes anatomy – now that may be a better way of figuring things out.

    Taking about tightening – it ain’t the sanctions that you should be worried about – after Baini is don with his finger..

    NZ and Aust – they are going to go easy on Fiji gradually – its kinda been there done that stuff – every 5 to ten years.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    In your face Budhahaha or Buranadada! Learn to obey the rules! When you have learnt to understand that a coup is a criminal act come back to us and we may try to comprehend what you have to say!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    So what kind of guy is Ului ?

  15. glawyer Says:

    Ului was at the bullshit Military Council meeting at Vore’s pigsty, turned up in his nice shiny 4 wheel drive like all the other thieves in the Military Council….Ali Bai and his forty thieves….robbing from the national coffers.

  16. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Na mata ni meke ragone………koya na meke rogolevu ya mai Nakelo ko sa meketaki tiko qo…….Cava li na yacana? Ratou vakatara tiko yani na gone mai Delainabua sa qai mai ia yani na meke. Me da qai saravi ratou na veivutu qo ni ratou meke……..Oilei ragone! sa da matalau sara la na sara meke………E da dredre ka da kaila e na levu ni vakalasalasa kei na matalasa……….Iiiiaaaaaa…Meke tiko i keri….Ma meke tiko…Ma meke tiko…e na yati la mai na colo…na qai tu na da. Dou yavu boidada.

  17. qitawa Says:

    @ Jone Biutiviti. Na meke ya ‘NA CU MAI’

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    Sega ni “dudu moto” ?

  19. qitawa Says:

    Oilei! Sa dudu moto taki yani.

  20. Budhau Says:

    Ablaze wrote in response to my comments, “When you have learnt to understand that a coup is a criminal act come back to us and we may try to comprehend what you have to say!”

    Ablaze, folks like you try to over simplify things – and look at everything as black and white.

    Here is an example – Not that I am suggesting that Qarase was as bad as Mugabe – but if someone pulls a coup to topple the Mugabe regime – how
    “criminal” would that be. (“a coup is a criminal act”)

    How much of a criminal is Rabuka – or all those others who were behind the previous coups.

    And then there is the doctrine of necessity as a defense – that does not make all coups a criminal act.

    I am not arguing whether Bainimarama’s act was or was not criminal – what I am saying is that your silly ass remark, “A coup is a criminal act” is incorrect.

    Do you now see that all coups are not criminal acts or unconstitutional acts?

    Secondly – if this coup is a criminal act which I think that it is – what are we gonna do about it?

    BTW – I am of the opinion that this was a criminal act and under normal circumstances, those who were part of this coup should stand trial. The doctrine of necessity does not apply because the situation was created by the military itself – thus they do not have that defense.

    The fact remains that the military is the de facto government in Fiji – legal or illegal has very little to do with the situation on the ground.

    So how do we move ahead from here? Can we forcefully remove the military, arrest the coup perpetrators, have a trial and put away these guys for a very long time. Any volunteers for that?

    Secondly, we can let the country fall apart, and NZ and Australia feel and if the situation of common folks gets worse enough, they will rise against this regime – Looking at other military juntas, I think if that was the case, we are in this for the long haul.

    The next method would be to negotiate a settlement – and in any negotiations both sides look at what is their best alternative if they do not settle.
    In our case, if we do not get a negotiated settlement, the alternative is to live under a military dictatorship for a very long time.
    For Bainimarama’s case, one of the alternatives is somewhere down the line we he may have to give up and if he does he may end up in jail for the rest of his life.

    How many of you seriously believe that Bainimarama will settle now, if that means him going to jail for the rest of his life. If he does not settle, are you willing to take him on and let the country suffer the consequences of free-for-all with guys with M-16s.

    So cut out the silly ass crap – that this was a criminal act and he should face the law – it ain’t gonna happen dude. I know you guys are pissed off because you are on the receiving end of this coup, just as the other guys were pissed of when they were on the receiving end of the previous coups.

    So cut out the emotional crap – as JW would say, be a man, and try and work something out. Getting even is very unchristian thing.

  21. Ablaze Says:

    Buranada – live in today’s world. The smart ones learnt from the Rabuka coup – (learn from your mistakes)

    We will be patient!

    These idiots may not rule by fear but they must be ruled by their own fears thinking how they could have a future in Fiji.



    It may take time but we will be patient as we have learnt our lesson from Rabuka’s Coup and so much wiser for it.

    As we wait we will watch these lunatics make jokers of themselves.

    The sad situation is that the longer we wait for them to self destruct, the worse off the nation will be.


    Dictatorship is the only way they can survive – we all know what happens to Dictators!

  22. Budhau Says:

    Ablaze, ,maybe we should agree to disagree on this one – you think we have learnt from the Rabuka that coups are wrong – I disagree. I think we still believe that coups are OK as long as they are justified – and everyone can justify coups.

    Yes Ablaze – we will get back to parliamentary democracy and all that – until the next time there is a democratically leader that we do not like – BTW, how can we accept Chaudary as our PM – elected or otherwise – since the man is trying to sell Fiji to India.

    Look at some other military dictatorships in the third world – if you are willing to wait and that this dictatorship will just go away – good luck.

    When people talk about the “coup culture” they are not talking about this coup only – thus, the discussion of all coups is relevant – I am sorry that you do not like to be reminded about “your” coups – but that how it is.

    ..and what exactly does happen to dictators – and how long does that usually take.

    …So go ahead and be patient – that would only prolong the agony.

  23. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you Budhau, see I addressed you by your right name. I respect your reply but disagree with you. It does not promote an ideal society! I believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of any nation and that the Constitution determines how it could be changed. I believe we all should be working to towards a society with this in mind. No shortcuts!

    What is the point of living if there is no hope and dreams? Fiji’s youth are learning and are more passionate for their beloved country! Budhau we have that on our side.

    Off course we want to get rid of these lunatics and would very quickly if we could. Gives us an army with guns, we will do it tomorrow. That will solve the problem instantly but what is that telling our youth????????

    Since we have no choice and it is out of our control we have to rely on the law, “CONSITUTIONAL POWERS”



    PS: I see the Maras are off to Tonga for the Coronation! Booohooooo they can’t be suffering.

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    The Constitution is what any particular society , through it’s elected parliament , has decided will determine how that particular society will be governed and itself , governed ! .
    To try and change it without the authority of the people , is like trying to build a building using unproved methods . The results can be disastrous for all .

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    The events of the week have been like a pendulum swinging from joy to disappointment. In the end it turned out to be back to staus quo.

    It began with the tall falla resignation. This came as a shocker since we seemed to have the impression that he was indispensable to the pig. He turned out to be as we thought he was – indispensible to the pig. The pig couldn’t possibly function as iPM withouit the tall falla so begs him to return. And the tall proved to be a man of no honour returns to fold back to his old job. Why all the drama of being told to go on leave and the resignation only to have him back after a kiss and make up session. Tall falla is just another dishonorable person for going back on his resignation

    Then we have the snake’s drama. Words got around of his termination following his debacle in the bottled water bungle. After a flurry of meetings of the cabinet and military council the snake just managed to hold on to dear life. How he managed to survive we can only speculate on the character and what trumps he has on the key people in the council especially the pig such as the leave compensation fraud.

    It just shows there is no honor amongst thieves.

  26. Frida Says:

    Jon Jon – I believe you. lats week I was away in Asia and there were about 10 minlitary looking man in their early fifties in Sydney on their way to other security jobs.

    Is the military making its numbers now with young people who are responding to their adverts calling for people to join the army?

  27. Adi Kaila Says:

    please tell your Mothers not to send your brothers to join this insidious army led by thieves and murderers

    There’s more to that ‘flurry’ than meets the eye. Apart from diverting our attention I just wonder what the next illegal move is?

    Could it be that the ig coupsters will fund the trip to the coronation for the maras their spouses and rest of the family like it did for the propaganda trip to Lau a couple of months ago. Taualuga Time everybody!

  28. Mae na mae Says:

    I feel sorry for the lil baby that cries every night because she’s hungry and the lil boy and girl who go off to bed with grumbling tummys…. for the mum who starts work at 6am and finishes off at 8pm to put what little she can on the table.. and the father who walks 3miles every morning and every night to send his kids to school.. and to those families who just want to have a roof over their heads!!
    Some of us…wait, let me rephrase that…most of us, have these real problems to deal with… and it really angers me to think of how some people like Chodo & Bai can make thousands of dollars in payments to themselves when they already have the necessity of life..

    My heart goes out to these families..

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