Two military council having meetings at the same time and at different places

Another minister told to go?
24 JUL 2008

One meeting being held at Bainimarama’s residence,one at military camp  …sadri yani
Speculation is rife that another interim Government minister is in the firing line.The minister is expected to receive his marching orders after the Military Council ends a meeting at the army headquarters in Delainabua.Sources within the Military Council have confirmed that the minister will join interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry as ministers who’ve been told to step down from their posts.However, the minister denied the development when approached by Fijilive for a comment.“That’s a loaf of rubbish I’m still in office,” the minister said.The minister was unaware of developments surrounding Chaudhry when approached for a comment.


Flurry of meetings at PM’s residence
24 JUL 2008

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has held a series of meetings at the army commander’s official residence with key players in his government.There has been no confirmation on the agenda of the meetings.Moments ago interim Attorney-General, Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni, Immigration Director Viliame Naupoto and a few military officers emerged from the residence and left.When asked to confirm whether the meetings were to do with a Military Council call for Chaudhry to step down, Sayed-Khaiyum told Fijilive he did not respond to rumours.Our reporters at the scene say Commodore Bainimarama has been at his residence since an early morning meeting with Chaudhry today.



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  1. Save the Sheep Says:

    I wonder how many slices of rubbish in a loaf???

  2. Save the sheep Says:

    July 24, 2008 at 2:13 pm
    To the members of the military council. Whoever takes out the iPM would be immune to prosecution as that act would be highly acceptable and justified to the people of Fiji and the intenational communities. Its like apprehending a common robber on the run except the pigs crime is even worse. You would be doing us a favor and regarded as national hero. Come on redeem yourselves.

  3. Koya na Man Says:

    As always said “D Day” is at hand, the the day to reward the green goons is unfolding in our very eyes.

    Let’s watch and see the preparation of these goons(military council – military govt..), and the full dictatorship transpire.

    Bhai thought that playing around with international leaders was a walk on the park,little did he knew that these people have dealt with a couple of bhainimaramas(e.g mugabe of zimbabwe bowing down to international pressure to hold talks about power sharing with Changurae).These leaders are have professionals and a military leaders training is nowhere close to them.

    Sa tobo tale o Van Damn….. lasutaki koya tikoga,dro tikoga e lomani yaloka,and u not going far.

  4. hopeful Says:

    welei ragone plse the suspense is too much……

  5. Budhau Says:

    Where is is the party…yaar.

    So let me get this straight – the Military Council is taking charge.
    If Chaudary goes, Ganilau and Nailatikau shouldn’t even think about an election without a coalition with Chaudary – they don’t stand a chance and I don’t think they are ready to hand this thing over the LQ, at least not yet.

    Did I hear someone say election by 2020.

    I think the shit is about to hit the fan. Fire Karo, Fire Karo.

    Any guesses on who, from within the military council, would replace Chaudary and that other minister – or should we be looking forward to Jim boy.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I’d even go so far as to awarding him a medal and having a National holiday in his honour.

    Just think, in 30 years time in Fijian schools, when a child asks, “Miss X, why do we have a holiday on Fred Nurk day?”

    Imagine how proudly Miss X will say, “Because he was the man who rid Fiji of a terrible creature that was destroying everything in its path.”

  7. Ablaze Says:


    I was not asked to resign: Chaudhry
    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Update: 2:35PM Fiji’s interim Finance Minister Mr Mahendra Chaudhry has blamed his critics locally and internationally for spreading rumours of his resignation from the interim Government.

    Mr Chaudhry told Fiji Times Online he had a meeting with the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama earlier this morning in relations to issues surrounding the bottled water industry and other issues.

    When asked to comment on the speculation of him been asked to step down from his ministerial position, Mr Chaudhry said: “Who orchestrated the speculations, this was done by my critics and the western and international countries.

    “I will be briefing the Cabinet on the issues that were discussed with Commodore Bainimarama this morning.

    “And no, I was never asked to step down from my position as Finance Minister.”

    Mr Chaudhry said a statement will be released by his office on the meeting held with Commodore Bainimarama and the speculations levelled against him.

    Commodore Bainimarama reportedly confirmed on a radio station earlier in the hour that he didnt ask Mr Chaudhry to resign.

    Mr Chaudhry will be briefing Cabinet members on the decision passed by the interim Government to repeal the 20 cent per litre tax initially levied on mineral water.

  8. Wailei Says:

    Well I’ll be…… Someone sneak mada to Nabua and check out wat is happening mada… Lei…

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    they’re all wiping each others backsides now . That’s the result of not taking any leave over 30 years of service > you become very very close !

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    Indeed.. @hopeful. This is a thriller!

  11. Budhau Says:

    Guys, I haven’t been here as often recently – so did you guy help sprread that rumour that Bainimarama wanted to make Chaudary the Prime Minister while Frank moves over to be the President.

    That is why all these meetings. BTW – Chaudary just didn’t want to go to that meeting with the Water people – just a face saving move.

  12. Keep The Faith Says:

    And why in the blazes would we be bothered about spreading this Budhs?

    The Helen said it earlier this week, Rabuka’s saying it today in his Fiji Times article and The Condi will say it again on Saturday.

  13. hopefiji Says:

    well ragone the new supervisor of elections is in Suva…arrived today…so the toads cannot now use that excuss that she quit and have to delay elections!!! No more blerry excuses…….

  14. Ablaze Says:



    Fiji Water praises State’s decision
    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Update: 3:46PM Fiji Water says it is pleased with the decision of the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who stepped in to resolve the issue following a shut down of operation by the mineral water bottlers.

    Fiji Water’s Director External Affairs and Development, David Roth said the company was pleased that its employees are able to return to work.

    “We are able to get back to shipping and selling Fiji Water here in Fiji and all over the world,” he said.

    Mr Roth said the company was grateful for the quick intervention by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for stepping in to resolve this issue before more jobs and money were lost for the industry.

    “They did the right thing at a very critical time for Fiji. We’re proud to resume our role as one of Fijis leading exporters and economic engines,” he said.

    The interim Government and a group of water bottlers yesterday reached a compromise and agreed to repeal the 20 per cent exercise and 20 per cent litre export taxes.

  15. Jon Jon Says:

    SV to make it worst, most of green goons has started resigning as off last week after hearing Bainivukas payout… Some of them took jobs straight away with foreign companys recruiting them to work in other countries..n has left the country in anger… Bainivuaka has lost half of his goons and more are resigning day after day… Woo hoooo,

  16. kainasau Says:

    Vinaka na vosota people. The end is near and the fight will now get more interesting. More interesting though is when the chodo man will turn around and ask the Vore for the returns of his $2m investment after he gets the boot. Can’t wait to see that happen.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    SV please delete the above comments!

    We hoped Choropus was being sent on his way! This did not happen. Don’t you think we have had enough in one day????????

    We do not have to put up with one of Bainipuaka’s no school, bavulu sex maniacs!

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    That was a killjoy after almost jumping off the roof rejoicing. Anyway we now see something into this. That chodo is the indispensible one for the pig despite his many mishaps that would have warranted definite dismissal for anyone else. That the military are not happy with the pig’s actions of late in taking sides with the snake and receiving fraudulently back dated leave compensation. There are disgruntled officers in the camp which could lead to some plan to overthrow. Whilst emotions were on high note with the rumours nevertheless we could go back to chipping away until it falls. This is the sign of things to come.

  19. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Oilei……I’ll sack him….I’ll sack him not…..I’ll sack him….I’ll sack him not…..I’ll sack him….I’ll sack him not…..Uuuuuuhhhhhhh Babe…..He’ll sex him…

    Oilei….Watching the Joker in Batman is mighty mighty better than the Jokers we have posing as Ministers and Prime Ministers………We are just going round the mango tree, the mango tree, the mango tree,….We are just going round the mango tree and he’ll never sack Chaudhary.

    I’m begining to feel like we are living in Coo Coo Land…The land of the nothing never. But I will remain silent as I believe that it is my best weapon….Prayers and fasting is the answer guys……Era na bale ga mai vaka vuni vudi………

  20. Neutral Says:

    Oh ! good the military council is alive! You have acted responsibly by pinning on the root of evil within the IG . Can you also do the same to Voreqe to earn yourself our respect. Who is next on your list?…Gold miners in Vatukoula are still suffering

  21. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Okay guys. We are witnessing that we are going nowhere. These people are taking us around in circles with no end in sight. Many of our collegues out there are begining to lose hope in everything and everybody…Nobody is going to act for us. But we have a very powerful weapon with us. The power of prayer and fasting….I am not a religious person and I am Catholic…..but I believe in this power…..The Methodist Church has started it and I think some of the other Christian Churches are doing it….Why don’t we all join in and make a difference for our selves and for other non believers in our midst…..

    Let us all make each Wednesdays a day of dry fasting and praying……..A prayer in the morning, before work, before lunch time where we break fast. Or we can break at four……What say guys…..The power of prayer and fasting is mightier than the power of the gun………Pray with a good and clean heart……Pray for the truth to prevail and be revealed…..Pray for the liberation of our daily lives from the tyranny that we are being forced to live with……Pray for those who have suffered most…..Pray for you and me…..Pray that in all these, Gods plan will be revealed to us and show us the way, the truth and the life….Don’t pray for the demise of your enemies but for their liberation from the demonic bonds that have kept them and us in captivity…….So lets us pray and fast guys and put the process into motion. It works I assure you if we all work together as like minded people.

  22. Solivakasama Says:

    Bloggers, as some of you already know, I am young single attractive and highly intelligent. If you have a beautiful sister, a sister who is single beautiful & blond, please contact me immediately. And I mean IMMEDIATELY. I wanna get into her panties and between her sexy white legs.



  23. Solivakasama Says:


    Bloggers, as some of you already know, I am young single attractive and highly intelligent. If you have a beautiful sister, a sister who is single beautiful & blond, please contact me immediately. And I mean IMMEDIATELY. I wanna get into her panties, i.e., between her sexy white legs.



  24. Ima Says:

    To the impostor above….GO GET A LIFE!!!!

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    So Chand is back , the Fiji dollar is stronger against the American dollar , but so is every other countries and only because the American dollar was over inflated by 30% in the 1st. place and it has devalued recently because of their credit squeeze , the President of Fiji is still alive and farewelling the French Ambassador , so at least we know he’s still alive !
    Solivakasama , I will pray for your salvation my son !

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    And I forgot , now we’ve decided to clean that sewer up , Suva , to attract more tourists .
    And the I.G. have decided that because of the devalued American dollar that there are many opportunities for Fijian businesses now !
    Wow , what a revelation !
    But have they compared where Fiji is now with where it would otherwise have been had they not done the coup ?
    I’d love to know peoples thoughts on that point !

  27. LUVfiji Says:

    1st Id like to say.. for a Merc, its Manning for president!

  28. Soul of Fiji Says:

    The idiot above who tried impersonating SV, sorry we have mechanisms that points out your type straight away

  29. Aha! Says:

    To the wanna-be SV above – oh I can help direct you to HER!

    If you go 1st thing in the morning to level 3 or 4, Civic Towers (behind the Suva city library), u’ll find your ‘beautiful’ rich, goldi blondi and everything u’ve ever wished for right there on her throne, she’s the illegal-Ombudsman. Go get her, boy!

  30. buna Says:

    Like many I was disappointed that MC did not get the boot today. It was the highlight of my day ( I know, no life) and by noon it was clear that bloody fool had managed to hang on by the hair of his chinny chin.
    Thank you bloggers for the comments, it made so many of us smile and kaila!
    Mark u r such laugh, vinaka vinaka!
    Thank goodness for social networking

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks Buna
    I have a chuckle at some of the other’s comments too from time to time . Let’s hope it will all be over soon .
    At least now , everyone in Fiji is interested in Politics .
    On a more serious note though , we must never forget those who have been threatened , abducted , tortured and murdered by these bastards .
    And we must never forget the Mothers , Fathers , sons and Daughters etc . of those who have suffered as a result of those crimes against humanity and their loved ones .
    A reply to one of my posts 18 months ago on the Fiji Times have your say section , justified the murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 , because it was a time of war !
    The rule of Law , really makes sense when your dealing with that kind of mentality , doesn’t it .
    God Bless Fiji and keep Her people strong and may they come out of this a better , stronger , more loving society , Amen .

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    An old posting here , from May 2008
    Mark Manning Says:
    May 3, 2008 at 1:24 pm
    Frank maintains that the I G is running the show , not the military Council . Yet it was a Military Officer who ordered Korean Airlines boarding staff , to take Mr Hannah onboard the aircraft !
    This would imply that Fiji is under a dictatorship , nothing more , nothing less .
    If that’s the case , would it not in-turn suggest that Fiji is in a state of civil war ?
    And if that’s the case , then one could be expected to be legally entitled to defend one’s freedom accordingly .

    Mark Manning Says:
    May 3, 2008 at 1:32 pm
    Last year , someone stated on the have your say section of the Fiji Times , that the CRW soldiers murdered in 2000 , were killed because at that time , Fiji was in a state of war . Well , using that argument , one could justify a similar response now against the leaders of this regime .
    Of course , we all know Fiji wasn’t in a state of war in 2000 , but it may be now because of the murder of civilians , by Fijian military under the command of Frank.

  33. FijiGirl Says:

    We could still be looking at the beginning of the end for the IR. Think about it…

    1) Vore’s big $180K payday took place in Feb, around the same time that Chodo was being exposed by Victor Lal and the Fiji Times as having stashed the Haryana money in foreign personal bank accounts, and spending large amounts on houses for this family members. This, after he had claimed in public that the money was intended for IndoFijians displaced by the 2000 coup.

    2) So when Vore decided to NOT demand Chodo’s resignation in Feb, Chodo paid him BIGTIME in the 20 years backdated holiday pay for himself and around 30 other military officers. I believe this is called ‘silence money’ in the trade…

    3) So, months later when Chodo has emptied the national coffers and is desperately scrambling around for more easy money (because he’s been back to Haryana and, surprise surprise, they ain’t coughing up for him anymore) and thinks “Are! The Water companies!” and tells Vore he can squeeze money from them, no problems. Well, as we all know, the plan backfires SPECTACULARLY and leaves Chodo with a MAJOR loss of face, and Vore and Yippee Aiyay needing to clean up the mess. The full story of Vore’s backpay surfaces at EXACTLY this time and Vore is having to clean up a double mess from his old M pal, Chodo.

    4) Chodo, meanwhile, is saying NOTHING in defence of the arreared payment to Vore and the officers. And EVERYONE is criticising them for not refusing the money. Chodo’s payment of ‘silence money’ looks exactly like that – a dirty bribe instead of a well thought out and easily excusable / justifiable transaction. Vore notices the complete radio silence from Chodo. The cracks begin to show.

    Now we’re up to speculation.

    5) Vore asks for Chodo’s resignation. Chodo says “You can’t fire me. I know where the bodies are buried. You need me.” And Vore thinks “Sa! He’s right! I can’t get rid of him!” And Chodo KNOWS he can’t get rid of Vore because without military protection he is a dead man walking.

    One thing you can do to get rid of the Snake, Commander – you can shoot him! Chodo can’t get rid of you, but you sure as heck can silence him forever! You don’t need him, and Fiji REALLY doesn’t need him.

    God bless Fiji

  34. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It’s RokoUlui who really is in charge here, not Voreqe or Chaudhary.

  35. Mark Manning Says:

    From the archives

  36. Mark Manning Says:

    Who is in charge , go to this link to find out , but just click on the radio at the end of the page !

  37. FijiGirl Says:

    Great! He can shoot them both!

    God bless Fiji

  38. aubatinuku-N Says:

    He would love to but in my humble opinion, he needs them still!

  39. Mae na mae Says:

    O MC qai dau varaitaki ga mai na TV, sa dau va vurei nini sara ga mai!! Sa dua na i wiliwili tamata mata vaka ninivaki.. And hes got a very cunning, conniving smile.. The cheating bastard!!

  40. nochi Says:

    Then Vore the dictator can flip the gun around and pull the trigger!!

  41. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Maybe Mary should try shooting her dictator husband in his sleep and scream “BLUE MURDER”!!

  42. Mark Manning Says:

    And if you want to know how the Ministers were picked : –
    firstly : Chaudhry doing his finances ,
    next sketch ,: – Frank and the Military Council at one of their meetings at the camp
    and at the 3 minute mark : – How the ministers were picked for this regime .

    The American Fijians should appreciate this !

  43. aubatinuku-N Says:

    This whole fiasco stopped the whole entire nation today in its tracks but alas!!

  44. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is interesting to read elsewhere that chadopu$$ is thinking of leaving the jaundiced junta because he wants to contest the next election AND he now has the economy back on track.

    Methinks that this is a polite way of getting ‘sacked’ on polite terms.

  45. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More on Chadopu$$’ sacking and disgrace from RawFijiNews

    Insiders say that Chaudhry had asked Frank to allow him to resign at will soon instead of being asked to resign by the military council.

    The junta couldn’t keep up with the truth spilling out on cyber today as dawn broke in Fiji. They got disoriented with the leaks from within as they tried in vain to contain signs of their self-inflicted disintegration. Their public relations machinery broke down. Even the ahh man and wannabee communications expert Leweni was no where to be seen. They couldn’t believe that Chaudhry’s fate was already public knowledge well before the crack of dawn. An elaborate cover-up was to follow, and it was a bloody lousy one at that too.

    But insiders say that Chaudhry’s fate was established late last night after the interim government gave in to the water bottlers demands. The junta finally realised at the negotiating table that the closure of water bottling plants will create a disastrous domino effect to Fiji’s already ailing economy. A clear-cut SWOT analysis proved that point but Chaudhry deliberately excluded that anaylsis from his cabinet paper.The country’s foreign reserve was going to take a sudden negative swing. One capable of creating a financial tsunami in Fiji.

    The laid-off water bottle factory workers themselves became an instant menace to the junta. They were disgruntled citizens who seemed to have lost everything and were easy targets to incite. And last night, the junta was forced to admit their humiliating mistake and accepted defeat publicly.

    The military council members who were present at the emergency meeting with the water bottlers couldn’t believe the misinformation provided by Chaudhry in that bottled water tax cabinet paper. Chaudhry’s cunning and bulldozing tactics convinced the dumb interim ministers to endorse that water tax anyway. He coerced them and now, he is using that same collective cabinet approval cloak to delay his exit from office.

    An emergency cabinet meeting is expected tomorrow to formally rescind their earlier cabinet decision and sources say that Mahen is expected to bow out soon after.

    Others have said that Frank’s denial to terminate Mahen’s services today as advised to him by the military council is clear sign of a man who can not free himself from his financial captor. As we had revealed earlier, Mahen paid Frank to execute the coup. Frank’s guilty behavior today has confirmed to the military, the people of Fiji and the world that he is in the take with Mahen.

    Frank’s lies continues and he has naturally lost track of it like Mahen. In one of Frank’s interview today, he said he tried contacting Mahen yesterday to join them at the emergency meeting with the water bottlers but he couldn’t get through to Mahen. In another interview, he decided to change his story and said that they wanted other members of the junta, not included in the bottled water tussle to sit in with an open mind. Frank’s contradictions are an insult to the people of Fiji. He is getting caught in his own lies and will self-destruct if he doesn’t change his game plan now.

    But according to Mahen, he will be making his exit soon because he has come to the end of his Fiji economy reform program and he said that he also wants to prepare for the next election. Which reform program or which election? No suprises there. It’s just Mahen’s usual ruse.

  46. qitawa Says:

    Chaudry will resign with reason to prepare for elections in 2010. He wount be sacked to make him look bad. He just needs time to get his support base prepared. Get money chanelled to sugar industry and he will be elected back in.

    So who will be new finance minister?

  47. qitawa Says:

    Oh by the way we were all wrong about the sacking. Well wasnt it good to be so hopeful after a long time. More prayers please.

    I hear the military have been fasting and praying every first week of the month before December 5th takeover and are still continuing. They didnt even publicise like the Methodist church and are so quiet about it. We need to double ours to catch up. Comon guys let do it. Should we publicise it or do it quietly too like the military. They might doing the two weekly one now. What can we do to this guys?

  48. Say True! Says:

    Phew! what a day. So much excitement and energy revitalised. A new Nation is dawning. Prayers will be answered. Patience. Election deadline March 2009.

  49. newsfiji Says:

    Have been following the events of today very closely..watched Mahen in his press conference on the 10 o’clock news…he really looked guilty! And the poor sod was getting attacked by the Fiji TV Reporter! Wailei! When asked whether he made a deal with the military council…chodo answered “what deal??”…the reporter answers: “we know the resignation letter does EXIST”…wailei! Call the police!

    Let’s have patience ragone..the time is near!

    Oh and Voreqe’s comments on Legend this evening – wailei, he’s just showing his true identity as the Head Boy from St Giles!

  50. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank and Chaudhry at their latest meeting !

  51. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh please @newsfiji.. spare St Giles – its for the curables and well deserving to be admitted there. They dont have time and space for him. I would rather see him further down the road at the landfill. Kau bulabula yani kina!

    As for the comments on Legend News; clearly, he is no leadership material. Period. WTF.. WTF.. WTF.. did we do to deserve him?

  52. Keep The Faith Says:

    I have to say that I’m not liking how rawfijinews is massaging public opinion via their blog to FORGIVE the IIG if they move aside for an interim non-aligned political govt to take over the reigns while we get ready for elections.

    This IIG crew in their entirety must face the full brunt of the law and there is no room for compromises nor help to them and their exit strategy.

    One law for all peeps.

  53. X Says:

    Agree with that KTF! It wont come that easy..we can forgive & all that… but they must still face the full brunt of the two ways about that ..that’s their exit strategy .. that or die..and if they want to eradicate the coup culture, they must follow the law. Simple.

  54. Budhau Says:

    X – you idiot, where were you when Rabuka was “facing the full brunt of the law. Where were you when Qarase was releasing all those convicted coup conspirators from jail – and if LQ had his way, Speight would be a free man today.
    Now that is why we have a coup culture – you want these guys to be punished because you do not agree with their coup. How about if Chaudary wins the next election – idiots like you would again be running around in the streets calling for another coup.

    “They must follow the law Simple” – yeah, right!.

    Keep the Faith – we have to look at the best alternative – we give these guys a break and we get back our democracy or we insist on them going to jail, and they go down fighting.
    These guys will have the same exit strategy as those of Rabuka and Speight – getting an amnesty – otherwise, no deal.
    That would be the only way to have a negotiated settlement – otherwise, if we can take these guy out by force – than there is no problem, we take them out – those who survive the take down, we lock them up in jail.
    If that backfires we shall have these guys running around with M-16s settling scores in the streets of Suva.

    This military Council will not settle any other way – even if the remove Chaudary and Bainimarama – the Military will not give up, until they have the supposed clean up, the electoral reforms and all that.

    LUVfiji – keep an eye on those landfills and bodies floating down rivers – we will be on CNN.

    Newsfiji…”Mahen looked guilty” – guilty of what? embarrassed maybe, because he did not get his way with the Water companies – but guilty..

  55. wailei Says:

    What is there to forgive, do you forgive murderers, A government that does not Love its people? Yes, we can forgive, but personally, I cant forgive an IG that’s made children suffer because of their stupidity. These are children of tomorrow. No jobs, People are laid off, cost of living is rising nearly everyday, salary is still the same. The economy is going to crash. While all this is happening, they reward themselves with large payments and bonuses and a pat on their own backs to say “We did a great job in FUCKING UP the people of Fiji”

    What is there to forgive?

  56. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Budhau: “We have to look at the best alternative”? and who pray tell is WE?

    From where I’m sitting it looks the hell like the WE’s, i.e. the majority, want them all out and the best alternative is to get back to democracy under the rule of law, which again from where I’m sitting is the Constitution.

    They can concoct whatever grand plans they like but if it don’t sit well with the WE’s, they’ll be voted off the island.

  57. Peace Pipe Says:

    FijiGirl, excellent analysis on how the events of February tie up in the scenario you ascribed to. It is a very likely possibilty of the case that may have transpired and makes sense. These Ali Baba and his 40 thieves must must be made to bear with what they have illegally committed.

    Chodo said he is just about completed his task of fixing the economy. Yeah right he has done that all right. Like covering his tax misdoing and paying the pig and piglets “happy” money and channeling money into the sugar industry at the expense and disregard of other industries. And in the process of trying to find extra money to make up the shorfall he brazenly tried to sponge some money out of the water bottlers which are the larger industry he hasn’t tried to milk extra cash out of through unilateral taxing. This however proved to be his own undoing.

    As for the next elections chod knows he could never win under the present electoral system so in comes the NCBBF and its proposed electoral reforms. But such a reform is illegal under the present contitution if its done outside an elected parliament. So we have a body represented by a very small minority charting the future of the nation without proper legal status and mandate. It keeps posturing in various excuses to delay elections as some of their ulterior motive objectives have not been achieved yet. I don’t see why not have elections in say July or August why give the year 2010, it could be December for all we know, deferable by a further 12 months. All these smells of gerrymandering.

  58. Frida Says:

    Wailei – agree with you completely. These are also the very people who were doing anything imaginable under the sun to stop a national reconciliation process initiated by the SDL. Now they want it for themselves!

    In hindsight and for the sake of the people of Fiji especially the children who will be taking care of our country for us, I believe this is the only way forward. We can forgive them as individuals but they should still face the brunt of the law to address the criminal activity that they have allowed themselves to be a part of.

  59. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank states that it’s not a dictatorship in Fiji , yet he decides , with the Military Council , who stays and who goes , not only in the Cabinet and Interim Ministry , but the country !
    Was Chaudhry almost sacked yesterday as pay back for Chand walking out and if this is the case ?
    Can we speculate that the Indians only think they have the upper hand but now realise that they don’t after-all . No disrespect to the honest Indians of Fiji !
    It’s not true that every day you carry leave owing through to another day that the cost will increase as this type of pay is always worked out on the amount of salary or wage paid in that particular year .
    This is a blatant lie by Chaudhry designed to confuse the uneducated masses in Fiji to make Frank and himself look honest ! How dare !

  60. X Says:

    Budhau you stupid idiot. Those who got into the 2000 coup faced the full brunt of the law. Speight is still in uniform in Korovouand others as well, including a whole bunch of CRW soliers etc…others went to prison and faced their sentences like men they are…men of convictions (rightly or wrongly is irrelevant) (unlike your heroes in iIG Bhudahu..). Rabuka got away with it because those inidan people who came up with the “best consatitution in the world” – the 97 constituion- opted to include amnesty in it as part of the bargain…they advised Rabuka & they negotiated with Rabuka, Reddy, Chodo, Warden Narsey, etc and the Indian group at that time.. he escaped the courts as a result. Doesnt mean that we like what they did. But that is not the issue with these bunch of poofters in iIG…they will have to face the law farely and squarely. You seem to be obsessed with what happened in 2000 and 87 only…that’s way past yonder woman…too far down the road. Our concern is with these poofeters in iIG who have taken over government..and people like John Sami or is it Ram Sami ..coming in pretending that they are ghere to move the country forward. Only way to stop the coup culutre and take this country forward is to follow the rule of law. Budhau you stupid fool….

  61. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s disgusting to see all these Fijian millionaires walking around trying to fix the very problem they themselves created . Why don’t they just retire to their Nursing Home and allow the youth of the Nation to take over . If Rabuka hadn’t done the 1st. coup , Fiji wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now and it would probably be flourishing .
    Have they no shame these people , to think that they still have the right to influence Fijian Society the way they do .

  62. Mark Manning Says:

  63. Mark Manning Says:
    Is this man experienced enough to be advising the tourism industry in the 1st. place ?
    Would tourism be doing better had there never been a coup and if so , how much better ?
    It’s deceiving to just go by the number of tourists visiting Fiji .
    Shouldn’t the income made and the money spent be a consideration ?
    And why does Fiji have so many experts , yet none seem to ever get it right ?
    It’s as if everyone wants a piece of the action !
    Is it a cultural thing , to be the centre of attention ? Is the concept of a communal existence , ruled by chiefs , just too old fashioned these days . Has it had it’s day in many areas of Village life ?

  64. WatchTower Says:

    You’ve all just shattered the credibility of this blog with your run of the mill tale about the Chaudary sacking. Obviously this has proven this site is merely about rumors and things which happen in all your warped little worlds.

    We’re watching Suva closely – the time for the city to burn grows closer as we seek to give rise to a new breed of people who do not share your ideas.

    To those who support our cause and blog on this site – the time is near… wait for our signal on this site. Watch out for the slow moving green.

  65. glawyer Says:

    Anyone see the footage of those useless arses of a Military council going into the Pigs sty yesterday? Notice how they all arrived in nice shiny new Government 4 wheel drives? ….and all paid for by the downtrodden people of this nation. What cleanup campaign were they talking about….all we can see are thieves and looters taking the spoils of a crime against the nation.

  66. newsfiji Says:

    WatchTower – And what is going to be achieved by burning Suva! We’ve all had enough of that shit!

    We want to have things cleared by way of honesty!

    Have Bainimarama and all his appointees to cabinet, boards etc etc, charged for treason. It should also include the President who acted outside his executive authority.

    Then after proper trials leave the judge to give the sentence.

    Then, we get on with elections and choose our own leaders.


    We don’t want no burning of Suva please!

  67. Mae na mae Says:

    Sources are saying that the Military Council did ask MC to resign but Bhaini wont let him go!! Well…well..well!! A cava tale meda kaya!! Sa dua nai lavo vinaka sara ga e va qumia o MC vei baini..

  68. kaiveicoco Says:

    talking about those 4 wheel drives that the military council members travelled in to Frank’s house.Rememeber after the take over 5/12/2006 those 4 wheel drives were all taken and parked at the QEB barracks and the army was saying that they will all be SOLD.Those military council members may be were marvelled and they said ” hey no point in selling them, we may as well ride around in them while we are in power !!! ”
    I remember seeing Col Kurusiga being driven round in a porsch Toyota Land Cruiser with number plate EJ something while heading that committee looking into the affairs of NLTB.Now we know that NLTB was financing that committee.Mai ya so gonei !!

  69. Navosavakadua Says:

    Not sure that there is a problem with issues of forgiving. No legal executive government can give an amnesty for crimes committed. A legislature would have to pass a law. The interim government was going to give amnesty to Speight and co but didn’t on the grounds that he hadn’t surrendered all weapons. But that amnesty wouldn’t have had legal force if Qarase tried to honour it.

    Any amnesty will have to come from the Parliament as a law overriding the laws broken.

  70. Budhau Says:

    X, you no school idiot. Those who were behind the coup in 2000 are still free, and Bainimarama and them are still running around trying to settle the scores. All those chiefs that Qarase let go. …and the reconciliation – that was to let Speight go free, because of the pressure from the Matanitu Vanua guys.
    Rabuka is free because he a water tight amnesty deal – nothing to do with 1997 constitution – BTW, you idiot, that 1997 constitution was abrogated later – so did they not get Rabuka then.

    Those CRW soldiers and Speight will rot in jail – while the chiefs behind the 2000 coup and the 1987 coup walk free – facing the full brunt of the law… arse.

    So let me get this straight – you are saying that the Fijians wanted to nail all these coup perpetrators and those Indians let them go free….you are a fricken idiot.

    You don’t like what Rabuka did – and you still made him the national hero, the PM, a honorary chief, head of GCC and ambassador and what not – come on guy….

    No I am not obsessed with what happened back then – however, when idiots like you start talking about the “coup culture”….that takes more than one coup – right?

    Follow the rule of law – if you, or you uncle or you cousin or whoever was there back then had followed the rule of law and let Dr. Bavadra and Chaudary serve out the term they were elected for, we won’t have this coup culture…you get that straight…y ou can’t have it both ways.
    You wanted to play hardball back then – now they are kicking you arse. What goes around comes around.

    BTW – you know what Speight is in jail, because his idiot lawyer did not give him proper advise – after he had secured an amnesty for himself and his boys, Speight should have abided by that agreement and turned in all those guns by refusing to do so, he screwed himself. I am sure that the IG folks have learned from both Rabuka and Speight as to how to get a legally airtight amnesty.

    Boy you are a dumbass.

    Navosavakadua – Speight had got an amnesty – he did not keep his end of the bargain, thus losing that amnesty. His lawyer should have protected him that way. The IG guys will make sure that whatever amnesty they get, that it will stand up in a court of law. BTW, did you see Rabuka running around when they abrogated the 1997 constitution – to see if his amnesty was still good.

  71. X Says:

    You said:”Those who were behind the coup in 2000 are still free, and Bainimarama and them are still running around trying to settle the scores..” You idiot..the law was applied and those who found guilty were charged and convicted accordingly…any other is pure allegation and sounds like “conspiracy theory”… the law was applied ie they were investigated and sentenced accordingly..perhaps except for bainimarama’s treasonous activities in plotting 2000 and abrogating the constitution.. all the chiefs involved were jailed..according to law…any other is pure speculation and pure allegation. Rabuka’s water tight amnesty as you said is water tight because it is entreched in the 1997 constitution …you idiot! The 1997 constitution is still current (at least in theory at least) and has not been idiot! You somking indian hemp or you got a dick up your ass you can think properly idiot! Rabuka is a national hero then because those Indians who negotiated for the 1997 constitution (Reddy etc as aI have made above) put him up there by making a water tight immunity from prosecution (civil & criminal) for him and all those who took part in the 1987 coup..its in the constitution..all the military, police . prison, naval personnel and all civilians incliuding some prisoners who were in jail at that time. Their immunity is covered in the 97 constitution which the Indians leaders negotiated for Rabuka for the price of passing the idiot!
    You mentioned about my ancestors back then in 87 had they followed the rule of law …etc…You idiot!! I can’t talk on their behalf. I can only say what I beleieve in and that’s what will prevent the coup follow the rule of law.
    It seems that you cant get over with 87 when you were routed from here. Too bad you idiot! When you settle in a country..first observe its not impose yours because you will be routed in no time..that what happen to idiot! Its too late for you to go back to school. Make sure your granddaghters get educated so they do not commit the same mistakes you did.You stupid idiot!

  72. newsfiji Says:

    X, an excellent piece! Good Work! Congratulations.

    As for you Budhau – if that’s not enough “you idiot” for you..

    Here’s another one – YOU IDIOT!

    Oh and get your bloody facts right before you blab on about people who were involved in the 2000 coup are still running around free! Where the fu*&# have you been? In “gaga land”?? As X said, they’ve gone through the legal processes of the law..

    Now, we all wait and anticapte this lot of idiots who are pretending to be cabinet ministers TO GO THROUGH THE FULL PROCESS OF BEING CHARGED, PROSECUTED & JAILED – straight to Naboro saraga!

    Dou yavu ULUPEPA!

  73. Dauvavana Says:


    it is now 8pm. How about a drink. I am about to go down to the Marble Bar at the Hilton.

    Maybe I can buy you a drink compliments of us bloggers from Suva and talk rugby not politics.

    You may even score a couple of $18 blow jobs with the patrons. 🙂

  74. Budhau Says:

    Duanabana – so you want to talk Rugby now – what happened to the solicitation for the homosexual act – why ….does that make you look like a poofter – of a poofter is only the other guy in a homosexual act.

    Talking about rugby – very manly, none of the poofter stuff and that bar at Hilton – trying to show us that you have class –

    Listen Duabanana – you have already established yourself in here as a dumbass – and as for class, when you started talking about blow-jobs, that is when we knew what kiinda class you have.

    Newsfiji said something about “we will wait for and anticipate this lot of idiots who are pretending to be cabinet ministers TO GO THROUGH THE FULL PROCESS OF BEING CHARGED, PROSECUTED & JAILED – straight to Naboro saraga!”

    Yes Newsfiji, keep on waiting – one of these days they will all march by themselves over to Naboro. Good luck.
    Good things come to those who wait!

    ..and that idiot X – here is what he wrote, “When you settle in a country..first observe its not impose yours because you will be routed in no time..”

    OK X, so based on your logic – the First Nations folks should have routed out them whites out of Canada, and what about the Maoris, the Aborigines, the Native Americans…..and how long is “no time”.

    ..and BTW if I was routed out (which I wasn’t), I am an individual – as a people them foreigners are kicking you arse right now.

    X – as for you being an idiot – it is never too late to go back to school – for you or for anyone else.

  75. X Says:

    stop smoking hemp & get your head screwed on right…Your warped logic is a testimony to a disturbed mind that refuses to see simple truths. I have read some of your comments in this blog as well and I am convinced that surely they must come from a raving lunatic…If I am mistaken, than please do not get that scrambled eggs you had this morning go up your brain. Education must be good for your grandchildren, but it will be useless to you.Go get some psychiatric help for goodness sake…

  76. Budhau Says:

    X – that remark of yours that I “have a dick up my arse”, and that affects my ability to think straight. How did your figure that out – through personal experience or you learnt that in some psychology class.

    ..and that psychological analysis that you did – if you take few classes in psychology – they teach you that you do not do a diagnosis without a interview.

    and that scrambles egg going to my head very funny – the the dick up the rear end or the scrambles egg – both affects a person’s ability to think.

    As for education – it is never too late…BTW, what you have said in this exchange clearly shows that you probably went no further than form four – unless you got a FAB scholarship – that is another story.

    Smoking Hemp, head not screwed on right, warped logic, disturbed mind, simple truths, raving lunatic, scrambles eggs to the brain – now lets see who need psychiatric help.

    Boy you are an idiot.

  77. X Says:

    You idot: Education is more than just having a scholarship or reaching a certain level of classroom training … its much much more than that..It not my intention to dwell on that but it is obvious that even if we use that definition, that is something you did not have… and you cannot know …but I will let you discover that for yourself if you are curious… you idiot! But your other comments ..figuring out the truth about your conditions…well ..see truth is not limited to people’s personal experiences only truth about things can be discovered through other means one of which is logic (a faculty that you obviously lack)…(you see… even the former planet pluto was discovered through logic before it was seen…you dont even know that …you idiot!)..Using that faculty… I can diagnose you from where i am sitting even before you open your mouth….you idot!

  78. qitawa Says:

    Sa yawa o god X.

  79. Talei Says:

    Obviously, the meetings of the mindless accomplished nothing and back fired on them. I’ve never seen such thick skinned individuals that have no shame in their self-inflicting humiliation(s).

  80. Frida Says:

    Well if the pig did not accept the councils suggestion that MC be fired – who really has the power here? What is the role of the council – it sounds like a toothless tiger! The council members should dig deep into their hearts and ask themselves – why am I here. If the response ends with he individual, they should do the honourable thing and resign from the council. This is beacuse we were once told that they were advising the pig in finding a way forward for Fiji. What it seems like now is that they are with the pig to fatten their purses.

  81. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Navosavakadua.

    OK I get that legally “forgiving” via requires the legislature to do its thing but what I don’t get and I won’t accept is why there are movements for a caretaker Govt (which definitely won’t include any legislative representatives) to take us to the elections while this lot get off scot free or via CSO model? Hell to the NAWWWWWWWWWWW!

    It stinks too much like the Rabuka and Qarase model of how to get into power and it simply won’t do.

    If you do the crime, do the time. Period. Otherwise we will never eradicate the coup culture or God forbid Rabuka will write another book (he’s already honing in on his writing skills in the dailies) titled “Do It My Way” :O

  82. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandhooodhau is very angry. I must have hurt his feeling. Poor gandoooo. You should try and relax sometimes Ganddoo. Take a walk in the park, catch a ferry to Manly in that great city of Sydney….whatever!!!

    Anyway, had a wonderful weekend after my meetings. Gandooo can call me whatever name he thinks but the fact remains I can afford a drink at the marble bar while he freezes in the cold around the vice district of Everleigh Street and Chippendale………..the arse end of town.

    Oh and the Wallabies were awesome on Saturday night. Especially with their defence. Ended up on Bourbon and Beef up the Cross and then zzzzzzzz

    Now it’s back in the office tomorrow 😦

  83. Save the sheep Says:

    sa vinaka

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