Senior member of cabinet asked to resign

Thursday, July 24, 2008


In breaking news just at hand…

A very senior member of Cabinet has been asked to resign.

Discussions between the top figure and the interim government are expected to take place today.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Military Council to meet with Government

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

The military council is expected to discuss the future of a senior government minister’s tenure with the interim government today.

The council is expected to sit in the next hour.

It’s understood the council has made recommendations on the minister.

More details as they come to hand.


57 Responses to “Senior member of cabinet asked to resign”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    Isa Turaga,

    ni vakatara me yaco me vaka ni sa rogo yani veikemuni na neimami tagi!

  2. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    As Confuscious said:

    Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

  3. kaiveicoco Says:

    quoting Nasir Ali ” every dog has its day ” !!

  4. PPC Says:

    Quote of the Day
    The differences between optimists and extreme optimists are remarkable, and suggest that over-optimism, like overconfidence, may in fact lead to behaviors that are unwise.
    —Manju Puri

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    EMENI.. @Dauvavana!

  6. PPC Says:

    Over $2 million doolars have been payed to a Bainimarama off shore accounts …in Hongkong

  7. Wailei Says:


  8. Nasi Lomani Says:


  9. hopefiji Says:

    anymore news folks…..hopefully that idiot doesnt go and kiss and make up with Chodo bleary fool dont know his own mind..welei the suspense is killing me!!

  10. PPC Says:

    Vei Kemudou na mataivalu nei Bainimarama mo dou vakarautaka e 2000 na tabua me nomuni i soro vei ira na nodaTuraga bale kei Viti,merawa ni yaco naveiduavata taki.

  11. Keep The Faith Says:

    Where you at Budhau? Id quot circumiret, circumveniat

    Aiyaz is next and apparently Vayeshnoi is tendering his resignation on the heels of his pappy no longer being the flavour of the month.

  12. qioniviti Says:

    For you bloggers…..Money man has been sack and his termination letter was given to him this morning at 10.30am…..have a nice day

  13. Lau Lass Says:

    Amen !!! the end is NEAR !!! Thank you SV !! I think we are smelling VICTORY !!! hooray where is Budhau, by the way ????

  14. Pusiloa Says:

    Chodo wont be going down without a fight. Sit back and relax…da sana qai vakaraua sarava qo na veidresu qanibulu…bone digging and back stabbing big time is about to happen……Isa turaga na mata ni meke qo sa qai rairai vinaka tiko ga mai……

  15. Wailei Says:

    Isa The Lord has answered our Prayers. He must have gone to the WYD and then hoped over to us in Fiji….

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    I thought the Military Council wasn’t in control !
    So they are admitting then that this is a dictatorship ?
    By the way , when this is all over , I’m buying one of the Islands for $1.50cents and Frank’s daughter’s house for $3 .

  17. PPC Says:

    Good one Mark, we are stiil trying to get one of our Island back which was sold for one shilling

  18. Ablaze Says:

    The nature of the beastly beast; the revolution devours its own!

    Thank you Lord!

  19. Groggymaster Says:

    @Pusiloa – you’re right.
    The IG is also finished now that it’s gotten rid of the rotten brains behind Vore. I think the collapse of the IG is imminent. It will now be the most popularly opposed regime. Ha Ha.
    I will be looking forward to the back-stabbing, blaming, veivutu fest that is about to break out. It might be so good to be worht missing the AB/Aust test this weekend.
    It;s time for the SDL’s return and the investment whiplash effect to occur to take our country back to rapid economic recovery.
    We may also need to hire the new airbus to take the NCBBF somewhere… anywhere.

  20. Peace Pipe Says:

    Let us give thanks to the Lord and each other for our prayers and consistent blogging has borne fruit. One of our biggest foe the snake has been eliminated unceremoniously. Its time to get back on track.

  21. church mouse Says:

    Rocks, scissors, paper. Who are the winners? Everyone is suffering.
    In our prayers think of the families too of those who have hurt us and that those who make decisions do so for justice and our children’s children, not for revenge or out of spite.

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    Very weak explanation and of course followed by the shalow denial of Chodo’s sacking/resignation given by the pig on FM News in his interview with piglet news editor Vijay Narayan.

    Though the report went on to say that Chodo got to GB this morning in his private car. Now isnt that saying something?

  23. Save the Sheep Says:

    If it is true that Chod is gone I am going to ive myself a Public Holiday to celebrate.

    I wait with baited breath for confirmation on what could be the best news I have heard since December 2006.

    But it aint over till the Fat Lady Sings gang…

  24. Interested Says:

    so the snake survives to live another day and spineless, ball less Baini and his militray council does what they are good at….NOTHING

  25. Keep The Faith Says:


    Fiji Village is saying that Frank says Chodo was not asked to resign and now FBC has a story where the military council will be meeting with cabinet in an hour.

    The IIG and green goons must be testing how effective the rumour mills are and where the leaks may be for phase 2 of operation “hearts and minds”, seeing as also they’re apparently tapping phones-that-walk within a 6 mile radius of certain hotspots.

  26. Interested Says:

    Keep the Faith ..the see the time that news item was posted..about 11 am….it seem the Military Council with no balls met with Baini and decided not to sack him….Chodo is a slippery snake and cannot be removed that easily,..he has dirt on all of them….dance withe devil and you get eaten…

  27. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The Chodopu$$ sacked! What happens to the poor Puppets whose strings are attached to his tentacles? Do they drop to the floor? Do they continue to support a government that has done such an outrageous deed? Has Jokapeci Koroi been able to get out of bed
    this morning?

    One possibility is that Frank sacks him but he stays in the background, still pulling Frank’s strings. As one of the inner heart conspirators, he probably knows far too much. And RFN could be right about payments made to Frank from one of the Chodopu$$

    For a clue as to what is going to happen watch for silence on the part of Chodopu$$ and the comments by his loyal puppets. If they continue to support the Illegal Regime it means Chodopu$$ is still running things from behind the scenes.

    It could be that he is no more sacked than Francis Keane is in prison!

  28. glawyer Says:

    Chodo will not be asked to resign as Vore likes polishing his balls too much! Plus who do you think approved the $184000 payout to the pig? The Military Council might as well go drink homebrew under a mango tree, they’re just a bunch of useless old farts trying to be smart but without any say in anything. They should just take their advice and wipe their butts with it for all Vore cares. The only way to take out Chodo is to take out Vore.

  29. glawyer Says:

    ..added to that those arsewiping Military Council also part of the 40 who got paid off by Chodo…they’re not going to upset the apple cart thats crushing the rest of the citizens of Fiji.

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m an honest man , I’ll buy it for $1.50 and lease it back to you .

  31. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Well Baini has to earn his $2 million or so – I dont think he has balls ot ask Chodo to resign… we all know he is the power behind the throne

  32. Wailei Says:

    Blerry hell.

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m confused , who is running this show ?
    Frank says he’s in charge , the President says he’s in charge , the Military council say they’re not in charge , Chaudhry seems to have his hand in everything , even Frank’s undies ! Kayem or whatever his name is , seems to be in charge , gates seems to be in charge , yet none of them take responsibility nor can they be contacted when an answer is required on important matters . So now the water bottlers have refused to pay the 40 cents extra tax , where will these thieves go to next to get money to pay themselves their 30 pieces of silver , China ?

  34. PPC Says:

    Bainimarama has been warned this morning by the other half of the Military council not to go to Fourth floor or else,… thats why they having a meeting at his house…. note only a handful of military council there.

  35. Save the Sheep Says:

    Lots of rumours people but what is the real story.

    Be careful everyone that this is not an elaborate ruse to weed out the leaks from the IG bucket of information.

    Minding the signs posted everywhere during WWII

    “The Walls have Ears”

    “Loose tongues cost lives”

  36. Peace Pipe Says:

    To the members of the military council. Whoever takes out the iPM would be immune to prosecution as that act would be highly acceptable and justified to the people of Fiji and the intenational communities. Its like apprehending a common robber on the run except the pigs crime is even worse. You would be doing us a favor and regarded as national hero. Come on redeem yourselves.

  37. benhur Says:

    Chodo has finally bite the dust? He has been told by the Military Council to step aside via Voreqe? The council has learned that it was Chodo’s idea to give Voreqe and other military officers the leave money which they were not entittled to and for which he later told the medias? Hey chodo, if you play with fire you’re liable to get burnt?

  38. qitawa Says:

    Guys we might need more prayers. This might be for the worse. Military council members taking up ministerial posts.

  39. LUVfiji Says:

    A slight digression , dear folks..

    SOPAC’s 14th Regional Disaster Management Meeting, convened in Nadi this week, has had to come to an abrupt end. Apparently, Australia and NZ objected to Eveli Ganilua taking the chair for today and tomorrow’s sessions. The ‘government’ in turn, again in true military fashion, ordered the meeting to close.

    Nevertheless, thank you Australia and NZ for the steadfast attitude on this regime.

    They will crumble!

  40. qitawa Says:

    They get everything done for the rural community which chodo had been withholding funds for, win over their support (handout mentality that we are so gullible for) and they stay on longer. Suppost pours in for people charter and GCC review. Oh my god!

  41. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    The Puppets are not attached to Chodopu$$’s tentacles but to his testicles! Oi me mosi!

  42. Lewa Deke Says:

    BHUDAU where art thou??????? lol!!!! News at hand, Chodo given One month to tie up business with Finance and told to resign by end of August!

  43. Tim Says:

    Frank’s running in all directions through the virtual cabbage patch with his finger (temporarily removed from Chodo’s ass) testing which way the wind is blowing.
    He needs time to think!. Give him till 2010 please folks – he’ll have processed a couple of thoughts by that time.

  44. Budhau Says:

    Yeah… that stupid Fijian, can’t think…BTW who appointed him the head of military.
    ..and that finger in the ass – try it it feels really good..sort of like finding that G spot.

  45. Tim Says:

    Now they’ll be trying to determine what “the public should know”.
    Best we say he resigned to persue other options. Meantime we’ll guage support and see if others will be prepared to point a gun at his head to ensure he doesn’t throw a bitter-fit and spill the beans (at least till he’s parked up offshore somewhere)
    Yes indeed – Budhau – where for art thou.
    Give us the benefit of your infinite wisdom – it’ll be as useful as a pork chop at Jewish Wedding

  46. Budhau Says:

    I see the infinite wisdom – so you read all them Fiji news websites try to save the indigenous.

    You dumbass old fart, that finger in the ass – when did you get into that.

  47. IslandBoy Says:

    Small suggestion here folks. The most useful thing I think we can do is nominate people who can form the new a-political cabinet that will take us forward to elections, no strings attached.

    My nominee to replace Mahen with commopn sense, unmatched technical expertise and sheer brain power is Wadan Narsey, not Jim Ah Koy.

    If they are reading this blog and they will for signs of civil instability, one of our better suggestions might be taken on board.

    Flip side of the coin: Do not let any of the former free loaders get a free pass and slip under our radar.

    Anyone putting their hands up should be closely scrutinised by all SV bloggers with regard to former sympathies and political ties.

  48. semper fi Says:

    your actions, vore & cohorts, will be visited on your children and their children’s children. count on it…

  49. semper fi Says:

    as a soldier, we hang our heads in shame for what this coward in his lily white uniform has done to completely undo everything us grunts have done in the fields of battle around the world. He has completely stripped the army of its core high calibre personnel, and it looks highly unlikely that the army will ever be the same again. The captain should always be the last to leave a sinking ship… in 2000, the pig was the last.. FIRST !!! to leave the smoking cauldron of QEB… he should have been hung then…

    Demobilise the Army now !!

  50. Mae na mae Says:

    Send the whole lot to Naboro.. Sotava mada na voravora ni bula i college…

  51. qitawa Says:

    Guys we need more prayers. Dont just say that prayers are being answered when they are not. Maybe we should seek God’s guidance rather than telling him what we want.

    These military people have been fasting every fist week of the month before 5th december 2006 and still continuing. No media publicised it but the methodist made a press release about theirs.

    We need to catch up. They might be into two weeks fasting now without telling anyone. Cunning guys or are they doing something right?

  52. Jose Says:

    @ qitawa
    Don’t fret over how long they have been doing it. A wrong can never be blessed. That means God was never there. Whose voice were they listening to? There is a way that seems right to a man, but its the way of destruction without God in it.

  53. Mark Manning Says:

  54. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank , the new Minister for transport , poor topo gigio !

  55. Bosio Says:

    Just too much on and many suggestions for fasting & praying etc.. from coup day 1+…. What you need is fanatic commitment to your vision and your goals to rid this country of military/chaudhary junta rule. You know what you need to do and no amount of praying or fasting can let you do it if you are not committed eneough to do it…. Dont close your eyes..and do what you have to plot a plan, etc…and put it into action.

  56. qitawa Says:

    Bosio, I agee with you. The problem is too much prayer talk here once the methodists started fasting. Lets do it. What can we do apart from talking about it? We need to act not talk.

  57. Talei Says:

    Don’t just talk about it, be about it.

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