Tread Carefully with Fiji news

Bloggers be careful with the news you read or hear from or its netwok of radio stations Viti FM, FM96 or Navatarang.

They have set off the trend of misinformation which bares all the hallmark of the government influence well within them and Radio Fiji. And that is why we blog.

Yesterday we had the misleading heading of “Qaranivalu supports the Peoples Charter Process”. When reading into the article, it was the self appointed elder of the Qaranivalu that Moroca bloke making these statements. I would dare him to produce a letter signed by all the elders of Delaidamanu and other vanua o Naitasiri Villages.

Besides, while the Elders advise the Chiefs, it is the chiefs who make the final decisions and will also live or die by the choices they make.

By the way, this heading has since been changed to “Naitasiri Elders Support the Peoples Charter Process”

This is still misleading because Naitasiri as a province does not have elders, it is the Vanua of Naitasiri which consists of Navuso, Tamavua and a few villages of the souther part of the province. There are other vanuas such as Waimaro, Matailobau, etc. that make up the province and are independent chiefdoms in their own right. Making such a statement seems to assume that the whole province support it. Such a statement can only be made by the Provincial Council which has representatives from all the Tikina’s in the Province.

We all now what the Province’s stand is, as it has been released to the media by its Chairman Solomone Naivalu many weeks ago.

Then there is the misleading news item about Sevele to blame for the false promise of election by Voreqe Bainimarama. Need I say more?


30 Responses to “Tread Carefully with Fiji news”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    sounds a bit like the high priests in Jesus day as they plotted against him while hiding behind their priestly robes !

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The mainstream media in Fiji and the region know all about this.

    It is said that one key journo from there is actually advising the IIG on how to handle the 4th estate.

    There are many dots worth connecting from there as well.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    SV, now that you mentioned it I did have some funny feeling about that site. I tend to lessen my visits there on account of the contents which seemed inclined towards the ig. Only thing I noticed most are pictures and stories of the Pig, Snake and their arse and reporting their statements and bullshit smart talk. Such that I felt their coverage were apologetic towards the ig. Its becoming a sickening site as you get a daily dosage of these monsters pictures and comments. There seem to be nothing in their reports that would give us indications that they oppose the ig in all their foul dealings. I guess money has its part for this behaviour. Since the ig controls the finances it would be prudent not to antagonise them or you’ll pay the price and be left out from getting any goodies. The quest for money overides principle and opportunists behaviour is out to play, possibly for survival too.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Come guys – what part of your anatomy did you pull that headline from – “Qaranivalu supports the Peoples Charter Process”

    The headline that I saw was, “Naitasiri Elders Support Peoples Charter Process”

    and here is the rest of the story:

    The Traditional household elders to Naitasiri’s paramount Chief, the Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata have decided to support the People’s Charter Process despite the collective stance of the Provincial Council to oppose the process.

    Speaking on behalf of the elders from the Yavusa Viwa of Delanamanu and Yavusa Nakoro Natoaiko, Maika Moroca said the decision has been made by the elders in their own judgment.

    Moroca stresses the allegiance of the elders remains with the Qaranivalu and their decision has been accepted.

    The Naitasiri Provincial Council and Bose Vanua had earlier rejected the People’s Charter Process and the new look Great Council of Chiefs.

    Where exactly is the bias.

  5. hopefiji Says:

    Both news stations are known to have militray supporters. Why William will not act on this is strange. I dismissed the story when I saw it knowing full well it was shit. None of the other media outlet ran it…..I think people should just boycott FM96, and call for Vijay Narayan’s removal ….he is a blantant supporter of Baini and his bunch of thieves.

    People like Vijay give a bad name to the media

  6. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooodhau you should stick to your blow job business in Redfern.

    You don’t even understand simple English. The article above clearly stated that the heading was later changed!!!!

    You stupid stupid stupid idiot.

    By the way I will be coming to Sydney for business meeting later this week. Any chance of you giving me that $18 an hour bargain blow job 8) ????

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    BTW Hari Punja is a major shareholder!!! Ummmmm

  8. Maika Moroca Says:

    If one does not know the specific roles of every Yavusa in the Tikina of Naitasiri and their relationships then I would ask whoever it may be to SHUT UP.

    Na noqu kilai au tiko, au doudou kina ka dodonu kina vei au meu vosataka na ka au gadreva me vakadodonutaki ki na cava ga e tabogoci tiko.

    Ke vaka e rau sega ni gadreva na Yavusa Viwa e Deladamanu kei na Yavusa Nakoro na nodrau itavi ka ilesilesi mai LAGI, ena sega vakadua ni na taucoko na itikotiko vakaturaga e NATUKILAGI.

    We hold a special place in terms of in-house ascribed status as traditional elders to our paramount Chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata.

    But when it comes to political and economic issues to do with our Yavusa’s future development-it is our right to choose the best that will bring about better opportunities for the Qaranivalu’s elders.

    Any political decision regarding national governance, we make our own decision as their are provisions of our rights under the Constitution. It infact does not take away our allergiance to the TURAGA BALE THE QARANIVALU.

    With vanua responsibilities and obligation we remain loyal to him. No one can question that. We do not care if a bloody person from another Yavusa passes remarks.

  9. Dauvavana Says:

    Waiya fuck off mada lai bulubulu vua na Qaranivalu okoya o volitaka wavoki tiko na yacana without consulting him for a mere 40 pieces of silver sa ratou qai solia kina vei iko mo lai Board Member ni Fiji Consumer Council.

    We are not idiots and look right through you you cheap line half baked political opportunist. Sa matailelevu na nomu masivolo vei Chaudary.

    Piss Off.

  10. nantyo Says:

    caijitamamu sara Maika…..ra kawaca

  11. hopefiji Says:

    I agree that guy Maika or whatever the ##@@ he calls himself…..fijian’s like him m,ake others poorer, and there are only one way to deal with traitors – draw and quarter them and send all their parts to the 4 corners of Naitasiri…so others can be warned about what hoppens to traitors and ursupers.

  12. KIngrat Says:

    go fuck the duck or yourself Moro…

  13. moz Says:

    Vijay Narayan is a disgrace to all these hardworking news media journalists who continue to be attacked every single working day by this junta! Legend News is a farce and should be renamed the Ministry of IG Propaganda because they are doing more work than their Dept of Information friends. Kudos to Fiji TV, Fiji Times, Sun and should I say -maybe even Radio Fiji who most times sounds more independent than Legend News.

  14. Tim Says:

    THe Chow Noodle news source has been suspect from day 1 of this coup. So too has there invovement in the early attempts to track down bloggers and those with anti-coup sentiment (as Budhau and his mate may know)

  15. Groggymaster Says:

    Maika Moroca – Viavia levu, ulukau, liumuri, qai sona levu. Drau vidrami kei Bhudau.

  16. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei bloggers and SV! I hate to say this but here it is: I TOLD YOU SO!

    Previously in one of my comments, i stated how suddenly Legend FM News service was putting on extra time on interviews by the idiot illegal cabinet members and it’s supporters…but when it came to the response by the opposite side, they would cut the interviews short and not play the full interview.

    Vijay Narayan – luveni bakuwavivi!

    Oh! and to that Maika Toroca – who gives a shit about you people anyways! Take your bloody garbage about the people’s charter elsewhere please! What have you people got to show for -all these years with millions being given to you for the Monasavu Dam etc and where is it! – Ha..ha..dramica ga na pusi! Dou tovolea mada mo dou vakavale vinaka nomoni dui koro qai lai vosa mai ena raitio! Kevaka e sega dou galu madaga! Cegu!

  17. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Kivei Marika Gukilagi Moroca,

    ko kauta tiko mai na lasu levu ko kaya wavoki tiko?

    E rawa vaka cava vei iko, mo kaya tiko ni ko qase ni Turaga Qaranivalu, ia e rawa vei iko mo sagati koya ena matai Viti, ena veika ni veivakatorocaketaki ni nomudou vanua?

    Ko vakabalebaletaka tiko ni vakatulewa nei Turaga Qaranivalu ena tarova se kauta laivi na veivakatorocaketaki ni nomudou vanua? Ya na vuna e rawarawa kina vei iko mo masia tiko na polo nei Vore kei Chodo?

    E sega ni mosi vei iko na nodra butuki sobu tiko na Turaga vata kena vei Marama Bale kei Viti ena kena bokoci na Bose Levu Vakaturaga, mai vua e dua na tamata kaisi vakai Vore?

    E sega ni mosi vei iko na nodratou saga kaukauwa tiko na Idia me vakamalumalutaki na veika baleti keda na kawai taukei?

    E sega ni mosi vei iko na kena tu vaka tawadodonu tu na Matanitu kei Viti ena gauna oqo?

    E sega ni mosi vei iko na nodratou butakoci Viti tiko ena gauna oqo ko Vore vata kei ira na nona Turaganivalu ena nodra sausaumi vakatawadodonu?

    Ko tamata sara vaka cava?

    Kevaka ko kai Viti dina, e dodonu me mositi iko dina na cala lelevu e caka tiko e Viti ni kua, ka me tamusuki mada na viavia vosa vaka vuku tiko ena walesi baleta ni ko ‘tamata tawa sukulu!’

    Ko sega sara ni uci ira na noqui tokani tauvu mai Naitasiri!

  18. newsfiji Says:

    Firstly, i must apologize to the Naitasiri people if i have offended them in my earlier posting, it was meant for that idiot Maika Moroca.

    Maika Moroca, this is what you just said earlier on: ” But when it comes to political and economic issues to do with our Yavusa’s future development-it is our right to choose the best that will bring about better opportunities for the Qaranivalu’s elders.

    Any political decision regarding national governance, we make our own decision as their are provisions of our rights under the Constitution. It infact does not take away our allergiance to the TURAGA BALE THE QARANIVALU.”

    OK – Can you just stop right there please. For your information, you should be telling yourself what you’ve just told us. The reason being is that you only got 4.22% of votes in the last election. To be exact – you got 424 votes compared to the winner of the seat Mr Ilaitia Tuisese’s 8455 votes.


    Oh and Congrats on getting on the Board of the Fiji Consumer Council! At least now you can buy bread and butter for you and your family! JUST REMEMBER that’s stolen money because YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE!


    Oh and thanks to the excellent postiing by Jese! Vinaka.

  19. newsfiji Says:

    Dou yavu vakaloloma taka nomudou bula…bloody go and earn and honest living and tell that to your idols Bainivuaka and Choro..dou yavu kalasi vata kece kei ira na daubutako ra vesu tu qori i Naboro!

  20. Dauvavana Says:

    One thing Moroca why do you have to quote or state you are en elder of the Qaranivalu whenever you make a media statement when you have just stated up here that:

    “Any political decision regarding national governance, we make our own decision as their are provisions of our rights under the Constitution. It infact does not take away our allergiance to the TURAGA BALE THE QARANIVALU”

    Then why don’t you just use your name and your village Delaidamanu. Why throw in teh word Qaranivalu or being his elder?

    It shows you inferiority complex you moron.

    Stop using the Qaranivalu word as a mean of gaining mileage.

    Ke ko via vosa ga vosa ga me baleti iko ka kakau ni vakayagataka tiko na nomui yatu vakavanua mo nanuma mo na dokai kina ka mo rawa ka mai kina.

    Au via taroga mada e dua na ka, ko a bau sikova vakadua na Turaga Qarabivalu e na gauna e ra a curu tu kina e Korovou se ko kauta e dua na i vesu dalo vei ratou na nona veitinani. Oya na nomui yatu dina ke ko nona qase ni vale.

    Ke sega sa na tau ga vei iko nai vosa vosa nei Ligiligi “Muria nomui yatu Qala”

  21. Islander Says:

    Good morning SV – thanks for pointing this out, I was a bit puzzled when I first read the initial heading of FV’s article.

    Fiji Village News is sympathetic towards this illegal regime. If you read most of their articles concerning the illegal regime you can discern their lean towards the illegal regime — they are subtle so unless you know what to look for, the naked eye can easily be duped.

  22. Ravuravu Says:

    Is this the same Moroca who use to be the bigest POOFTER in Sila Central high School.

    How can he call himself na QASE when he is a POOFTER.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Hey you idiots – if that Punja dude is a major shareholder in this media company, and he hates Chaudary – why would this company be pro IG.
    …and the Vijay Narayan dude – well after all he is an Indian right? and we trust one of them, can we?

    That Maroca dude – he is the head of the Fijian wing of the FLP.

    BTW – read the piece in the news, you guys have been complaining about – it seem objective and it clearly tells you where the Naitasiri folks stand.

    ..and Hey Tim – do you know where Naitasiri is?

    Ravuravu – so poofter can not be a QASE?

    Duanabanana – you know why Moroca goes around telling everyone that he is a elder – because that is how things work – getting political mileage from what your title is – the chief pushes his weight around because he is a chief – why don’t you ask them to to use their name, just like the next guy.

    BTW – Duanabanana – I think you should also identify yourself in here as the village idiot – and tell us the name of your village, just like NP tell us that he is a big Kahuna – that prince thingie.

  24. Ravuravu Says:


    The answer is YES.
    It will bring shame to the Chiely Household.

  25. Frida Says:

    Well people – isn’t Malakai Veisamasama the Manager Programmes for FM 96? He is a ounsin of Sale Sorovaki – son in law of vore – another connection.

    I was told sometimes ago by someone at the Ministry of Finance, that Mr. Punja visited Mr. Chaudhary one day in his office and the next day the price of rice was increased.

    It looks like we should boycott FMF products and even let our Pacific island neighbours know as they export alot to cuntries like Kiribati, Tonga etc.

  26. drakula Says:

    well,well six overseas trips in 7 months…eating all the fijian peoples money..who the hell is that…?voreqe bainimarama lialia ulukau…….and now another three overseas trips coming up in the next two months…what can you say about that?

  27. Tevita Masiwini Says:

    sa tu eso na tamani ulu lala lelevu era vakaitavi tiko ena blog qo. sa mamau na isolisoli ni Kalou bula, na nomuni vakasama me vakayagataki ena ka yaga me vueti kina na nomuni bula.

  28. Tebara Says:

    Tevita .. Kua ni via mai milamila o iko e na neimami solivakasama.. Dou kitaka ga yani na masi dakai vei VORE ! Baleta na URO kece ni matanitu e qamuti tiko e na soresore nei PIGGY koya dou laveta tiko.. LAIVI KEIMAMI me keimami dresulaki kemuni tiko 😛 ! E na qai oti ga na vidresu qo ni sa na liutaki kemuni i StGiles se i Naboro o la na VORE ni qai godro toka yani i muri na kena vo 🙂

  29. qilaiso Says:

    to Bhadau..who told u that qaranivalu is the paramount chief ao sorry his not..only naitasiri tikina..

  30. ravin chand Says:

    screw all the chiefs…they are part of all the trouble…why should someone , just cause of their birth lead the rest of us…I say fuck em all the common people need to look after themselves…raise up together and take our lives in our own hands not some in breeding chiefly fuck

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