FLP man fears ban, declines Govt job

Bloggers, here we have a classical example of the FLP openly flaunting nepotism with no comments from the idiot ‘back pay’ Vore. Ahmed rejected Ricketts’ offer as Chairman of a State owned Board position for fear of reprisal. Remember Vore’s big speech about transparency of Board appointments, etc??? The travel bans are working and Ahmed is living proof. SV hopes more sanctions will be forthcoming when elections are delayed. The ‘back pay’ from Robin Hood seems to be paying dividends, but ‘pay back’ is soon to follow!!!

BTW bloggers, anyone heard anything about our ‘phantom’ Supervisor of Elections, Ms. Heffernan??? She seems to have faded into oblivion, unless she’s still snowed under!!! Blog on ragone!!!!!

23 JUL 2008

A former Fiji Labour Party MP turned down an interim Government appointment because he feared being subjected to the travel ban. Gaffar Ahmed, the Assistant Minister for Home Affairs in the Peoples Coalition Government from 1999 to 2000, told Fijilive that he would’ve been estranged from his daughters if he agreed to be chairman of the Fiji Audiovisual Commission.“I would have taken the job but my three daughters are in Australia and New Zealand and I won’t be able to visit them,” he said. Ahmed said he was offered the job by interim Communications Minister, Tom Ricketts, also an FLP member. After Ahmed declined, Rickettsappointed the chief executive officer of Connect Internet Services (a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd) Sharon Smith-Johns in his place on May 2, on a two year contract. Ahmed is a former police inspector and a FLP stalwart who served in the opposition party for more than 10 years.Fijilive

28 Responses to “FLP man fears ban, declines Govt job”

  1. hopefiji Says:

    well no surprises there, just another asshole trying to look good becos they know what is coming…they are thick as thieves !!! If they want mercy, they should do the right thing as stalwarts of FLP and kick Chodo out if the party!!.

    Re Ms Heffernan, I did not know that it snowed in wellington,..maybe sometimes a few short hail showers but not enouygh to disrupt transport and flights. Me thinks she has decided to bail out

  2. Tim Says:

    I think Heffernan has been given an education

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Hmm.. not worth giving up that freedom to travel. Had he been offered a iCabinet position, he wouldnt have given the travel ban another thought. Slap the ban on him anyway, Australia and NZ. Tamata ‘qori e karua ga kei Neumi.

    I hear the delay on Ms Heffernan is from PSC. They have yet to send her ticket to ride! Yet another dirty one from the regime!

    E sa mai cava..

  4. Groggymaster Says:

    Yes SV the smart sanctions do work – especially with this mob. And yes, some dim-wits are realising the writing is on the wall.
    I trust it continues even after the fall of this regime. And when it falls, IG members foreign bank accounts ought to be seized by the state (Fiji) on the basis that accounts contain the proceeds of a capital crime – Treason.

    Two items of note on RFN – Chaudry arranged finance for Bainivuaka; Bainivuaka considering new cabinet composition- supposedly more public friendly with a role for Rabuka.

    With regards the second RFN item – The most public friendly resolution is to surrender and hand back to SDL, which was constitutionally elected, and prepare for jail.

    @hopefiji – yes its snowing in wellington -snowing “doubt”. My prediction – the bitch ain’t coming.

  5. Groggymaster Says:

    @LUV fiji – “Rishi, tube-light Ram” appears to be constantly behind the play at the PSC – very often when issues are brought to his attention he appears to have only just heard about it. Also often the interviews are at the golf club on in front of a landscaped fence – hope it’s his residence. The other day on Fiji TV news, as he was interviewed, a mongrels barking interupted his drivel. Even the dog thinks his comments are dena too!!!!

    With regards to Heffernan’s ticket -probably no more funds as these have gone to pay bainivuaka, the gigolo his thirty pieces of silver.

  6. RawFijiNews Says:

    How come no one leaves comments on Raw Fiji News. Maybe its all bullshit like the rest of this SV included

  7. X Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, its not that user friendly..gotta login and all that crap.SV is jest fine..free like air and user friendly. If you change that then will comment.But I do go there.That’s for me dont know about the others…

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ RFN,

    cut the attitude.

    Blog sites such as SV, FDN and many many others are blog sites and nothing else. People are free to choose which ones they want to visit and which ones they choose to comment on.

    Like in my case, I have not visited RFN and I don’t intend to. That is my choice!

    The bloggers on this site enjoy the comradere and the views each one brings. For the regular bloggers, their characters speak through their comments and if someone tried to impersonate their blog names, it is quite easy to spot them because we have become accustomed to their style.

    Your kind of attitude will only chase people away and not attract them.

    SV has become successful because of its ‘freedom within diversity’ approach, courtesy of its administrators and bloggers and it is this secret that SV will cross the 600,000 hit mark before the end of the month and 1m target before Christmas.

    As they say ami Nadi ‘no va sewa aule.’

  9. Dauvavana Says:

    Wasn’t this Gaffar Ahmed having a running battle with Chaudary and getting kicked out of FLP prior to 2006 election? So this is another way of buying their loyalty back, eh Chodo?

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    On TV news, it was reported about Chand

    “”Public Service Commission chairman Rishi Ram said “We have been receiving a lot of information about Parmesh wanting to come back, that’s why I have told PSC to compile all the information and put it to the commission in their meeting on Friday,” he said.

    I wonder what threats have been made by the green goons against chand’s family that would make him even consider rejoining the jaundiced junta.

    Is his wife back in Fiji? ; if so, she should be in fear of these morons who have murdered, committed treason and arson in an effort to frightened people.

    Chand, be very afraid!

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I don’t believe that is RFN @ 9:07.

    From what I have seen, their reports are fairly accurate and insightful.

    I don’t think that they would criticize their own work.

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Vinaka ex Tourist and I hope you are correct.

    But it is true that I have not visited the site and I don’t intend to, but that is my choice.

    I understand that all freedom bloggers should remain united, so if that comment is not from the real RAW FIJI NEWS, then please disregard my previous comment.

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Islandboy my Tau,

    any inside information about this rumor about Pramesh Chand wanting to come back?

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Gaffar is wise in making the right decision not to join the ig appointment. He worked out the pros and cons and figured out that he stood to lose more than gain even though the illegal ig’s hold onto power has been tentatively extended by the pig.

    It is also a blatant display of outright discrimination not of race but of acssociation. Anyone associated with the ig gets the appointments regardless of merits.

    This begs the question of what association the replacement chrmn Sharon Johns has in getting the appointment. On the same subject it would incumbent on Aust and NZ to place travel bans on this apologist Ms Sharon as they have done to other ig appointees or else their sanctions policy would be futile.

    In regards to Ms Heffernen she must be thinking what the hell is she oming to Fiji for since there won’t be any elections in 2009 so there is no rush and probably the topping up of her salary provided by Australia would be withdrawn due the election deferment.

  15. qitawa Says:

    Just a thought! Dont you all think the ban is counter-productive. They are stopping educated people like you and me a fair chance of earning more and making use of our education. In the end they will look to sympathisers. The worse case senario is now happening when sypathisers fear the travel ban. In the end all the boards will be with military people who dont seemed to bother about the ban and anything else. I think being a board member doesnt make you a sympathiser in any way if you are there for your professional capabilities. Love for the country doesnt mean sympathising with the IG. Love for the country means getting the economy ticking so that the ordinary person doesnt loose his/her job. It could mean being a member of a board to save my countryman.

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    Ex FT – the rfn who’s posted here is just another loser who can’t accept the truth of what we Internet Activists discuss here and on RFN and if he or she wasn’t so concerned why even bother coming on here to reveal their imbecility.

    Mz H may have realised the amount she was to be paid cannot replace integrity. Stay there girl!

  17. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I think Ms. Heffernan realised the truth before coming over because it would have been bad for her professional reputation, as the illegal buggers were not going to go ahead with the elections and she was only going to be a pretty face behind their farce.

  18. X Says:

    Mrs. Heffernan, stay where you are…there’s no election..not in 2010, nor 2014….they will hold on to power till Qarase is too old to stand for election..and hope everyone will accept them by then…

  19. painter Says:

    Absolutely agree, that the imposter @ 9.07p.m does not sound like RAW FIJI NEWS at all, it’s more likely one of those sorry idiots from the paranoid coup apologist/goonie camp, afraid of their own shadow that they’d take the time to venture onto our turf “anonymously” (when they’ve no reason to, with the firepower and all that up their rear ends!) … just so they could disrupt us freedom bloggers and hopefully exorcise their nightmares… but sorry piggies, we’re here for the long haul, with yr worst nightmare yet to be realized!

    Hey Groggymaster @ 8.40pm – should it be the NAIVE bitch that ain’t coming?! She must’ve got one hell of an intense briefing, hmmm…

    Good grief, indispensable Goddess Pramesh has allowed himself to be wooed back so quickly by hanky-panky Franky… hmmm… must be one hell of an atomic dirt bomb that Pramesh carrying around.

  20. Wailei Says:

    I believe Ms H. is trying to protect her credibility. Plus, why would she bother coming to Fiji when there is uncertainty re: the Elections.

  21. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Wailei,

    remember her qualifications is in wildlife protection! Maybe she now realises that the animals, that make up the illegal junta are well outside her area of expertise causing her to rapidly reconsider her move.

  22. Wailei Says:

    hahaha trues up! Its beyond her capabilities. Its a circus compared to the wildlife she is used too. At least the wildlife is more quite compared to the stupid domesticated pigs we call the IG that wallow in their own crap!

  23. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Wailei,

    good one.

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    Fancy admitting that he would have taken the post , but didn’t because he wouldn’t have been able to stomach the travel bans . Is he admitting that he was prepared to commit treason ?

  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Qitawa: I do not believe the travel bans are counter-productive at all.

    If you want to serve on a board (for experience or money or whatever) that has been appointed by an illegal regime, that’s really your choice. So serve your national entity, but just don’t travel!

    Sooner or later you’re going to realise that you’re just a puppet and that your principles are going to be compromised.

  26. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    Sorry to digress. A documentary programme on TVNZ last Sunday showed the health situation in Fiji desperately in need of financial resources on one hand and on the other money diverted for the military:
    A Life At A Time
    They are Fiji’s dark secret: children suffering. While New Zealanders escape winter at Fijian resorts, just down the road and out of sight, kids with a raft of congenital birth defects are sadly deprived. It seems there’s money for a military regime but not for simple surgical procedures which could put life right for these kids. But now New Zealand doctors have stepped into the breach and are working to better one little life at a time.

  27. Save the Sheep Says:

    Guys how could you dall for that obvious ‘plant’ from the Military Goons under the guise RawFijiNews.

    RFN is a great site and just because it is difficult to comment doesn’t make it bad. It might well be a security issue given the sensitivity of their material it makes it harder to track them when you restrict commentry to logged in members.

    Personally I think their material is Top Drawer and go there often. I like to come back to SV to make comments.

    Go RFN and Go SV it all GOOD….

  28. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ditto, Save the Sheep. That fake RFN poster was just a decoy sent in to draw friendly fire from the freedom bloggers and with a little bit of success I might add. Fortunately for most of us our discerning capability was good enough to detect a mole when we saw one.

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