Fiji weatherman sent on leave

Bloggers, just when you thought nothing was impossible for the illegal junta, we now find even the weather man is not exempt!! SV thinks we should include some light posts every now and then and this is one of them. We think the real reason behind Rajendra’s suspension was his inability to provide an acceptable climate to sustain or control the rapid economic downturn and/or high inflation rise in Fiji? What do you bloggers think? Let’s blog out ideas and see who comes closest to the truth behind his suspension. Then again, with these illegal buggers, we may never know the truth! But has this ever prevented us from trying to get to the truth? NAH!!! Blog on ragone!

23 JUL 2008

Fiji’s Director of Meteorology Rajendra Kumar has been sent on leave with full pay today pending an internal investigation involving staffs at his office. Prasad confirmed to Fijilive that differences within his department have led to his suspension. Prasad said that he received a letter this morning saying he should go on leave with full pay.

“I believe that a number of complaints against me were put forward to the interim Minister of Transport by members of my staff,” he said. “No reasons were stated for my leave and no explanation either from the Minister of the Public Service Commission about my leave.

When contacted today the Permanent Secretary for Works and Transport Anand Kumar referred all questions to the PSC. PSC permanent secretary, Taina Tagicakibau said she has not received any confirmation. “I will be commenting later on the issue,” she adds.



16 Responses to “Fiji weatherman sent on leave”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I think Rajendra was suspended for providing a more brighter weather forecast, which was wholly unacceptable to the illegal junta because it quickly reveals the great disparity in their false claims from the fact, which everyone in Fiji knows!

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Meanwhile reports are coming in of a freak tidal wave at Labasa, mountain avalanches at Nadi, 3 metre snow drifts at Lautoka and a really good party at the Met Office.

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ EFT,

    that must be the same weather report Rishi Ram was referring to when explaining Ms. Heffernan’s delay in coming to Fiji? (Snowed under) So this same snow is now drifting into Lautoka?

    I wonder, who will be the next to freeze?

    No wonder Rajendra was suspended!

  4. painter Says:

    Lol @ Jese! We can’t afford to hve our expert weatherman around, can we? We’re way too close to the eye of the storm!

    But come hail, storm or thunder, SV and all freedom bloggers will blog right on, what say franky-hanky-panky?!

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Jese: that’s a good one! I just wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the real reason behind the weatherman’s suspension…coz if baiiniivore can do a Persona Non Grata for the NZ high commissioner over seating arrangements at a rugby game then hell, yeah the possibility that Jese says could just be true..

    Se vacava Mr Interim Illegal PM??? wa..ha..ha..ha..bloody blockhead!

  6. Cyclone Warning Says:

    All may not be as it seems. Two of our greatest Money Men the late Savenaca Siwatibau and the deposed Rt. Jone Kubuabola, former PS’s for Finance and later Governors of the Reserve Bank were once weathermen and changed career directions. They including Rajendra are brilliant individuals. They were former work collegues and perhaps still great friends. Just perhaps Rajendra’s opened his mouth at the weather office as to his two former colleagues brilliance and the current junta’s lack thereof. Ideal time for the opportunists in line below at the weather office to inform the junta of the mutterings. “We can’t have any of that, find something, anything on him, he is a security breach – he will inform the Gods – and they will bring more disasters” – so out he goes. There is “Shit” smeared all over yet another dismissal emanating from the 4th floor in close collaboration with the Most Horrible Illegal Minisda of Financial Corruption.

  7. Indian Says:

    How dare you slander MPC, winner of the Most Precious Citizen award!

  8. Cyclone Warning Says:

    I call a spade a shovel.

  9. Cyclone Warning Says:

    And if they could they’ll try and find something on Save Narube too, the only one with brains I think at the moment trying to juggle the economy.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    There is a strange wind blowing around the Fiji Islands as temperatures flare amongst the regime !

  11. tualeita Says:

    Mr. Malakai Tadulala the fired PS Immigration was a forecaster too in the Met. Bureau like Kubuabola and the late Siwatibau.

  12. Fijiana Says:

    It would be interesting to get the real news from the guys in Fiji Met HQ opposite Hotel SSQ especially from Samu Navale & boss Muni Singh. lol

  13. Groggymaster Says:

    The IG govt does it again. Penalising people on basis of a back channel unsubstantiated complaint/rumour. It has been the hallmark of this regime. No due process, just sack people willy nilly.
    Like everything else they do, it has very little to do with fact and everyting to do with their ego. It is also the reason they bristle at the slightest hint of critism of them.
    Keep up the blogging, it drives these inane baboons nuts!!!!! Lets drive them out too.

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Maybe the current political climate kept appearing on his radar.. so boom boom brother, and so long!

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its becoming too easy now for these idiots in the ig to fire at will anyone they deem as being out of line. This is unprecedented and shows the gall aor naivity of those in the ministerial positions. These ministers are showing that ministers are the ultimate boss of his departments. I thought ministers were policy makers and enforcers. Hire and fire of top civil servants are in the hands of PSC.

    Rajendra is a very old hand and is probably pushing the ethics of what he sees as good governance but not in the eyes of the ig beholders.

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is rumored that the jaundiced junta have appoint their top man, major disaster, to the weather bureau as top man.

    In his first prediction, the grogged-up leweni said, ” Aaaaahhhh, it is ahhh gunna be aahhh 70 degrees today. 20 degrees in the aaahh morning, 30 degrees at lunchtime and aaahhh 30 degrees at aaaahhhh night.”

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