Robin Hood syndrome.

Bloggers, in line with Tobonalasu’s article posted below is an article from Lawyer Tui Savu which was sent  to the newspapers in Fiji today. At least on this site, his article will not be edited. Bloggers, Tui Savu mentions our blog site!!! We anticipate greater interest in the coming days. SV wishes to acknowledge Natewa Prince for bringing it to our attention and keep blogging ragone!!!


I reflect back to early 2007 when Bainimarama introduced Mahendra Chaudary, as his new interim Finance Minister and likening him to ‘Robin Hood’.


Bainimarama used ‘Robin Hood’ to symbolize Chaudary as a unionist, who will be taking from the rich to help the poor.


Growing up in Raiwaqa during the 70’s, we used to idolise Robin Hood as our hero and champion of the poor, but as we grew older, we also learnt an awful truth, that Robin Hood was actually a common thief.


The unlawful leave pay of $184,740 paid to Bainimarama calculated on his current Commander’s position then backed dated to 1978, which was approved by Mahendra ‘Robin Hood’ Chaudary plus similar undisclosed sums paid to his merry men at the expense of the poor taxpayers of Fiji, reeks of corruption, nepotism, bad governance and abuse of office.


It’s despicable when you consider what the rest of Fiji have to put up with: serious economic downturn; significant drop in investor confidence; high inflation rates; steady growing levels of unemployment; wage cuts and astronomical hardships because of their illegal coup.


Robin Hood according to folklore stole from the rich to help alleviate the everyday hardships faced by the poor, due to the unquenchable greed of the wealthy ruling class.


However, in this case, we have Mahendra ‘Robin Hood’ Chaudary stealing from the poor taxpayers of Fiji to unjustly, unethically, immorally and unlawfully enrich the privileged ruling class of the Military hierarchy to maintain their support.


Oddly enough, the ‘solivakasama’ blog site, with nearly 600,000 hits already knew of this unlawful back pay several weeks ago and its bloggers have been extensively discussing it on their site!


The total number of Robin Hood’s merry men according to Agni Deo Singh could be as high as 40


This is totally unacceptable and highway robbery, which incidentally was punishable by death during Robin Hood’s era.


The problem for Mahendra ‘Robin Hood’ Chaudary is that the poor have very limited resources, which is quickly depleting, but ‘his merry men’ whom have become accustomed to being fattened through their avarice for unearned material wealth will turn on him, when he can no longer maintain their status quo.


This unfortunately is the curse of the Robin Hood syndrome.


Tui Savu.

Townsville QLD.


43 Responses to “Robin Hood syndrome.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Which goes to my earlier post re Chodo, Bubba and Shitzer pretending to be the champions of the underdog. I don’t remember Robin Hood taxing people though.
    Shouldn’t forget to include the Scutt (burdened as she is with her pearly white guilt) in all that

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    The cat is out of the bag on this Junta now. They are all no more than common thieves and no amount of posturing can alter that simple fact.

    No one is entitled to such payouts at any level. Chaudhrey’s support for it only proves once and for all that this is a pay off to quiet the tempest following the delay of the elections announcement.

    The Military Loyalty has been bought once and for all.

    God Help Fiji…

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Well done Tui! Robin Hood and his Bunch of Bavulu Wankers!

    Hey Guys where is the infamous Budhahahaha????????

  4. Pusiloa Says:

    Fully agree with you SS. Military loyalty has been bought and to all those lower ranking officers doing the hard yaka…wake up to yourselves and stop following orders… you have been used…..

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Any money Frank wants Frank gets or else. Thats what the snake is providing right now. Thats what this coup is all about – more easy money for the perpetrators. This payment is unprecedented and must go down in the book of records.

    And the snake does not have to fork it out of his own pocket to reward the pig to keep them in power. He’s got the strings for the purse which is the big govt coffers. This was a cunning plot right from the beginning which didn’t cost the snake much for finacing the coup. All they need to do was get in and start pilfering from within.

    And this case of leave defrauding happened to come out in the open somehow. What about those that are kept under wraps that we are still not aware of. Such revelation begets much suspicion.

    Now they want more time to think of the next way of milking more money so off goes the elections for 2009 indefinitely. Its not about electoral reforms since under the constitution is illegal, its all about making more money any which way.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Tui – whats with this crap about Robin Hood and all that – you could have easily made your case against the Compo paid out to FB and the boys without all this crap.

    BTW – Seventy percent of the national wealth in Fiji is concentrated in the hands of just 10% of the population. What Chaudary has been trying to do for most of his career is to help more people earn a decent livelihood for themselves – and this Robin Hood thing has more to do with that social message to that 10% of population – trying to get more even distribution of that wealth.

  7. Tim Says:

    @Budhau: You’re a naiive little munter aren’t you! “What Chaudary has been trying to do for most of his career….etc”. That is his ideology, but it is not his action. Were he have to even slightly achieved the spiel he spouts we’d all be regarding him in a different light. He has not, and will not. Chodo comes first. By now, surely you can see the evidence is plain.
    Shaista and Bubba are of similar ilk and the thing they have in common is an inflated idea of their own egos which is apt to transform whatever socialist economic agenda they have into facism, rather than something more to the left.
    They’re al bullshit artists of the highest order. You abd they get too tied up in ideology. Temptation takes over those that don’t really have the courage of their convictions.
    Like I said elsewhere – If I were in charge of the firing squad, I’d be lining up the Shaista’s, Bubba, Gates, Yakabi and one or two others first, followed by RFMF officers complicit, and finally (but no less), Frank.
    Pity I’m a pacifist.
    I often used to wonder who I’d be capable of pulling a trigger on and in what circumstances.
    Hitler and Mugabe are a certainty as is Musharef. I’m afraid since Frank is also on my list of capability, all that go before him are included.
    Get off your ideological horse – its leading you up the wrong path in the direction of the closest donkey. No doubt he’s an $18 an hour trick as well

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau add substances to your comment. Which part of Tui’s article is crap?

    And if you going to attack him be man enough to do so on the Fiji Times where he has written this letter.

  9. Tim Says:

    @Shri: Please now give us the wisdom of your idols

  10. Ablaze Says:

    At the World Youth Day Pope Benedict XV1 in his speech said that the young people of today should work towards a better world.

    In Fiji the youth are seeing how a coup could benefit those in government and in the military by manipulating the constitution to suit themselves.

    An ideal breeding ground for laziness, liars, cheats and deception.

    Budhahaha represents what Fiji’s youth will become in the future!

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Ineed their cupidity is insatiable , with a voracious , cavenous appetite unseen in recent Fijian history .
    I had to look up most of those words and their correct meanings after my thespian faux par in a previous posting !

  12. KIngrat Says:

    magaitinana na vuaka.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    In plain English , yes Tui , they are a greedy bunch of mother f—ers. With an unending appetite for power and money .
    Chaudhry and his cohorts remind me of King Midas .

  14. Groggymaster Says:

    What are merry bunch. Piggy and his merry robbing hoods!!!.

    The economy is spluttering, more people are out of work, businesses are struggling, sugar is withering, so the robbing hoods line their pockets, all the while we endure the BS from Chodo baku, Lavenia P, the mother of all whores, and Bavulu ko Vore, na luveni sona levu.

    There are rumours that the IG are importing tanks (RFN) – probably amoured vehicles for protection/ Protection from what ???? If this is correct then it’s heaping on spirits to the wound after rubbing salt!!!!

    One day mafatu…..

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau you boci,now you know why the pig brushed your fathers tax scandal under the carpet.Because he was bought with 180,000 pieces of silver.

    In my original story,I mentioned that the fat assed cock-eyed PolCom was also about to receive his leave pay,now we know why these goons cannot back out from the illegal stand they have taken.

  16. natewaprince Says:

    Duana,drau fire la kei Budhau.

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    Paranoia is setting in on their finicky and absurd safety concern that has got them jumping at their own shadows. I guess this concern arose after the pig made the announcement that there would not be elections in 2009 after the foreign ministers left Fiji. He did not even have the guts to say in their faces while they were here. He is now worried of uprising or invasion so thus the need to upgrade their defense and supression capability. Talk about overkill or maligned intel. Never saw the need for tanks here before as there are no armed conflict whatsoever.

    I guess that is the natural reaction of someone who has done something wrong and in realising that are preparing for a backlash.

  18. Bhudau's Daddy Says:

    What Bhudau Junior fails to understand is Uncle Mahehe deliberately tries to help the poor 90% of the populace to the mask the fact he actually is part of the other 10%. You see thats how Robin Hood lived. Stole from the Rich to help the Poor and kept a little commission for himself. He didn’t even pay taxes like…….

  19. FijiGirl Says:

    Bloggers in Fiji, just ask any taxi driver what he thinks about M’Chodo.

    I thought I knew alot of Hindi swears, but I’ve learned some interesting new ones in these conversations.

    One gentleman said “No matter what race, as soon as a person makes it big, the first thing they do is forget where they come from and all the people who helped to get them up there.”

    Robin Hood, my foot.

    Robbing Mood is closer to the mark.

    God bless Fiji

  20. nochi Says:

    True Groggymaster. Lavenia Padarath is the mother of all whores!! As they say, like mother, like son, are never short or tired of selling their stinky, no qare arses to Chodori just to get the paisa. Liken chodori, skinny arse Ben Padarath also got away with murder and back driving like the conman pimp he really is. Luveni boci!n

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    la padarath and koila mara are paranoid & bitter old women because their husbands are well know LITs – Lasa i tuba – for MM this means they are famous for exceeding the boundaries of the marriage vows – in other words womanisers. BUT – they have driven their husbands into other womens arms because of their nastiness.

    spike was caught in bed with a model who used to live with a Fiji Times reporter, at a well known hotel opposite Government Buildings. He’d been having an affair with this beauty for quite a while.

  22. Wailei Says:

    @ Adi Koila – Di koila’s brother Rt.Finau Mara had to sit his exams twice for his Law Degree in the States! hahaha

  23. Peace Pipe Says:

    Had the good fortune of tuning in to MaiTv this evening not that I particularly like this station because of its affinity to the ig but out of just checking it out. On the interview panel were two people of opposite leanings – Stan Simpson po-ig and Virisila Buadromo anti-ig. Virisila really gave it to Stan with all the intensity and intellect when he posed her questions querying about several issues such as why she did not accept the invite to join the NCBBF and on the legality of the ig since it is still being decide by the court. She banged him with all the points on principle. The army illegally took over duly elected government through the barrel of the gun which is an illegal act and anything that is associated with the ig is equally illegal. She really outdid all his questions and anyone hearing would be convinced that her stance is correct and if there was a doubt on whether to support the ig or not is cleared by her convincing articulate answers. In the end Stan did look a bit silly. It may have been a mistake to have had this interview as it would undermine their friends in the ig.

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    adi kaila
    is that hotel green ?

  25. Groggymaster Says:

    Adi Kaila – lucky Spike.

  26. Budhau Says:

    Duanabanana – you wanna know what part of Tui article is crap.
    First of all Tui, being the lawyer that he is, could have made a very decent argument about the “compo” payout with out the Robin hood crap and shifting the blame on Chaudary – you buggers always want to have a scapegoat – that “evil Indian”.

    BTW – that “Robin Hood” thing had been about for a very long time – this ain’t about “stealing” from the rich, as Tui suggested – this is about “taking” from the rich and giving some of it to the poor. And as I said – the wealth in Fiji is concentrated in the hands of the few with the majority of the Fijians being poor.

    and Tim, how come you are such an arsehole going around calling names.
    Chaudary has had ties with organized labor and cane farmers most of his adult life, working for the workers and the farmers – that is his ideology and that is what he practices in real life.

    Time and again – he has stood up for the poor – be it increase in bus fare or food prices, concerns about unemployment or the declining standard of living. He was instrumental in forming the FLP – first multi-racial party – and if they had let the FLP govern, bot the times they had won – these guys may have done something for the poor.

    If they would have let Chaudary/FLP govern – and they had won the election – we might not be in this shit. As a last resort, folks supported the post coup recovery this time.

    Under the circumstances, Chaudary is doing a reasonable job as the minister. As for that scandal with the Haryana money – listen guys, if Chaudary wanted money – Qarase and company, the Fijian elite that had been at the trough for a very long time would have given Chaudary millions more just to get him out of the way – a FDB loan here, and some under the table money there or some government contracts through the ag Ministry. So if this was about money, Chaudary could have cashed in big time – and moved to Australia and opened up his used car dealership or some gas station.

    You fricken idiots – Chaudary ain’t the enemy – if you think this “compo” thing is stealing – where were you buggers these last 30 years.
    Those Fijian politician and the Fijian elite have been stealing from you and you don’t even know who the enemy is – Even Qarase told you buggers about his SDL (Fijian Unity) – that his candidates were “successful business and professional men and women”- that is how you make money in Fiji, combine business with politics. It is people like qarase who provide the Fijian commercial class the opportunity to accumulate wealth – that would have otherwise gone to the Fijian people – remember FHL – it is the FDB money, licenses, contracts, property leases etc – and the common taxpayers pay for this. Many of you refuse to see that connection between economic and political power.

    So when Chaudary takes on some overpriced property leases – you guys cry foul – he is being anti Fijian. The accumulators of wealth in Fiji happen to be a very small group of Fijians – and it is in their interest to bring down Chaudary.

    ..and that Robin Hood thingie – the money that Elite Fijians were making, what Chaudary wants to do is to use those resources for the benefit of all as state assets. For example these buggers would like to privatize the Mahogany industry and cash in on that too – money that would otherwise go to the Fijians.

  27. Jesus Christ is Gay Says:

    you’re all so gay…

  28. X Says:

    Budhau: DO not one, gave Chaudhary the mandate to work things out on behalf of the Fijian people. If there was anything wrong with Fijian developments etc.. the Fijians will sort it out thenmselves…not the bloody greedy chaudy and the FLP…Fijians do not want him or his son…We all know, chodo only works for himself and his sons’ interests. Chodo uses Indian cane farmers and race to make himself tons of illegal money..he is an illegaql industry to himself..look at what is happening in the iIG…you can see for yourself unless of course if you are his son. Trouble with Chodhdary, his greed was too big for his racial voter he went over to contain the Fijian people, he and his people will get it..they will pay dearly..

  29. Budhau Says:

    I am Budhau. I will do anything for Chodo because I am his adopted son and he is a pedophile and used to gandoo maro me practising incest that is why I am so obsessed with him and will jump to his defence whenever someone says anything bad about my dada.

    I am sorry for calling you names Mr Savu. I respect you and totally agree with your views. It is my split personality problems that is causing me to act schrizo on this sacred blog.

    I will go away now and play with my inflated doll for the rest of the day. Natewa Prince would you be kind enough to join me. I love you very plenty.

    Peace to everyone and may Lai Qarase be given back his rightful role. Death to Mai Chod Chaudary.

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Don’t let this Budhahaha degrade this blog site!

    I have found Budhahaha as just that hahahaha! Sometimes I find that what he says enables me figure out the way the Junta is trying to deceive, cheat, lie etc its way through.

    You see he has been good for without him innocent, principled people like me wouldn’t know how the minds of criminals work.

  31. Wailei Says:

    @ Bud. FLP’s manifesto was for the poor a long..long..long time ago and I was pro labor because they were serving the poor. Than they started leaning towards racial lines. Hence, I did not vote for them anymore. The thing is Racism in Fiji is “in your face” kinda thing. If Politicians would refrain from using racial derogatory comments (This applies to all). Fiji will be in harmony. But than, As I usually point out: “ITS AN ACADEMICS WET DREAM”.

    At least our generation should start taking small steps to combat the racial divide.

    As for chodo trying to play the cunning Fox. Well, we all know what happens to Foxes when they steal chickens.

  32. Lomani Bhudhau Says:

    Vosota na ka ena caka vei iko. Colata galugalu na nomu i tavi. Moku tiko na koli nei tubumuni o mahen chodori.

    cuva sobu..tara na durumu..masuti lord rama….kabulu….katia toka e dua na tabanikau..

    Mai vei Lomani Bhudhau

  33. Budhau Says:

    Walei – Racism works, otherwise if the Indos and the Indigs start working together what will happen to the Chiefs and the elite who are busy accumulating wealth – these are the folks who benefit from racial polarization.

    As for combating racial divide – it ain’t gonna happen as long as political leaders know that racial polarization works for them to get the votes.

    The Indo population is declining rapidly – at last count it was around 40% and with the current trends it may be down to around 20% in the next 10-15 years. So it is in the Indos best interest to work with the Fijians – well at least with some of them – and that coalition is a threat to the chiefs so what are they gonna do – make sure that Indos and Indigs do not reconcile and work together.

    The chiefs, they know about that threat – years ago, Edward C decided to run for a national seat in his own district and was defeated by a commoner, Captain Mataitonga – those chiefs have not forgotten that. That is why they are against the one-man-one-vote elections with no communal seats. Of course there will be more Fijians in parliament, it is just that some of these chiefs will lose their shirt in such election. (and we all know that Chaudary wouldl be able to manipulate all those Fijians – just like he has done with Baini, Nailatikau Ganilau and the military council)

    ..and then there was some other idiot in here, X, saying something about “who appointed Chaudary” – why…….. what difference does that make. The man won fair and square and became the Finance Minister some time back and guess what happened. He then won another election and became the PM, guess what happened. so WTF is the man supposed to do.

    Who says no one gave Chaudary the mandate – X, now you can take that mandate and shove it up your you know what.

    Because mandate or no mandate – either way the guy can’t win.

  34. tualeita Says:


    Check your facts again. It was not Edward C and it was not Mataitonga. One of them was Maitonga.

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooodhau ulukau you stupid idiot.

    The name is Captain Maitoga and he defeated Ratu Penaia Ganilau not Ratu Edward. Ratu Penaia was then asked by his first cousin Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau to come and stand in the Tailevu South Open Seat where he then won because of the allegiance of the Tailevu Fijian voters to the request of their Chief, the Vunivalu of Bau.

    Why you want to talk smart about something you don’t know about.

    You should stick to what you do best and take your inflated doll and play with it with my good friend Natewa Prince. bahahahahaha

  36. X Says:

    WHo gave him the mandate to do what he is doing now… only himself and his greed…from his you know WHAT…that’s his mandate…as for your other know what..I know that you are talking out of your you know WHAT (that’s a BIG WHAT).

  37. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Repatriate Mahendra Chaudhary and his whole entire family to Haryana, never to return to Fiji.

    BAN!! the bugger for GOOD!!

  38. kaiveicoco Says:

    Congratulatins Budhau for putting up a good fight even though sometimes you sound like sitting on the fence.Back to your formula of 10% of the people controlling 90% of the wealth and power ( or even 20/80 or 30/70 )
    that formula has been in existence ever since the beginning of time.So what Chaudhary has done simply lacks innovation.FB belongs to the top 10% elite Fijian society so what difference does it make to your 10/90 ratio? I once remarked to a tauvu frined of mine an avid supporter of the charter and who holds a high rank in one of the local churches that this rationof 10/90 or whatever exists in every level of society from village level to national level,clubs,churches etc to put it simply I asked my tauvu how much wealth does his high chief amass in terms of lease money etc
    even in his church who controls everything isn’t the top 10?
    but back to the point I liken Chaudhary your mentor to the theory that being a socialist as he is- when it comes to milking cows the socialist normally takes the milk after milking the cow but they also want to take the cow with them !!Capitalists and everybody else just take the milk and they make sure the cow is fed properly but they leave the cow alone
    sa dri yani

  39. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    just a thought.

    The rich remain rich because they pay the least or no taxes at all. Happens in every country. They exploit the tax laws to the maximum with various tax benefits and it is the poor who actually pay taxes because they do not have capital to invest towards investments, stocks, bonds, life insurance, property, shares, etc.

    So, despite the fact wealth in Fiji may be confined to say 10% of the population, the taxes that Vore and his officers were being paid from by Chodo actually comes from the 90% poor and not the 10% rich as you claim.

    So your reasoning is wrong and Tui Savu’s correlation of Chaudary stealing from the poor to give to the rich is correct.

    The Officers are correctly portrayed as being rich because of the abuse of funds and privilege they enjoy, which they are not entitled to, at the expense of the poor taxpayers of Fiji.

  40. painter Says:

    @ MM – i believe that hotel is now colour green. Hey, i was also wondering about yr earlier suggestion, that some country offer the Pig and his band of 40 thieves exile as a way out of their predicament, i think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea which the Pig and cronies should seize with both hands! Let them go and start over, wherever, as far away as they possibly want but just get out of this country…

  41. patience my virtue Says:

    Agree Painter, will be followed by execution, one by one, mossad style…

  42. Navosavakadua Says:

    While we are on the history lessons for Budhau, the significant thing about Ratu Penaia contesting the Vanua Levu seat was that it was aseat with a clear majority of Indian voters. The Alliance dared to stand its top people in multiracial constituencies, while the NFP elite, KC Ramrakha, Sid Koya and Irene Jai Narayan, stuck to the tried and
    tested communal constituencies.

    Yes, Ratu Mara, Ratu George Cakobau and Ratu Edward all stood in National Constituencies with multiracial rolls. Ratu Edward’s Suvaseat even had a majority of Indian voters.

    After the 1972 drubbing the NFP felt cheated. They felt Fijians had block-voted and most NFP candidates in Fijian communal seats could barely count the people who nominated them among the votes they received. But the question is who were their candidates? Mostly people who couldn’t get a nomination from the Alliance.

    And one more thing. Who stood against Captain Maitoga in Vanua Levu after Ratu Penaia? Answer: one Ratu Josefa lloilo! He actually won in the second lot of 1977 elections when the Flower and Dove factions of the NFP were attacking one another, but lost again in 1982.

    Budhau, as many other bloggers have observed: you are an idiot.

  43. wolfinsheepskin Says:

    STAY FIT PEOPLE ! It takes time for the VORE seeds to grow and flower and bear fruit which will choke him….so get up – walk, jog, run, do press ups and be fit and enjoy the drama as the VORE chokes on his own vomit…murder is murder…..theft is theft…..cheating is cheating,,,,stealing is stealing…. lying is lying….corruption is corruption…..jelousy is jealousy…. VORE is not man enough to enter politics through the front door because he has been entering 5000 rear ends for too long, he has 4gotten where the front door is located.

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