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The leave payments made by Bainimarama to himself and his cronies is nothing but robbery. This is no different from the gun point robberies of Banks or shops by hooligans. Perhaps the only difference is this time the robbers are in full uniform and sitting in plush offices and are chauffer driven around in luxury cars owned by the very people they have robbed.
It is an abuse of power; power that was obtained through the barrel of the gun.

The leave payment schedule was calculated and checked by Warrant Officer J. Degei on 1 February 2008. The Auditor General should do the right thing and check this schedule for a number of reasons.

Firstly it is clear that simple arithmetic is not one of WO J. Degei’s strengths as when one tries to follow the calculations one notices the glaring arithmetical errors let alone the justification of the entitlements. For instance in 1985/86 the schedule shows that Bainimarama used up all his leave but WO J. Degei allocated 8 days of outstanding leave.
Secondly, when one scrutinizes the entitlements one sees that Bainimarama earned 30 days long service leave in 1980/1981, 56 days in 1983/984 and 56 days in 1987/1988. Given that Bainimarama joined the navy in July 1975, it works out that in 13 years of service he earned 142 days of long service leave. Is that how the system work? Perhaps WO J Degei could tell the public, whose money has been swindled, if that is indeed the policy of the RFMF.
It gets worse. According the to the leave schedule, Bainimarama did not take a sinlge day leave in 10 years between 1983 and 1999, and again in the 8 years between 2000 and 2008. Are we to believe this? He is often seen watching rugby matches during working days here and abroad. Can he put his hand on his heart and tell the people of Fiji that he never took a single day off in18 years. Surely he cannot be serious.
Apart from the142 days long service leave he has been allocated he gets another 80 days at the end of the schedule. All these add up to 698 days to which is applied a rate of $263.77 per day. I can only presume that this is current salary rate. To add salt to injury, he then claimed another $29,139.11 in expense and ration allowance.
The schedule shows a FNPF deduction of $20,406.71 which goes straight to his FNPF account. What the schedule does not show is that the taxpayer would have paid a similar amount ($20,406.71) to FNPF as the employer’s contribution to Bainimarama’s account.
In total Bainimarama collected a whooping $205,147.29.
Apparently there are 40 other senior officers who also received the leave back pays. Let’s hope that WO J Degei did not do their calculation sheet.
This is an utter abuse of office. Mahendra Chaudhry says it is justifiable. His double standards are laughable.These are the same people who are denying Laisenia Qarase of his pensions.



18 Responses to “More on the Pigs stealing from us from Raw Fiji News Blog”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Over exposure to the Military by never taking leave , explains Franks delusional state .

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    How well contrived. The claims are preposterous, inaccurate, and silly. The claim for rations in respect to the leave claim is totally absurd as Vore was not physically away, but in service and pigging on rations. Two sets of ratons!!!!.
    All of this aided and abetted by Chodo. Surely as night follows day, Chodo too will have his claim for entitlements and I’m sure it will make Vore’s look like petty cash… That is if he has not already done so with out Vore knowing about it…

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    Was the leave he took to attend his grand daughters christening and Qarase was air lifted by NZ Air Force with Andrew Hughes at the eve of the 2006 coup fo some last minute meeting arranged by Helen Clarke. Remember, it was said that the pig was on a private visit to attend the christening.

    What about the extended hours daily when he plays touch football at albert park with his boci guards who pretend not to catch him so he can score most of the tries. Was that ever added onto leave already taken.

    Lasu Lasu Lasu whatever

  5. Soul of Fiji Says:

    We might want to laugh at the calculations and their clumsy justifications of the payments……HOWEVER THE ARMY (40) including the PIG are been paid for carrying out the COUP.

    The use of leave entitlements are just a cloak to hide (and badly done one at that) the real reasons money has been paid to try and hide the real reasons for the payment.

    I think what will hurt the most is that we the taxpayers of Fiji are been HIT with DOUBLE WHAMMY. After having suferred the indignity of a treason i.e. coup resulting in hardship we are forced to pay the coupsters with exhorbitant amount of money.

    Here it is sending the wrong message to every children in Fiji. All the children need to do is to get into USP, drop out from there and joined the FMF as Officers Cadet. After 2 yrs of dean maro get a high ranking post and wait for the next coup where they will benefit greatly without fear.

  6. natewaprince Says:


    Duana,bula baraca.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    You’re right MM, no wonder he’s nutty.Imagine,35 years without giving his tiny brain a rest.Blerry no school motherf****r.

  8. kaicolo Says:

    What was bhaini doing he only went to Sinai once never to Liban where the fuck was he to merit such leave.Before going and sfter arriving back in Fiji all soldiers take ther leave what about him what was he doing.His tavale kean is out and about and now a tutor at the Officers training School at Vatuwaqa somebody should check his leave too otherwise the scenario is seen again moce Jo

  9. kaicolo Says:

    Warrant Officer Degei is a navy duck too.He is the RFMF chief clerk.

  10. George of Sydney Says:

    If this WO J Degei is from Vunivaivai village in Tailevu, this arsehole didn’t even reach class 8 in primary school. Oh my God!!!!!

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Thank you SV for bringing this article across from Raw Fiji News! It’s great!

    As for this payout – they better watch out!

  12. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    There are a number of anomalies in the payment of leave compensation.

    Firstly leave can never be accumulated for more than two years in Govt or in most other private companies. Any leave accumulated over the 2 years is forfeited but never compensated. So how the hell did they pay leave earned during the last 30-odd years?

    Secondly, He should have forfeited all leave due to him when he was appointed on a new employment contract. This means that when his new contract became effective, it should be on a clean slate and all outstanding leave should either have been taken or forfeited.

    Thirdly, if the payment was correctly made which I doubt very much, then it should have been paid at the rate current at the time the leave was earned.

    The payment as far as I’m concerned is stealing the taxpayers’ money. Period!

  13. Striker Says:

    Butako Voreqe + Choro Chaudry = Corruption of the worst order.
    These guys deserve a medal in the most abhorrent theft pepetrated on the people of Fiji.

  14. manasa Says:

    Execellent! unhappy person he is not part of the loot.Think hard if U can.. you will be part of them”…

  15. pa861 Says:

    if any of these suckers do come around or any closer to my place of residences i will be obliged to give them a taste of their own medicine. Been there a few times and can feel the pain and suffering how one is to live under their rules. Sorry,but i am sick and tired of it. TO THE PEOPLE OF FIJI HOW MUCH LONGER CAN YOU LIVE THROUGH THESE CRISIS?

  16. Glatombloli Says:


  17. fabe76 Says:

    Talk about robbery in broad-daylight. I’ll hand it to MC and FVB as the number one thieves of the century. It is sad that Fiji leaders have come to this point. Manipulating the system for their own gain and leaving a wake of suffering after them. I pray that God still watches over Fiji and remove these political leaders soon. FVB and MC are a disgrace to Fiji as a nation.

  18. wolfinsheepskin Says:

    We will reap whatsoever we sow. It takes time for the Vore seedlings to grow and bear fruits, so stay fit and watch the drame unfold.

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