FAWG defends Media freedom

Suva, FIJI  – Fiji Association of Women Graduates today joined the
host of voices speaking out to defend freedom of Fiji’s media to
remain self-regulated and above undue influence from outside bodies.

FAWG President, Winifereti U. Nainoca, today called on the interim
government to respect media freedom, saying “Freedom of expression and
information are amongst the cornerstones of any civilized society and
play a key role in ensuring that leaders are held accountable for
their actions.

“Trying to muzzle the media will only create uncertainty and rumour-mongering.

“It also is the prelude to a situation where the military and the
interim government is no longer accountable to anyone.  This is the
complete opposite of the good governance and transparency the Interim
Government espouses that it upholds.”

Nainoca re-released FAWG’s statement from 2003 when they commented on
the then proposed Media Bill, which was never passed.

“FAWG’s statement in 2003 was as relevant today as it was then.  The
interesting difference is that in 2003 we were part of a process of
consultation and feedback with the ruling government.  FAWG urges the
interim government of Fiji to rise to the challenge of good governance
and transparency, and to initiate real consultation processes, and not
to treat such important matters as a foregone conclusion.”

FAWG’s 2003 statement : The Fiji Association of Women Graduates,
through its sponsorship and media representative highlighted:

 1. The media in Fiji must never be controlled by any outside body,
including government. Any attempt by outsiders to control the media
endangers the independence and freedoms of every citizen of Fiji.

 2. Any regulation of the media must be controlled by the media
itself. It cannot be imposed by legislation. Censorship or regulation
by government (or any outside body) is the worst possible outcome.
Ever-improving media self-censorship and self-regulation is the best
possible outcome.

 3. This said, at times the media’s self-regulation and code of ethics
is unsatisfactory. The existing Media Council has proved ineffectual
to enforce high standards of conduct by the media and advertisers.

 4. The proposed Bill is not a solution to problems referred to in point 3.

 5. In today’s information-driven world, the media is a powerful
instrument. A free and self-regulating media serves the interests of
democracy. It must never be subjected to outside influence or powers.

 6. The media is a complex and highly technical industry. As an
academic field of study, it is not easily understood by laymen, or
non-experts. Non-experts should never hold power over the media.

 7. The proposed Bill creates more problems than it solves. It must not be supported.

God bless Fiji


7 Responses to “FAWG defends Media freedom”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

  2. Mark Manning Says:

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    this unlawful ig wants to gag the media – they can go right ahead as it only encourages more Internet Activists to setup sites like this to really reveal the truth that can’t be done on the dailies due to legalities.

    The ig cannot stop anyone from revealing the truth – do they think we’re going to give up communicating this way because of their senselessness.

    Anti coup supporters are all over the world – if one site closes down another will start up immediately.

    Trying to gag trained journalists from ‘tell alls’ is not going to work as these journalists know much much more, it’s only because of the limitations placed on them re privacy etc they can’t print the more sordid bits of this irrational illegal coup – gag them and they’ll blog big time – uh huh that’s when it will hit home – that’s if such a thing is possible with the vara heads.

    Transparency? No such thing as far as the ig coupsters are concerned.

  4. Koya na Man Says:

    What we are now witnessing are some strategies of a long haul dictatorship.

    I reckon we are in(Big Time……..).

    THere might not be any looking back from here,the promise of an election may be a thing of the past.

    We just have to wait & see what will happen to the President,if the Qarase(& previous Govt..) case doesn’t go his(bhais) way.

    By summing up, the last cat in the bag will probably going to be let out, when he takes over Govt.. again(military Govt), chaudhary & crew walks, scrap the constitution and his boys from the camp finally get their reward, to become Ministers…………..

    THe above is just a scenario, sa dri yani..

  5. Tonga Says:

    No intentions of being custodians, from the beginning were out to exploit!

    Once again if the Mara children, Nailatikau, Gaunilau had not supported Bainimarama would they have succeded this far.

    Is is right that they didn’t support the Speight Coup???? Koila was taken hostage!

    Gosh I hate to think what will become of them if we get back to normalacy. Please someone tell me.

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Korovou gaol beckons!

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    Isa Tonga – we don’t want anyone to suffer needlessly but they are condemned to a life where noone trusts them anymore – is there anything worse than that.

    They are now pariahs and may have to depend on the kindness of strangers as the crazy Blanche Dubois said when she was being taken to an asylum to live out the rest of her miserable life.

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