Adi Koila bids for FTIB top job

Bloggers, Koila no longer has any shame and is blinded by her lust for power, that she will go to any lengths to secure anything she would not have achieved through merit. Koila now has been found out to be applying for the top FTIB position and whose else is going to succeed when she and Eveli are benefactors of the coup! This is the same Koila who tried to become Chairperson of the Electoral Boundaries Commission! Even though she is a lawyer by profession, what cases has she actually tried in court like the fancy Ayarse? It is sad that Koila with some chiefly household have reverted to illegal means to try and maintain their status quo, but it is only temporal and it will disappear like the morning dew. Koila should remember ‘that all good things come the hard way’ and there are no shortcuts to permanent success.

21 JUL 2008

The wife of Fiji’s interim Foreign Affairs Minister, Adi Koila Nailatikau, has described as speculation reports that she has been tipped to head the country’s investment promotion body. Speaking to Fijilive this afternoon, Adi Koilaconfirmed that she applied for the Chief Executive Officer’s position at the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau.“I can confirm that I applied for the job but nobody has come to me yet to finalise that I have got the job,” she said. “All I know is that 16 people applied for the job and I was one of them but nothing and no one has come out yet to indicate that I’ve got the job.”

Adi Koila is a lawyer by profession, who has served as a career diplomat and politician and currently serves as Chairperson for Yatu Lau Company Limited, a multimillion dollar company which owns a substantial portfolio of commercial property and equity investments around the country.

Current FTIB CEO Lailun Khan resigned suddenly last month. The FTIB board has started scrutinising applicants after advertising the position last month. The board was established under an Act of Parliament of 1980 to encourage trade and investment in Fiji.

The prime focus of its activities is to promote and facilitate investment in, and development of, industries, ventures or enterprises that enhance employment opportunities, increased exports, reduce imports, or are otherwise beneficial to the economy of Fiji.



45 Responses to “Adi Koila bids for FTIB top job”

  1. LUVfiji Says:

    Oilei.. sa nodratou kece ga yani!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I can see , if this appointment goes ahead , many Chinese and Indian companies taking over Fiji land because of their affiliation with this regime . It could be done by pretending to set up a business and having the regime change the rules as they please .
    Let’s see if another prediction of mine comes to pass !

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    She’s a big mimi !

  4. Tomasi Says:

    SV: “Koila should remember ‘that all good things come the hard way’ and there are no shortcuts to permanent success.”

    Precisely, SV.

    I also know personally as I’ve been trying and trying and trying and trying ever so hard to get into the psweet anties of Budhaddhuhudadhuda’s sister.

    Eventually I will have budhudhadhudada’s sister’s trophy panties hanging on my wall, but like you said – all good things come the hard way.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    SV: “Koila should remember ‘that all good things come the hard way’ and there are no shortcuts to permanent success.”

    Precisely, SV.

    I also know personally as I’ve been trying and trying and trying and trying ever so hard to get into the sweet panties of Budhaddhuhudadhuda’s sister.

    Eventually I will have budhudhadhudada’s sister’s trophy panties hanging on my wall, but like you said – all good things come the hard way.

    St. Thomas

  6. Wailei Says:

    hahaha… They must be walking around with dollar signs stuck into their bloody eyes and their bottoms which reads “For Sale to the highest bidder only – the rest can go to hell!”. Cobacoba na dola signs. hahahha.

  7. Tonga Says:

    Koila greedy Mara! Likes to play it cool and makes out she is a good honest catholic, mass every Sunday and so on!

    All bullshit, its her way of getting what she wants from everyone! She plays the big marama thing very well. Gives all the Fijian people $2 worth of bread to show them she cares for one tabua or coco.

    She was the one that did all the recruiting for Bainipuaka!

    Poor Ratu Finau will pay for all her sins! He will sink deeper into cuckoo land.

    No brainer harpy!

  8. Groggymaster Says:

    Investors both local and new foreign ones, are unwilling to invest in the current climate, where taxation rules are liable to change at short notice or at the whim of MPC.
    There is very little incentive for investors to start their programs, when there is a high degree of uncertainty of the application of present laws.
    In the past coups, once the dust had settled, and the IG then announced a date for return to democracy,businesses and investors felt sufficient assurance to invest, and commenced rolling out their programs. In 2000 this effect resulted in a rapid recovery.
    The most spectacular programs were those that followed the 1987 coups – such as the garment industry.
    Given the attitude of the present IG and especially that of MPC, announcement of the election date would be unlikely to elicit the same reaction.
    Koila may not have had adequate exposure to the difficulties businesses encounter in getting new projects off the ground, that I think would render her very ineffective in the post. Her possible appointment if it occurs, would be tainted as neopotism.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Hey Manning.. what did you just say? lol !!

  10. Tonga Says:

    Groggymaster, no use explaining Koila Mara is a harpy! A grasping unscrupulous villain. (evil doer)

    She hasn’t a clue what neopotism is. Read Wailei’s post!

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    There you go – her law degree is not really hers at it was given to her – kila tiko nai lala iratou graduate vata mai USP – everything has been given based on name only – of course someone out there ‘fixed’ the law degree as it is a well known fact that these siblings are not very bright & the ‘fix’ was so the family would not lose face due to her sheer incompetence and being a brainless twit.

    So the question that begs to be answered is why she failed to be admitted to the bar in the UK THREE TIMES – yes – THREE TIMES then comes to Fiji and VOILA. One can study law and receive a law degree but not be admitted to the bar, one has to pass the bar to be able to practice law and can call oneself a LAWYER. koila is a bush lawyer. If she did receive a law degree then it only entitles her to work as a legal secretary or para legal.
    The students who graduated with her at USP have always maintained their silence but they have all been very indignant because of the fact she ‘passed’ with the aid of a ‘fixer’ and did not do the hard yards like they had to do. Studying for a law degree is a bloody hard slog there is so much reading involved and if you don’t understand what you read then cest la vie – ni sa moce – hms no comeback – get on your bilibili and kara away.

    The Fiji Government would’ve paid for the studies in the UK and USP – what a damn waste. Yet still she has to take what is not hers – while she will take on the title CEO and receive the fancy salary that goes with it she will have some poor sod doing the work for her because she is just plain incompetent. So incompetent they couldn’t even manage the legacy left by their parents – sa oti vakadua – the alcoholism doesn’t help either so whatever brain cell was there is probably withered.

    The self entitlement is unbelievable!

    Kudos to all of those who turned down her offer to be included in the ig your sense of self respect is more precious than all the money in the world – May God Bless You and be with You and Yours forever.

    To the ig coupsters – what a spineless lot!

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Sa qai vakaciriloloma dina!

    I wonder what her CV looks like?

    Law Degree…Period! And how does that connect with FTIB’s job is just beyond me!

    Wailei, cavaga gute!

    Ha..ha..what a JOKE!

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    Hey I am missing my good buddy Natewa Prince. I hope those magaijinana from Delai Nabua haven’t neutralised him.

    If so, I will remember them when it’s culling season when we cull the green goons.

    Na musu na soresore ni vore qai biutale i gusuna me kania!!! 😦

  14. Tim Says:

    It’s good to see the junta hasn’t stifled humour yet – probably because they haven’t yet realised they’re the ones being laughed at.
    It’s understandable though. If you have a look at Freedom Democracy Now, there’s a copy of the Charter which I suspect they’re actually seriously offering. The first part looks like it is Father Ted’s cast off sermon.
    Then there’s talk of ‘just governance’ – which is appropriate because they just can’t seem to competently. I think they mean ‘just’ as in justice though.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Do what you can to help others .
    I think many Fijians could go on this organisations site for help , maybe someone in Fiji should try and get it happening for Fijians too .

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    I asked the Times to do a story on this some time back , but I don’t think they were interested .
    How it works : _

  17. Mark Manning Says:
    Check this one out also . Maybe it will help one of your loved ones or neighbours or children .

  18. Tonga Says:

    This is the best letter ever written to the Fiji Times since the coup!

    It sums up the situation in a nut shell! What guts! That is more like the spirit that exist in once was the jewel of the Pacific!

    Big payout

    Colonel Aziz (FT 18/7) in justifying the big payout, is reportedly saying who will do his job (Bainimarama’s job) if I requested him to take leave.

    Suggest to Aziz that he approaches Sitiveni Rabuka or George Speight as they have tonnes of experience in wrecking people’s lives. Or better still, he may like to try the interim finance minister who is already at it.

    Anil Kumar

  19. Striker Says:

    Keep your hopes up! Put your faith in God. Do not worry. The evil will be scattered and those who stand against God’s righteousness and justice will perish. Soon you will see the rout of the wicked. In the end only God’s justice will prevail.

  20. Tonga Says:

    Anil Kumar is currently being questioned by the military

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    glad you enjoyed that one !

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    who is anil kumar and what is or was his position ?

  23. Tonga Says:

    Mark Perhaps the other Tonga may know?

  24. Tonga Says:

    a poor innocent victim who was expressing his views in the FT letters to the ed

  25. kabarara Says:

    I don’t care whether the applicant is a Mara, a Clinton, a member of the British Royal Family or even the Commander himself. At the end of the day, he/she needs to be qualified for the position; he she has to have the necessary academic/professional attributes to carry the job off; especially given its strategic place in the country’s economic performance.

  26. Belijo Says:

    Koila has a qualification (2 degrees). The first degree was a collection of “C’s” that allowed her access into foreign affairs dept. way back when the good old man was in power. How logical can that be? Her second degree I have just known thru this site was attained in UK and by hook or by crook she managed to enter the bar in Fiji. It’s about time we set standards. But I guess that’s not possible in an environment infested with sharks, wild boars and goons! I hope that if she does get the job, au kerea me na ‘rai sobu mada’ ka sa kakua na kaukauti iko ki cake. Era na maroroi iko na tamata ke ko kala sobu mada ga. An advise worth remembering Koila!

  27. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Let’s face it, this is a job for which Adi Koila is well qualified. So long as the country is in the grip of the illegal regime there is no hope for investment attraction. There is nothing the FTIB can do attract serious investors to put their hard earned cash into the hands of such crooks. And if you have a job which involves doing nothing, Adi Koila’s credentials are hard to beat.

  28. solivakasama Says:

    Bainimarama has been warned not o go to fourth floor this morning,thats why they having meeting at his house,note half the military coucil not there.

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I wonder how the tourism front is doing and also if Banuve Kaumaitotoya has recovered from her incident? So much for “INTEGRITY”!! E da sa qai sara i vukivuki sala!!

  30. LUVfiji Says:

    @SV : according to Legend FM that afternoon in an interview with Vijay Narayan, he explained that the meeting with the Military Council was being conducted from his residence because he “was not feeling unwell”.. lol! E vaka me tata na gusuna. Tata ni lasu!

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    @aubatinuku-N : Marama Naita, what happened to Ms Kaumaitotoya? Did I miss the news.. re an incident? Excuse me, but you got me curious!

    Talk about delayed reaction!

  32. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bula vinaka naita!!
    Banuve Kaumaitotoya e sikasika tiko nona weli e na vanua sigai kina ni dua na nona baigani mai Nakoro a few weeks later her son caught her and Bai Baro doing the full monty and the whole shebang in the valevakoro mai Lomanikoro, Rewa. A little bird told me she had like a mild stroke and her speech is affected somehow.

    And also Eveli Mataitini and his family are having a hard time keeping their work ie pledging their loyalty and allegiance to our RTD and the people of Rewa. Word on the Lomanikoro coconut wireless has it that the Mataitinis were counting on the power of the unanimous vote to override the FACT that they are in fact bordering on disenfranchising themselves from their claims to fame.

    His granddaughter Salote Mataitini publicised on that their Mataqali of Nukunitabua was having a meeting last weekend to basically cast vote for the Vunivalu title of Rewa and they went into this knowing that they have the numbers to pull the plan off. Several daylight hours ago his hopes of being installed were dashed by the taukei Nukunitabua. Eveli Mataitini even mentioned in the mataqali meeting that he wanted to be installed ASAP because he wanted to join the GCC even though our GMB/RTD had already expressed REWA’s stand on the whole illegal regime CHARTER FARTER deal and under that came the GCC.

    During the hundred nights for RoJoni Mataitini the Mataitini family via Aca Mataitini pledged saying that if anyone left the RTD, the Vunivalu clans would stick by the chief’s side”. That I am afraid is not the case as they proved when they attended the mataqali meeting full force with their ultimatum presentation by father and son……………Eveli Mataitini is also currently under investigation for that land deal he signed papers for, the people of Lokia are not happy. Didnt I say so!

    Banuve KautiBaiBaro should have known better considering her very public involvement about the basics of integrity and so should Eveli Mataitini and family.

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sorry, line #9 should read “keeping thier word”.

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    @ aubatinuku-N.. wow! Vinaka naita, I love that fighting spirit in you. You go girl!

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    @ aubatinuku “Akaaaa ie Naita, na kusima jiko vei kemudou, mai caka sara tu la e lomani vale va koro na ka oqo ie?” 8)

    Sa daba na ka oqo ie!!!

  36. naioconibokola Says:

    Aubatinuku-N Cavalevu sa baci yaco ?
    That was great reading Adi Kaila, now I know more than I did before.

  37. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Message reads – “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

  38. manasa Says:

    Good mentality guys..keep blogging

  39. LUVfiji Says:

    wrong info, Adi Kaila. Checked with my brother who graduated at the same time – she actually earned it! Oooooops!

  40. golden sands Says:

    @ luvfiji if your bro tells you that the fresh pile of dog shit on your front door is double chocolate mississippi mud cake you’ll swallow that too? Oooooops!

  41. LUVfiji Says:

    bula golden sands.. what happened to the Adi Kaila ? Sitting on the pile of shit at yr doorstep? Oooooops!

  42. Lillian Fletcher Says:

    aubatinuku-N who is Eveli Mataitini?? Do you mean Epeli Mataitini ??

  43. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Whats in it for yah Mrs.Fletcher?

  44. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It is not good for your health you know! Best to keep your nose clean on this one!

  45. agent vinod Says:

    @ lili fletcha – where u from woman?

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