Going back on commitment embarrassing: Beddoes

Bloggers, well Chodo and the FLP are now openly showing their true colours about their supporting the coup from the very beginning and rumours concerning John Samy’s appointment before the coup seems to have merit. Well the wheels of justice may turn slowly, but ‘turn’ they do and with the advent of the Internet age, all these ‘shit’ will one day come back to haunt the illegal junta and what a day that will be!!! Blog on ragone as we come close to the 600,000 hit mark!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update: 1:36PM GOING back on a commitment made to Pacific Island leaders and the international community to hold elections by March next year is embarrassing for Fiji, says former opposition leader Mick Beddoes.

Mr Beddoes said by calling off next years elections, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has sent out the message that Fiji could not honour any of its commitments. Mr Beddoes added that it appeared from Dr Fred Seveles statement that Commodore Bainimarama was clearly told about the Forums unwillingness to accept such a diluting qualification in the Communiqu.

“He had the opportunity then to pull out and not give any undertaking, but he did not. In addition the remarks about the possibility of an extended time if genuine efforts were being made by the interim administration seems reasonable enough to me, yet the interim administration has continued to waste time and adopt a go slow approach towards their commitments,” he said.

“This is very embarrassing for Fiji and it makes us look pretty stupid when it comes to dealing with the International community and our Pacific neighbours because we are telling the world that we simply cannot honour any of the commitments we give, or we dont mean what we say or they cannot rely on us to stick to whatever we do agree to.” Mr Beddoes said this was yet another example of bad governance and poor leadership. “And if this is the standard that John Samy and his NCBBF is setting as the minimum requirement for good governance and leadership for the Charter outcomes, then I am afraid we will be doomed to a prolong period of aimless wandering,” he said.


30 Responses to “Going back on commitment embarrassing: Beddoes”

  1. Koya na Man Says:

    The NCBBF is a time & money wasting machine because what they are currently doing is not in accordance with the Const…
    The committee members are making good money for themselves though, for the moment.

    Talking about transparency & good goveranace they current illegal admin… are way off the mark,practising nepotism(all the soldiers getting top Govt..jobs),corruption(paying bhai huge sum of money for leave not taken from 1979),e.t.c.,e.t.c……

    Bhais lies are now going to haunt him and the Nation is going to pay the price.His tongue twisting statements and disorientated state of mind is currently witnessed by the Forum and international community once again,and will surely attract negative ripple effects on our nation

    I wonder if any/similar payment(in nature) has been received by the other soldiers and former soldiers in the illegal admin…

    Looks like the future of elections in our country looks bleak from the moment the majority of the 14 provinces threw out the window his charter.Frank thought it was a walk over but little did he realise(the consequence of his actions that) the very chiefs that he overthrew in Dec../06 were the key, to see his charter through.He is always miscalculating and is always missing the mark in every thing he does to gain favour from stakeholders.

    Look at FICAC – what have they done so far,the NLTB commission of enquiry – where’s their report,the GCC committee led by nawalowalo – what have they achieved,the NCBBF (memebers being paid huge amounts of money) – what have they done, and do they have a time frame for their activity or we will continue to pay them whilst they’re figting a loosing battle.

    All Bhai & his soldiers are successfully doing is carrying out chaudharys propaganda by destroying all fijian institutions.

    Sa dri yani.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Come on guys , there was only ever one agenda !
    Complete annihilation of the Fijian Institutes as you now know them !
    Now Frank is stalling for the President to pass away so he can declare himself President . And as each day goes by , the economy and social fabric of Fijian society falls deeper and deeper into the abyss .
    So , don’t you think it’s time to get the upper hand .
    The element of surprise is your greatest advantage , is it not ?

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    Could someone confirm if the guns that the military have are real – as in – do they have real bullets – rubber or otherwise.

    Could someone also confirm if it is possible to have access to their armoury? Where it is located.

    If we can destroy the armoury and anything else the military can use to inflict harm on the public we can wrap up this friggin coup in a moment. Because we all know that without guns we can stop this coup immediately as the might of the people will overcome the soldiers.

    Just a thought – because it can be done with the help of ex military personnel and maybe the soldiers who are against this whole shit. Being a girl I know I have a pretty wild imagination – I’m sure it can be done and I really wish I knew more about how the fmf compound layout and how they actually function to put my thoughts in logical order about a way of dismantling the fmf.

    With our collective ideas and logical thinking we can overcome the soldiers as this coup has given us all a clear insight that their leader is a fucking fool so the chain behind him must be just as bad as he is. The fmf may not mind having a pig for a leader but I certainly don’t want the world to think a bipolar pig is the Prime Minister of Fiji when he bloody well isn’t.

  4. Wailei Says:

    Some guys should just go and find out the location of this container and hide it in Naitasiri like they did with a particular container in 1987 which is still missing to date. A friend of mine with a few others in the military in 2000 were told to look for the bloody thing, They went down to Tamavua i ra and right up to the bushes in Naitasiri, could not find it. lol.. Pote!

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Wailei

    Thank God you posted tonight I’ve been wanting to thank you for being so observant . I’ve find your posts very revealing.

    You know that sometimes we may see, read or hear something and it doesn’t really make sense or get the gist of it until someone else puts their spin on it. You’re very good at this – putting the sense or facts in so we understand it. I know from reading posts here that you’ve put forward quite a lot truths about ig coupsters and it has been missed completely by some of us – maybe through being distracted by fools like budhau or shri.

    Keep it up Wailei and Vinaka Vakalevu!

    BTW I hope that container stay hidden wherever that may be and we can hopefully get rid of anything that gives the fmf and the ig coupsters the courage to continue with their illegal hijacking of this Nation. Bloody weak arsed bastards – without guns they can’t scratch themselves and now some of them have become quite wealthy by their illogical, irrelevant version of cleaning up corruption, transparency and good govenance – yeah and pigs will fly.

  6. Say True! Says:

    Sad. Very very sad indeed. Fiji is not crying now, it’s wailing. March 2009 – deadline. RAMFI.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Civil disobedience is the best way to bring this regime to it’s knees because even the soldiers supporting this coup , will suffer . At that point , they may decide to stop listening to Frank and Co. and bring things to an end once and for all !

  8. bodyguard Says:



  9. Frida Says:

    Adi Kaila & Wailei – we should get an investigative journalist like Verenaisi Racola to find out the depth of Korea’s involvement in the arms being shipped to Fiji. Let us get the international community be involved. If Korea is really involved as has been suggested, Australia and New Zealand should deal with them in regards to trade embargo and whatever. The UN Secretary General – Ban Ki Moon should be concerned because it is the country of his birth and as the Head of the UN, his primary role is to ensure peace and stability all over the world. Let us keep sharing ideas and blogging because by doing this we are keeping the pressure on. Wjhy do you think the 40 officers are gettingextra money – becaues the truth is coming out and the pig with chodo are finding all means to silence those with the ammunition to reverse the leadership of Fiji.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    At last, some sense from this old hag.

    “”FLP Koroi also called for an inquiry into the police force.

    She said there were complaints about poor service, insensitivity to complaints,

    allegations of CORRUPTION and NEPOTISM as well as PROMOTION ON

    GROUNDS OTHER THAN MERIT and often cited poor pay and conditions of


    I think she is referring above to the illegal appointment of the obese, useless deckhand, fullchow.

    Then again, her comments could apply to all illegal appointments made by the jaundiced junta.

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Frida, this article from ‘Raw Fiji News’ today should answer your questions.

    “”Sources have confirmed that Ului and his mate – Defence Attache/First Secretary at the Korean Embassy in Fiji are in a multi-million dollars deal involving stockpiling of dangerous weapons capable of killing multitudes of people in the coup infested island paradise of Fiji.

    These weapons are similar to those used in war-torn countries like Iraq, Afganistan and Pakistan.

    Insiders say that the interim Defence Minister and brother-in-law to Ului, that Epeli Ganilau, has signed off on a taxpayers funded purchase order, counter-signed by interim Finance Minister, Mahen Chaudhry, to purchase 5 additional tankers equipped with high-powered machine guns.

    The tankers are expected to roll out at the Suva Wharf soon. Kurusiga’s security company and Ului’s 3rdFIR armed military boys will carry out this special cargo container-clearing maneuvre at the usual time, i.e at around 3am to avoid attracting unnecessary attention from the public.

    Frank, Epeli Ganilau, Ului, Teleni, Chaudhry and the Korean Defence Attache are said to have received their percentage commission from the tanker supplier in Korea. These Korean arms manufacturers are frequent guests of Frank, Epeli, Teleni and Ului in Fiji and they’ve been spotted together more than once at a popular Korean hotel and eatery in downtown Suva.””

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    No one would want to invest money in a failed state with a politically unstable illegal junta destroying the country and its people.

    Think of Zimbabwe and then think of Fiji.

    This American businessman sums up the mood of investors.

    “”ABOUT 500 jobs planned for a rural community have been lost after developers of an $80million resort dumped the project.

    The American developer for the Narewa Club and Resort at Nabukadogo outside Labasa, Larry Fish, said political instability and an illegitimate Government forced investors to pull out.

    “In a week, I lost an American investor who was investing $50million and some local investors. The rug was literally pulled out from under my feet,” Mr Fish said.

    Mr Fish said his attempts at convincing other investors to invest had come to naught.

    He noted the importance of Fiji returning to democratic rule as soon as practicable. They just dont want to invest in a country with so much instability. Thats what investors dont want and no one will come and re-invest until the elections, he added.””

  13. Striker Says:

    Pharoah’s might was defeated by Moses, a God-sent shepherd. The mighty Goliath was stopped by a stone slung by a shepherd boy. Marco’s tanks were stopped and the Berlin Wall came down through the will of the people. Do not be afraid of their weapons. History teaches us that in any struggle, despite temporary setbacks, those on the side of God’s truth, justice and righteousness will always prosper.

  14. Tonga Says:

    What can we say when we have bavulus trying to do what educated, intelligent people should be doing. There is no comparison!

    For once in my life I’m embarassed to say that Fiji was my country of birthday.

    The Fiji nappy changes in the USA have got together, raised USA$6000 and gave it to Coka the good for nothing brother of Eveli Naiulukau.

    Could you believe it? It was pocket money for his trip to Tonga for the coronation.

    No use talking, they will never learn – problem with Fiji.

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila, Wailei and ex FT – the day those tnaks hit the streets of Suva we are done for. How can we bring international preassure on South Korea not to ship the tanks. I suggest the US Embassy.

    Never thought I would ever say this, but its time to move up all forms of protest a couple of gears.

    What do you think they will tell us is their reason for importing tanks for use against our own people.

    At this point if the Archbishop and all of their civilian supporters are not alarmed, the only other conclusion is they have lost their collective minds.

  16. LUVfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila – in response to yr earlier post:

    The fmf armoury sits right in front of the guard room at the Main Gate to QEB! No easy access there, girl – thats Ului’s territory; now as head of 3FIR. And, yes they do have real bullets that kill.. remember the Mutiny of 2000 where their own were killed and injured including a lady officer who was caught in the crossfire!

    Generally, its only when patrolling the streets or at shooting exercises at Rifle Range, or at Military Parades do they use blanks in their firearms where they will pose no danger to members of the public.

    Trust me, did one year military service.

  17. Wailei Says:

    @Adi Kaila, Why thank you hon, much appreciated. However, Sometimes I usually harp about nonsense.. usually when Im annoyed. lol.. Although, I must point out that you do have great analytical skills and I do enjoy reading your posts. So, the “thanks” is also reciprocated. Vinaka.

    As for the ammo as suggested by LuvFiji, thats a bit hard to steal if its sitting up at the main gates. @ LuvFiji, Didnt they used to use live bullets at Rifle Range? I remember going there (before they fenced it off) when i was a kid I collected brass bullet shells from M16’s guns as my parents used to come for a round of golf on Saturdays at the Golf Club. So was pretty much aimless, so I usually take a walk around the vicinity in the late 1980’s.

  18. PPC Says:

    Dont worry folks things are unfolding as we blog, there will be a huge ball fire at the Camp …like they have never seen before…and then Voreqes residence, we have people guarding him right now who will start chain reaction to freedom and salvation .Thanks boys what ever happens to you rest assuared we will never forget you.

  19. Belijo Says:


    Thanks for your uplifting and encouraging comment. Totally agree with you. If God is for us who can be against us. Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword. Let’s not be tempted by the devil and be defeated but let’s have greater faith in Christ and use the power of believers 1 John 4:4 – You are of God…and have overcome them because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. We are of Christ and in His name we will overcome evil in our country

  20. Keep The Faith Says:

    Whatever happens y’all keep it clean and lawful. I hope no one is thinking that a bullet to Frank’s head is the solution because he should never get out that easy the motherfcuker.

    I for one want him to PAY by sitting & rotting in jail while his family tries to survive without him. The same applies for ALL his cronies.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    you have to have a little faith , not all soldiers are to blame as they had only 3 choices : –
    resign , wait for the end of this regime or support it .
    Now , no doubt some of the soldiers have supported the coup , but my guess is that some of those , have since changed their minds yet don’t know what to do next !
    Others , because there are little to no prospects in Fiji , employment wise , elected to stay in the Military until things return to normal .
    And yet others , who risked losing everything , including their reputations , resigned .
    They resigned either because it was the right thing to do rather than support a treasonous act , or because , financially , unlike some soldiers , they were able to take that particular course of action .
    Another reason resignation may have been the more appealing option for those Officers , was the fear of a repeat of 2000 , when soldiers and others were killed or murdered , had they stayed and fought .
    Let’s face it , it would have been a bloodbath , with relatives killing relatives .
    So please put things into perspective and understand that the soldiers you are now condemning in anger , may be the very same people who save Fiji from this evil coup culture in the long run .

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    I want to say something to Fijians from the heart ,
    firstly , you are known for your friendliness , gentleness and fairness . No matter what is happening , Fijians always seem to be able to come up with a smile .
    Secondly , I think the fact that you are able to show so much courage at this difficult time and be so patient and yet persevere rather than take up arms .
    This shows a maturity and such a commitment to Christian values , few nations would be able to match .
    Well done and God bless Fiji .

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    and his funeral

    with the words

  24. newsfiji Says:

    MM: thank you for the compliment to Fijians! I’m Fijian and am proud to have read your comment above!


  25. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula Tonga

    You know something – you’re absolutely correct – why the hell do these people keep giving money to the ones who don’t bloody deserve it – Cokas a big boy – an old qase one to be exact & should be able to take care of himself – that $6000 would’ve been in $US so he made a bloody killing, sa vakamadua nai tovo ni Turaga qo.

    They don’t owe any of these people, maras, ganilaus, Ratu Epeli or his bro Coka anything – their loyalty is misguided. The money would’ve been better spent on medical supplies that is in very short supply here or to pay for childrens school fees, books etc in their villages.

    Coka and his family have never given anything back to the people so why do they keep up this tabetabe – it’s about time they got their priorities right. Sa levula na ‘love you long time’

    Oi auwe – Can’t speak the Maciu!

  26. Wailei Says:

    lol @ “Love you long time” yaga gona na lako ina Spa…

  27. Adi Kaila Says:

    Wailei – I knew you’d know something – maybe he owes the spa some pai$a & it’s not for the coronation trip anyway!

    Masi vinaka tiko okoya.

  28. Wailei Says:

    Io e gu na masia o “love you long time” e sega tu ni rawa ni tucake rawa o Leaning Tower of Pisa. Kemudou!!

  29. Adi Kaila Says:

    Io ni cakavi rau ruarua na veitinani – Adi Sai and koila his sister in law – vaka domobula nai vakarau nei Leaning Tower of Pisa – that’s what happens behind closed doors.

    Lai masi masi sara – gunu ginseng – the mind boggles!

    I am so glad I live in the real world and can be responsible for my own behaviour without guilt.

    Keep it up Wailei – Big Bro Eps N frequents those establishments as well – no kim chee at home.

    “ullo latu big masarse totay? Winnie gif koot masarse for latu – velly spesool.”

  30. Wailei Says:


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