Kudos to Natewa Prince and his Sources

On July 27 we published the story from NP that the house purchased for Ruby and Sale at Howell road was paid for in cash by Vore and the money was from thirty years of unpaid leave he claims he had accumulated and not taken.

you can re-read it again and all comments on this link https://solivakasama.wordpress.com/2008/06/27/it-shall-be-shouted-from-the-roof-top/#comments

however now it has finally be proven with documents obtained by Fiji Times and Fiji TV journalists which you can read on this link


As we said before “It shall be shouted form the roof top.



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  1. Mark Manning Says:

    The attack by Frank this morning on the media of Fiji makes sense now !
    This man has no shame and will stoop to any level to try and appear legitimate in any of his dealings .
    He has no credibility and it’s time for him to go .
    I am still wondering though , is he delaying the elections because he is waiting for the President to die or become too ill to Administer his post ?
    It is at this point , Frank could declare himself president and disband the GCC totally and then appoint his own man Vice President .
    Time is running out if Noble men are to act .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I used to drive buses in Sydney and was never allowed to accumulate leave , if you didn’t use it , you were paid the money owing for the leave , but had to wait another 12 months to accumulate leave again . It was the same in the Army , so where are Aziz and Frank getting their new guidelines from ?
    Great article by the way from the Times about their payments .
    I hope someone can dig up the evidence and publish it of the murders of the 5 CRW soldiers in 2000 !

  3. Wailei Says:

    Tobo tale…

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    The power and the gory!

    So much now for the staff incentives enjoyed by husband and wife combo at Colonial! Sa qai tu na .. Mai yaso!

    Vinaka NP.. we never doubted yr source. Can we please find out how much was paid out to Eveli ganilua? He must have also received a substantial sum. Me ceburaki kece mai.

  5. Frida Says:

    Now SAKUA – what else do you have to say?

    Even I ahve heard that Sale’s big sister has had to give up the home she is in with her husband because they cannot pay and have moved back into the parents home.

    Sale and wife should give up the house and move back to where they were. The day will come when that house will be sold under your nose to recover the damage done by the pig. You children will be bg and be able to know waht is going and will ask – what happened? How will you answer?

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Vinaka NP!

  7. PPC Says:

    Quote of the Day

    The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.
    —Vince Lombardi


  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    If this revelation doesn’t convince the coup apologists and sympathisers of voreqes blatant theft of the Nations coffers well I don’t know what planet they’re on because when he started shooting his big mouth off about ridding Fiji of corruption (WTF) in the legally elected SDL Government by

    clean up campaign?

    good govenance?


    this arsehole of all arseholes and his ig coupsters have instead in eighteen months committed the biggest offences in this Nation.

    Everything the ig coupsters wrongfully accused the Legally elected SDL of they have blatantly done themselves with no qualm whatsoever.

    It’s so incredible it defies comprehension.


    What I cannot understand is why it has taken so many people so long to realise how corrupt this whole 5.12.06 coup and it’s instigators is and how it affects our whole lives – if they had not given their approval from the beginning this disaster would not have continued as it has.

    The assent given by the coup sympathisers and apologists gave the ig coupsters the courage to continue their illegal stance. Without it voreqe & his coupsters would’ve stood down pretty quickly and normality restored.

    We’ve witnessed how many many coup sympathisers and apologists have distanced themselves from the ig and are very shamefaced about defending it as the realisation has dawned of just how CORRUPT it is.

    The only ones defending the ig coupsters are those insignificant kaidias with no history whatsoever who have migrated and because they are still being treated like shit where they now have citizenship feel the need to side with the ig to make themselves important – hey migrant you’ll be treated like shit wherever you live because you are just a piece of shit & it’s your karma. The illogical and irrelevant writings to ‘Your Say’ or Letters to the editor in the Fiji Times and other publications give the ig coupsters a false sense of security and importance – the truth is quite the opposite

    They need to understand that they are only putting the lives of kaidias living in Fiji in danger, because there has never ever been any other time in the history of this Nation when the feeling of Nationality has been so heartfelt and united.

    We have been provoked enough as a Nation and events will take a nasty
    turn – worse than I think one would want. If the ig coupsters take the time to think (?) of the consequences of where the Nation is at this stage and how disgraceful the standards of living and everything else has diminished they should try and be tactful and give up gracefully before the shit hits the fan.

    I doubt they have the capacity to be honest and respectful as all of those involved in the ig are hard core losers who continually jump on board whenever there is an illegal scam going on. Pai$a Pai$a Pai$a – Money talks – Integrity walks.


  9. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The revelation that our dictator, Bainimarama, in February 2008 received a payout of $184,740 for leave owed since 1978 raises more questions than it provides answers.

    For example, is it the amount calculated before, or after, tax?
    Does it take into account all the time Frank Bainimarama spent watching rugby matches?

    Like the rugby match he watched in early December 2006 that was the stated reason for the dictator delaying his coup?

    Does it include the time the dictator spent on the 1997 RFMF rugby tour of Australia, including his mysterious disappearance from midnight to dawn when he was accommodated at Paddington Barracks on Sydney’s notorious Oxford Street, just down from the Kings Cross red light district?

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    now ruby and sale will have more money to buy alcohol to PARTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  11. Belijo Says:

    Verenaisi Raicola needs to be applauded for her guts in presenting this article. People fasting, fast on! More is yet to be revealed in God’s own way and own timing.

  12. Belijo Says:

    Thanks to this blogger solivakasama for your accuracy in hinting this earlier on and today the details have been fully explained. God be with you!

  13. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Sorry to be off-topic, but we wanted readers to see the following comment which we posted on Fiji Times.

    “The biggest enemy of our illegal military-backed regime has always been the truth.

    The truth about the economy, the truth about the beatings and killings in the wake of Frank Bainimarama’s 2006 coup, the truth about the promised
    election, the truth about Mahendra Chaudhry’s bank accounts and tax affairs, the truth about the CRW killings in 2000, the truth about death threat to diplomats, the truth about the manipulation of the judiciary and the civil service.

    The junta that is running this country into the ground hates the truth!
    That is why it seeks to impose control over our free media.

    That is why our beloved Fiji is being turned into a pathetic imitation of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

    That is why we know we are living under a dictatorship.


  14. newsfiji Says:

    Thanks Solivakasama for the great work!

    Sa tobo tale tu o Van Damme!

    Well, we can’t blame Frank for taking as much $$ as he possibly can now – it’s because he’s a macawa, no qare, no nothing to show for…sa bau lai rawataki nomu vodo lori vinaka wavoki and your children living in posh houses now eh..

    Mai vale e mino! Bloody KANA LOTO na neimami buno! BAKUWAVIVI!

  15. Striker Says:

    Voreqe, you should be in jail you thief!

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    Do you all remember when that other corrupt army so and so musharaff was living high off the hog the hog of a pig voreqe was closely immitating him (copy cat dirty rat).

    musharaff is off the radar now and pigster seems to immitating the old fool mugabe.

    Speaks volumes doesn’t it?!

    NEWSFIJI has summed it up very well – but the house is not posh – it’s only posh by their standards (which are lower than the ground) – remember this is the corrupt idiot pig that built his fathers house with a Ready Made House donated by other countries for our cyclone victims.

    voreqe not only suffers from bipolar and imbecility he has a huge dose of MATA NI TA BOKA.

    Quick someone give him a big gin and tonoka and spike it with credibility and intelligence so he can see the light (very doubtful)

  17. Mossad Says:

    Bula kece……….I’ve noted Col Aziz’s comments on Fiji Live where he stated that this backdated payment applies to ALL RFMF Officers currently in the Civil Service………No wonder Leweni has a new Toyota Prado, Registration: NATSET……


  18. soro Says:

    Didnt Aziz say that the same payment has been applied to 40 officers ?

    Welllllllllllllll ! Agree with FDN – the truth is what will set us all free…… the more people know the truth the more liberated we will become .

    Vive le Feejee !!!!!! The resistance cometh !

  19. iceman Says:


  20. vakatakilai Says:

    This should at least trigger some thoughts in the military. This coup is not about whatever they had claimed it to be. This coup is about themselves. The very few who are enjoying all the benefits, I would say the top 100 or so officers.

    Frank is not so worried about the majority underneath him as they know very little of the truth. he will, on the other hand try his best to appease all those in the know in order to keep them roped in.

    I would appeal to those in the military to do the honorable thing, lay down your arms or even better walk away with it and let those people up there be stranded in there.

    There are counting on your loyalty. The monetary rewards they are getting is way beyond the few hundreds they are promising you. Do not be fooled and show them that you could survive without the meager income you are getting from the army.

    Relatives will recognize your sacrifice and will stand by you and your families. More importantly, God above who sees all our deeds will not turn away from anyone who wishes to do good and then takes action accordingly. If we take the first step, He will surely come in and help you along the rest of the way.

    God Bless.

  21. newsfiji Says:

    SV: dou ceburaka mai ke na ka dina baleta iratou na yavu bakuwavivi qo! Bloody waste of space! chiu!

  22. Glawyer Says:

    Looks like these thieving officers from the RFMF have finished with the regimental fund and decided to start stealing from the whole Nation. YOU ARE PATHETIC THIEVING ARSEHOLES BEING LED BY THE BIGGEST THEIVING ARSEHOLE THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN!!! May your stolen wealth be the death of you!!!

  23. Ablaze Says:

    I’m with you Glawyer!

  24. Keep The Faith Says:

    This is money which the RFMF didn’t have the budget in previous years to pay for leave accrual. I’m not even sure this is allowed under PSC Regulations.

    But seeing as they are controlling the coffers its a free-for-all now.

  25. tosotiko Says:

    Well Well Well It comes as no surprise! They have to butter each other’s butt to keep believing the lies they are propagating..

  26. PPC Says:

    Kivei Kemuni kece na sotia macawa ni vakalusi i lavo tiko qori mai na keba, ni tonolaka mada nai cici ni Bainimarama kei Mary kei Leweni na kawa ni kAI iDIA ,OTI NI QAI DABEDABECA NOMUNI gusuni Dakai
    Ni veicai

  27. Adi Kaila Says:

    When we regain our Nation we will ensure that there is no army of any kind – dou qai macala mada na sotia bukucara. We will dismantle this useless army that has caused nothing but heartache to our beloved Nation.

    No fmf = no more friggin military fuckups ever again

  28. Groggymaster Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu – NP & SV. Brilliant scoop.
    @PPC – I trust the soldiers stick the bayonets on their guns beforehand!!!!.

    So now it’s swilling at the trough!!!! and all of this without a whimper from Chodo – what a duplicitous Lamulamusona levu.

  29. church mouse Says:

    It surely is time for travellers and apologists to wake up! What’s with ECREA – can’t believe they are not fully awake by now? They used to be so sensitive and sensible.

  30. Tebara Says:

    So much for transparency, good governance, weeding out those with dirty hands and all that crap sermon from the fookin PIG … Now for all to see .. The itchy money hungry, imsomniac DICKHEADS greedy azz is being publicised for the nation and the world to see.

    My heart goes out to those hard working Civil servants who endured paycuts, work long hours for zilch and today having to stomach what this IDIOT is all about… NOT FOR PEOPLE BUT FOR HIM AND HIS POWER HUNGRY FAMILY … AND THAT DOESNT STOP WITH HIS IMMEDIATE ..BUT EXTENDED FAMILY … WHO ARE ENJOYING THE FREE RIDE EATING THE CREAM OF TAXPAYERS MONEY.

    Mai ya so … kemudou na matavuvale macawa sega ni dua na ka tu vei kemudou (Bainimarama Clan et al ). This blogger can say that boldly having dealt with these no ghare famili first hand.

  31. Tim Says:

    @PPC: And the RFMF is proof of the Peter Principle – which runs something like people are promoted on the basis of their incompetence.
    The problem with this junta is that they have run out of legitimate positions that people can be promotes “sideways”
    …….and this just in (as though it were any surprise): No Elections in March.

    Fiji might have to prepare itself for the China Syndrome because if it’s true friends put their money where their mouths are, sanctions will be racked up a notch (as they should have been many many many months ago).
    Such sanctions might include registering members of the RFMF in key positions as terrorists, refusing travel over certain controlled airspace, investigating the assets of sympathisers held offshore, looking at residency status of people actively supporting the junta, banks accounts et al.

  32. Ablaze Says:

    Vakaloloma ko Viti, he is one big lasulasu bainivuka! Here is proof!

    2009 election unachievable: Interim PM
    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Update: 5:39PM The March 2009 election timeline initially given by the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is unachievable, he admitted today.

    In an interview with Radio Fiji, Commodore Bainimarama said “there will be no elections next year”.

    Earlier this week Commodore Bainimarama and his government officials met with Pacific Islands foreign ministerial contact group holding talks on Fijis progress towards democracy.

    He Bainimarama told Radio Fiji, the initial plan by Cabinet was to have elections in 2010 – even though there were no plans for electoral reform then.

    He added that promises made because “the Pacific Islands Forum chairman and Tongan Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele informed him that the international community would be flexible if more time was needed by Fiji”.

    He said that Fiji’s commitment was altered by Dr Sevele to the Forum Leaders meeting in Tonga last year.

    Commodore Bainimarama told Radio Fiji: “Any way I went to Tonga for the Forum meeting last year as every one know and prior to that meeting I had sat with the chairman of the Forum countries Dr Sevele, the Prime Minister of Tonga, who insisted that I remove the in principal because it was not telling the international community that we were going to have elections.

    “What I gathered was that he said whilst you kept the in principal in front of the March 2009 – it tells the international community you will never have elections so take away the in principal, keep the March 2009 – announce to them the March 2009 and if theres any extra time for elections that you want, we will be quite flexible coming out with additional timing so I took that on board and thats how I came up with March 2009 at the Forum on the understanding if theres need to be an extension in time the International Community will be very flexible.”

    He sounds like a child trying to make his parents believe that he lied.

  33. Glawyer Says:

    Now Bainvuaka trying to blame the Tongan PM for the March 2009 deadline, which shows how incompetent and block headed he is. What he is basically saying is he didn’t know what to say and the Tongan PM said, ‘Say this’ and he went ahead and said it…..thats what happens when wannabe ulukau leaders become PM….if this is an example of the kind of leadership Bainipuaka has no wonder you have people like Aiyarse and Chodo riding him like a donkey and telling him what to do….ULUKAU!!! As long as we have this imbecile in charge we can be assured that Chodo and Aiyarse are the ones really in charge and this no elections just proves it because that is what Chodo has been saying. Sa qai vakaloloma dina ko Viti!!

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    Just watching the stations of the cross in Sydney on TV and the commentator , Ray Martin , quite rightly points out , that Jesus suffering was for all people oppressed anywhere at anytime , and so I thought of Fiji at this moment in time .

  35. Tim Says:

    @MM, Yea me too. They’re about to crucify the wrong guy.

  36. Tailevu South Says:

    At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

    Beka aqo na friend NP duadua a tamata, o keya beat saraga Ratu Sukuna!

  37. Tim Says:

    And as an aside, I note the Media “promulgation” – which is kind of like the confirmation needed (if there were any doubt) that the regime is a bunch of facists.
    But… Intelsat 701, and Optus D1 satellites carry a good deal of unencrypted material – Sky Pacific is reliant on the former, Sky OZ/NZ and others the latter.
    I note the installation and cost of setup for Sky Pac is around the same cost as a tuner. I know what I’d see as a better investment especially if media is to effectively be controlled.

  38. FijiGirl Says:

    Bainimarama’s payday is yet another example of Chodo’s dismal grasp of Finance and economics.

    Chodo knows the nations coffers are empty, so instead of looking at solutions for long-term economic growth, he looked at the major money-spinners. He’s trying to cripple tourism, so he won’t touch them. He can’t hump the cane farmers any more without them biting him. So what’s next? The bottled water industry! “Ok!” Chodo thinks to himself. “If I just take their exports and take some of that, my figures will be okay. Let’s see, I need this much, and I can get it from them if I charge them …. 20% tax … okay that’s what I’ll do!” No thought about implementation, or running them out of business, or sending negative messages to investors. He just sees our entire nation as being his ‘sand pit’ to play in, the simplistic little moron.

    Those of you watching ‘Paradise Or Bust’ on Mai TV, just watch the final episode where Chodo tries to ‘bust’ the virtual community’s eco-resort, again using his simplistic, idiotic Class One maths with no appreciation for the finer nuances of accountancy, economics, finance, business development, investment or income generation.

    Now he’s done the same thing again with his butt-buddy’s back pay. Class One maths, no adjustment for inflation, depreciation, and 20 years (!) of payment! No-one does that. Ever! Unless of course they are trying to keep their bedfellows happy so that they can continue to rape democracy.

    Beware Chodo – what goes around, comes around. You cannot escape your own day of reckoning.

    Vore – if you had any sense of honour, you would not have accepted that money. Which I guess just proves the point ….

    God bless Fiji

  39. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I guess that bananasinpyjamas will have to shut down the ABC in Oz.

    They have this damning report on their web site.

    “”Fiji’s self appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has told local radio there will be no return to democratic rule by next March, despite an earlier commitment from the nation’s military rulers to the Pacific Forum.

    He says the March 2009 election time line is unachievable, because the much needed electoral reforms cannot be implemented in time.

    Fiji’s Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaium, says the Government did not intend to mislead the international community.

    “The Government and the Prime Minister has never said, ‘in fact we want elections’,” he said.

    “We said we want elections, but we want elections under the new system.

    “In the meantime the people of Fiji are a lot more concerned about rising food prices.”

    Former Fiji human rights commissioner Shamima Al says she is not surprised that the military government has backtracked on its commitment.

    “We are very, very disappointed,” she said.

    “It’s a very sad day for Fiji, but then if you really look at it and how this military regime has been behaving since December 2006, this does not come as a surprise.”””

    Have a good read of hairyarse’ statement / nonsense.

    It should be an interesting Pacific Forum meeting next month.

  40. Ini Says:

    I remember that when he did the coup he said that he will not accept any salary if he take up the position of an interim P.M!!Was it because he knew that he was going to get this payout?Regarding the 40 officers that also receive this payout,is Aziz saying that they were bribed?Very interesting!!Thank God for exposing this!!

  41. Ini Says:

    It looks like to me that the 40 officers were bribed and deceived before the coup!!It’s either they fail to realise what was coming or it’s the lust of money / greed that lead them to accept this !!Very sad for Fiji !!

  42. Clip Says:

    Pay out for Vore is only the tip of the iceberg…ofcourse there’s more…as to the elections…they will not have any elections in the foreseeable future…caka na elections mera tou na vesu..segai….not even in 2010…if they are not removed by force , they will stick their arses in govent forever…even to thre next generation..Chodo was saying to his sugar people beginning of the coup, they are going to be here for a long time….what they are doing to the media, laws,civil cervice, govt funds etc.. makes us believe that this is for the long haul… they will not let go just yet..even Chodo is grooming Chodo jr to pass the torch of illegal IG to the next generation…so no elections people if you do not move now…

  43. Observer Says:

    From Real Jack on FijiBoardExiles

    my reading of this situation is that this leak came from within the Ministry of Finance

    those RFMF officers who took these leave entitlements never learnt the first lesson you learn when you deal with an asian, especially indians (even indo fijians) – if you don’t know who you are dealing with, there is no such thing as a free ride. an old indo fijian business man, whom i respect and learnt some very practical and real lessons from – once told me when an indian businessman gives you a cup of milk, always be wary of the cobra that is at the bottom of that cup – there is no such thing as a free cup of milk. no free lunch.

    it takes two hands to clap – but only if you are joined as one – i.e to work together you must trust eachother – thats an old indian saying – two hands to clap. ek hat se tali nahi baje.

    these guys in the RFMF went to the Middle East and never learnt anything about eastern people’s – they slept with Lebanese women and hung out in Egypt and Israel and they never learnt the lessons they should have learnt – this leave entitlement was a cup of milk to soften up those officers – and now they are seeing the head of the cobra at the bottom of that cup – there will be many more incidents recorded about every short cut deal that has been done for them – nothing comes for free – they have been clapping with one hand.

    you will never find MC making that mistake. MC is an old player and a wily and smart player.

    but the power game they are playing here now is a very dangerous one – people forget that those guns in the army have already been turned in on themselves in 2001 and they also came out on the streets – a fallout within the RFMF will be a huge problem for the country – if it disintergrates up at Nabua, the whole of Fiji will be in the crossfire – because those boys are going to take their personal scrap onto the streets – and the possibility of that happening is very real.

    it won’t be pretty.

    this is why the media should have been cautious with what it prints – there are loose guns and looser gunmen who are only held in place by the regimented discipline of the ranks – if it blows up, the Fiji Times and everybody else who are creating the conditions for that blowup will be crying for peace – because it will be anarchy – its a dangerous game.

    there are also officers and NCO’s up at Nabua who have not participated in this leave entitlement thing, nor have they had their hand in whats been going on – and these are the officers who have been working hard to keep the army intact because they know how dangerous a situation it will be if the army disintegrates – the work of those faithful officers are undermined with these kinds of irresponsible reporting.

    it puts the whole country at real risk – and the media has allowed itself to be used in the power play.

  44. BlogOn Says:


    Another rat that has slipped under the radar is that damodar kid from village 6, start asking questions, word around town, he invited himself to many SDL meetings and then passed information on to the IG, he is working for chodo, they all stick together and he is a regular at govt buildings. ask yourself why is he always at the QEB??? and why is he always seen with that prick the AG having lunch. I hear that everyone in the IG gets free tickets to the movies. he also has a military driver seen in uniform picking him up from the night clubs, is this where our tax money goes???? its well known around town that this boci gets his kick from boys and if you sleep with the boso you get a job. if you play for both teams you get caught sooner or later.. boci.

  45. Say True! Says:

    Sad. Very very sad indeed. Fiji is not crying now, it’s wailing. March 2009 – deadline.

  46. Tailevu South Says:

    Baleta gona ni a warai tu na ka vei Vore, qai rawata loto na ka ena gusu ni dakai o luveni dau vakadraunikau.

  47. Islander Says:

    Be very careful Voreqe & company because Fiji is a nation that is being prayed for daily – your days are numbered and your judgment and execution will be very swift.

  48. Ini Says:

    It is so true what Observer had just advertised from Real Jack…This is a dangerous game and it seems very difficult to fix this.I do feel sorry for the other faithful officers that are persevearing up there at Nabua in trying to keep the army intact because they know how dangerous it will be if the army disiintegrates!!..Good on you guys!! How come they didn’t promote one of them to be the Chief of Staff instead of giving it to muslim Aziz,the military lawyer that probabaly misled them from the very beginning..Alot of manipulation and deception is happening here..The two Strongholds of Islam has influnced the whole nation of Fiji!!.The only solution to this is for the whole nation to continue to Fast and Pray for the country because the damage done is huge and dangerous to fix…Jesus is the only way out here!!

  49. Budhau Says:

    So is it the power of the prayer that will do it – or is it the idiots who are being psyched by this prayer crap.

    NP – you should have sent this “Vacation pay” scoop to our boy Victor Lal – back then. The Lal dude hasn’t been doing much lately and depends on folks like you for it his investigative journalism crap. You guys would have got more mileage out of this with the Oxford dude pushing that in the media and you should be thinking about the Lal dude – he also needs to do something and without this inside tips, what else can he do.

    You see how that Real Jack piece above talks about the media being used – Lal would have done a great job with this one.

  50. Veleti Says:

    I dont agree with Observer & Real Jack…If the army disintergrates, they will be overwhelmed including those supporting the iIG. Ofcourse there will be costs to pay in terms of outcomes to any upheaval that may result..but remeber, if this nations army disintegrates, it wont be chaos and free for all imo …they are not induviduals like in US and other armies,..they are bounded by their blood ties to the Provinces and church they come from …its will see themelves orgaise on those lines there wont be chaos as they are implying..they orgaised and think as such even now…Real jack might be a supporter of iIG hence his concern..and so as observer…the final showdown will come somehow if Voreqe& iIG does not give way …

  51. Ablaze Says:

    Agree with Observer but then UN will step in and put an end to all this misery! Yes we will loose some innocent loved ones but they will perish fighting for justice and freedom!

    Worth It!

  52. tualeita Says:

    Prayer is not crap.

    I respectfully disagree with you Bud.

    Prayer and fasting have worked from time immemorial for peoples, nations, and individuals like me. I can testify to that.

  53. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji needs a Constitution that is alive and not dead! This can only happen if those lunatics disappear off the face of the earth.

    This is a good article, it brings common sense to whole situation! Vosa na vuku!

    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    FORMER Fiji Law Society president Graham Leung believes the Constitution is not alive despite assurances to the contrary.

    He said the interim regime could not ignore that it had not been successful in its campaigns to introduce constitutional changes.

    He said the interim Government can’t “force good ideas down people’s throats with the barrel of the gun lurking in the background”.

    “That is not democracy,” he said.

    Speaking to the members of the Fiji Law Society on the way forward for Fiji at their annual conference in Denarau, Nadi, yesterday, Mr Leung said people should not believe that all was well and the Constitution was still there.

    “There is a myth that is still perceived that the Constitution is still in place,” he said.

    Mr Leung said to only use part of the Constitution to justify one’s agenda was not the right thing to do.

    “You can’t choose to pick parts of the Constitution and ignore others.

    “There is no choice except the constitutional powers to changing laws.”

    Mr Leung said there could be no shortcuts “however well meaning to political and electoral reform”.

    He reminded the lawyers the Constitution was the supreme law of the land and it was the Constitution that determined how it could be changed.

    “To change the Constitution using a mechanism outside it is illegal and unacceptable,” he said.

    He said it was useless talking about good governance if the regime did not practice it. “Good governance applies as a start complying with the Constitution.”

    Mr Leung said leaders should quickly accepted that and take the country to elections and legitimacy.

    “Parliament alone is the best forum that forge a consensus on electoral reform.

    “There is no alternative social and political change except through an elected parliament following the correct legal processes.

    “We can’t take shortcuts to produce the ideal society overnight.”

    He said forced changes to the law outside the Constitution were destined to fail and that democracy was still the best form of government.

  54. Ablaze Says:

    To much kerekere prayers happening in Fiji! How about bomarding the Almighty with prayers of thanksgiving??????

    For this to happen Mataca should instil some good honest principles into the Interim Government whose leader is a lunatic and its supporters.

    I am certain the Almighty would be a lot happier if the Govt of the day worked on Food, shelter and clothing – the 3 basic requirements for human existence. These 3 things are everyone’s right in a democratic society.

    Didn’t Mataca say: God will help those that help themselves.

    The reality is honesty and morality before greed for power!

  55. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ablaze, the pig followed Mataca’s advice literally by helping himself without God’s assistance to the govt coffers and approving himself and his cronies huge payouts which are very dubious in nature.

    Electoral reform was unknown and not heard of at the time VB promised to hold elections in March 2009 at the 2007 PFL meeting. This diversionary entity came into being early this year when the iig brain trust was trying very hard to come up with something that would further delay elections – since their time of holding on to power was fast running out and there was not the slighest hope of them ever winning the elections. So voila eureka a perfect excuse to carry on holding onto the reigns of power – must have the electoral reforms 1st even though, whether they know it or not, it is unconstitutional and therefore not legitimate.

    The $189+k seemed to whet VB’s appitite for more forays into the national treasury. Thats why he wants more time in power to find other means of extracting more money from the treasury. He has tasted blood and likes it – in fact craves it.

  56. Mark Manning Says:

    By taking money from the treasury for themselves , Frank has virtually cut his own throat .
    This greedy grab for money has the effect of showing the lower ranks within the Military , just what this coup was really about . I wonder if the house he bought for his Daughter , catches fire soon !
    I hope his family are outside before this happens .

  57. Mark Manning Says:

    Has anyone seen the movie , Fantasia ?
    Not the girl , Fantasia !

  58. Tim Says:

    @MM: The girl Fantasia is actually the iAG in drag. He’s so pissed off at the travel bans ‘cos he can’t be in Oxford Park this weekend. Still, Budhau will be there to represent him – at $18 a go (as he quoted elsewhere) he’ll make a killing, plus the surroundings are much more civilised than his usual hangout bordering Pitt Street, Redfern.
    I wonder now in retrospect whether it was him that accosted me on my daily walk to the B-Junction – in which case he’s a scrawny little munter.

  59. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Has anyone noticed that the illegal bananasinpyjamas makes his silliest statements on the time of the full moon each month?

    Does this make him a lunatic?

  60. Tim Says:

    You know what? I look at the latest on FijiTimes and I see shit like “Bainimarama, after REVEALING to the nation……….” crap. Are there actually people that swallow that shit? I guess there must be, but it is like according some pathetic little lying, cowardly insignificant, a dgree of status that is ill-deserved. The only way Frank survives is with some tenuous “visible means of support”. And they go along the lines of Gates, Nazi, Shyster (after she’s checked in with sis) , Bubba a-Licker, an out of tune Bandmaster (who’d never have accomplished his musicals without some sort of radical threat, let alone an ability to speak riding on the apron strings of a wife with an IQ ten times larger than his), a Driti or two (and only after they’re truely sure an arms embargo and blockade hasn’t stifled thir security), a President who spends more time dribbling and attending to syphillitc sores, an Indo-Fijian community that so far appears to put a blind faith in a Chodo that seeks wealth and acclaim before anu “union” belfief. Thank the Lord (from domeone that is agnostic), I never invested in that kind of crap.
    It seems to me there are a few Ideologues of a left wing peruasion. Trouble is, probably beause of their egos more than anything else, they’re so far right to a Facist extreme they’ve yet to discover.
    Fiji is closer to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Musso’s Italy (check out the economy for a start!) or Germany’s Hitler than it will ever be to anything genuinely “left-wing” – whatever that is these days.
    And when there is a realisation – it’ll be down to the Shameens, the Bubbas, the Chodos firstly (line ’em up FIRST for execution), then the thick shits and the scared (one of which is the trembling Gates)

  61. benhur Says:


  62. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Isa lei ko Viti!! 😦
    Sa da mai lasutaki, Thank you Lord for your countless blessings!
    God Bless Fiji!!

    Vinaka vakalevu NP …… What do people like Budhau say to this then?
    Leca sala o Bulou Destiny vata i Jone Veikoso.

  63. Jose Says:

    @ benhur
    Again I say, include the useless pressie-stand-at ease with him.

  64. Adi Kaila Says:

    budhau everyone will pray for you insignificant little nuni to fall off so you won’t have anything to play with – budhau has no friends na na na na na!

  65. Mark Manning Says:

    For 30 pieces of silver , some people will swallow anything !
    I’ll leave that to your imagination Tim .

  66. Mark Manning Says:

    Sorry , but doesn’t this make more sense each day ?
    Please note the 2 replies to my comment from September 2007 .
    My guess is the replies are genuine and from Indians upset about my Asian remark !
    Mark Manning of Sydney,Australia (38 minutes ago)

    It matters not what anyone thinks , this regime decided years ago just exactly what it had in mind and how it would achieve it’s goals . Anyone who believes otherwise , is deluding themselves ! The processes this regime have put into place , are merely a smokescreen to hide their real intent . And one can only assume that that is total dominance over all facets of fijian society . Hasn’t anyone in Fiji understood yet , that Fiji is being sold out to the asians from under your feet , by your own countrymen ?
    Indian of India (29 minutes ago)

    To Mar Manning of Sydney Australia-#34

    These silly Fijians do not know- ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! We are controlling their Military now. We will do it slowly until we destroy all the Fijian Institutions and the their land rights. The silly Fijians including the selfish Ganilau and Bai do not know and do not bother. GENOCIDE is the MISSION. It can achieved politically.

    Crash Stock Exchange of United States (14 minutes ago)

    To India and Manning
    hahahaha…yeah lets start with crashing the South Pacific Exchange dominated by India and the banks! Maybe the Fijians can start thinking about the 6 billion deal now…hehehehe Take your pick!
    Fijians are lousy merchants anyway because their eyes have always been to big for their stomach(traditionally) thus the need to have a corporate body(GCC new look) to curb the crooks that take advantage of the Natadola projects etc. I say Code of conduct is necessary because no chief should be above the law neither are accountants!

  67. Budhau Says:

    As Benhur said, “killing will follow”, fire karo fire karo – praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

    Let the games begin – and as they say “hate begets hate”, the cycle of violence – don’t bother some of you, settled abroad.

    …as Ablaze wrote, “How about bomarding the Almighty with prayers of thanksgiving??????”. Guys …..trusting in God is fine but just in case you buggers are wrong and God is not on your side – you better get some guns.

    Didn’t Mataca say: God will help those that help themselves – and those other guys are surely helping themselves.

    a-N – I already told NP for the great job (I didn’t believe it when he came up with this earlier) – my only suggestion was that next time he gets a scoop like this – please forward it to brother Victor Lal – you know he is into investigative journalism – and he hasn’t got anything since someone sent him that file from FIRCA.

  68. Tim Says:

    Budhau would be OK if he didn’t put so much “faith” in ideology and false idols. He can criticise others for their faith (in whatever form), yet can’t handle the fact that those he’s signed up to as his heros are nothing more than self serving wannabes.
    Sounds arrogant, but I reckon the little scrawny bugger needs a few more years on him so that he can reflect a little more clearly.
    It’s all been learnt parrot fashion. Get him to rub together an original idea or two, and he’s fucked. Same goes for Bubs, the Shameens and others. As for Frank – he doesn’t even have the capacity to rub anything substantial together – as long as he’s got one or two stroking his ego, he’ll continue to breathe

  69. Mark Manning Says:

    for the children
    please watch this up to the 1 minute 55 second mark at least

    for the adults
    Allah achbar indeed !
    Frank and his cronies seem so insignificant against these artists , don’t they ?

  70. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I told you that bananasinpyjamas went to sleep in Tonga.

    Now the Tongan PM has come out and refuted the nonsense sprouted by the lunatic under the influence of the full moon.

    “The Pacific Islands Forum Minister had only agreed of being flexible with Fiji about extending its election deadline if reasonable steps towards holding the elections as promised was taken and if the Fijian Government was unable to attain it, says Tongan Prime Minister Dr Fred Sevele.

    Chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dr Sevele reacting to comments made by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that the Forum was informed on Fijis intentions and was advised to announce a timeline for March 2009 for Fiji’s elections.

    “The Forum Leaders had a frank discussion with Commodore Bainimarama at the very start of the Leaders Retreat in Vavau. Then the Commander was asked to leave the meeting after almost two hours of discussion, the Forum Leaders set out in draft the 7 point communiqu, which Sir Michael Somare and I were then delegated by the Leaders to meet and discuss with the Commodore and report back to the Leaders after lunch,” he said.

    Dr Sevele said at the meeting with the Commodore and his advisors, they raised the point of including the phrase in princple in the section stating that Fiji would hold elections by March 2009.

    “Our response was that if he, the Commodore, wanted the Forum and the wider international community to believe that he was being serious about holding the elections in 2009, then the phrase in principle should not be included in the text of the communiqu,” Dr Sevele said.

    “And, in any case, the Forum Leaders did not want such a diluting qualification in the communiqu. We also added that if having taken all reasonable steps towards holding the elections as promised, the Fiji interim Government found that it was genuinely and practically impossible for Fiji to hold free and fair elections in the first quarter of 2009, then the Forum Leaders would, as reasonable people, be flexible about extension of the agreed deadline.”

    He said the Forum has been consistent on its stance and its commitment towards helping Fiji move forward, and would continue to be so.

    “At the same time, Fiji must convince the Forum that it has the political will and is genuinely committed to fulfilling its part of the Agreement reached, by consensus, here in the Kingdom last year.”

    What this means is that bananas’ can’t understand simple English.

    Once again, bananas’ is seen to be a liar.

  71. Shri Says:




    The Xpected One

  72. Talei Says:

    The only difference between Fred Sevele and Frank Bainimarama is that Fred is a shrewed business man with an economic doctrate, where Frank has no such certificate to validate that he has an acumen in any academic field, but that he is the lowest of the low – however when it comes to politics and diplomacy, Fred is just as dumb and unlearned as Frank – so who knows who’s telling the truth.

  73. Tim Says:

    @ Shri: How about I just say 3 “Hail Mary’s” .
    You seem to be the ultimate hypocrite. Talking about “preserving” on the one hand while supporting this junta that is hell bent on usury . Mocking the faith others hold whilst putting yours in meditation and exercise.

  74. Observer Says:

    This is a high stakes game and at risk is Fiji’s future. Do we want to head down the path of a failed state or do we want to prosper.

    More from Real Jack on FijiBoardExiles below:

    not the people Aloha, the soldiers #1 [url] [-]
    Posts: 5447

    07/18/08 04:05:31
    how the people (civilian population) react to that article is not the problem – if it is the truth (and i suspect it is), then people have a right to know it.

    the problem is how it is received within the RFMF – that type of article, under the present prevailing conditions, will only likely give rise to one thing if its not managed properly: discord in the ranks, then disintergration, then a free for all with the whole thing splitting into factions and taking their internal scrap to the streets – once it gets to that level, no one knows where it starts and where it ends – and noone knows whats the truth – and it will simply get very messy.

    and that is the real danger facing the country.

    that article is explosive not because it is the truth – it is explosive because of the effect it will likely have on the ranks of the RFMF at this time of uncertainty.

    those officers and NCO’s in the RFMF have to now work overtime to manage the situation and prevent that disintergration – not for FB’s sakes but for the sake of the whole country.

    Last Edited By: real jack 07/18/08 04:08:18. Edited 1 time.

    its being thrown back on MC gdev #3 [url] [-]
    Posts: 5448

    07/19/08 00:00:39
    the Fiji Times editorial today puts MC in a catch 22. he now has to play his hand – he put it on the table and now the Fiji Times editorial has thrown it back at him – do the deed. investigate the payments and do what should be done.

    looks like this power play is going to the next level.

  75. Moz Says:

    For memory’s sake, the IG’s original road-map to 2010 is available on http://www.fiji.gov.fj/uploads/Roadmap_2007.pdf. But that map is straightforward – census, boundaries, registration, elections. What we now have with these made-up “electoral reforms” has far-reaching effects. Add that to the compo claims and now the subject of immunity. You dont hear much of the charter now as it was too easy producing a charter document. 2010 to have an election ! In your wildest dreams. Unless, unless, something happens..

  76. newsfiji Says:

    It’s just getting so exciting now because everything this illegal government has done will start to fall apart..

    Don’t worry people of Fiji, there will be an ELECTION for SURE! We’ll just have to be patient and have some funerals first before ELECTION happens!

    Ofcourse we all know whose funeral that will be!

    HIP HIP HOORAY! Thank you Voreqe for quickening your Death Warrant!

    I can’t say much becoz you all brought this upon yourselves!

    You thought you’d be a smart arse and announce NO ELECTIONS! Well, guess what, i bet your thick brain didn’t see past the repercussions of your words – well, it’s nothing new anyway!

    Enjoy your lavish lifestyle now whilst you can coz it ain’t gonna last.

    Wa..ha..qai vaya you gotta money – NOT! Bloody dravuadravua o iko!

  77. mos Says:

    All in 1 week.

    Parmesh Chand quits!
    Media Law announced to shut up the outlets!
    The $180,000 plus pay-out to Voreqe for 30 years leave is revealed!
    Voreqe then announces no election in 2009!

    Are they self-destructive or just secretly wanting someone to put them out of their misery?

  78. Mark Manning Says:

    Humility is not in the I.G.’s vocabulary .

  79. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Did the dickhead think that Fiji would be better off without an election?

    “”Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith has criticised the Fijian interim government for postponing promised elections.

    The self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama – who seized power in a 2006 coup – had promised to hold an election by March next year.

    But Mr Smith says Commodore Bainimarama has now renegged on that agreement.

    Mr Smith says with ample time and a stable environment, there is no justification for not holding an election.

    “There is still eight to nine months to go and there is no reason, subject to the political will of the interim government, why such an election cannot be held,” he said.”

    Now it is up to rudd & smith to apply the screws.

    After all, they have been the ones mouthing off about the problems in the Pacific region for the last few years,

    Now let’s see what is their solution.

  80. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m amazed at how Fijians seem to think it’s the International Communities problem what’s happening in the Pacific Region !
    It’s your Region after all !

  81. FijiGirl Says:

    Vore’s attempts to backtrack out of elections in March 2009 bodes ill for the country, but also give the voters valuable insight into his psychology.

    “What I gathered was that he said while you kept the ‘in principle’ in front of the March 2009 it tells the international community you will never have elections so take away the ‘in principle’, keep the March 2009 announcement to them and if there’s any extra time for elections that you want we will be quite flexible coming out with additional timing so I took that on board and that’s how I came up with March 2009 at the forum on the understanding if there’s need to be an extension in time the international community will be very flexible.’

    * It is concrete proof that Vore is unable to think in sentences.

    * His justification has the ring of a teenage son who has just crashed his father’s car and tries to explain it away by saying “Isa Tamaqu, when you said I could take the car you never said I couldn’t crash it!”

    * Vore has a startling ability to remain in complete denial. It is clear from Vore’s recollection, and proved by Dr Sevele’s statement on the front page of today’s Fiji Times that Sevele was trying to get Vore to commit to 2009 elections. Observe how, psychologically, Vore takes a message like Sevele’s, breaks it up into component parts, ignores the phrases that do not serve his intentions and only absorbs the phrases that appeal to him. This is classic denial. The man should feature in a textbook,

    Why does Vore think he can now delay elections post-2009? Perhaps the polls show that Chodo’s popularity ratings are so low that going to the polls with 12 months will be political suicide. Perhaps he thinks that, like George W Bush his popularity will reach an all-time low and then just plateau. Bush’s popularity has plateaued because as a lame duck, he can do no more harm to America’s interests, and the fundamentalist right still love him.

    WHAT WE NEED NOW is an official poll to measure the popularity of Chodo and FLP, the popularity of the IR, and the popularity of SDL. The results are predictable, but what we need is the empirical evidence. Publish that in the media, and then watch Chodo and his lapdogs squirm.

    The next question is, how deeply in cahoots with the regime is Tebbutt research? If she won’t conduct the research, will an NGO or academic group step in?

    Can someone at TR leak any polls she has conducted for the Junta?

    God bless Fiji

  82. Tim Says:

    @FijiGirl: ain’t that the truth!. There also seems to be this culture amongst the Military junta of a soot laden pot calling a slightly tarnished kettle black!
    Check out Koroi’s latest where she calls the Public service lazy and non-responsive. How deos she see the Military leadership and certain political leaders – seems to me that not only do the labels “lazy and no-responsive” apply, but other as well: “born-to-rule attitudes”, academically as well as physically “lazy” (Shaista and Bubba to name 2), “corrupt” (tax and embezzlement issues), out-of touch…….the list goes on

  83. moz Says:

    Civil servants take note! Koroi is saying what Chodo and snake junior are intending to do – put all on contracts! This is also a direct hit at Chand – he is not indispensable and has been leading a useless outfit!.

    And again a reminder of what Voreqe said in Tonga without a prepared speech.

    Voreqe- “I don’t know what else they need. Do they want us to have an elections tommorrow? How else would, or what else do they want us to do. To show them concrete evidence. We going to have the polls in 2009 full stop.”

    “The Government is firm that we are going to have the polls in 2009.”
    http://www.fiji.gov.fj/publish/page_10361.shtml, October 17, 2007 in Tonga.


  84. annon Says:

    Tim, me tukuni ga bu koroi, ca gona ni da sa pelulu da qai mai mai via veibutuyava tiko kei ira na younger generation.

    Used by date sa sivi makawa.

    Laurai vinaka, tamata sa expire tu.

  85. Peace Pipe Says:

    Listening to this old slack cow speak provokes disgust and nausea. She harps on about racial equality – what a disgrace to her race. She seems to be fighting hard for others much to the detriment of her own race. The Indians can take care of themselves as they have shown and more than that they can overtake everyone else in every sphere of society.They are now breaking down the final pillars of the Fijian structure – land and government. If not by being the landowners, the Fijian must run the government by being the majority race in the country. This is where the elimination of race comes into play in the farter charter. No Fijian supremacy will be possible even though there is supremacy in Fijian numbers.

    This old fart hag is obviously speaking on behalf of the Indian dominated FLP. All she says are derogatory and an insult to our intelligence such as supporting the involvement of army thru the charter as overseers of the good governance of the country. So how is this going to contribute to democracy and the elimination of coups. How she lauds and supports the military is very ironic since its the same institution that they hated in the past. Now that they have some sort of unbridled power to wield they feel comfortably safe to do whatever they want with the protection of the very army that threw them out before. I would like to hear what she says when the army changes its stance and coup them out. What then old fart hag.

  86. Wailei Says:

    Hey guys do you realize to add salt to the wound. Voceke levu is also going to get Pension Money when he becomes an x-Interim PM like Tevita M. plus his military pension on top of that among other pensions.

    Qori gona na One day rich tiko.

  87. Soul of Fiji Says:

    PIG and his PIGlets are been paid for their part of the coup and it comes from Taxpayers money….

    Can someone get all the names of these 40 people and the amount of money they were paid (hidden behind this so called leave entitlement is their payment for the coup) ….this are the people that carried out the coup.

    Typical of Choro’s style hidding behind this leave entitlement is the real payment for the coup….everyman has a price? very appropriate.

    Aziz has confirmed it, so Budhau, Sakua et al will still argue that we are all spreading lies and rumours!!!! GLORY BE TO THE LIVING GOD IN HEAVEN.

  88. painter Says:

    Uro na kuro to SV’s Prince Charming! 🙂 good job labouring on that issue til the media was able to dig out the sordid details. One does not need to know the law to know that just on the face of it, the accumulated leave backpay spanning 30yrs that the Pig paid himself is absurd, illegal, criminal, immoral, unethical, downright disgusting and totally bullsh!t and we, the people DEMAND that he pay back every penny that he and his cronies hve been stealing back dating all the way back to the unaudited regimental funds; and their families won’t be spared either from the recovery of these proceeds of crime!

    Agree with VELETI! Let the Rottenfmf disintegrate, what situation is Observer talking about?! WE ARE ALREADY THERE – SCRAPPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL! The fear that you describe Observer is your freaking own and it’s due to your vested interest and not of our wider interest as a nation! It makes me angry since u’ve made it abundantly clear from the start that u’ve a vested interest in keeping this military junta in power (& yr pockets lined up) INDEFINITELY, you sorry excuse for a man! And don’t you dare insult the public by trying to warn the media to be sensitive to the precarious situation u’ve helped to create, JUST FIX THE DAMN SITUATION UP IN THE MANNER THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ONLY TOO

  89. Glawyer Says:

    “No army personnel will benefit from this coup”…..words from the lying thieving pigs mouth….now we hear that 40 officers who have been ‘seconded’ to the civil service get their payout…..40 officers…40 pieces of silver….it all adds up to betrayal.

  90. painter Says:

    Btw, where’s that Sakua-only-for-nikua! U go tell that what’s-her-name-Pig’s daughter and Pig’s son-in-law that the Pig is money-launder, in the same business as the Asians that they accuse of money-laundering… so pls, me sa KAKUA na viavia tiko, the whole world knows the truth about you two’s new home! E sa sega na madua, you clowns in fairytale land!

  91. moz Says:

    And no surprises here! They waited for days to find a way of defending this rot of the highest level and see what chodo could only come out with!

    Chaudhry defends PM’s paid leave
    20 JUL 2008

    Fiji’s interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has defended the $184, 740 leave pay given to the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Amidst much criticism, the military confirmed that Bainimarama was paid more than $180,000 for his leave, which was backdated to 1978.

    Chaudhry told Fijilive that money was due to Bainimarama and the Finance Ministry did the right thing in giving what was owed to him.

    He said such things happened when the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua government was in power but no one questioned their motives.

    He added that no one has a right to dwell into the private matters of the interim Prime Minister.

    The amount paid to the commander was reached after his basic salary of $263.77 was multiplied by 698 days.

    It is understood that his service allowance came to $3832.02, duty allowance was $23,013.92, gratuity for a year was $24,069 and for another 10 months it was $20,057.50.

    It has been confirmed that military officers now working in Government departments have also been paid leave owed to them.

    Military Chief of Staff, Colonel Mohammed Aziz said this has been normal practice for staff of the RFMF who have held positions in Government.


    The Auditor General should now use his independent powers and conduct an audit of this looting of the treasury!

  92. Adi Kaila Says:

    Painter – o sakua sa sakura

  93. kabarara Says:

    Anon, read your threat in previous posting “it shall be shouted from the rooftop”. You seem to have inside information re: Colonial! So tell us did he or did he not pay for his daughter’s house? Secondly, did his daughter from NZ get a managerial posting in Colonial? Lastly, you accused daughter of being like mom and aunty (visiting old frends); who is aunty? Tell us, tell us more!

  94. kabarara Says:

    Sorry anon … it should have read thread not threat

  95. Observer Says:

    Painter. Don’t put two and two and get seven. Go drink some icewater and then go taba again. My point was that if things keep going the way its going we are going to have a failed state. This all needs to end soon …with a bullet.


  96. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Jokapeci Koroi is like Siberia. Everybody knows where it is but nobody wants to go there. Kila ga ni sa salulu qai boi mimi. Wacava ni yadra mai na moce e na mataka lailai.

  97. buna Says:

    vinaka NP!

  98. Ima Says:

    @ Observer… Fiji’s already a failed state, since the IIG have failed the people tremendously in their backtracking of their (FALSE) promises!!!

  99. LUVfiji Says:

    @Jone Biutiviti. lol !!

    Nice take on jk. Thanks gang, that had to be my laugh for the day. Good one!

  100. Orion Says:

    Observer: Fiji is already a failed state. What it needs is a ressurection…with iIG and military duly executed.

  101. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    But where is the President in all these corrupt practices which is rampant in this regime?

    Does he condone the illegal payment of this supposedly “leave pay”?

    What is the President’s view on the deferred general elections to 2010? How does he feel about the lie regarding the date of the elections?

    The President who is “legalising” all these moves must answer these questions and be accountable to the people!

  102. waisou Says:

    Oilei! Just confirms the saying….’Desperate situations call for desperate measures’

    And digressing a bit….this charter thing is all about a non-racial Fiji..I think the Hindus need to get rid of their caste sytems..allow inter-marriages and no more labels between Muslims and Hindus and everybody go to church!!!

  103. anon Says:

    JBiutiviti, na vanua ga o sa lai yaco sara kina………hahahahahaha.

    Sa malo……..

  104. kaiveicoco Says:

    its all coming out now.just a few weeks ago it came out in the news that the NLTB itself funded the Kurusiga committee to investigate NLTB itself and other Fijian Institutions.NLTB was crying that the finance ministry never paid them back that money.Now we know because Mahend and the minsitry of finance has had to pay Frank first !!

  105. natewaprince Says:


    Budhau you boci,I told you so.

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