March 2009 is not the best time to hold elections: Electoral Office

Top of the morning to you bloggers. This is taken from yesterday’s FBCL’s page. Interesting how Electoral Commission Chairman now cites school and sugar cane harvests as some of the reasons why elections may not be practical to be held in March 2009. First, a member of the NCBBF cited Vore being ‘pressured’ into giving March 2009 as the poll date and now this Chairman is citing school and sugar cane harvest as other reasons why Fiji may not proceed to the pool in March next year!

Having said that, why isn’t the Chairman providing alternative dates such as the 1st term school holiday, which by then the sugar cane harvest should be finished if he’s really genuine about going to the polls next year? In providing for reasons against the elections going ahead without giving alternative dates, gives the impression the illegal junta does not want to go to the polls as previously undertaken. This has been the perception of the majority all along.

Fortunately, the EU and Pacific Island Ministers aren’t buying into this crap because after their meeting with the NCBBF yesterday, the Tongan Foreign Minister said he was happy and there was still time for Fiji to meet its election time-table….IN YOUR FACE VORE & YABAKI!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 


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The chairman of the Electoral office Commission says March 2009 is not the best time to hold general elections.

Mohammed Kamal Ud-Dean Sahu Khan was speaking after a meeting with the visiting regional Forum Ministers’ Group.

“We need to reduce the number of days for the election-no one has even considered that March is not a school holiday-and to have a voting on March while the sugarcane harvest is still going will create a lot of problem.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation



19 Responses to “March 2009 is not the best time to hold elections: Electoral Office”

  1. Tim Says:

    They’re not buying it probably because of the likes of the following little “gem” from Lorraine Teci:

    The Forum Ministerial Working Group looking into Fiji’s progress towards returning the country to democracy has been told that without a restructured public administration system, Fiji’s coup culture will continue.

    Lorraine Teci, a senior member of the National Council of Building a Better Fiji, told the ministerial group there was a need for a revamp that could make changes to address social inequalities and poverty or there would always be a coup mentality in Fiji.

    Lorraine Teci was answering a question posed by New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters on how their work would contribute to the eradication of a coup culture.

    (RNZI – abridged – fullpost

    Does anyone else see anything wrong with that analysis?
    Perhaps a disciplined Military that isn’t headed by an incompetent intent on covering up his own misdemeanours.
    Its a bit like that “Guns don’t shoot people – people do” argument.
    If she’s concerned about poverty (while she eats at the pig’s trough), she should cast her mind around the rest of the world where military regimes are in power. Have they made progress? What a tit this woman is!

  2. Striker Says:

    This Mohammed Kamal Sahu Khan sounds like a broken record. He knows that he is an illegal, and that these illegals in the IG are in the minority. That is why they are working to defer the elections. The will of the majority is quite clear – that elections should be held by March 2009, while the law dictates that Parliament should decide and approve any changes to our electoral system.

  3. Tim Says:

    I understand he’s related to the “wonderful, spectacular star quality” Rizwan – which gives an indication of the commitment he has to ethical standards and values. No doubt Budhau will spring to the defense before too long if he can tear himself away from the park.

  4. Linus Says:

    Anyway, what is this crap they are spouting about Cane Harvesting.. Surely we all know the Cane Harvest is from June till December /early Jan. By krike!1 even the NCBBF have caught the “I’m Stupid” sickness!!!

  5. Tim Says:

    @ Linus: they sure have because here’s another gem:
    “A member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji says the military will not repeatedly execute coups if it is not manipulated by politicians.
    Jone Dakuvula while responding New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters’ question on how to stop the coup culture yesterday said the military was being used by politicians to stage coups.”
    Disciplined, responsible Military that are clear on what their mandate actually is, and aren’t led by fcukwits trying to protect their own skins don’t allow themselves to be manipulated. Obviously in Fiji’s case it isn’t just politicians that have access to manipulate the Military either.

  6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    this Dakuvula is an opportunists. His name speaks for himself. He was a Labour supporter during the 1987 Rabuka coup and condemned the coup. He then turned SVT supporter during the Rabuka SVT Government and applied to contest the elections on an SVT ticket, but was refused and now turned CCF stalwart and Vore supporter.

  7. Groggymaster Says:

    The news reports on the Parmesh Chand saga, demonstrates the muddle the Pig has got himself into. Any semblence of order or protocol is evaporating rapidly, as ministers, and outside advisors merrily by pass senior post holders. Further the PSC protocols hve broken down, civil servants are dismissed, transferred, or demoted at the whim of IG ministers, often on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations, prior to PSC becomng aware of the events, etc, etc. The Electoral commission appears unwilling or unable to discharge it job, and has come up with lame excuses. Shamimi has furnished opinion on protocols that should be adhered to by the international community, but fails to understand those protocols apply to only to lawful governments. There have been so many lies that have been spouted, resulting in continuing lies to justify the earlier lies that are now so thick, the IG can’t remember the old lies.
    What a bunch of baboons.

  8. Ablaze Says:

    Parmesh Chand saga is Mama Pig and Papa Pig devouring their own piglets!

    In today’s F/T picture of Naiulukau sucking up to Australia’s Foreign Minister!

    Qori cava tale! Always walking around talking tough!

    “Once in your life Humble yourself Naiulukau you may just achieve something.”

  9. Wailei Says:

    Sa sega na Elections for Next year. No Elections! Too many ‘oco’oco people.
    So many greedy people who knows that once an elected government comes into power. These greedy people would not see the light of day, They will quickly take the next exit to Naboro. So, the longer they delay the Elections, is obviously, to cover up their arses with the law, hence the two mimi sisters and their little biatch Aiarse to write some kind of law to protect these Opportunistic Greedy pigs.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Can’t your guys see the writing on the wall. NZ and Aust. have already approved appointment of Fiji ambassadors.
    Of course, they have to talk all this crap about Democracy, transparency and fair elections.

    The up coming elections is not about giving the power back to the people, the strategy is to make sure those in power now retain that power and become “legitimate”. That is the way it is done in Fiji.

    As for democracy, transparency and all that crap – both Aust. and NZ know that there never was any such thing in Fiji – so why insist on it now.

    So those minister in Fiji are there to tell the regime that “lets get together and feel alright” – it is time to move on. So why don’t you guys join the program – and we will all see you folks in here in a few years when there is another coup – unless of course your side pulls the coup, then we would have the other guys with their blogsite.

    BTW – talking about fair elections – whatever happened to those claims by Navitalai Naisoro – about the SDL rigging the urban seats in the last two elections.

  11. Striker Says:

    Budhau: If you think democracy and transparency is crap, need I say more? No wonder you’re just an $18/hr Sydneysider-cocksucking crap!

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau: Ulupepa..qavokalala..boci..

  13. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Is that the same MK Sahu Khan who appears to have false teeth and a wig who never stops licking his false teeth when on TV? The same puppet of the IG posing as the Chairman of the Electoral Commission?

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    One would have to ask , what has the I.G. to gain by delaying the election ?
    To me , it seems obvious .
    There may well be the hope that the President dies or becomes unable to administer his duties ( and this is probably the reality now anyway ) before an election can be held at all .
    This situation would allow Frank to declare himself or one of his own stooges to become President .
    The next step would be to have his representatives in the GCC to declare another of his stooges Vice President and then at the same time , abrogate or amend the Constitution by abolishing the GCC or it’s role in ever electing a President or Vice President again .
    At that point , Fiji is fucked , Frankly !

  15. PPC Says:

    Quote of the Day

    Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
    —Vince Lombardi

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    Budhau – au contraire. Aust and NZ are only allowing them in because it enables them to “hear” and “see” better what the IIG’s plans are. The same way that Aslam has been enabling the IIG to “hear” what anti-IIG plans are.

    Go running back to your media cell crew and tell them that — there’s a good laddie. These fcukers have no idea of what they are dealing with here.

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    It just shows how shallow this idiot of a chairman Khan is. Come on Khan I think you must be naive to think you can fool us with all those crap excuses. If there was a commitment to hold elections there would be no bounds to having it. Harvest is by then over – he must be stupid or out of touch not to realise that or in fabricating the lies he missed out the date element which is a non crushing date. How is it that we have such an incompetent chairman who cant even get his facts right. As for school we could defer school for one week like they did during the teachers strike – there is not hard and fast rule to school period as they have already shown us. He also mentioned earlier about cyclone season. At least in this area he could could have merit but we cannot predict the exact date or year a cyclone would strike. It all just boils down to a delaying tactic by him to prolong the holding onto power of these illegal usupers.

    He even talked about the new electoral system. It does seems like the iig is hell bent on changing the electoral system illegally despite insistence to do it the proper way.

    And we have usual dose of insanity from the pig during the meeting with the foreign ministers.

    I think the pig has made his intentions known so it would be up to us to make the strategic move counter his actions.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Okay I am now going back to my $18/hr job. I am sorry if I offend any body.

  19. Keep The Faith Says:

    Rupees I’m guessing Budhau?

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