Police know who threatened the Australian High Commissioner with death

FDN has got it right from “the horse’s mouth” that frustration and resentment is at an all time high among professionals in the Fiji Police Force because they are being stopped from properly investigating the death threats against the Aussie High Commissioner.

 We have been told by an impeccable source that police feel they’re being made to look incompetent because they have not made an arrest.

 As you know, over the past two months the High Commissioner, Mr J. Batley, has received three threats, the most recent on Friday 27 June 2008,

 A senior police officer has told FDN that the police have a very good idea as to who is behind the threats. He said they even have a name of a serving RFMF soldier.

 A member of the FDN team in Sydney has close personal ties with two senior police officers and we can tell you they have not been backward in coming forward to voice their disquiet.

 “We are looking just like we are completely useless,” is what one of them said when our team member spoke with him by phone during the past 24 hours. He then said: “The truth is that we could probably make an arrest today if it wasn’t for the fact that the FMF has put up a big brick wall around their people.

“The military are into this right up to their necks and there are leads to the very top and we are not allowed to do anything. We are not even allowed to go anywhere near the people we should be interviewing”

Also, our police contact said the soldier that they suspect has a record of violence that stretches back many years. Apparently he was a long-time member of the army’s Special Operations Security Unit, which has been associated with illegal heatings and other acts over the past 20 years.

 We have also learned that the police public relations people were told to put out the line that someone sounding like a Solomon Islander or Ni-Vanuatu was firmly in the frame as a suspect.

This tactic was designed purely to distance the case from the RFMF. Interestingly, using it tells us that not only is the RFMF pulling the strings in the background, but that they are well aware that most people would have suspected them right from the beginning.

FDN is using several channels (including court records on the Net) to find out more about the soldier who the police named to us, but of course it would be great if anyone out there in the blogosphere who knows anything could contact us.

 Just email us at admin@fiiidemocracynow.com. But please don’t use an email address that could identify you in anyway.

 Fiji Democracy Now


23 Responses to “Police know who threatened the Australian High Commissioner with death”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    It must be bloody frustrating trying to “not” do your job with one hand tied behind your back .
    Now if the police can just find those missing files on Frank’s alleged involvement in the murder of the 5 CRW soldiers in 2000 ! Of which , one of them wasn’t even involved in the mutiny at the camp .
    I mean , come on guys , I’m Australian , live in Sydney and even I know what happened !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    A change of pace : – may he rest in peace .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Never , ever give up Fiji .

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Dou biuta mai ke na yacana limalima, nona tokatoka, mataqali kei na yavusa, na yacai tamana, watina, luvena etc..me macala sara mada nona viavia vakateratera tiko na caka death threat tiko…blerry BOCI..

  5. Tui Says:

    Folks Rawfiji seems to know more about this guy called “Ledua”. Maybe he can tell us more. Anyway we told you they will start fighting amongst themselves before this IG circus will comes crashing down! Any day now folks, any day now!
    Sa yaga na masu kei na vosota vaka dede. Keep on the pressure people.
    God bless you all and stay true to the cause.
    Much love, Tui.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe you should start with a failed diplomat, dimwiti.

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ MM you are correct.

    One of the CRW Members was attending classes at FIT before being dragged out his class, taken to QEB and tortured to death.

    Vore has blood on his hands and I can’t imagine what he must be going through every time he is alone and his conscience ‘speaks’ to him. This would also mean Ului, Driti and all the macho others, when they are alone, their conscience must be ‘shouting’ at them.

    So they have to continually busy themselves to keep their conscience in the background…

    Incidentally, even confessions before Mataca won’t work because it was MURDER! Even Mataca himself will have to do some soul searching for his wrongful involvement in this illegal junta.

    I wonder how long they can keep up this facade because people actually become mad or self harm.

    They will be held accountable one day and many people are looking forward to this day, when they will face the full brunt of the law!!!!

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    In one reply to one of my comments on the Fiji times online , ( when i was able to make comments on that site ! ) , someone replied that the CRW soldiers were killed during a war , therefore , it wasn’t murder !
    I’d like to see what the courts think of that assumption .
    My understanding was that these men were taken away from the Police Station in Suva in the back of Police vans and beaten to death while being driven around the back streets of Suva . Apparently their death cries could be heard throughout the back streets .

  9. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    Could be the small-time crook used to be from the wharf but now in the military who goes by the name of Ledua Kesi. He only avoids going to gaol by being a police informer. Big conman!

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Maqa a Leqa: Ledua Kesi is the name eh?? Do you have any other info on this guy??? Where is he from?? I’m assuming Lakeba too eh?? Let’s all gather info on this dickhead if it is th same Ledua being reffered to by Raw Fiji News…

  11. Wailei Says:

    witnesses up in RBF saw them (Militray) beating one of the CRW guys in CPS, I think thats one of the guys that died.

  12. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @ FDN. You are right. It’s unfair to the police and the reason their hands are tied is because they know that the vore is involved up to his armpits. I think something else is also going on here. OK, the Australia High Commissioner has received three written death threats but the police have got nowhere in their investigation. However at the same time, the regime has said a big “no” to Australian requests to provide their own personal security for their High Commissioner. What does that tell you?

    I think I can see the modus operand! of the increasingly paranoid dictator. It’s very simple: rant and rave against Australia, order death threats against their High Commissioner, rattle the Australians, refuse imported Australian personal security for the High Commissioner, offer Fiji personal security instead and, hey presto, you are able to monitor the High Comissioner’s daily program (and who he talks to). Don’t you think that instead of pl;aying these stupid games the vore should instead direct his attention to delivering the cane harvest, getting the buses running and honouring his promise to hold elections by March 2009.

  13. Linus Says:

    @ Wailei. Hi. On 12 July you were “intriguied by my apparent attitude. I did relpy about 3 or 4 posts later.

    Have you bothered to read that yet??

  14. Wailei Says:

    hold up linus… let me read it mada.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Linus, you are just a racist bastard with the typical colonialist mentality.
    Just because you are on a Fijian website, you bad mouth the other guys, when with them, you are very likely talking about those “lazyass Fijians” – or what was you line about their “work ethics”.

  16. Wailei Says:

    By Linus: Jul 12 @ 1:50

    “Just a simple but generalized observation that many of the ITaukei I have worked with at times struggled with the conflict between a european imposed work ethic vis legitimate cultural demands. Being manageable means that that my work teams were sincere and reliable.”

    I was a maintenance Engineer. Management was by means of team meetings, where each person would be invited to contribute his ideas on how to resolve the problems and current projects at that time with in his skills area.

    Once the work programme was agreed we all took our agreed part in completing the tasks. A team that can work like that is what I call managable!!

    Yep, Thanks for the explanation and I concur with your point. Cheers.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Wailei – so concur with our buddy Linus. Are you not going to comment about what he had to say about the Indians.

    Or why bother with those fricken back stabbing, thieving, trouble making Indians.

  18. Wailei Says:

    @ Budhau… have you had any experience, when you catch a cab in Fiji, the Indo-Fijian drivers would bad mouth the Fijian drivers to passengers? (Im not too clear if it goes both ways) I had a girlfriend visiting from Kansas, USA. They were telling her this stuff. She could not believe the animosity of their hatred towards indigenous Fijians.

    Just like that incident of a guy who worked for Min. of Finance who got fired. The taxi driver asked about his opinion about the IG after telling the driver his opinion and got off to work, the driver went straight to the Minister and told him about his employer.

    No more freedom of speech! Used to be fun to have a good argument with taxi drivers about Politics now its shit.

  19. Wailei Says:

    @ Budhau, Replying to your 11.30am cooment:

    My comments were not intended to be racially derogatory, and I apologize for the fact that they were misconstrued in that fashion.
    I do not condone Racist comments, I believe it has more to do with an Individual rather than a “Race”. We seriously should try and move on from that “Bracket”. Arent we all the same anyway. When we die, our skin (colour) will just rot (burn) in the ground anyway.

    Let’s move on….

  20. Budhau Says:

    Wailei – of course there are a lot of racist folks all over the world. When you girlfriend was in Kansas, she might have noticed that the cabbies over there – when they saw two customers – a black and a white, would generally pick up the white – a very racist practice, but true.

    Here, we are not talking about the taxi driver – many of them in Fiji are probably racist and so are Fijian workers come from similar socio-economic background.

    What we a re discussing here is our attitudes towards stereotyping. I am sure you are not a racist, I also try not to stereotype people – regardless or race, age, gender etc.

    The issue here is that this guy Linus obviously had some racist attitudes towards the Indians – and his stereotyping of the Fijians and their work ethics – that is wrong also, even if he now says that it was something positive.

    You were quick to question racist remark against the Fijians – I was just hoping that you would have done same question his racist attitude towards any other race.

    I on the other questioned his attitude towards both the Fijians and the Indians.

    Linus is the kinda guy that would be discriminating against people of other races in countries were our folks are settled.

    Do you think Linus would have hired a Fijian if he had the choice of hiring a white guy – specially with the Fijian’s “work ethic” – that he talks about.

  21. Wailei Says:


  22. Seini Says:

    @ SV and FDN: guys, Raw Fiji News is on the trail of the people making the threats, the Lakeba connection rings a bell with me and i’ll get back to you if i think of it, if you havnt seen it already have a read of this on Raw Fiji Nws:


  23. Dra Ni taukei Says:

    Yeah Guys,Just to add to this.have two uncles that died that day.One of them was “LAGANI” from Maumi Bau Tailevu.He just in from east Timor.Word has it he surrended, then one of the officers attempted a chip shot at him.He used his martial arts trainning and hit the officer.He was brought down, with a Iron rod to his head,when he was treying to get up, the officer kicked him in the Jaw,with his head smashing the Pitch at QEB.

    My other Uncle was Jone.His married to to Aunty at Matainoco Village Buretu Tailevu.Daughter was just 2 weeks old,they killed him

    This stories are from solders themselves,relatives.

    Who’s going to answer to this.Somebody At QEB better.OH we will kill you all.

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