Ombudsman advises EU reps

Top of the morning to you Bloggers. Shyster warns EU Reps o be careful and ‘not go beyond the TOR’. WTF!!! This bitch is responsible for condoning and justifying everything this illegal junta has been doing beginning with the coup, gross human right abuses of innocent citizens at QEB, right through to claiming no human rights abuses in Hannah and Hunter’s removals, yet she has the gull to tell the EU Reps ‘not to go beyond the TOR!’

Well Shyster, the EU does not give a damn about you. Their releasing their Report, without first giving it to the illegal junta shows their attitude and now with the Australian and New Zealand Foreign Ministers in Fiji plus Noc being paid by the EU to be Ms. Heffernan’s technical adviser, the noose is already getting tighter around the illegal junta’s neck, with Pramesh Chand the highest profile victim to date.

Blogger’s can you take a guess who will take his place and who will be the next victim to be removed??? Implosion or Explosion?????

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

THE Fiji Human Rights Commission has told European Union delegates visiting Fiji the EU must be careful not to exploit the Cotonou Agreement to put inappropriate political and economic pressure on Fiji.

Commission chairperson and Ombudsman Doctor Shaista Shameem said the commission told the EU it could not go beyond the terms of the agreement, especially Articles 9 and 10 and Article 96, to force Fiji to make certain commitments which may be disproportionate to the agreement itself.


25 Responses to “Ombudsman advises EU reps”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Those who live by the sword, die from the sword.

    The notiable thing about Shyster is that she knows all the right words and terminology and sounds learned, but her foolishness is revealed in its application.

    I think she will be the next to go.

  2. bodyguard Says:

    shyster is a broken lady….she needs a smoke to jump start her memory!!

    is this bitch for real?. is she aware how insignificant she is now that crisis has gone this far down the road way past her office doors? she had her chance to right the wrong yet deliberately choose otherwise.

    she can harp all day…she’s going nowhere!! shyster … the ppl r waitin for ur head…u bleary bitch.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    lol @ bodyguard! hahahaha!

    Well what can I say… DRAKI ‘QO E-U GA !!

  4. DR. DAVID DUKE Says:

    The ONLY solution and ONLY way forward for Fiji is Western Re-Colonization.

    Dr. David Duke

  5. Groggymaster Says:

    What is the bitch going on about? Xavier Nox the EU insertion into the elections office has been rapidly achieved. He reported for work yesterday. We’re still awaiting the arrival of the PSC nominee. Directly funded by the EU, by-passed the PSC recruitment processes, and inserted into the civil service as a consultant. This is direct political pressure – by passing the need for even IG consent, let alone the bitch’s consent. To be sure Xavier Nox will also be reporting directly to the EU, and not through the IG. The elections will be held before 2009, and under the current arrangements. Thats what $1bn in sugar receipts over 10 years can achieve. The only question that remains is will the present IG be in charge or will it be a transitional interim admin ????

  6. Wailei Says:

    Oilei, she needs a BIG VUDI….

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    She’s a clown !

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Wailei, she’s desperate for a big vudi, why give it to her and satisfy her desperation, what she needs is to be flogged naked in the town square and stoned to death at the Lami Rubbish Dump.

  9. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    This latest intemperate, ill-judged and idiotic outburst by the Shyster says little for her and a lot about the Bainimarama regime.

    The regime’s weakest and most vulnerable point is its inability to withstand outside scrutiny, particularly when that scrutiny is calm, dispassionate and based in logic and democratic values.

    That’s why Bainimarama broke off dialogue with the Forum working group. It’s why Sayed-Kyaiyum and Gates are bleating shrilly about the EU mission on the rule of law.

    It’s why the departure of Parmesh Chand on the very eve of the talks with the Forum Ministerial Contact Group could well signal either the beginning of the end of the Bainimarama regime or, in all probability, even greater extremes of bizarre behaviour on the part of the dictator.

    Over the past 19 months it has been clear that the only source of bureaucratic
    credibility within the incompetent interim government has been the head of the Prime Minister’s office, Parmesh Chand.

    Despite being tasked to achieve the impossible, his cool-headed, professional and businesslike approach has stood out in sharp contrast to the rantings and ravings of his political boss, the dictator, Voreqe Bainimarama.

    The riddle posed by his departure is intriguing; was he pushed or did he go of his own accord?

    Either way, his departure on the eve of the crucial meeting between the dictator and the Forum Ministerial Contact Group highlights the volatility and uncertainty that have been the hallmarks of Fiji’s self-appointed, military-backed regime from Day One.

    With his departure we should expect that volatility and uncertainty to worsen.

    In the meantime, we wait to see which military person will be drafted to
    replace Chand.

  10. Navosavakadua Says:

    If the EU missions did not see for themselves during their visits the
    breathtaking stupidity of the incompetent fools they were dealing with,
    the efforts of the idiots after their return would have removed any

    But on this occasion the Shyster is only a warm-up act for the real clowns.

    We read that Illegal Chief Justice Anthony Gates has written to the EU rule of law delegation, complaining that they were “openly hostile, aggressive, rude, patronizing, unprofessional and condescending”.

    How amazing that they didn’t bow to him and recognize his position. If this is a problem, imagine how he will feel when he stands in the dock and faces charges of conspiracy to commit treason.

    But how did this letter make it into the public? It seems that the Illegal AG, who would have been copied the letter, must have released it.

    What a clown! If he thinks this will embarrass the EU, he hasn’t the slightest understanding of what is going on here The only person embarrassed is the Illegal Chief Justice, whose grilling is exposed for all to see.

    This effort by the Eye Arse comes hot on the heels of his taking to task of the EU delegation for making a public statement on the message delivered to Fiji’s illegal regime without first going through formal channels to illegal Foreign Minister, unaware that the EU had sent a letter to the illegal PM.

  11. Striker Says:

    This Sthaita or whatever her name speaks as if she represents the people. Like the illegal AG hair arse, and that gay whatshisname in the judiciary, they’re just a bunch of illegals who are about to account for their treasonous actions. Thanks goodness for the rule of law, viva la democracy!

  12. PPC Says:

    me dua ga vutuka

  13. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The way these people like Gates, Suckmimi and the whole bang lot are behaving is just like a bunch of poofters! With Shyster warning the EU that she will cite the EU for human rights abuses if it withholds the sugar funds to the country speaks volume of the type of hot air being manufactured from this regime.

    Shyster shall be the first to be flogged naked in public once the democratic government is in place! I will volunteer to do the flogging-no sweat!

  14. Striker Says:

    @Maqaleqa: Please, spare us the eyesore!

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    Slack mimi shitster is looney in everything she does and must be sent to St Giles for confinement lest she causes more damages and embarassment by her illogical reports.

    While we relish the collapse of the house of cards of the iig we look forward to the end days of these criminals and their taking hostage the country for their selfish agendas.

  16. Pusiloa Says:

    Some fresh news streaming through. This regime is going down people….

  17. tim Says:

    Time Gates packed his bags and headed off to “the Old Country” – home. Too much of all these little twitters amongst the natives has sent his head into a spin.
    I note Dr David Duke’s (4th from top) post was deservedly ignored – except perhaps by Gates. Neither are racist – some of their “best friends are natives”.
    If it comes to a shootout, the can both go first – and if ever there was an argument for reconciliation between indigenous and Indo – Duke provides the evidence

  18. Groggymaster Says:

    Also at RFN
    Leweni to be new kubu piece for Piggy in Pajamas;
    Ului’s squad armed and on the look out for spontaneous uprisings – ha ha. The spontaneous uprisings will be by the armed lookouts!!!
    Frank not happy with Stephens and Peters – yeah he got read the riot act!!!
    The IG is going down – we don’t have to do much – the IG have given themselves enough rope, and are proceeding to hang themselves!!!!. Lets sit back and watch the show.
    @wailei – pity the Vudi – ha ha ha.

  19. FijiGirl Says:

    She’ll get her comeuppance the next time she sets foot in Europe or New York.

    Don’t sweat it people – what goes around, comes around. Shi*ster is just following orders.

    Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Rumour has it the foreign Ministers are staying at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

    Anyone fancy joining me on a show of public protest against the regime? The next two days are our big chance…

    God bless Fiji

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    Groggy – That was my first reaction – Leweni goes to the 4th floor, but Frank knows the reason he was sent back from Beijing is because he can’t hack a real job, where you have to produce.

    Responding verbally off-the-cuff to some junior journo and actually putting together an analytical policy paper for cabinet are two very different skill sets and as charming as Leweni is, he might be pushing his luck there.

    At least at Info he (to some extent) can hide his ignorance, at least enough to bluster on.

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    Dauvanavana and Maqa a Leqa – please spare us – omg the thought of that kete jiji naked in public is puke provoking. she’s a disgusting old cow!

    Wailei you’ve put me off vakasoso forever! I’ve noticed that you’re very observant Wailei so please post anything you see – even if it may seem insignificant (much like the ig coupsters themselves) it may prove useful here and someone else may be able to clarify whatever it is. One of your posts about koilas bum cheeks really made me laugh.

    What about shysters statement that The European Union will be sighted for violation of human rights of the Fijian people if it goes ahead with its decision to remove grants for the sugar industry, – que?! I had to go over that line again as I thought I was turning dyslexic. Man sa yawa sara ga na vakasama nei bu – se tiko beka ena stratosphere o la qo – still floating high. What about her and her bloody minded ig coupsters violation of human rights of the Fijian People? If they had not violated our human rights in the first place – 6.12.06 – none of this shit would’ve happened. The job of an ombudsman and chairperson (more like overstuffed sofa) of FHRC is to protect the rights of the people not deny them – her chickens are coming home to roost.

  22. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    People, imagine Leweni being Vore’s new PS?

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Aziz may be brought in by Vore to be his new PS. Now, that would make it 3 idiots in the PM’s office. At least when Pramesh was there, he brought some clout to the office, eventhough his appointment was suspect, but having Aziz or Leweni will just take the cake, but then with these idiots, nothing should surprise us at all.

    Classical syndrome of the ‘Emperor having no clothes!’

    Now if some in the media cell are reading this, the above is ‘figuratively speaking’ not ‘literally speaking’, so don’t put any more ideas into Vore’s small brain, which is already overloaded with the contents made manifest such as stupid comments to the Fiji Times Reporter….now media cell, I didn’t say ‘sapota’ but ‘Reporter.’

  23. Striker Says:

    With respect to Sereana Qoro’s coup of FHL, Siti Weleilakeba must shoulder some part of the blame. Sources reveal he knew Qoro while he was Chairman of Housing Authority and she was CEO. What Siti saw in her is doubtful, given her poor performance record. Reliable sources say it is the same variety of panties bait which the Shaista gave the pig. In any case, before long Qoro became an employee of FHL. What heavy price one must pay for a lover’s tiff!

  24. Striker Says:

    Oops, Nazhat instead of Shaista in the above post.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    @Striker. I thought Siti had better taste than that ? Aaah well! Me panties ga!

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