Dialogue is the way forward says AUS, NZ

On the eve of the arrival of NZ & Aust foreign ministers, the jittery Pig decidess to sack his own secretary when he probably needed him more than ever …

Bainimarama’s critics ready for dialogue
14 JUL 2008

The foreign ministers of Australia and New Zealand have arrived in Fiji, keen to meet the man they have criticised for overthrowing the country’s democratically-elected Government.New Zealand foreign minister Winston Peters arrived first at Nausori Airport earlier today and was whisked away to his Suva hotel.His Australian counterpart Stephen Smith arrived after 6pm.

Smith, the first Australian minister in Fiji since the 2006 coup, dismissed the often bitter diatribe between Canberra and interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, telling the media that he is “obliged to help Fiji get back to elections”.
He said he was looking forward to meeting the other members of the Pacific Forum Ministerial Contact Group before their scheduled visits to Bainimarama and other officials tomorrow.

The visiting ministers will also meet key political stakeholders, agencies and officials preparing Fiji for the 2009 polls.



11 Responses to “Dialogue is the way forward says AUS, NZ”

  1. LUVfiji Says:

    Evidently, the clock is winding down for the junta !! Halleluiya!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Talk is cheap , it all depends on the I.G.’s intentions

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    There won’t be any dialogue. The Australian & New Zealand foreign ministers will be laying down terms. Eveli Naiulukau will not be consulted – he will be summoned and dressed down like the a kindy brat. Watch his mouth tonite on the news when he tries to present himself as the statesman he think he is. He will be mumbling as usual – a result of the many kubu session with the other nin-com-poops Vore & Chodo.

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Nite, the clock is indeed winding down, but its a close call.

    We could just as easily expect the illegal regime to declare its colors once and for all and say no to any elections whatsoever.

    You know how beligerent he can get, more than a spoiled child, ni drau unstable tu mada ga – ni vosoti au na noqu naita.

    They will have no regrets plunging us all into the abyss to maintain power. And they are playing like they got nothing to lose. Hang on Zimbabwe – here we come!

  5. Striker Says:

    And the abyss gets deeper by the day! What a tumble these illegals will take soon.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Dialog? What dialog? The pig has no idea of the meaning of the word. He is brought up to lie and deceive. So in the meeting he will just push his agenda through like a dictaker that he is.

    By the way who from the iig are in the meeting. Hope the snake is not there since he has no business whatsoever in there as he will just try to strong arm the session and push in the NCBBF.

  7. Budhau Says:

    I was very pleased to see that the marches and protests planned for the arrival of the NZ and Australian delegates went smoothly.

    Keep up the good work guys – keep those peaceful protests going to impress upon those foreigners that the public is opposed to this regime.

    ..or as Manning says “talk is cheap”. I am sorry I could not afford to leave my $18/hour job, fly over to join you guys – but as you can see, I am doing my job in here.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Hey I the Budhau suck dicks around Redfern at $18 and hour. Its easy money and I love it.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Good one NP – that “I the Budhau” comment.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Good one NP on trying to divert attention on my admission about what I do in Redfern.

    Fiji can only resolve its problem when everyone is honest with each other.

    I admit I live in Sydney and yes live a seedy life in the red lights vice district of town.

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – bula vinaka turaga nite. Na gauna ‘qo me ra sa qai ga mai na manua!

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