Has the Implosion Started?

The tall falla Pramesh Chand has lost his job as permanent secretary of the PM’s Office. As we have mentioned a few weeks earliar:

“Caveat Emptor” or that Chinese saying someone once said about riding on the Tiger’s Back.

Oh and by the way, I have never heard of suppliers refusing to accept Government LPO’s in the history of Fiji. Well, it’s now happening.


33 Responses to “Has the Implosion Started?”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The implosion is “continuing”.

    It started a long time ago.

    Let’s hope that it receives a further boost tomorrow when the foreign ministers tell bananasinpyjamas a few home truths.

    BTW, has anyone noticed how paranoid the illegal foreign minister is. He said many times that the visiting ministers would only be talking to the illegal jaundiced junta.

    I wonder what will happen if the NZ Peters decides to go for a cup of coffee and ‘accidently’ runs into Mr Q at the coffee shop?

    Will the gestapo race down and arrest them for ‘inciteful’ behaviour?

    Happy days are on their way, Fijians.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    What goes around comes around….Next one is Bainimarama

  3. Soul of Fiji Says:

    People will realise sooner or later what we have tried to tell them from the begining….that these people Choro, Pig, Wannabees, Piglets are there for themselves only, ….their power hungry (Choro), survival (PIG & Piglets), live off the system (Evelis)….and will use and continue to use people with cleverly chosen words which they pull out of the dictionary to maintain their high lifestyle.

    Once you have passed your use-by date you will dumped….as collateral damage.

  4. Groggymaster Says:

    Parmesh Chand I believe was very competent, and certainly during his stint as CEO at Public Enterprise, did very well.
    I believe he did try to nudge silly piggy-in-pajamas along the right path, but may have made one too many “logical” hoops for his master and his chief acolyte to jump through.
    However harking back to the Implosion observation, I concur that it is imminent. The lower ranks in the military are restless and uncomfortable, and most certainly reflect the mainstream itaukei sentiments.
    Chodo’s voodoo economics is coming home to roost, the tax base is shrinking, businesses are struggling, sugar is drowning, the fertilzer subsidies are draining the cane growers funds, etc, etc. In desperation he is trying to tax water exports at source, although what he is trying to do is tax Fiji Water’s US marketing company’s profits which is earned in the US.
    He is getting bodies such as FEA and the Bus operators to carry the can on fuel price increases.
    The only relief is from rising taxes on rising fuel costs, but this is slowing as increased prices are impacting on volumes.
    With mounting international political pressure, and challenges to the IG’s political (myopic and embecilic) objectives, the cracks are only going to get wider.
    The choice for the IG and their hangers on is – what is the exit strategy ?
    Full blown rebellion; or surrender and jail. This includes all the members of the NCBBF.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    Pramesh Chand is a two-faced as*h*ole viper. He deserved what he got.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    The sequence of events is beginning to pick up pace and fury. As pressure mounts the iig members are running in circles and out of their minds. They now dont have the time to think straight – as if they had the brains to think at all esp the pig. They are all doing and saying crazy things now and soon they will just capitulate and horray freedom for us and due justice for the iig.

  7. painter Says:

    Lol @ ExFT – hey, that’s a real funny thought just imagining Mr. Q and Mr. P enjoying a skinny latte and having an exchange about the weather when pink/pot-faced Pig suddenly crashes (as he normally does), heaving and puffing in disbelief when he see the two cool dudes, hahaha…

    Well said Groggy master, the only exit strategy is for the entire military junta line-up to surrender themselves to face the full brunt of the law. It’s best they do so voluntarily than risk being forced on their knees by the masses.

  8. ST. THOMAS Says:

    budhaudadadudada, i’m getting into the panties of your sister, bro. you can lock your doors and shut your windows real good – i’m still getting in – in yiur home and in your sis’s panties – and start saving up bro COZ you’ll be having a new JUNIOR budhaudadudda in the house! Hallelujah!

    St. Thomas

  9. painter Says:

    My word, some people need to be publicly flogged then have their offending LITTLE appendage chopped off… what say you thomas?

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    I wonder how the ig coupsters will act when they are face to face with Winston Peters who has always been a strong and very vocal critic of the ig and it’s irrelance and insipid members

    This is one man who is not going to take any shit from them and tell it to their faces.

    You Go Winston – we’re all behind you!

  11. Koya na Man Says:

    Listen up people if the current adminstration continues on its path I reckon we as a country are heading for the rocks.

    The export is declining,the business community and diplomats could sense an unfavourable feeling of the current admin… towards them,let us pray that the above trend will stop bcoz our economy is facing a gloomy doomy future(and with continious deficit in Bal..of trade) and the repercussion will be the devalue of the $$$$..

    Boy this is going to be disastrous the fuel price will be bought at a higher $$ and the ripple effects just comes into play(rise in cost of consumable goods,e.t.c.,e.t.c.)……….

    I reckon Chand as a Commerce person assumed that everything might turn around easily after Dec/06 (the whole works they were planing with the rest of the guys).Little did he know(as a carrer civil servant) that Politics is a different ball game altogather, so the usual thing that happens to a human being when cornered,like frustration starts to kick in,because the future is very bleak and the end is obviousy at hand.

    As I’ve once said in this collum there are no honour among thieves.

    O.K. on the big picture Bhai on the other hand might be considering the outcome of the Qarase case as well, thats probably why he’s putting his key man back into position to prepare for the worst.Let’s wait and see.

  12. painter Says:

    Yadra Adi Kaila! Good to see someone i know is also burning the midnite oil..

    I recall posting a comment soon after the coup, I think it was on Hydenceek blog.. was for our tall fella Pramesh, in the hope that he or his wife wud read it… anyway, it was an utterance by one of the world’s greatest democrats Sir Winston Churchill who said –

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a tiger hoping it’ll eat him last”.

    Pramesh, I hate having to now say I told you so, but … I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    Can I now sing you a song…? okaay, here goes..

    “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
    Hits you when its too late
    Hits when u’re down
    It’s a fools game
    Nothing but a fools game
    Standing in the cold rain
    Feeling like a clown………….”

    Indeed Adi K, ‘You Go Winston (Churchill) mai Niusiladi’!

  13. Observer's tavale Says:

    According to a few mynah birds, the next on the block is the illegal AG … although who in their right mind would want to take up the position … choro junior?

  14. PPC Says:

    I am happy that they are geggining to fallon to their own swords


  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Looks like the in fighting is quite serious and IslandBoy, who are you getting from your contacts will take his place?

  16. bodyguard Says:

    these arseholes must pay for the misery they caused everyone.

    I am not advocating physical revenge but non-violent revenge. u can make up what ever and how u want to avenge the pain, misery and loss u suffered.

    the soldiers must pay for this….they started it, they supported it, they tortured everyone and anyone who even wishpered something against them….and NOW!! THEY MUST PAY.

    bloody liumuri….

  17. Budhau Says:

    Bodyguard, in Fiji everyone gets away with bloody murder – did Rabuka and his soldiers pay for what they did. It idiots like Speight who have been made the scapegoat. If Speight was a big chief – you think he would be in jail now.

    BTW guys – wasn’t it only a few week ago that Pramesh released that letter that Junior wrote to the iPM – that was it for Pramesh. I am surprised that pretty boy AG is still around after taking junior to court.

    I nominate Ranjen the vacant post in the Pm office – he already has experience – but then again, he might want the AG post.

    About that implosion thing – just remember that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings – and these guys ain’t going to pay for what they did.

  18. ST. THOMAS Says:

    Budhaudadaduda, i’m getting into your sister’s panties….i’m getting into your sister’s panties….i’m getting into your sister’s panties….

    You can LOCK YOUR DOORS, AND SHUT YOUR WINDOWS real good, but i’m still getting in – in your home and in your sis’s panties…..

    Stary saving up, bro, COZ you’ll be having another JUNIOR, another little budhadhadudadada in your home soon.

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – Bula Vinaka Tau!

    I hear from a reliable source that during the Port Vila trip, Parmesh told a couple of UN Programme Managers if the elections are not held in March 2009, he will quit. So the differences between him and boss did not just boil up all of a sudden. Just wondering if that is the reason, as the writing from both sides of the divide is now clearly on the wall.

    Also understand that Shiri Chand, Deputy PS in Finance who is supposed to be Mahen’s fair-haired boy might be lined up to take over from Parmesh.

    Mahen often steps over Peceli Vocea and goes straight to Shiri. However it must be stated that Shiri is a straight shooter and is one of the good guys. He does not bend rules and is not easily compromised.

    The same source told me that many more senior officers will fall very shortly. Sa segai ni macala na noda matanitu.

    Paula Uluinaceva, Amena Yauvoli, Peni Sikivou, Bulou, Litia Mawi, now Parmesh not to mention all the professional and truly loyal army officers like Ratu Meli Saubulinayau who had to be dumped – the list goes on and is by no means complete.

    Vinaka ga ni sa levu tu na Leweni-like officers ready and capable (NOT) to take over from the pros.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    Die you bastards !

  21. newsfiji Says:

    I just wanted to laugh when i read the headlines in the Fiji Times & Fiji Sun this morning! Wa..ha..ha..ha..

    Like a blogger commented earlier on…I TOLD YOU SO! Wa..ha..ha..Good Luck to Pramesh Chand..you got what you deserved…what goes around comes around..

    Hey guys, as for Aiarse Khaium going…i don’t think so…but then again..this idiot regime is full of shit anyway, anything can happen…maybe Leweni will be the new AG…even though no law degree Bainimanana will just put him thea..

    Wailei, dou yavu ulupepa..

  22. tailevu Says:

    More revelations Island Boy!

  23. Corruption Fighter Says:

    My guess is that Pramesh’s sudden departure relates to the Forum Ministerial contact group meeting tomorrow. It was obviously sudden and whatever Pramesh and the dumb dictator disagreed on needed to be sorted before the meeting got under way.

    There are any number of crazy tactics that Frank might have wanted Pramesh to endorse, which could have led to a difference they couldn’t resolve. Besides Pramesh can probably see the writing on the wall.

    But don’t forget what Raw Fiji News said a week or two ago, that Pramesh was in the know about Frank’s affairs with Judge Shameem. “But back to the sexual hungry pair in Nazhat and Frank. That tall falla at the interim PM’s office is also in the know and is
    keeping it as his trump card.”

    The question is what hard evidence does he have, where is it hidden and how can we get our hands on it. No doubt he would be smart enough to have it in the safe custody of someone who could ensure it would be released jf the regime tries to threaten him.

    Expect a diplomatic appointment somewhere.

  24. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Maybe Pramesh is earmarked for the High Commissioner’s post in Canberra!

  25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    malo a vadrakai mai my Tau.

    If more senior officers are going to fall to the sword, then does it mean my Tau, that not all is good at QEB?

    If that is the case, then I hope it is sufficent to blow the lid off the suppressed anger that has been subdued for so long and bring these idiots to justice.

    Malo once again for the updates and keep them coming pelase….

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula tale Tau Jese – do you see a pattern of guys you thought were cool joining the ranks of the illegal regime.

    Cama Tuiloma, Mike Makasiale and Karai Vuibau. Can’t say I’m surprised by the Acting High Comm to Canberra, after all we do need someone we can rely on to continue to launder funds and funnel back through government accounts.

    I just hope Oz inteligence (is it called ASIO or some such) nails his ratty arse and deports the regime wannabe as a persona non grata.

  27. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    I am pretty sure the Oz intelligence will be monitoring these idiots whilst there are based in Oz. I think it is the principle of ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.’ This way too the Oz Govt. can easily monitor their dealings.

    I am sure that they will find themselves receiving a very cool reception whilst in Oz.

    Keep the information rolling my Tau.

  28. naova kid Says:

    A true civil servant, and shining example of CS who truly embraces and upholds the Values and Code of Public Service, that is to serve the the people of Fiji under any regime. Maybe he was just trying to uphold the rule of law by correcting Voreqe (which obviously iPM doesnt like). Rishi (Bollywood actor) Ram should learn from this man.
    Long live democracy and out with dictatorship!

  29. Frida Says:

    Observer’s Tavale – I believe you are dead on – the next on the chopping block is the illegal – want to be AG. The body language is so obvious when on TV for all to see. constantly looking down to read whatever is written on the paper in front of him or looking at the entrance to the room he is in – not sure for running out or for who else is listening and watching his every move. Typical behaviour when one is doing somethng wrong!

  30. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – you were right about Cama Tuiloma. We now know he is heading for Wellington. What about the other two. Mike Makasiale has done well for YatuLau and is now being rewarded. And this other one, did you mean the axed iMinister? Or who is this Vuibau?

  31. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Rishi Ram is a disgrace.

    The Public Service is being turned upside down and the little toad with a mullet sticking out from under his golf cap has nothing to say.

    He acts as though he is a bystander in all this, instead of an officer exercising authority under the supposed law.

    His ‘I know nothing attitude’ makes him look like the idiot he is.

    Fijilive quote him as answering questions on the Pramesh Chand resignation by saying “I have received no official communication from nobody,” he said.

    Surely an illegal head of the Public Service Commission can find better grammar than this.

  32. tim Says:

    @JW and IB – I think you can rest assured that ASIO and others know EXACTLY what is going on, and where they don’t, there are others ready to educate them. Often though, the problem is what it is they consider expedient.
    I’ll give you an example – just because Smith Johns drops her knickers for the junta and is complicit in providing a beauty queen and his fag hag what they want, doesn’t mean it is solely down to her. Smith Johns had others “under” her willing to cooperate. I note one of them seems to have expunged employment details from his CV leaving a black hole where he appears to have done nothing.

  33. George of Sydney Says:

    Pramesh knows his job and shouldnot have allowed himself to be used by the regime. There were CEO from pre coup who didnt want to be used by this illegal juntas. If everything fails, let it fails at their hands.
    Now everything is in a mess and the true intention of this Illegal PM is starting to emerge.
    While everybody is struggling and suffering he and Chodry continues to deny it. How long is this going to last?

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