European Commission funds poll top job

Bloggers, it seems the EU does not have much faith in Ms. Heffernan that it is funding the # 2 position, with Xavier Noc, who does have experience in elections. I suppose after airing its concerns that it does not think the illegal junta will be able to meet its March 2009 commitment, it decided to finance the # 2 position to prevent the illegal junta from trying to deliberately delay the electoral process and with Xavier Noc around, even if Ms. Heffernan is a no show, he can take over and get the ball running. The illegal junta will find it very difficult to try and delay the elections because the EU has brought someone qualified and competent unlike its unsuited candidate!!

Check mate Ayarse!!!

14 JUL 2008

The European Commission will fund the salary of the Chief technical advisor to the Supervisor of Elections, Felicity Heffernan. This follows the appointment of Xavier Noc to the position by the interim Government. A statement from the Commission said Noc takes up office today and he will work in cooperation with Heffernan and her team.

“In its efforts to assist Fiji return to democratic rule, the European Commission (EC) has established a financial envelope under the Instrument for Stability, to finance actions aimed at facilitating the Electoral process,” the EC said. “The funding for the post of Chief Technical Advisor to the Supervisor of Elections is the first support action derived from this financial envelope.”

Noc has wide experience in the electoral field, having held similar substantial posts in Togo, Congo, Madagascar and more recently, Nepal.



16 Responses to “European Commission funds poll top job”

  1. mosimosi Says:

    If Xavier has been around on the election arena for some time, then indeed no need for Heffernan to show up. However, IG will still need to fill that vacant office up so that SoE will dance to their tune & election is eminent. Otherwise, Xavier will make sure sure that election will be held come March 2009…!

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well Heffernan will have to perform now that Noc has been appointed her Deputy.

  3. Jay Says:

    Sa so na tamata bulshit ga qo

  4. Barafen Says:

    Parmesh Chand has been deposed and his wife Renu is reputed to be in NZ.
    Both have NZ PR so expect Parmesh to skip town.

  5. Groggymaster Says:

    Ms Heffernan has always been grossly unsuited to the position of Supervisor of Elections. This has prompted the EU to appoint a “technical” appointment for the No 2 position, ostensibly to ensure that the elections are conducted to acceptable standards.
    Given the summary suspension/dismissal of the Parmesh Chand as Permanent Secretary to Baini-vore-ulu-lala, Ms Heffernan is probably even more apprehensive, and has maintained her excuse that inclement weather amongst other things are hampering her travel arrangements. She must be in an accessible part of NZ where the continuing inclement weather has been continuing for more than a week. (As claimed on Fiji One news tonight.) Which of course leads me to believe she is still in the Chatham Islands completing census of kiwis of the wild life sort.
    Aiyaz was also in fine fettle tonight, complaining (as well as echoing the illegal & pretender to the position of Chief Justice complaints) about the arrogant, and condescending attitude especially of the British Judge in the team.
    Excuse me – the Judge is absolutely right in his attitude, because of all people the Pretender and the IG_AG as lawyers are willing participating and perpetrating an illegal regime. Any Justice worth his salt would be totally aghast at such folly by those purportedly so knowing of the law.
    Anyway back to the topic, the EU appointee will also be reporting directly to the EU, as well as to the IG-AG. This will be fun – the appointee by the way cannot be sacked by the regime. Dare I suggest a looming deportation within weeks of this appointee’s arrival?

    Check mate dina Ayarse!!!!.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I thought everyone should read illegal cj gates’ description of the EU judge.

    “”In the letter, Gates describes mission member Sir Andrew Leggat as openly hostile, agressive, rude, patronising, unprofessional and condescending.””

    Gee, what would he expect from someone who has found out that gates is a criminal, a fool and a puppet to chadopu$$.

    “”Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the mission has failed miserably in meeting the requirements of being a Rule of Law assesment mission to the country and did not live up to its initial objective of being a fact-finding mission.””

    Unfortunately for hairyarse, they DID find out the facts about how the judicary in Fiji is compromised and they did give hairyarse and gates 1 / 10 for performance.

    I believe hairyarse was asked if he had ever passed his law exams.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder if bananasinpyjamas is pissed off with pramish chand because chand made hairyarse look like a complete fool on the weekend.

    From FijiTimes

    “” Permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office Parmesh Chand said: “The Office of the PM can confirm that communication has been received although it could not say what the contents were as it was directed to the Prime Minister.”
    “But on the EU press statement we haven’t seen it.” “”

    From FijiTV

    “” The interim Government has questioned the intent of the statement from the European Union, saying it has had no official correspondence on the matter.
    Interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says, it is unusual for the EU to make a public release, without having the courtesy to inform the authorities first. “”

    Chand says that the illegal, incompetent pm received the EU report and hairyarse says they didn’t.

    Swim with the sharks and eventually you get bitten.

    Let’s hope that a NZ current affairs show offers chand money to spill the beans on the junta.

  8. Groggymaster Says:

    Piggy-in-pajamas (and in chodo’s pajamas or is it the other way round) did receive the EU statement, but was unable to get directions from Chodo before the EU press release and the TV1 performance of Aiyaz on saturday night. Imagine getting sniffy at an imagined slight that is only befitting of an elected minister.
    This regime was never about good governance, or transparency. Its actions progressively demonstrate they do not understand these terms. It is about self-image, self ego, and self importance, and self agrandisement- To the extent that they are becoming ridiculous caricatures akin to coup-coup baboons. Hell, lets raise a banana plantation to send them to. Com Pol can become troop leader.

  9. Barafen Says:

    Parmesh plays the Goverment Official role (CEO, PS) with great political aptitude.
    I would not be surprised to see his name put foward as a “Neutral” person in a transition between the statis quo and democracy. Beware.

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    The EU has disowned the ig – simple as that

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    The EU has disowned the ig – simple as that – they are withholding funds.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    If this little piggy doesn’t have the elections in march 2009 , the International Community will really put the screws down hard on the I.G. and all it’s supporters .
    But when will Fijians stand up for themselves , I’m still waiting !

  13. painter Says:

    Lol @ MM! That is absolutely the $trillion Q!

  14. bodyguard Says:

    MM …. the soldiers, the ig and their puppets including all the indian ppl can talk and enact laws to prtect their sorry arse…but it will never protect them from the physical abuse they’ll face once the fijians run amok.

    only time will tell… twhen it is the right time. that time is not now!!



  15. Save the Sheep Says:

    Agree with you MM

  16. Striker Says:

    MM: Already, Methodists Fiji-wide have begun fasting and praying for peace and a quick return to normalcy. It’s in God’s hands and He never fails His people!

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