Kurusiga on a 3-year posting

Bloggers, this is the height of nepotism and cronyism, but these idiots are no longer concerned nor are they bothering to conceal this from the public! Kurusiga’s track record is dismal, for eg: his involvement with Kadavu Holdings. He now is #2 to Vore’s older brother, who too is highly incompatible. For instance, he never came to the defence of Litia Qionibaravi (Deputy PS Fijian Affairs) when Vore wrongly attacked her for abusing FAB funds, when Meli macawa knew all along it was lies, but kept his mouth shut, resulting in Litia’s job loss and ultimately being abused at QEB. Meli will be held accountable for this one day.

Bloggers, please keep a look out for Batibasaga, as he is currently out of a job and will be looking for handouts. KURUSIGA – MAI YA SO, E VALE E MINO!!!

Sunday 13 July 2008.

COLONEL Apakuki Kurusiga’s appointment as deputy secretary at the Fijian Affairs Board (FAB) is for three years, says Ministry of Indigenous Affairs permanent secretary Ratu Meli Bainimarama.

“Col Kurusiga was assigned to this post from 17 June 2008,” said Ratu Meli.”He replaced three officers who were acting in two positions of deputy secretary but reverted to their substantive positions in July 2007.

“He was assigned to this post to, among other things, see to the implementation of recommendations his team has made during its visit to the Provincial Councils and the FAB.

“He has been offered a contract appointment of three years with the board.” Col Kurusiga preferred not to comment instead referring all queries to Ratu Meli. Public Service Commission deputy secretary Maria Matavewa said the commission was unaware of the appointment.

However, she confirmed that the FAB was an autonomous body which made its own appointments. Meanwhile, two political parties said the appointment was a continuation of the militarisation of the government machinery.

Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party director Peceli Kinivuwai said the military was putting its people in strategic posts within the civil service. “Why are they bringing in a retired colonel?” “By doing that they are depriving a career civil servant from a promotion or getting ahead within the civil service and that’s demoralising,” he said.

National Federation Party general secretary Pramod Rae said the appointment of Col Kurusiga was suspicious and the militarisation of the government machinery was continuing. He said it raised eyebrows because Col Kurusiga had been tasked with investigating Fijian institutions and was now appointed to one of the very institutions he reviewed.

“This goes against good governance and shows this is just another job for the boys,” said Mr Rae. “This is nepotism and cronyism.”



12 Responses to “Kurusiga on a 3-year posting”

  1. Koya na Man Says:

    This is simply a reward(“toki ni valu”) for the job carried out,unfortunately it was an exercise in futility(with no outcome).

    Their work has been suspended,Kurusiga – Dept..Secreatary FAB,Lesavua – COmmissioned back into the Police Force,Batibasaga – now a Board member/FAB,Leweni – Dept.. Secre.. Information e.t.c., e.t.c…

    The question is where is the transparency & accountability, people who are carreer civil servants,well qualified to be given the job.For e.g. the post should be advertised,short listing & interviews to be done to find the suitable candidate and give a fair go to everyone vying for the position(the normal recruiting process).Where is the initial official stance of bainimarama that no military personnel will benefit from this coup

    LQ said it well and I quote”Sa matata tiko mai na mata ni meke qo”.E sega ni ura me damu nikua,e sa na qai tukuni koya ga mai o gauna.

    Sa dri yani……………..

  2. george of sydney Says:

    What a shame. This is merely the price for loyalty. Did they advertise the post? Where are the career civil servants who had been in the department over the years. Man, this is nepotism and corruption to the highest degree.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    What happens to all these people who have been given postings under this illegal regime once a Democratically elected government is put back in place ?
    And have they no shame ?

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    I suppose I might as well throw my hat in the ring again !
    Mark Manning for president and all things wonderful .

  5. FijiGirl Says:

    MM – good point. Yes, when a democractically elected govt is back in place, they will have to waste alot of time replacing the nepotist’s appointees, and the nation’s $$$ will be wasted while the new heads get up to speed on the damage wrought by their unqualified predecessors.

    At least the IR is consistent in that regard – that their actions prove they don’t give a frig about the wellbeing of the nation (and by actions I do not include propaganda ie ‘what they say’ as opposed to ‘what they do’).

    Not only are they creating ‘jobs for the boys’, they are systematically removing high placed, qualified civil servants who are competent enough to speak truth to power, as shown by Lap Dog Vagyna’s bizarre sacking of Litia Mawi.

    She fairly won her position through the correct recruitment procedures, but Vag, who couldn’t bear that she was better at her job than he is at his, got rid of her so he can get his own little lapdog in place.

    Vinaka vaka levu to the EU for telling it like it is, and remind this illegal regime that their actions will invalidate Chodo’s beloved sugar deal.

    Bring this illegal regime down!
    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  6. Tomasi Says:

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  7. sakua Says:

    Ok … This is what I know of Kurusiga …
    About 25 odd years of his civil service career (yes, he was a civil servant and a TF soldier) was spent with the Ministry of Fijian Affairs! That does, qualify him to be with FAB.
    He only joined the RFMF again as a regular officer in 2000!
    He has a BA; likewise and MBA! So this gives him good grounding – and he is in the same academic league as others including Litia Mawi!
    Yes, he worked briefly for Kadavu Shipping – at the calling of his vanua (so who are we to talk?).

  8. Frida Says:

    No, FIJI Girl – the new government will juts have to tell them that everything done by this illegal regime is ILLEGAL – so the door there -out you go. get the people who can do the job in so we can reduce the loss in whatever way possible.

  9. Tuks Says:

    Sakua, good to give credit where it is due but given the ig’s current determination to rid us of everything Fijian starting from the change of name of Kurusiga’s Fijian Affairs Ministry to Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, I dont think the guy is worth the salt given your above qualification. Any right thinking Fijian working against our Fijian interests do not deserve a plca in our society. They are only doing it for the money and 3 years are quite a big heap fro a retired Colonel now living on his Pensions. One thing for sure, they are the worst of all the Fijians in lieu of their self serving interests and their inability to defend their their rights, their land as well as their position as trustees of the God given heritage. They are a Shame as far as our Fijian Race are concern. Real shame and we should start remebering these people’s names for these despicable reasons in years to come. Kurusiga [and others like him in the current ig are not worth the salt I repeat..

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank has stated that civil servants must remember they are ther to serve , not be served .
    Well Frank should take a look in the mirror , he’s also a civil servant !

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Well said TUKS

    There are many people who turned down offers by the ig for positions they knew they had no right to as there was a competent person already in place, so the ig went around until they could find one of their kind who had no qualms about depriving another person of their livelihood & in normal circumstances wouldn’t even be considered.

    They should all pay some mind to the fact that they will have to watch all the competent people whose toes they step on today as it may be connected to the arse they kiss tomorrow

  12. naova kid Says:

    Kurusiga…vakalusia na kabani ni Kadavu Shipping!!!

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