Politicians against current electoral system should be told to pay up for their time in Parliament

Fiji Sun, 5 July 2008


Those politicians who entered the House of Representatives and Senate on the current electoral system after the 1999, 2001 and 2006 general elections, and are now in the forefront of advocating its abolition following the 5 December 2006 coup, should be ordered to pay back all the salaries, perks and privileges they got from that electoral system.

 If a convicted career criminal had benefited from ill-gotten gains the courts would have ordered that his or her assets be confiscated. Although a political career is not a criminal offence (although some politicians do end up on the wrong side of the law), it is only right and proper to ask why parliamentarians and other beneficiaries who have no faith now in the present electoral system should be allowed to keep the hard-earned taxpayers money. They must be given 21 days to repay every single cent, and the money reclaimed should be used by the National Council of Building a Better Fiji and those in the NCBBF who have drawn up a paper on the changes to the electoral system, to fund their post-coup vision of Fiji.

 And that applies to the interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry who is saying that it is now time to end race based voting system. In his case, he should also be stripped of the pension he is getting as a former Prime Minister because he was elected to power in the 1999 general elections under the present electoral system, and he and others should be also denied any compensation arising from the 2000 hostage crisis because they came to power under the same electoral system. Mr Chaudhry even wanted to become Opposition leader after winning his seat under the present system but the President ruled in favour of Mick Beddoes.

 None of those advocating drastic changes to the electoral system should be allowed to get away under the sulu of military rule, for we must ensure that hypocrisy does not pay. On the question of pensions, will Commodore Frank Bainimarama himself claim prime ministerial pension if and when the next general election is held in the country? Meanwhile, the NCBBF should begin drafting an Asset Forfeiture (Political) Bill to enable the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (FIRCA) to hunt down and reclaim what now seems to have been wrongfully obtained by the opponents of the present electoral system.

 For not long ago, the Fiji Labour Party and the Fiji Human Rights Commission were claiming that the 2006 general elections had been rigged. There was no suggestion that the electoral system was flawed, and as a result the general election results should be declared null and void.

 Basically, what the two outfits were claiming was that if the 2006 elections had not been rigged, the FLP would have been in power, irrespective of the now much maligned electoral system (with some even tempted to claim that there would have been no coup). On the question of the changes to the electoral system, what we are witnessing is basically the implementation of long-held views of some advocates like Father David Arms, who now feels that his version of the electoral system could only be achieved under the protection of the shadow of the guns.

 Father Arms, who prepared the discussion paper for the NCBFF, is quoted as saying that, “As the military regime was more or less acting outside the Constitution, the NCBBF should take the opportunity to push through the electoral reforms and amend the Constitution, by taking advantage of the military authority and ignoring the legal constitutional requirements for making such changes”.

 Reacting to Father Arms discussion paper, ousted Opposition leader Mick Beddoes described it as “treasonous”. He said Father Arms suggestion was for selective compliance with Fiji’s laws. Mr Beddoes said that it was grossly ‘irresponsible’ of Father Arms and his colleagues to be suggesting changes to the electoral system that could not be correctly implemented without an elected Parliament.

 In his paper, Father Arms claims results of the three general elections conducted under the Alternative Voting (AV) System since 1999 have “not represented the will of the people”. And yet those elected to Parliament claimed that they were speaking on behalf of their constituencies, and consequently, had been collecting salaries, perks and privileges from the taxpayers – the people. Is Father Arms prepared to recommend an Asset Forfeiture (Political) Bill? 

 Meanwhile, Father Arms is recommending a change to the Proportional Representation (PR) voting system. Of the three types of PR voting system, he has recommended the ‘list voting system.’ His report claims the current alternative voting system, provided for in the 1997 amended constitution, has polarized the two major ethnic groups in Fiji, leaving women and minorities not properly represented.

 “The 1999, 2001 and 2006 elections were a fight between two major parties, which for most people simply meant it was a fight between the two major ethnic groups. This is a complete contradiction of what the Reeves Commission had wanted the AV system to achieve. The voting system has not led to multi ethnic government or encouraged multi ethnic parties in Fiji.
Fiji is now more divided politically into two large parties seen as Fijian based and Indian based, with virtual elimination of smaller groupings” he said.
 To buttress its argument, the Father Arms report said the AV system brought an unacceptably high number of invalid votes, from 9 to 12 percent in the last three elections. “When this many people are disenfranchised by the system, it undermined the very legitimacy of those elections.”
 Electoral reform is needed, he argues, for four reasons – provide truly representative government, bridge the ethnic division in Fiji, facilitate greater involvement of women and minorities in politics and make voting clear and easy for voters. If a simple list system is in place, it could be up and running within six months.

 In 2001, the CCF felt that the voting system was one of the most serious flaws in the 1997 Constitution. While admitting that no voting system was perfect but an acceptable voting system should clearly reflect the will of the people. In the present AV system, based on Australian practice, the CCF claimed, only half of all voters elected anyone; the wishes of the other half of voters had no effect. The CCF believed that Fiji’s citizens, not the political parties, should decide on how our votes are counted.

 One of these days I will be arguing for and against the proposed list system, although I wrote a three part series after the 2000 coup on what really went wrong, giving rise to the 2000 coup. Many would recall that I have long advocated the abolition of the compulsory multi-party cabinet and called for the lowering of the voting age.

 On the other hand, I have also asked what would have been the fate of the SDL-FLP Qarase cabinet if Mr Chaudhry had actually entered the multi-party Cabinet after the 2006 general election instead of remaining outside. After all, he initiated a series of court cases to be a part of the multi-party cabinet previously, and is now even serving as finance minister in post-coup interim regime. In other words, is it the electoral system or the unwillingness of political leaders to work together for the betterment of the nation that is a fundamental problem facing Fiji?

 The 1999 election results showed that the SVT polled 38% of the total Fijian votes and 19.8% of all votes and got only 8 seats.  The FAP polled 18% of total Fijian votes and 13.20% of all votes but got 11 seats.  The NFP polled 27% of total Indo-Fijian votes and 14.91% of all votes and got no seats.  The FLP polled 53.3% of total Indo-Fijian votes and 31.74% of all votes and got 37 seats. 

 The FLP polled less than 2% of Fijian votes but got 37 seats, the biggest number of seats for any political party.  Out of the 37, only 6 were Fijians and those Fijians were elected in national seats with the majority of support of Indo-Fijian voters.  The elections produced these results because it was the Indo-Fijian voters who voted as an ethnic bloc. The i-taukei Fijian voters, on the other hand, were split and fragmented among more than five political parties and independents.

 As far as Sitiveni Rabuka’s SVT was concerned, it lost 18 of the 23 Fijian communal seats where only Fijians stood and Fijians voted in the May elections.  The SVT, which still represented the vast majority of Fijian voters (38%), was however swept aside by Mr Chaudhry on a constitutional technicality.  He shut the SVT out of his government because it made “unacceptable political demands”. So Mr Qarase was merely trying to follow in Mr Chaudhry’s footsteps after the 2001 general elections until the courts ruled otherwise.

 After the 1999 general elections, a former parliamentarian and a member of the Reeves Commission, Tomasi Vakatora, was reported as saying that the FLP noticed a flaw in the Alternate Voting System and used it to win. The FLP saw that the AV system could be used to their advantage since voters had no control over where their votes would end up.  The party also took advantage of the expertise that was available to them from their Australian counterparts where the AV system is in use in elections.

 Another member of the Reeves Commission Brij Lal, noted: “For Labour…the election was not about principle and morality: it was about winning. To that end, it put those parties last which posed the greatest threat. Among these parties was the NFP, its main rival in the Indian communal seats. Labour’s unorthodox tactic breached the spirit and intention of the preferential spirit of voting, where like minded parties trade preferences among themselves and put those they most disagree with last. Political expediency and cold-blooded ruthlessness triumphed.”

 In the 2006 election, the theory I presume, was that the military could with its threats etc, swing sufficient i-taukei Fijian votes towards the FLP and Ratu Epeli Ganilau’s National Alliance Party. The military, however, failed to secure NFP preferences in the crucial marginal seats that would ultimately determine the result; something the anti-SDL strategists had not factored in the final calculation. This is confirmed by the military’s demand of the independents to support the FLP before the 2006 election results were finalized.

 It, therefore, follows, that a mere change of the electoral system will not bring about fundamental changes to Fiji’s voting patterns. What is clear, however, is that those politicians now condemning the current electoral system, have been its major beneficiaries, and as a result must be ordered to pay back to the taxpayers all their salaries, pensions, perks and privileges which they obtained after the 1999, 2001 and 2006 general elections.

 On a separate note, how much is Sir Paul Reeves being paid for his services – we were recently told that he received $90,000 to help draft the 1997 Constitution of Fiji, which is once again under criticism from the post-coup supporters.


The views expressed are those of Victor Lal and not that of the Fiji Sun. E-mail: victor_lal@yahoo.co.uk


42 Responses to “Politicians against current electoral system should be told to pay up for their time in Parliament”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Victor Lal: You deserve a medal! Great piece of work! And right on the dot too!

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Changing of the voting system will not change race relations Fiji because we are still voting on racial lines. This is a fact of life. Watch what is happening in the US today. Older White Democrat voters on average are still quite hesitant to vote for Obama, despite the fact he is the presumptive Democratic nominee!

    Change to race relations only comes from within and cannot and will not happen from changes from without!

  3. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Maiya Chodo has proved once again that he is an opportunist. He rides on any bandwagon without commiting to any principle. His only guide is if he can gain some personal benefit out of the deal.

    This piece of shit should be stripped and flogged in public once the democratic government is put in place.

    Great work Victor!

  4. natewaprince Says:

    It becomes more obvious that the election reforms is not about a better and fairer voting system but about improving the FLP’s chances of winning the next elections.

    If they introduce an electoral system whereby Fijians have no choice but to put a tick next to a coolies name and vice versa,that does not necesarily mean that they have removed racial polarity.

    A Fijian is a Fijian and a coolie is a coolie.OIL AND WATER WILL NEVER MIX,EVER.

  5. Budhau Says:

    The silly ass Victor Lal is at it again – is this what you get from some Oxford dude (BTW – I see that he is no longer using his vloxford@gmail.com address)

    Based on Victor’s reasoning, any politician anywhere in the world who entered parliament under a system that he/she wants changed, than they are no entitled to any salaries what they may have received while ser4ving under a electoral system that they are proposing to change.

    I told you folks, that this Lal guy would run out of steam after the tax documents ran out. – So here is your Mr. Oxford.

    The rest of his stuff was a rehash of the election statistics. Since we have seen that the electoral system does not produce the desired results for the people of Fiji – a change in the system may be a step in the right direction. What does Lal want – that this military regime do some social engineering to produce better results.

    Hey Victor, I like that “under the sulu of the military” remark – don’t you think you have used this sulu and dhoti remarks one too many times.

    Hey JW – if folks are going to vote on racial lines – what seems to be your problem – there are 57% Fijians and Indian at 40% and the numbers declining – that should be more of problem for them Indians.

    The problem here is that Fijians will still have more seats – it is just that the Chiefs and privileged class may not be able to get into power as easily.

    Hey NP – I like your “A Fijian is a Fijian”..line, BTW are all Fijian equal or some Fijian are more equal than others. Well you are Prince (chief I suppose) so you must be fine, but what about that Duana guy – as a Fijian, if you ain’t a chief (or elite) you ain’t shit.
    ..and that coolie bugger, kicking ass in Fiji..we can’t have any of that, can we?

    Hey Maqa – Chaudary ain’t riding on the bandwagon, he is the driver the dude incharge – and two of the descendants of the big Kahuna Seru Cakobau – Ganuilau and Nailatikau and doing the dog and pony show for Chaudary. (so who did NP called a collie)

  6. Linus Says:

    @Budhau. Get off knocking Victor Lal.
    1/ He makes a lot more sense than U do.

    2/ He is right!! I have already posted on here a long time ago that the fault in our politics is simply because the Politicians AND CHODS is the most senior of them by now make it racial.

    3/ When the Indian Community start showing genuine sincerity and open-ness to othe communities, then slowlt, a healing inthe racial issues will begin. I am a vulagi, working here on & off for 28 years. Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic, they are consistant and manageable.
    The minority other races are similarly consistent and manageable!!

    But the Indo-Fijian is usually a difficult person to work with; unreliable as often as not, deceitful; lazy and a back-stabber to anyone in his way.

  7. anon Says:

    What the fuck does Frank think about this ?

    A meca vakaloloma a tamata ni ciqoma na bribe.

    Taqamu a gusuna TADOLA a nona sona.

    Tou sa qai vakaloloma.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Our boy Linu wrote:
    “Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic, they are consistant and manageable.
    The minority other races are similarly consistent and manageable!!

    But the Indo-Fijian is usually a difficult person to work with; unreliable as often as not, deceitful; lazy and a back-stabber to anyone in his way.”

    With this kinda bigotry – do I even need to comment –

    Well, anyway, it was nice to hear that a white man thinks that while the natives may not have good work ethics, they are at least manageable – at lease they have some good qualities.

    …and those “difficult to work with, lazy, deceitful, back stabbing Indians.
    – so the Indians, if they were also manageable, it would so nice -right? – and that Victor Lal – is he an Indian – well he must an exception to that rule.

    Linus – You are one sorry ass bastard.

  9. soro Says:

    Hey smelly – the truth hurts huh ? haha….. memu sici !

  10. soro Says:

    Linus is absolutely spot on … generally speaking … its a sorry day when one can count on one hand the really nice injun friends one does have …. I can count only 2 Indian friends I will lay my life down for because they have proved over a considerable lifetime to me that they can be trusted, will never backstab me, and never shortchange me…. now thats rare!

  11. Budhau Says:

    Soro – it is fine with me if you think that you people as a race have bad work ethics, and that your good qualities are that you are easily manageable.

    How about if you also agree with him that you are intellectual inferior to Linus’s race – may then we should have no problems giving you guys all the available scholarships.

    If you don’t have Indian friends – that is your problem. BTW – with my friends, race is not one of the factors that goes into determining who my friends woulds be.

    BTW – as a general rule, the more educated a person is, the less prejudiced they seem to be – now, that probably explains yours and Linus’s point of view.

  12. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau…lol…….lol… Linus is not the only one who has got your kind figured out. I have met a lot of white people who say they have been to Fiji. They find Fijians “nice” but Indians are descibed as “sleazy”
    I’m sure you are not in this category. Are you….bahahahahahahahahahaha…lol…….lol…….

  13. Budhau Says:

    Jose I wasn’t concerned about my kind – just because he can’t manage my kind he seems to have a problem with – sort like some brown trying to equal to the white guy – I thought that was sort of a complement.

    You should be more concerned about his patronizing remarks about your race – that work ethics that he said you guys did not have – well, you called you buggers lazy ass. When he spoke about you as a race being more manageable – he was talking about you being dumb m-fckers.
    I want my pigs to be manageable, not may race – you idiot.

    Now do you see, why some Fijian just might take Linus’s remarks as being insulting. These colonialists bastards have always had this attitude. The disliked Indian – because Indian were perceived as a threat or competition, while the Fijian was a lovable character because he was manageable.

    You don’t even get it when folks insult you.

  14. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau: lako mada lai sili…

  15. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, I reaaly like the Fijians because,
    “Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic (code word for being lazy ass), they are consistant and manageable (code word be being dumbass).

    That kind of a colonialist mentality from a vulagi who has worked in Fiji for 28 years – would offend some right thinking people – both indigenous and non-indigenous.
    ..and this Linus guy is not alone.

  16. Jose Says:

    ..hahahahahahaha…….hahahaha…..Bees bit your arse on that one, eh Bhudau, you poor little man. …hahahahah….hahahah..

  17. Vurusi Says:

    Indians wherever they go they cause alot of trouble for their host..tht’s why epochs ago they were made to be untouchables..slaves…in their own society by the upper class… thats the only order they understand…but when the Brits removed them from their natural envoriment, that’s when the troubles began ..all over the world..theuy wanted to own govts and all..steal identities of other people without a blink or conscience etc…Now there’s GOPIO trying to own the world….the Brits are finding problems with these people in their home land..(the former ..meaning freed… untochables..) so much so that in 50 years, UK will be run by Indians ..become an Indian country..an Indian subcontinent. Moral of the story is they can only be contained by getting them back to their natural social order… wherever they are..or else they will own you.

  18. Tui Says:

    Looks like Dr. Tuiketei is the next Fijian woman to be demoted in the civil service.
    Another sad day for Fijians.

  19. Save the Sheep Says:

    Very good article.

    Main point that Indo – Fijians have been more pro-active in voting as a bloc until 2006. Me thinks this is what frightened Mahen and lead to this coup.

  20. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Once again victor Lal has hit the nail on the head. When Mahendra Chaudhry was a beneficiary of the electoral system he now disowns, he did not become magnanimous and seek to create a genuinely multi-racial multiparty cabinet. He sought to deepen divisions within the Fijian community while shoring up his own substantial vote in the Indian community, which had delivered a number of seats that exceeded his share of the vote.

    Chaudhry has always, without the slightest hesitation, claimed his victory in 1999 as totally legitimate and beyond question. The electoral system that delivered a loss for him in 2001 and 2006 was the same one that put in him in power. The only difference was the SDL in 2006 had solid support from the larger community. It was the not the electoral system that delivered this vote to the SDL. It was Chaudhry’s l-am-the-winner-and-l-don’t-need-to-compromise-with-anyone” attitude of 1999 that delivered the vote for the SDL.

    Contrast Chaudhry’s attitude with the genuinely multiracial, multiparty
    cabinet put together by Qarase. Here we can see the source of all our
    problems – Mahendra Pal Chaudhry, aided and abetted, of course, by his puppet dictator.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    A coup is a coup is a coup and is not known by any other name !
    No matter what the Ig is saying about Electoral reform , it’s just a smokescreen to justify the coup !
    Arrest the treasonous sons of bitches , re-instate Mr.Qarase and don’t ever reconcile with traitors again .

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Peter Foster for President of the colony of Fiji !

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji’s new cultural revolution under Frank and friends :- http://www.mcclatchydc.com/251/story/40247.html

  24. Mark Manning Says:


  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    Kudo’s Victor! Hole in one again.

    Wassup Budhs? Surprised you’re still around gracing us with your e-presence (mono-lingual these days too I see) LOL

  26. Dante Says:

    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate…

  27. Keep The Faith Says:

    No way Dante/Budhs. You abandon your hope when YOU enter here.

    You’re going to have to do better with the Latin and Wikipedia shit, it’s getting old.

  28. Budhau Says:

    Varusi – you said something about how Indians are exploited in their own society – the different classes – how is that any different from the privileged Fijians (chiefs and he elite) exploiting the Fijian commoner – those are the ones they you guys talk about when it comes to assistance in education, health care, commerce and what else.
    I think Indians have done well for themselves all over the world – even look at Fiji, where they have come from near slave like conditions to where they are today.
    You know Varusi – when people start looking as Indians as threat – because they cannot compete with them – that is when the “trouble”.
    You said something about in 50 years UK will be run by the Indians – I think Indians and Chinese will run the whole world in less than 50 years.
    BTW – Varusi – you are an idiot – and if I believed in slavery – I would have owned a few guys like you.

    Our good friend Linus put it well in this forum earlier, ““Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic (code word for being lazy ass), they are consistent and manageable (code word be being dumbass).”

    Fiji Democracy Now wrote on Chaudary – “he did not become magnanimous and seek to create a genuinely multi-racial multiparty cabinet.”

    Come on FDN – why don’t get back to us with some more research – that Chaudary included every fricken party in his cabinet – including the independents. The only guys opted to stay out was the SVT idiots who wanted the deputy PM post, several key ministeries and they wanted the FLP to keep all those folks appointed by the SVT – ambassadors and the like. Now you compare the FLP cabinet with the Qarase Cabinet – the last one and the one before that.

    What do you guys get by not being honest – with this selective memory.
    BTW – what would you buggers have done if Chaudary did decide to change the electoral system after his victory – you were joking about that right – First he tried to take your land, then the power, next he would taking your women.

    Keep the faith – just because someone does not speak your language – that does not make him mono-lingual. BTW – with the way the world is going, if I was you I would learning Hindi and Chinese.

  29. Linus Says:

    @ Budhau. Plz improve your self and stop being malicious in trying to re-interperate my words. The phrases I used were not code words for anything. Just a simple but generalized observation that many of the ITaukei I have worked with at times struggled with the conflict between a european imposed work ethic vis legitimate cultural demands. Being manageable means that that my work teams were sincere and reliable.

    Again, as a generality, many of the Indo-fijian I worked with were unreliable, frequently dis-honest, insincere and trouble makers.

    However, with-in both races there are several noteable exceptions of highly credible, dignified and worthy people.
    It is indeed a great sadness that none of the IG and their supporters fall with-in this category!!

  30. Vurusi Says:

    Budhau you missed my points…it seems you are uneducated and a dumb ass ….I am not going to reapeat what I have written but re-re-re-..read again what i have said..you comment is wide offfff the mark..you stupid idiot…

  31. Budhau Says:

    Here Linus I will give you a chance to explain your own words.

    You wrote:
    “I am a vulagi, working here on & off for 28 years. Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic, they are consistant and manageable.”

    What do you mean by the iTaukei not having very good work ethics.
    Isn’t this what is called prejudice or stereotyping – and what exactly is good work ethics – the protestant work ethinc or working hard, being frugal and saving some of what you earn – hey, there that sounds like them Indians.

    Why do you want the Fijians to be consistent and manageable – As a people why do you want to manage them.

    Listen guy – you are bigot – both when you showed you racist belief against the Indians and with you patronizing attitude towards the Fijians.

    Listen guy – there are good and bad in all races – you are just a plain old racist – now trying to get out of this.

    If the Fijians – do not have good work ethics – as you put it – so why would turn up to work the day after payday – wouldn’t the stingy Indian be more reliable you see your are just tryng to cover your ass with some flimsy arguments.

    Listen Linus – this ain’t about the IG and its supported – don’t go around changing the subject to get some sympathy in here.

    That “several noteable exceptions ” you mention – go take a social psychology class – and they will explain to you about the exceptions.
    When you see a Indian doing something wrong – your attitude is “see these fricken Indian, back stabbing, blah blah blah. When another Indian does good, there you go – here is an Indian behaving in manner not typical of Indian – must have learned it from the whites – as you put is your “notable exception”
    The same goes for the Fijian – you see a Fijian doing something wrong – you blame it on the Fijians as people, Lazy, beer drinking, involved in street fights, blah, blah…. – when the Fijian does something good, he must have learned it from other cultures.

    People with prejudices always think like. So let me get this right – Indians are “unreliable, frequently dis-honest, insincere and trouble makers.”

    I think that statement, while it say very little about the Indians – say a lot about you. I feel sorry for idiots like you – now go teach that to your grandkids – because they are not born racists – you gotta teach them – so teach then well – and you influence could last for the next 200 years or more – much longer than the money you made from exploiting Fijians.

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoooodhau why don’t you shove your father chodo’s uncut dick in your mouth. You ramble on too much about nothing!!!

  33. Dauvavana Says:

    NP where art thou????

    It is time again.

    Time for Butthole to be distressed after a tormented week…………..bring you big self and Avenai with you bahahahhahahhaa

  34. tim Says:

    @Budhau (above). Even if he is – which I doubt – this “listen guy” shit is just as patronsing. I’m both interested, and appalled at times. I suspect you might be slightly left-leaning politically – at least a little concerned with the social and cultural over the economic.
    I’m intrigued however to know why you give most posters in here the shit (which is about as powerful as Karori houswife’ blue rinse disguising her blubba) you do.
    You’ve made certain admissions and I’m not going to give you the bile most in here think you deserve – simply because (pardon the arrogance), I think you’ve started on a campaign that is hard to back out of. It’s kind of the same logic that RFMF personnel think will see them through to next week (despite the fact that their leadership don’t actually give a shit about them other than as they operate to protect them)
    I note you failed to answer a post of mine many moons ago – one that suggested that the Chodo is a complete and utter disgrace to the Labour movement, and the Shaista and her “protoge” (and Gates for that matter) are driven more by ego than principle or any sort of fucked ideology – that is of course open to interpretation.
    Apparently you now do not agree with the coup (2 or 3 or 4 posts back), although initially – many moons ago, you saw it as some sort of solution to all.
    Whatever made you place such staunch faith in those that have no faith?
    These junta fuckwits have ideology, Or religion, OR are so thick they want to adopt an expedient line that furthers an egotistical and ideological agenda.
    You want to cry “race”! – J’accuse! but do you seriously believe that those leading this circus don’t consider themselves “masters”? Give it whatever label you want. Give those you disagree with whatever labels you want.
    The ones that aren’t politicians are wannabe politicians, and wannabe politicans that would never ever have any hope of gaining a majority vote under ANY sort of electoral system (and I’m talking about those that mostly are incapable of stringing a couple of thoughts together with any sort of consistency). The others that are capable of stringling a few sentences together like Shyster and Bubba would be better off employed by Comedy Central!
    Go through them one by one, then ask yourself what they’re really about.
    It’s as sad as it is pathetic!
    A President if only in name, that is more capable dribbling than he is of any sort of lucid thinking or speech – he’s under a kama attack – and we’re expected to accord him some sort of respect? – Death can’t come soon enough so we can give him some dignity by mourning.
    Wannabe offspring of people that were regarded as statesmen. Mana that is assumed rather than earned. Wins that are obtained by changing the rules midway through the match: cheats, and robbers (and fake blondes)
    An HRC wonderwoman and Ombuds(wo)man, incapable of reasoned logic on account of her dysfunction – that even her own sister recognises, not that her sister holds any sort of honest principle.
    Her (shitsers) failed protoge (Bubba) – like Gates, still pretending that he prefers minge to ass – dishonesty at the highest level – Why even Frank knows – past reference to some “handsome’ man. As for certain religious “leaders” – best we don’t even go there – the Catholic Church is busy enough trying to make ammends elsewhere in the world !
    You’re right on one level in one of your past quotes re what a total fuckup Fiji currently is.
    Whatever your belief, there are some worthy of consistent ridicule – they reside mostly in this “i I government”. Mostly because they consistently struggle and bullshit, break promises, miss deadlines and fuck over the economy.
    Don’t get me wrong as far as junta opposition – there are some comments in here that appall me because of their racism and dogma – but I recognise it as a REACTION.
    Anything that fosters an indigenous versus Indo divide appalls me – BUT you really should have a think. I think I understand why it exists, however – it’s because those that are responsible have, and continue to be under a sustained attack against any and all indigeneity. Why wouldn’t they? When your mother gets raped by some asshole, and you behave with total restraint, then maybe you might have justification to post much of the crap you do.
    Any and all attacks on the indigenous do not, and will never work!. Any such attacks are unsustainable and merely procrastination no matter how may guns you have.
    Budhau: What SOLUTIONS do you have? You seem prepared to criticise Lal and others.
    Like you – I don’t worship Lals, Reeves, Peters, Ratuvas, Singhs, or whoevers. It seems BASICALLY evident however that the most sustainable option (economically, politically and culturally) lies in an election as soon as possible and it is the best option (even for the opportunists looking for a way out that at least might save their asses from being strung up sometime in the future).

  35. Wailei Says:

    From Linus:

    “I am a vulagi, working here on & off for 28 years. Whilst the I taukei may not have a very good work ethic, they are consistant and manageable.
    The minority other races are similarly consistent and manageable!!


    Im intrigued by your statement that the ‘itaukei’and other races are “manageable” what exactly do you mean by that? Sounds like you’re saying that we are a”yes -man” people.. “Manageable” sounds like you are training us as if we a dogs that need to be disciplined.

    Please explain what you meant by “manageable”?.

  36. tim Says:

    BTW Frank and Shyster: http://www.rnzi.com/pages/news.php?op=read&id=40865
    Oh woe Oh woe! NZ and Australia are being SO mean to us – there are these unhelpful travel bans that prevent us exercising our egos and spending the taxpayers money on taking jaunts to make ourselves look wonderful.
    Well fuck it – I wouldn’t have even made an exception! Especially when Frank is a cancer on Fiji’s society.
    RNZI: “A naval officer Keveli Namatalevu’s son, Osea, who is studying in New Zealand, needs a bone marrow transplant but his two sisters had not been able to enter New Zealand”.
    ….presumably on humanitarian grounds.
    About time Frank and the junta exercised a little humanitarian thought and got past their own egos.
    Either that or pack Osea and sisters off to India for the prearranged healthcare RFMF personnel are expected to have.

  37. tim Says:

    And in case you think that is a heartless thing to say, well check this out:
    And Frank, Bubba and Shaista think they’re hard done by because of travel bans!

  38. Linus Says:

    @ Wailei. As I posted above:-

    “Just a simple but generalized observation that many of the ITaukei I have worked with at times struggled with the conflict between a european imposed work ethic vis legitimate cultural demands. Being manageable means that that my work teams were sincere and reliable.”

    I was a maintenance Engineer. Management was by means of team meetings, where each person would be invited to contribute his ideas on how to resolve the problems and current projects at that time with in his skills area.

    Once the work programme was agreed we all took our agreed part in completing the tasks. A team that can work like that is what I call managable!!

  39. Budhau Says:

    Linus – those iTaukei are manageable because you have probably been exploiting them for the last 28 years – business must have been good. If, just in case those folks that you dealth with had turned around and stood up to you – you woul dbe going around calling then “trouble makers and back-stabbers’ – that they turned on you after all that you had done for them.

    BTW – race has nothing to do with what you are talking about – Linus.
    There are lazyass Indians and Fijians and there are hard working Fijians and Indians.

    Linus – we have already determined that you are racist – and I don’t think you are denying that either – what you are saying saying that you are racist – just against the Indians, the Fijian are OK – but that argument ain’t flying in here.

    You know I know this bigoted dude – when in the comonay of Indians, he would tell a Chinese or Fijian joke – insulting them was OK – when he was around Chinese or Fijians he would tell jokes about those Indians.

    That is exactly what you are doing in here – since this is a predominantly Fijian website – you are sticking it to the Indians, you probably badmouthed the Fijians when you went over to some Indians house for that rice and curry dinner, or when you with dealing with a Indian vendor for your project.

    You talk about the Fijians cultural” demands conflicting with their work ethics – what cultural demand – that they get drunk on payday and don’t show up for work the next day, what exactly do you mean.

    Listen Linus – you take a Fijian and an Indian, both with an MBA and everything else being equal – there is not difference in the two guys- race has nothing to do with this. So in your case you would hire the Fijian because you hate Indians – but how about we put a white dude in that mix – well I guess you are not hiring the Indian or the Fijian – you would go for the white guy – because the Fijian can’t deal with the “European imposed work ethic” and you hate the Indians.

    This is how they exploit the coloured folks – may you make mild and just say that the Indo and Fijian were not the “corporate types”.

    Don’t they have laws in your country that say something to the effect that discriminating against employees based on race, religion, color, sex and national origin is generally wrong – based on what you just said – and you responsibilities as a manager, you probably had been a living example of this practice of racial discrimination.

    Forget about employment ……what about real life – with that bad work ethics of the Fijian – you won’t want you daughter marrying one of them, would you? – and god forbid if she decided to elope with those dirty back-stabbing Indian bastards.

  40. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooo Budhau go suck on something like Chodo’s Topsy to shut you up you are uttering nonsense

  41. budweiser Says:

    why dont you hack into Victors account – the yahoo one which chodo helped to get in – why should he not write this piece – he is a commentator also for papers – go check up the word columnist – who writes on all topic

  42. Adi Kaila Says:

    budhau has a psychopathic hatred of anyone who is brave enough to reveal truths about his hero chodoci and the ig coupsters.

    Lal has well and truly given us all the low down on the low down chodoci which when bought to the attention of other Kaidias really makes them detest him more. We Taukeis don’t really give a shit about chodoci – he’s an irritant and is a waste of space because we never trusted him in the first place. chodoci has well and truly lost the trust of the Kaidias and about bloody time too. He will do all he can to keep this gravy train going because like the rest of his common low down ig coupsters they have no EXIT.

    There’s no way they can give up gracefully – if they even know the meaning of how to?

    Vinaka Vakalevu Victor Lal and Tui Savu – BRING IT ON!!!!

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