The axe falls

Bloggers, see the unprofessional attitudes of the illegal junta. Senior public servants are now being severely punished for petty reasons. We have seen spineless Eveli Ganilau, then big mouth Vayeshnoi and now this. Dr. Rohit Kishore, PS for Lands too has resigned and the illegal junta are losing all these experienced public servants. They must be really getting desperate if they acted against Bulou Rakuita for uttering anti-illegal junta comments! Just shows their low self esteem!!! So much for all this talk about good governance, transparency, when they continually act like cowards!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A SENIOR civil servant was unceremoniously removed from office following reports she had uttered anti government statements.

Public Service Commission chairman Rishi Ram confirmed yesterday that Bulou Rakuita, who was the acting deputy secretary of the Agriculture Ministry, was suspended almost a month ago. She was also the ministry’s human resources director.

On the day she was forced to vacate office, Ms Rakuita was given about 10 minutes to gather her personal belongings. The removal, according to Fiji Public Service Association general secretary Rajeshwar Singh, was “procedurally wrong and had no decorum”. He said while Ms Rakuita was not a member of the FPSA, such allegations “need proof”.

“They (PSC) were wrong. Civil service procedure requires you seek an explanation if an allegation is made. If the PSC is not satisfied, then they lay charges and ask for a reply. If it is serious, like embezzlement, then you suspend on the recommendation of the permanent secretary to the PSC. In this case, you need proof,” Mr Singh said.

Ms Rakuita was upset when contacted yesterday and asked that she be left alone. “Everybody is just reacting to stories that they hear. You’re hearing stories, the military is hearing stories. We have suffered enough and I don’t have anything else to say,” she said. Mr Ram said the allegation against Ms Rakuita was being investigated.

“The matter was first raised at the Agriculture Ministry where she supposedly made anti government statements at her workplace. Then the ministry liaised with the PSC and it was decided that she be suspended while investigations are carried out,” he said.

He said the PSC would meet later this week to discuss Ms Rakuita’s case. Mr Ram said he did not know the specifics of what exactly was said by Ms Rakuita. PSC permanent secretary Taina Tagicakibau said Ms Rakuita was not being paid and she did not know how long it would take to resolve the matter.

Information deputy secretary Major Neumi Leweni said the suspension was in order because it breached the civil service code of conduct. He would not say whether the alleged utterances were specifically against a senior military officer.

Mr Singh said the problem with the code of conduct was “it is wide and they can stick you with anything”. The PSC’s removal and suspension decisions have attracted attention recently following revelations that it had removed a permanent secretary without the knowledge of his line minister.

The PSC later explained that Defence and Immigration permanent secretary Malakai Tadulala was suspended for insubordination. This week, Litia Mawi, the demoted permanent secretary for Local Government, said she believed the PSC had acted on the instructions of her minister, Lek Ram Vayeshnoi.


33 Responses to “The axe falls”

  1. Ispy Says:

    Wailei.Trust Bandmaster Leweni to say some like “the suspension was in order because it breached the civil service code of conduct”.

    Never mind that procedure requires the PSC to give her an opportunity to explain hereself or refute the allegations made against her.

    As far as this dictatorial regme is concerned – whatever they hear, they believe and if they believe it, it must be true!

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    The brain drain continues to flow! Clearly there are smaller snakes within these ministries who are “eyes and ears” of the iIG. These career civil servants, i.e. Mawi and Rakuita, certainly dont deserve whats been handed them by their superiors; but then again, this junta doesnt deserve their services anyway. I can only wish them well with their next move. Its a big world out there ladies.. got get it!

    Meanwhile, the junta has just added two more nails to its coffin – DOWN with this regime!

    As for Rohit, just another who couldnt handle the heat. Whatever made him think he could? Moce Jo! Sega na kemu isa..

  3. Lau Lass Says:

    The PSC has said that Litia Mawi was demoted because of Incompetence. Let me remind the PSC ( Rishi Ram the pirate ) that Litia Mawi has a University degree & her line minister- Lekh ram Vayeshnoi left school at Form Four !!!! so judge for yourself !!! WHO IS INCOMPETENT ???

  4. Groggymaster Says:

    The expert blower (bugler) should listen to himself. Bulou is alleged to have been dismissed for alleged breach of code of conduct. These AHs who committed a capital crime “TREASON” are oicking the spec from someone elses eyes with logs in both eyes.
    Firstly Bulou is entitled to freedom of speech, secondly, due process has not been followed, and thirdly contrary to their aims of restoring transparency, fairness etc,. What hypocrites.
    The fact that the entire IG are so sensitive to cristism is a good sign. The IG are insecure, and fearful of the revolt that is comming…..

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I seem to recall that a certain deckhand, bananasinpyjamas, was publicly saying anti-government things about 20 months ago.

    I recall that he and his green goons got upset when they were rebuked.

    How the times change.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    You wouldn’t have to be Einstein to work this out. [from Sun}

    “Sixteen foreign investment projects are on hold as a result of the December 2006 coup, says the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau.

    It says these projects will only get off the ground once Fiji’s political situation stabilises.

    These 50 projects, identified by the Bureau, were registered from 2003-2006 with a proposed investment value of approximately $6.2 billion and approximately 6500 jobs to be generated.

    However, it had been confirmed that the 16 projects are on hold because offshore financiers were not going to release the funds to start these projects fearing, from their perspective, the “too” high risks.

    “Twenty-seven projects are ready for implementation but are on hold until the country stabilises,”

    No wonder chodopu$$ is taxing the water bottlers.

    He’ll be putting a tax on sex soon; the PBTI tax.

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    Rohit deserves if for leaving the cosy life of Canada to take up an illegal appointment.

  8. breadtomatoe Says:

    Tax on sex – where is the tea lady to enlighten on Chodos sex escapades

  9. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    Litia Mawi is a very competent Civil Servant. She has held senior positions in the PSC and other Government ministries including Fiji’s Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

    She was President of the Australian National University (ANU) Alumni for a number of years. She was highly regarded by the National Centre for Development Studies at the ANU where she graduated with a Masters Degree. We the members of the ANU Alumni share great sympathy with Litia and utterly deplore the unprofessional action taken against her. Lek Ram Vayeshnoi did not only left school at form four, he is a puppet of Chaudhary

    The treatment done to Litia as well as Top Civil Servants since December 2006 is a clear manifestation of inferior human resources management skills of Rishi Ram and the PSC. Penalties were dished out based on rumours before investigation and total disregard of vital procedures that uphold the principle of natural justice.

  10. Wailei Says:

    @ Always 4 Fiji…. They (IG) need to swim at the Sullivans Creek! Wahahaha

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Would they eventually reach the stage where they start sacking each other ?

  12. Coruption Fighter Says:

    The charging of Malakai Tadutala with insubordination, the demotion
    without warning or consultation of Litia Mawi, the involuntary leave of
    Maika Bavoro and now the dismissal of Bulou Rakuita without even a
    semblance of proper process indicate a new tightening of the grip of
    the illegal regime on the apparatus of the state.

    This comes just after the band of thugs announced an “inquiry” into
    local government, which is obviously a preparation for a wholesale
    replacement of elected local government with illegal lackeys.

    Make no mistake, ttie dictatorship has turned nasty as it faces the
    problem of finally admitting that there will be no election next year.

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes MM. Already done that when they had cabinet reshuffle. Bune, Bernie and some others got sacked from cabinet. There is a criteria to avoid sacking –blindly obey and do the MMP nicely.

  14. Wailei Says:

    The conditions of keeping your job is:

    When they tell you to jump.. the reply is “how high”…
    Kiss and polish their feet till it shines – aka.. masi polo
    Agree to everything they say no matter how stupid it sounds
    Qualifications – Drop outs degree – hell you can lead the country with just that.
    Get your own family and close relatives to take high positions, even though you dont have any experience.

    Qori yani..

  15. mosimosi Says:

    Whilst on one hand, the sacking & demotion is preposterous, the question of why they want they want to consider the junta as their employer in the first place is something that needs to be considered. They should have known the moment they got the job that they’ve got to dance to their music. Bandmaster said that their actions were considered insubordination to their line minister because one has to follow military orders because its a military government. I don’t care whether you graduated with flying colours from ANU or Havard and if Litia Mawi is what “Always for Fiji” & “Lau lass” said to be, she should have picked up from the beginning that it is an illegal regime & her appointment would be illegal & she danced to the tune, so face the consequences….!

  16. Kaiviti Says:


    If this lady is Mrs Rakuita Vakalalabure then its another shame act on the part of the govt, similar the Virisila Buadromo incident. Ke mani dina qo… ia na mataivalu qo sa bau taleitaka dina na vaculaki ira (directly & indirectly) na noda marama, dou sa vakamadualaki keda na kaiviti.

  17. benhur Says:

    Seems to me that Risi Ram is on a mission to removed as many Fijian Government CEO from office and replace them with Indos?Looks to me like John Samy and Chodo idea to eliminate these top job with their own replacement appears to be coming together?

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    @mosimosi. Putting food on the table for the family is a matter of priority for anyone. Also, it would be quite difficult to turn down a promotion within the Public Service – its either you serve or you leave. These ladies chose to serve. And a fat lot of thanks they got !

    Its not the end of the world for them. They both have winning qualities that would make them home and host to any other employer. Forget the illegality of their promotions – they were already civil servants well before the takeover.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks peace pipe
    Looks like there’s only one option left !
    Mark manning for President , Prime Minister , Vice President , Finance Minister , Military Commander and anything else that involves the wearing of a pretty Uniform !
    Will you join my coup clux clan party or we could start a new one , called the kava party ( BYO ) .
    Free four bread toaster and Volkswagen , roads and electricity to follow when we raise enough funding !
    We’re waiting for the Chinese Government to contribute as all roads lead to China these days .

  20. Seini Says:

    The Axe Falls

    This latest attack on civil servants is the worst. All Bulou Rakuita is supposed to have done is said something.

    I don’t feel as angry about with Litia Mawi. I saw her interview the other night and she was really feeling very sorry for herself. She thought that her demotion was due to a difference of outlook between herself and the illiterate idiot posing as her Minister. However, she should not have been surprised to discover that she was working for someone whose philosophy is, as she put it, if mistakes are made, its “shoot and remove” rather than correct and then learn from those mistakes. Welcome to Fiji post December 2006, my dear. What did you expect from a Minister imposed by armed force?

  21. painter Says:

    Agree with you all Mosimosi, LUVfiji and Seini, its so tragic, isn’t it?

    Another IG suspension on this evening’s news…

    FNPF lawyer sent home
    09 JUL 2008

    An independent investigation team has been set up to look into allegations of insubordination against the legal manager of the Fiji National Provident Fund.

    Fijilive has been reliably informed that Laural Vaurasi has been “suspended” as a result of the accusation.

    The FNPF board reportedly said they felt Vaurasi must step aside to make way for investigations against her.

    No comment could be obtained from Vaurasi.


    Reminds me of that song, “It’s a heartache…nothing but a heartache, hits you when its too late, hits you when you’re down. It’s a fool’s game, nothing but a fool’s game, standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown……….

    Poor Laurel, but then you’ve always known this day was coming, didn’t you? Pick yourself up and move on gal! You don’t need their sh!t anyway!

  22. painter Says:

    Isalei, another one bites the dust! Dr. Rohit Kumar. “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache, hits you when it’s too late………………………..”

    Okay, was that 4 leaving the IIG in this last week alone? Oh boy, the heat must be really on the IIG’s back! Maleka…

  23. natewaprince Says:

    I you sleep with dogs,you’re bound to get fleas.

    If you sleep with pigs,you get ‘Kutu’,se va i vei baraca???????????

  24. Shri Says:

    All guys and gals are not very helpful – we’re trying to create a NEW & BETTER FIJI and all yous do all day and night is accuse US of foul play.

    Heil Hitler Karl Marx.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    Sa busi mai na heil hitler qo. Years on hitler’s head is still being chopped even off his waxed image.. so how about heil frank, or mahen, or ganilua? What s hitler got to do with the price of fish in fiji ? Talk about confusion!

  26. LUVfiji Says:

    Sa busi mai na heil hitler qo. Years on hitler’s head is still being chopped even off his waxed image.. so how about heil vore, or chodo, or ganilua? What s hitler got to do with the price of fish in fiji ? Talk about confused mind.

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    @ NP, Donu, na nomu moce gone kei Pig lai tauvi kutu tu kina o iko bahahhahahahahha

  28. mosimosi Says:

    @LUVfiji you shouldn’t have been contributing to this blog at all if that’s the way you value “putting food on the table” as top priority rather than the principles you believe in. “Put your money where your mouth is” is the name of the game. One will obviously have to mandatorily follow the junta once you are in their yard & smart words like ‘serving your country” is another philosophical lie to justify the decision to join with them. Litia hear this, Vahesnyoi is your military IG boss, “you shape up or you ship out” – if you don’t like them, don’t join them….!

  29. natewaprince Says:

    Warai gonei,na kutu qo e va tauva vei au o Bernie.E va tauva tale ga vei au na cikinovu ,na kokoroji kei na manumanu ni niu.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    NP taba tu e na Shanti Dutt nanoa ni kune talega vei kemudrau so na batibasaga kei na kutu ni tana………………bahahhahaha ya au kila no solia o Butthole

  31. george of sydney Says:

    Apart from being academically qualified, Litia Mawi is one of the very few experience woman in the civil service top echelon. Compared to Leweni who I dont think has got any professional experience and academic qualification to handle the job at PS or Deputy PS level. He is just enjoying the prize for being loyal to the regime.
    My advice to him would be that it is a long journey and I am sure that very soon your incompetence will be fully exposed.
    I remember the army previously stated that none of its officers would directly benefit from the coup. What we are witnessing now is just the opposite (NEPOTISM TO THE HIGHEST ORDER). Remember that one day you will pay.

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    Naturally, Litia Mawi would be envied. She is well bred. She is well educated. She is intelligent. She is successful.

    Too perfect? Shes been happily married. Shes been blessed with children, and even more so now, with grandchildren. A husband of over 30 years, who is equally well educated. But more importantly, one who is God-fearing. What more could a woman ask for?

    What is weird though, is the claim of her “incompetence”, “non-performance” and now, “insubordination”. Her main critic? Lekhram. One appointed iMinister by a regime pretending to be Government and doing ‘housekeeping’. Lekhram and Litia, as already described on this thread, would of course, clash. And the reason is simple. Academically, they stand poles apart.

    We have had leaders who have paved the way.. perhaps pathfinders. And here we have what I see as road-makers; paving the way for the generation to come. I admire Litia’s story. She had survived, until now, the country’s bureaucratic ‘world’ where decisions are masculine and masculinity controls, or so they say. O cei me cata masculine? (ahem)!

    Anyway, I have a list in my database, of those that I admire. There are the likes of Suliana Siwatibau and her late husband; the classy Roko Tui Bau, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi; the late Amelia Rokotuivuna; Eci Nabalarua; Ro Naulu mataitini; UNDP’s Asenaca Ravuvu and Virisila Raitamata; ex Government CEOs Tevita Banuve, Anare Jale and his wife of recent months, Emele. These are just a few of those I have. Fijians and high achievers. Ones I admire. And among them, Litia.


    Thankfully, we all dont think alike. What a boring and monotonous world we’d have to live in. And its just as well too, SV doesnt share yr thoughts about my contribution to this thread. I guess thats the freedom of these blogs – the freedom that cybespace allows – but of course you know that!

    While I do agree about practising principles being “the name of the game”, but if we looked at the heart of the issue, we see Litia’s faith and life’s purpose as incredible lessons of commitment and service to Government, regardless who is at helm.

    That said, I honestly hope yr identity will remain unknown to me. For all you know, and for what its worth, damn, I could well be an admirer of yours – my list is long.

    Bless your day, honey!

    aaah.. now I can finish that cuppa coffee.

  33. TUIBOTO Says:

    Please everyone follow the chrstian teachings like //love your neighbours as yourself,dont have a bad heart….it is bad to your health…accept things you can not change and be humble!!!1

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