Draft Charter will be ready by next month – so how can Provinces approve something that’s not even ready?

Bloggers, just a thought, if the 1st draft of the proposed People’s Charter will be ready early next month, then how is that certain Provinces, like Lau and Rotuma have already given their support for the Charter, when its 1st draft is not even ready?
SV asks how stupid is that?
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bainimarama has stated earlier unless the charter is formulated there will be no elections. Taken from / By: Google

A senior official of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) says the first draft of the proposed People’s Charter will be ready by early next month.

NCBBF secretary Karalaini Waqanidrola set the date during an NCBBF presentation in Rotuma last week. Waqanidrola told the meeting that the people of Rotuma needed to make their submissions on the charter since the first draft would be ready by early August. Waqanidrola says the draft charter will be taken to Rotuma in August.

Rotuma has expressed support for the proposed People’s Charter with the islanders making their submissions to the NCBBF team last week. Rotuma Island Council chairman Tarteroni Rigamoto says Rotuma will give its full support to moving the country forward.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation



23 Responses to “Draft Charter will be ready by next month – so how can Provinces approve something that’s not even ready?”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Classical case of the horse before the cart. The Provinces whom have already agreed to the Charter without a draft shows their support, lock, stock and barrel for the illegal junta and are willing to sign blank cheques for them to fill in.

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    me ratou vutuka madaga nodratou charter

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I have a draft also , but it’s only from under the door and it’s bloody freezing in sydney tonight !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    The new State emblem for Fiji’s IG will be the coup coup bird , in keeping with Indonesia’s fictitious Garuda .

  5. painter Says:

    Both stupid and mad I’d say. People need to be told in no uncertain terms that they need to get a grip instead of being resigned to this military regime who are just a minority and can be beaten by their collective PEOPLE POWER!

  6. natewaprince Says:

    From the very beginning they’ve insisted that the charter is only a proposal yet they have set deadlines for it’s implementation.This proves that a draft of some sort was floating around the place.

    Hell,even a blogger on this site says that John Sami boasted of this charter even before the coup occurred.

  7. Kaiviti Says:

    Hare wha rhe….Cuba fijian Cooperative Sytle…

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    NP, of course the military charter was written years ago.

    If you look back at the words of the junta over 18 months, they have all referred to their charter as a concrete thing; not a vision.

    Won’t there be some disappointed fools who have gone to meetings and written their drivel, only to find that the charter contains the opposite to what they recommended.

    At least they will be able to gain comfort from the fools who worked on the GCC only to find that chaudopu$$ turned around and did the opposite to what they proposed.

  9. Tim Says:

    Here’s an aside – one that MM might be interested in, but also one that the entire Military should consider as far as they relate to Fijian society. It seems Frank at least might learn some behavioural tips.
    I’ve just listened to an interview with Dave Everett on RNZ (which will probably be available as a podcast after midday).
    To the Military: check out this site for a bit of a reality check
    http://www.dangerousdaveeverett.com – maybe click on ‘lessons learned for a little enlightenment

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Yes , soldiers from a battle front , do need to be rehabilitated back into the community . i believe that Frank is suffering from over exposure to the Military life and is out of touch with reality . I also think he and others , have been brainwashed in some countries , to the point , where they have forgotten their responsibility .
    Anyway , i’ve decided to set up my own insecurity firm , and i propose to take over the warfs security forces , or do I have to be an ex soldier 1st.?

  11. vakatakilai Says:

    An ex- senior army officer had been boastful of knowing what’s in the charter and had been heard to say, that those people in his community who are against the charter should come to him and he will tell them why they should support the charter.

    Little does he realize that people laugh at him for they all know that the charter is still being compiled. Unless, all this NCBBF thing is just to formalise an already compiled piece of work, which my friend had already accessed in the past.

    Even in his civilian life, this guy still feels sure that what FB is doing is the right thing. I only hope that not all military personell are like him.

  12. salote Says:

    O cei mada o Karalaini, o koya vosa tiko qo?

  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    Of course Rotuma would support it Shri — their saviour Manueli sits on the Military Council and more or less has the sway of the Rotumans.

    Even their new trade relationship with Tuvalu is a laugh!! Rotuma is territory of Fiji and if they want to launch out on their own fine but no more “vodo loto” on our taxes.

    Let’s see if they can strike it big on their own. Naaah, don’t think so.

    No more “trinity praises” today Shri? LMAO!!

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh sit down with your GRADE A Fuckery Shri and stop embarrassing yourself with your ignorance.

    Are you using Wikipedia again like your Shyster!

  15. salote Says:

    @ Dauvavana … Hehehe! Some one just said that she was “chop suey” … a sprinter from yester years by the name of Karalaini Naciqa!

  16. Corruption Fighter Says:

    This might be off topic but I saw this on the Fiji Sun. Naupoto says that he looked carefully, but there’s a blindspot. What blind spot? He’s turning right to go to the bowser and the car he hit is coming from his right and hit the back of his car. It’s obvious he just tried to beat the car and misjudged it. Where is the blindspot? The only blindspot is his idea that he is above the iaw.

    Blindspot set off road accident: Naupoto
    9 July 2008

    Director of Immigration Viliame Naupoto told the Magistrates Court he
    had carefully checked before crossing a road.
    Naupoto, who earlier denied a charge of dangerous driving, said he
    had carefully checked the intersection between Ratu Mara Road and
    the driveway into Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua and only
    crossed it when it was clear.

    The incident occurred on October 8 late around 8.30am.

    Mr Naupoto said he was on his way to the BP Oil Service Station at
    the junction of Ratu Mara Road and Mead Road to refill his car when
    the accident occurred.

    He said he stopped before crossing the intersection to make sure the
    road was clear and only crossed it after ensuring this.

    He said he heard tyres screeching and saw a red car swerving and
    skidding. The car, driven by 28-year-old complainant Avikash
    Avinesh, had been heading towards Nausori from Suva when its front
    hit the rear end of Naupoto’s vehicle.

    Naupoto, who is representing himself for the trial, had been driving
    vehicle registration number EP406. Both vehicles sustained

    He said there was a blind-spot as cars drove from Nabua towards the
    intersection just before Centrepoint and this could have been the
    cause of the accident.

    The case was adjourned to July 31.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Hey Manning that emblem for the IG you suggested – the “coup coup bird”
    I think that should be the new national emblem for the country FIJI – siunce 1987. (one coup don’t make no coup-coup.)

    It used to be the “way the world should be be” – we really screwed up big time didn’t we.
    ..so lets start the blame game – whose fault it is – the country is fucked up, regardless.

    ..and Manning, for your proposed “insecurity firm” securing the warf, check out the low interest loans from the FDB – well, wait till Qarase is re-elected, and you don’t have to bother paying back any of those loans – so start the company with FDB loan and get some lucrative government contracts – that way you end up screwing the country both ways.

    And don’t feel guilty about it – the money that you get in these scams – they would only have gone to them poor Fijians – and who cares about them – right?

  18. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The threat to name BLV nominees for provinces would be more credible if it wasn’t channeled via a useless stooge like Nawatowalo. Frank can easily disown anything Nawalowalo says, while hoping that the threat will scare the provinces into putting forward names. What Frank wants and needs is some form of cooperation to make his interference with the BLV respectable. And that’s just what he should not be given.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    I will have some pretty uniforms and employ ex cons and ex military who can’t get work anywhere else . Will you join me ?

  20. Groggymaster Says:

    @CF – agree – Baini needs affirmation by the mainstream indigenous community no matter how tenuous. Otherwise his continued tenure as the illegal dictator continues to hang around his neck like a millstone.

  21. FijiGirl Says:

    Let’s see – I’ll remove all the checks and balances, demand a blank cheque, refuse to admit liability, blame everyone else…

    Am I a Chodo or a spoilt brat?

    Can anyone tell the difference?

    God bless Fiji

  22. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Na lewe ni vanua e viti era vakadonuya na charter

    O ira ga na vica na turaga dau tokona na sdl kara tiko ena bose ni yasana era sa mai lasutaka tu ni da sa sega ni tokona na charter

    Na charter ena cici ga. SDL ke na i balebale Sa Davo Laisenia.

    Sa dri yani.

  23. Frida Says:

    dauniwalesi – o cei e solia vei iko na dodonu mo tukuna “na lewe i Viti” baleta ni sega ni dua na ka e nomu.

    O ira na vica na turaga o kaya tiko oqori era vakaqele, era lewe ni dua na mataqali, tokatoka ka ra vakadonui ira me ra vosa ena vukudra – o iko?

    Ena rawa ni cic ga na charter baleta na mataivalu koya dau kilai tu ni nei Viti sa nei Chaudhary tu na gauna oqo.

    vakasamataka tiko sara vakavinaka na veika o kaburaka baleta na i vosavosa vakaviti oya – e sega ni ura me se tei damu se na lesuva na koli na nona lua. sa cawiri yani!!!

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