Please cast your vote only once


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  1. kudrunavanua Says:

    Vinaka Soli vakasama

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    Hey this is awesome!

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Voted already,but I feel I didn’t have the right options to choose from,eg,

    * Smoke the pig (as in turn him into a side of ham)

    * Skin the snake (as in circumcise him)

    * Castrate them (cut the nuts off those two fairys’,Gates and Khaiyum.Me qai tight taki tale ga nodrau ua ni musu da baleta ni sa slack tu)

    * Gag him ( as in sew the buglers lips shut ,thus closing down his deep throat from further action whilst in prison)

    * Admit her ( as in send Slack- mimi to a drug rehab clinic to detox.Maybe even tighten the mimi too.)

    * And beat the living daylights out of those two eunuchs,Eveli and Eveli.

  4. natewaprince Says:

    O Duana me wili tale vata kei rau o Khaiyum.

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    NP dou vivutu i rau na eveli,

    tobo eke nomu drau fire tiko kei Butts baleta iko sega ni wiliki koya e na torture suggestion list e cake.

    Me vaka ga ra dau kaya na leweni soqosoqo ya “Evidence” 🙂

  6. tim Says:

    @ NP: Circumcision? By which you mean the removal of a couple of imperial inches?
    Might as well just eat the prick and vomit – I’m sure Bubba and Shyster have done it enough times to provide us with a 41 page report on how to handle it. Whe even Gates might be able to give us a comparative assessment

  7. tim Says:

    But I’m almost sure Gates has this at the forefront of his mind. That is over and above the proper shceduling of backed up court cases and decisions awaited.

    Actually Gates is a player I hope to meet in the next life as well.

    Why do these pricks want to lift the travel ban anyway? I’d say they’re a damn sight safer with it ON.

  8. tim Says:

    the LEST WE FORGET relates to a certain number of deaths and beatings.
    Junta be PROUD, ‘cos it is what will be the death of you all

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Duana,o BB e tiko qo i vale.Am going thru the feathers right now.

  10. kudrunavanua Says:

    Thank you for voting Ragone

  11. Dauvavana Says:

    NP au kila saraga ni vaka me uneune tiko e dua na yasai Suva e na gauna qo bahahahhaha

  12. vakasama Says:

    This is awesome!! Vinaka SV for all you do.

  13. painter Says:

    Since they’re in the minority, let’s be kind and just send them off to the dungeons where they can keep still & think about just how they’ve contributed to screwing up this country even more!!

  14. Wailei Says:

    Sharon Johns connecting with Ricketts
    July 8, 2008 by rawfijinews

    Fiji’s ISP Connect CEO, Sharon Smith John’s is the newly appointed Chairperson for Fiji Ausio Visual Commission. Not only has she shown her true color by accepting an appointment by the junta, but questions have also been raised as to how an expatriate like her could end up chairing an organisation she knows nothing about.

    How this Australian gal connected with interim Minister responsible for FAVC, Tom Ricketts is however old news in the capital Suva.

    They have been seen together in numerous occassions at JJ’s on the Park while Sharon’s Fijian husband Billy, coaches baseball at Albert Park.

    Sharon, who hails from the outback town of Goldburn in Australia is referred to by sources as an ambitious woman when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. One who often reverts to horizontal negotiation with her bosses if the opportunity presents itself.

    They said she was caught in a similar heated horizontal negotiation with an ex- executive of Telecom Fiji of which Connect is a subsidiary company. This old flame of Sharon’s is also an expat who provided all the support needed by Sharon at the TFL executive and Board level. Now that he is out of TFL and working for an electrical company in the West, Sharon went for the kill and pursued her line Minister Ricketts.

  15. Say True! Says:

    Justice will prevail in the end. Maybe not today, not tommorow, but one day. No stone shall be left unturned. Be afraid IG, be very afraid. No grandparent, father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, uncle will ever cry again. You have blood on your hands that will NEVER wash off. Be very afraid.

  16. Raw News Says:

    Sharon should know that what goes around comes around. She might have not know how Billy also plays around behind her back like the time he brought all this people home to Prince Road and the Housegirl ended up at the Connect Office with the kids early one morning while she was out in Lautoka. Billy sister whom she hired to be her marketing manager with no qualifications, you know the one that stole money from Courts Fiji (talk about nepotism) had to take a taxi up to Tamavua and chase all those drunken girls away. The whole Connect Staff knows except poor Sharon.

  17. painter Says:

    wow! i guess they deserve each other?!

  18. Shri Says:

    Let’s be fair here…

    and start with QARACIST and not the present IG.

    Just change IG to “Qaracist Government”

    Heil Hitler Karl Marx.

  19. Say True! Says:

    @Shri – I can’t ever recall Qarase ever being responsible directly or indirectly for any deaths from brutality, can this IG say the same? That’s a fair comment wouldn’t you say. Have any Indo-Fijians died as a result of any of the coups from 87 to 06? Not to the best of my knowledge. I think they have all been indeginous Fijians. That’s a fair comment wouldn’t you say. Think about it and try and correct me if you can! I don’t know Qarase personally, but putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, I think he was more fair and level headed than anyone in the current IG. Fair – you wouldn’t know the meaning of the word, you imbecile.

  20. Say True! Says:

    @ Shri – As for your continual “Heil Hitler Karl Marx” statements. These were autrocious times and crimes against humanity. What sort of a person are you? You couldn’t even begin to understand. The Fijians could be compared to Jews, being persecuted in their own homeland. You imbecile. I don’t know why I wasted my time in evoking a response to your continued crap on this site. May you and thirteen of your generations be cursed. IMBECILE!

  21. lauan boy Says:

    shri – fuck ur father and the arsehole soldiers who are responsible for this mess……blerry indians.

    u shall all pay for this misery …. bastards…..time is near…sa voleka tiko qo na kacabote…..


  22. LUVfiji Says:

    SMOKE THE PIG and feed to the pigs!!

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    Vinaka @lauan boy.. i luv the spirit !

  24. Shri Says:

    Say True, you dumb ant-head.

    “The Fijians could be compared to Jews, being persecuted in their own homeland.”


    Read the conflict between Germans and Jews here:


  25. Shri Says:

    SAY “TRUE”, looks like you’re cross-eyed who has yet to figure out the difference between a male and female.

    For your kind information, Jews are an ETHNIC group, like Germans or Russians.

    Germany=Germans, get that, dude.

    Like Fiji=Fijians.

    Now, you’ll NEVER call an Indian born in Fiji a “Fijian”, would you.

    Same thing there. Get it.

    Now, DimSim, if there is ANY resemblance whatsoever between the two, it would have to be Indians/Jews persecuted by Fijians/Germans.

    What would make sense is to say that “Fijians are being persecuted in their homeland just like the Germans were in theirs” – under Indians and Jews. But that’s too deep intellectually for you.

    What I will say is that


    You got it the wrong the round, cross-eye.

  26. Shri Says:


    But really, you just cannot compare the situation in Fiji to the one in Germany.

    One thing is for sure: ****The QARACISTS persecuted the Indians**** in their “homeland”.


  27. newsfiji Says:

    Shri..why don’t you just go back to India then???? Wailei, cut the whole bloody story short…What the fukc are you guys still doing here…always complaining about this and that…if you can’t stand it then bloody piss off to where your ancestors came from…

    Sa sivia ga na vosa…dou yavu ULUPEPA..

  28. Wailei Says:

    Shri… You and your kind (the well – off indo Fijians) are the problem. Not the farmers and the poor. You stir up shit and amazingly, you dont get harmed but the poor and the farmers do. So, shut your pie hole and get out of your racist urban comfortability and go to the rural areas and see how the two races get along.. Oh yeah, thats right, you must be one of those Indo-Fijians who went abroad during the 1980’s and now a citizen of another country… Geez why dont you comment on your newly found country and leave Fiji Politics to those who are still citizens. By the way… you are of the generation through their parents that are still bitter about Fiji. Grow up.. alot has changed since you left.. You accuse us of being racist, look to yourself first!

  29. Say True! Says:

    @Shri – May you and thirteen of your generations be cursed. IMBECILE!

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    That Pommie Dude (Ex SAS) who tried to do the military coup in Equatorial Guinea has been sentenced to 34 years in Prison.

    A reminder to Gandooodhau’s father that when his time comes he will rot in Naboro Maximum and when he dies he will not be given a Hindu cremation but hang in the hills for the bords to peck on his corpse as a reminder to any future aspiring snake and chodopu$ as to how we will treat them.

  31. Shri Says:

    You QARACISTS will just NEVER learn. Not in a million years.

    Heil Hitler Karl Marx!

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    Shri takes it up the rear

  33. Shri Says:

    You QARACISTS just cannot be redeemed.

    Sorry folks.

    I loved you and warned you: but you refused to listen to and heed my voice.

    You’re ALL going on a ONE-WAY economy-class ticket to HELL.

  34. painter Says:

    Shri@boiriri – stop posing as an Indian you idiot! U’re definitely a stupid green goon trying to fan racial flames here. Go away boiriri!

  35. natewaprince Says:

    Shiri and Anthony Gates,

    Two faggots we all love to hate,

    The difference you see,

    Is that Shiri’s cici,

    Is so slack but Duana thinks it’s great.

  36. Jose Says:

    Shri is the Shrek and was Tomasi the Taukei and Bhuda (not our Bhudau), the enlightened one and he is a native Fijian but Bhudau’s Balaji.

  37. Jose Says:

    @ Shri
    You just confirmed your own. I happen to have a return ticket booked for elsewhere while you will remain in your hole.

  38. Jose Says:

    @ SV
    There was a post from Shri between my two last posts (before this one). On my post at July 10 10.27pm, I was responding to Shri’s post that has been deleted. Why did you do that?

  39. Adi Kaila Says:

    Shiri, you’re the greatest

  40. Budhau Says:

    Jose, they deleted your post because you are an idiot.
    Usually, SV does not delete messages based on content – one my agree or disagree with the content – but if you are an idiot – they will delete your message.

  41. Jose Says:

    @ Shri
    The old serpent is the devil who is the counterfeiter and copycat but his number 1 fan is arriving to Sydney on Sunday. So take a back seat.

    So Shri, where did you get your name and this Heil Karl Marx you have been parroting? Lets discuss, yes? I know you know more than you are letting on.

    You see, I checked out your name. SHRI. And have learnt some very interesting background information on the United Nations and their agendas for the World Order.
    Shri Chinmoy is the Hindu Chaplain of the United Nations. The spiritual leader or priest if you like.

    The former director of the World Health Organisation(WHO), Dr Brock Chisolm stated:

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family, traditions, national patriotism and religious dogma…….”
    The Christian World Report (March 1991, Vol 13.No 3)p 8.

    This is Marxism. You become nothing but a number doing what the state wants you to do. Nothing but herds of cattle.

    I know that the United Nations is deeply into occultism basing their principles on Alice A. Baliey’s theories. Bailey, the priestess and sorcerer.
    So over to you,Shri.
    Talk to me alright? And don’t you keep parroting your shit.

  42. Jose Says:

    Budhau you Indian germs and race of generates of the earth. Read my post again, you piece of pig scum. SV did not delete my post. They deleted Shri’s and I was enquiring about it.

  43. Jose Says:

    @ Budhau you Indian germs and race of degenerates of the earth. Read my post again, you piece of pig scum. SV did not delete my post. They deleted Shri’s and I was enquiring about it.

  44. Budhau Says:

    The Indian germs – race of generates or degerates – So Jose where how come you dropped out of school in form four.

    You seem to give a pretty poor performance for the superior race that you belong to – what worries me more is that your are contributing to this gene poor of your superior race.

    BTW – you go figure why they deleted Shri’s message – or did it make you look like an idiots – responding to Shri’s message that was no longer there.

    Talking about scum – That above comment very unchristian like.

    God Bless you
    (I think you need it).

  45. Shri Says:

    Jose, that post was deleted because it was too intellectual for you – it would have blown your brains!

  46. Jose Says:

    @ Shri
    Try me. I have been researching now for several years. I have discovered a lot of information that at that time, I had to take a break to process as they were overwhelming and hair raising. I have observed, watched and listened to the results of the practicle side on innocent people who have no idea what’s going on. I work in a field where I watch this and listen to this everyday. Especially the new graduates whose mindsets have obviously been modified and re-educated to all think and talk alike. Among other thingss. Now try me.

  47. Budhau Says:

    Jose – how many times did you write “I” in your post above.
    You idiot – this ain’t about you.

    Those new graduates they “all think and talk alike” – you right getting educated does broaden your horizons. Unlike a dumbass like you.
    Asking Shri to try you – try you for what? – and BTW as I said before, these new graduates that you talk about are probably more tolerant of other races, religions and cultures and less prejudiced compared to no school idiots like you.

  48. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau you inferior hookworm, I responded when his post was there. What worries you is your own stupidity and insensitivity to butt in when you are not supposed to. Now you degenerate piece of shit, get this. I wasn’t directing the question of that post to you. I expected an answer from SV. But just like the germs and hookworm that you are you had to butt your ugly head in. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

  49. Budhau Says:

    So I am inferior, stupid and insensitive degenerate piece of shit – OK if you saying so makes me one, thats fine with with. it does show how superior, sensitive and around sharp and intelligent guy you are.

    BTW – I did see that you had addressed your comment to Shri – I just felt like “kicking your ass” anyways.

    ..and this hookworm thingie – what is that.

    Listen you idiot, I will comment on what I want to comment on, and I do not give a rats arse what you think about this. Now do you get through your good looking, pretty head.

  50. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau
    For your information, those graduates work under me. I am posting to Shri who seems to me to be more knowledgeable then you, you insentsitive hookworm.

  51. Budhau Says:

    Good for you – if you say so, I believe ,you probably have several MBA from Harvard working for you also – so what if you did not go to school.

    BTW – how did you get your job – you were not connected to Qarase in company, were you.

    That remark about Shri is more knowledgeable than I – that really hit me dude – how come you are being so insensitive.

    BTW – I usually refer to others as working WITH me, even if I happened to be their supervisor or “Boss” – people working UNDER you and FOR you- just does not sound good – but then again if you had some education, they would have taught you that.

  52. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau
    That hookworm thingy is what you see when you look in the mirror

  53. Budhau Says:

    Very smart, Jose. So does that mean you won in this exchange.
    You see dude, I know who I am – I do not have to look in the mirror…and BTW I was born OK the first time.
    I think it is you who has some identity crisis – may be you should try and get born again one more time.

    ..yeah, college graduates work under you – I believe you.

  54. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau,
    You refer to people as working with you because that’s what you do for $18 per hour. What the hell do you expect? You got a problem with being a cheap labour then get smart. Do something about it and get an education instead of waisting your time floating around. Hacha?

  55. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau
    That’s what you get when you budge in uninvited to people’s conversation you incredibly insensitive bastori boci.

  56. Frida Says:

    Would it include all those accepting job offer by the illegal government like the so-called fiji reps in foreign lands?

  57. Jose Says:

    @ Frida
    It’s a fantastic amount when one goes overseas to work and bring money home. If you have work permit one could double that in the construction sites. But for that idiot Bhudau he lives there and by his own admission that’s what he makes.
    Sorry Frida, I’m still angry from that intrusion by that boci.

  58. Tomasi Says:

    Jose: “For your information, those graduates work under me. I am posting to Shri who seems to me to be more knowledgeable then you, you insentsitive hookworm.”

    Jose, you idiot.

    Saying that ‘Shri is more intelligent than Budhau’ is like saying the lion is stronger than the ant.

    You loser.

    That will be like saying to an ant: “The LION who seems to me to be stronger then you, you ANT.”

  59. Shri Says:

    Jose, you idiot, you obviously are a liar who cannot even spell correctly.

    “For your information, those graduates work under me. I am posting to Shri who seems to me to be more knowledgeable then you, you insentsitive hookworm.”

    IT IS “THAN”, NOT “THEN” YOU MORON: “to be more knowledgeable then you”

  60. Budhau Says:

    Jose, you are such a fricken idiot – you did not even get that $18.00/hour comment.

    This is what I said – regarding the fight against the IG.

    That I am doing my share by posting messages in this blogsite. What else do you expect – for me to leave my $18.00/hour job here in Australia and go fight the regime in Fiji. I have a Fiji flag in my living room and bumper sticker on my car that says “free Fiji”.

    Boy you are so thick – that when people try to insult you – you don’t even get that. (just like that Linus guy you called your people some names – and you did not get. it).

    No you idiot – that was a remark target towards lowlifers like you – who work for cheap in Australia – and think that they are doing their share by posting messages in here – that is as far as their commitment goes.

  61. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoodhau gets paid $18/hr to bend over to some cheap line qora boss in Sydney

  62. Tim Says:

    @ Shri – what an insecure wanker!. My spelling is getting worse, as is my gramjmar and dyslexia. None bears any resemblence to what I am told as far as IQ goes.
    Since you are so intelligent – exactly what are the comparisons you are drawing between Hitler and Karl Marx. Here’s a clue – go ask Shyster. She thought she was being one, but turned out being the other.

  63. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    $18 per hour huh?

    What do you do?

    Store packing at Woolies?

  64. Shri Says:

    Thanks Tomasi! You just ripped Timmy Tammy apart.

  65. Shri Says:

    I’m sure Budhs has a good reply to your question Jes Wanker Kerere.

  66. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tomasi and Shri,

    you don’t deceive me and I can see right through you. I was only commenting that if Budhau thinks he’s something because he makes $18 and hour, then he is wrong.

    Come on, we are not going to go on boasting who makes more on this blog, but I can assure you that I make much more than that and I know there would be others making much more than me on this blog site as well, so let’s keep monies out of this blog because it has nothing to do with the competence of oneself.

    Look at the idiot Vore, ‘doubting Thomas’ to see my point!


  67. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas, cut the crap.

    I was referring to Budhau’s claiming being paid $18 per hour and I never originated the issue.

    If you took the time to read your previous comment, you referred to this same issue as well.

    So, Thomas, read first before you leap.


  68. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas,

    If I ‘rubbed’ Budhau the wrong way, then I don’t see what it has to do with you?

    Unless of course, you alone have the privilege to ‘rub’ Budhau or you alone know how to ‘rub’ Budhau properly or Budhau consents to be ‘rubbed’ only by you.

    BTW, what ‘wound’ of Budhau did I carelessly ‘rub’?

  69. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas,

    I refer you back to your 2nd last comment saying I was a ‘bigger boci than Budhau’.

    How do you know Budhau is a boci?

    Now I understand why you felt incensed, when I ‘rubbed’ Budhau the wrong way.

    You could have easily prevented me from ‘rubbing’ Budhau the wrong way, if you declared your interest in Budhau from the start!

    Are you declaring a conflict of interest then Thomas?

  70. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas,

    answer my questions Thomas and don’t deviate from the issues I raised.

    How pathetic are you to revert to mud slinging when I am asking proper questions in relation to your responses?

    Thomas, if you only ‘talk the talk’ but cannot ‘walk the walk’ then keep your opinions to yourself.

  71. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas,

    you still there??????

  72. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Shri,

    you still there?????

  73. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Thomas,

    what has my IQ got to do with your answering my questions?

    If you aren’t able to answer my questions, then say so and not try to hide behind this curtain of ignorance.

    As I said before Thomas, don’t deviate from the question’s I’ve already asked you.

    At no time have you raised the issue of my IQ until now, when you seem to clutching on straws.

    If my IQ is much lower than your expectations, but you aren’t able to properly answer my questions without resorting to street language, then your IQ is highly susceptible, wouldn’t you agree?

    How convenient.

  74. Jose Says:

    @ Jese Waqalekaleka
    Don’t bother to get an answer from Tomasi aka Shri aka Taukei. Jese, you are too intelligent and decent to lower yourself to his level . Check out all his post. Just one big dumb idiot. He is the guy who posted the “Declaration of War” that got laughed out of here.

  75. Jose Says:

    @ Tomasi the Shri Taukei
    You are a waste of time and space. No longer wish to exchange with you as my informations are too intelligent for your pea poor brains which might explode and find you busting your way into St Giles without any coercion whatsoever. You belong there by reason of insanity. You are a psycopathic lunatic. Looks like Bhudau is not far from losing his marbles too.

  76. Jose Says:

    @ Tomasi, you talk like a fool. Listen to yourself. You sound like a lunatic. Stop making a fool of yourself and do something useful with your life. You don’t want to transport yourself out of this world known as a fool. Your IQ is lower then Kokos.

  77. Budhau Says:

    So JW is a “‘bigger boci than Budhau’ – na, nai sake.

    Hey guys I see that your were discussing my pay in here.

    Yes I make $18/hour, I have a Fiji flag in my living room, a bumper sticker on may car that says “Free Fiji”, and I post messages in this blogsite – Isn’t that proof enough that I am doing my share for Fiji.

    What else an I supposed to do – quit my job go back to Fiji and get may arse kicked.

    I just can’t understand why others don’t do their share – like that soldier guarding Chaudary – why can’t he do the right thing ( just like me), Why can’t the Fijian do a March in Fiji or donate money to Qarase etc. You see, I cannot donate any money – spend it all on junior’s B/day party last week – and there is the weekly expenses related to booze. Those civil servants in Fiji – they should just stay home – why can’t they sacrifice their paychecks.

    So you guys keep up the good you – posting stuff in here – you sure are doing your share.

    Blog on ragone

    Hey – that $18/hour – with the 50 cents raise coming up soon – I will be up to $22/hour in no time – and the ultimate goal is to go to the US – Washington state where I have a cousin – get a job in elder care.

    …and Jose, you are an idiot.

  78. IslandBoy Says:

    @Shiri – the next time you are in Israel look around. Judaism is a religion not an ethnic group.

    On any Tel Avis street you will see Hassidic Jews, European Jews, even black jews from sub-sahara and north Africa. Apart from Hebrew they speak all languages imaginable, so your earlier comparison fell flat. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

  79. Shri Says:

    Good one, Tomasi.

    Judging by comments such as “jews are a religion not a race’ by Islandboy, I can now understand WHY Fiji is in the MESS it is in – and has been for the last 20 years –


    Hell, if you guys didn’t even know that jews are a race, man there is very little hope – you brainwashed kids DESERVE this government for your UTTER IGNORANCE and LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

    There is absolutely NO use in “debating” with these idiots.


  80. Tomasi Says:

    Too true Shri buddy, let us get on with our lives and leave this godforsaken people alone.

    Your loyal & devious ugly fugly MIDGET.

  81. Island Boy Says:

    You ignorant losers.

    “judaism” is GENETIC, and goes deeper than mere skin color, you uneducated losers:

    “It’s possible to be an ex-Catholic or an ex-Baptist, but it is not possible. to be an ex-Jew.” (BLOCH, p. 117). http://WWW.JEWISHTRIBALREVIEW.ORG

    Ever heard of “Jewish Genetic Diseases”, monkey brains? There are nearly 4,000 genetic diseases known that afflict the world’s population. However, in almost every ethnic, racial, or demographic group, certain genetic diseases occur at higher frequencies among their members than in the general population. Such is the case for the Jewish people. The many jewish diseases alone tell us that the jews cannot be the chosen Israelites:

    Leo N. Levi, President of B’nai B’rith, 1900-1904: “The distinctive character of the Jew does not arise solely from his religion. It is true that his race and religion are indissolubly connected, but whatever be the cause of this junction of the race idea with the religion, it is very certain that the religion alone does not constitute the people. A believer in the Jewish faith does not by reason of that fact become a Jew. On the other hand, however, a Jew by birth remains a Jew, even though he abjures his religion.”

    Moses Hess, one of the historic figures through whom the whole Jewish Program has flowed down from its ancient sources to its modern agents, wrote a book entitled “Rome and Jerusalem” in which he stated the whole matter with clearness and force:

    “The Jews are something more than mere ‘followers of a religion,’ namely, they are a race, a brotherhood, a nation.” (p. 71).

    “A Jew belongs to his race and consequently also to Judaism, in spite of the fact that he or his ancestors have become apostates.” (pp. 97-98).

    “Every Jew is, whether he likes it or not, solidly united with the entire nation.” (p. 163).

    “Jewish religion is, above all, Jewish patriotism.” (p. 61).

    Louis D. Brandeis, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and world leader of the Zionist movement, wrote in his book “Zionism and the American Jews,” –

    “Despite the meditations of pundits or the decrees of councils, our own instinct and acts, and those of others, have defined for us the term ‘Jew’.”

    Rabbi Morris Joseph, sometime of the West London Synagogue of British Jews, writes in his book “Israel a Nation,” –

    “Israel is assuredly a great nation . . . Israel is recognized as a nation by those who see it; no one could possibly mistake it for a sect. To deny Jewish nationality you must deny the existence of the Jew.”

    Leon Simon, a brilliant and impressive Jewish scholar and writer, makes an important study of the question of “religion and nationality,” in his volume, “Studies in Jewish Nationalism.” He makes out a case for the proposition that the religion of the Jews is Nationalism, and that Nationalism is an integral part of their religion:

    “The Messianic Age means for the Jew not merely the establishment of peace on earth and good will to men, but the universal recognition of the Jew and his God (p. 14).

    “Judaism has no message of salvation for the individual soul, as Christianity has; all its ideas are bound up with the existence of the Jewish nation.” (p. 20).

    “The idea that Jews are a religious sect, precisely parallel to Catholics and Protestants, is nonsense.” (p. 34).

    Arthur D. Lewis, a Jewish writer, in his “The Jews a Nation,” also bases nationality on the racial element: “The Jews were originally a nation, and have retained more than most nations one of the elements of nationality – namely, the race element; this may be proved, of course, by the common-sense test of their distinguishability. You can more easily see that a Jew is a Jew than that an Englishman is an Englishman.”

    National Socialism as an Anti-Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy:


    Heil Hitler Karl Marx.

  82. Island Boy Says:

    you stupid ignorant brainwashed and brain-damaged “Christians”….

    “It’s possible to be an ex-Catholic or an ex-Baptist, but it is NOT possible to be an ex-Jew.” (BLOCH, p. 117).

    “The Jews are something more than mere ‘followers of a religion,’ namely, they are a race, a brotherhood, a nation.” (MOSES HESS, ROME AND JERUSALEM, p. 71).

    “The idea that Jews are a religious sect, precisely parallel to Catholics and Protestants, is nonsense.” (Leon Simon, p. 34).


  83. Budhau Says:

    Boy this is good – what would we have done without google.

  84. Shri Says:

    Another good one from our beloved Tomasi (ST. THOMAS)

    ‘It is possible to be an ex-Catholic or an ex-Baptist, but it is not possible to be an ex-Jew.’ — Alice Bloch, Jewish feminist and lesbian

    ‘So, what color are Jews? Well, all colors…and no colors. Being Jewish is a racial thing, not a skin color thing, you see. Perhaps nothing demonstrates so definitively the irrelevance of skin color in making racial distinctions.’ — Edgar Steele

    ‘All is race; there is no other truth.’ — Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish P.M. of Britain

    Wherever Jews went, some intermarried with the local population, though always they remained clannish and effectively perpetuated their original customs and traditions. In fact, inbreeding has always been the norm with Jewish populations, with the inevitable production of defective genetic markers, such as those producing Tay-Sachs Disease, an exclusively Jewish disorder.

    Though beyond the scope of today’s article, a variety of psychological disorders inimical to Jews, also presumably due to inbreeding, have been identified, foremost among them that form of schizophrenia which leads to their seeing Nazis beneath every bed and persecution in every word and act of the members of other races.

    Even though Jews have intermarried with other cultures, they have maintained an apartness even while living amongst those cultures and thereby have preserved their unique genetic heritage to a degree far greater than have other races.

    In 1978, President Nachum Goldmann of the World Zionist Organization stated: ‘It is wrong to say that the goyim forced the Jews to separate themselves themselves from other societies. When the Christians defined the ghetto limits, Jews lived there already.’

    In citing the work of fellow Israeli scholar Yehezkel Kaufmann, Boas Evron wrote: ‘The popular assumption that external anti-Jewish pressures forced group identity and exclusivity on the Jews is unconvincing, since historical evidence shows that Jewish exclusivity and aloofness preceded outside hostility and were thus its cause, not its result…Jewish communities were always borne by host societies…They never shared in political, military, administrative, or technological responsibilities.’

    Jews are separate and apart by choice, and intent upon remaining so, even while endeavoring to assume ever-increasing control of any society in which they find themselves. Thus it has been for so long that undeniably it is genetic…and cultural, of course, but remember that genetics simply is ‘culture gone to seed.’

    Copyright ©2005, Edgar J.Steele

  85. LUVfiji Says:

    OMG! its July 15, do you know where the real IB is?

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