A Picture says a thousand words!

This picture haunted me the first I saw it.

The snake is using a mobile phone I am paying for  and being guarded by a military personnel I am also paying for. However, I do not have a say in how the snakes was appointment as holder of the Nations Purse String and destroyer of the Taukei Race.

A picture says a thousand words and to me, the Soldier is a Taukei. He is just obeying order and is brainwashed to defend the snake. His most likely foe would be a fellow Taukei who maybe so concerned about loosing his Land, Identity, Dignity and Culture as a Taukei kei Viti that he has decided to put his life on the line and try and kill the snake.

In the process of trying to kill the snake, the Taukei would also be trying to defend the future rights, land, identity and future prosperity of the Taukei Soldier and his descendents.

The Taukei Soldier will most probably kill the Taukei Rights Activist as he is a well trained killer and is wearing a standard issue sleaveless vest concealing a deadly glock pistol.

So the Taukei Soldier, if the scenario ever eventuates, will kill his and his future generation only possible saviour from the main instigator of the Genocide of the Taukei People.

In my sweet dreams, I wished the Taukei bodyguard takes a leaf out of those Sikh bodyguards that guarded Indira Gandhi after Indian Troops were sent into the sacred Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar.

To the Taukei Bociguard I say, what could be more sacred then the invasion and violation of the soul of your Taukei Race?

Moce Jo, wele o Emele!!!

(Note these are the personal views of Kutu and not necesarily those of fellow S V co-editors)


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  1. Jose Says:

    This photo reminds me of an incident that happened in the corner store where i lived as a child. A bread delievery van delievering bread to the Indian shop.I had just arrived to the shop to hear the new delivery boy exchange words with the shopkeeper who then told them to take the bread back because he didn’t want it then(after that exchange of words). The shopkeep then called the bakery and told their boss he didn’t want any more bread from them and also related what had happened. (In the meantime outside the shop, the older worker was scolding the new boy. Both Fijians.) The older worker pleaded with the shopkeeper to take the bread, obviously worried for his job. The shopkeeper, a young man, said to him “Take your bread and go, you think i hard up for it. I can order elsewhere” Then he said “Kaiviti sa levu lialia”
    This photo triggered that memory of years ago.

  2. Jose Says:

    The shopkeeper was a very nice man, was always nice to the kids and the customers. He had younger brothers and sisters my age at the time and they were all very nice.

  3. breadtomatoe Says:

    Mann sentenced for E Guinea plot

    Simon Mann’s prosecutors had argued he was “a pawn” in the plot
    Former British soldier Simon Mann has been sentenced to 34 years and four months in jail by an Equatorial Guinea court for his role in a 2004 coup plot.

    The verdict followed Mann’s trial in the capital Malabo last month in which he admitted conspiring to oust President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

    The former special forces officer, 56, had expressed remorse, saying he was not the most senior coup plotter.

    Mann was held in 2004 with 64 others in Zimbabwe before being extradited.

    He served four years in a prison in Zimbabwe for trying to purchase weapons without a licence.

    Eleven other men, including South African arms dealer Nick Du Toit – who testified that he had been recruited by Mann – are already serving sentences in Equatorial Guinea in connection with the coup attempt.

    Equatorial Guinea, an oil-rich former Spanish colony, has been ruled by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema since he seized power from his uncle in 1979

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Funny I had a similar sentiment when I saw the photo some time ago. The snake enjoying all the perks at our expense and the Fijian bociguard protecting the man who is doing harm to the Fijian race in his quest to enhance the Indian supremacy in Fiji. The thoughts conjured in my mind was of disgust at both persons in the picture for the same reasons SV mentioned above.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Dina sara Kutus.

    Unfortunately, the idiot Fijian ‘bociguard’ thinks so highly of himself and thinks he’s cool.

    Little does he know, that Chodo is his ultimate controller.

    But it’s idiots like him, who have a very short attention span and very soon gets tired of playing ‘bociguard’ and may become a real ‘boci’ or ‘renegade boci.’

    Let’s hope the latter, eventhough he’s still a ‘boci.’

  6. Linus Says:

    I appreciate and agree with you Kutu. Thamks.

  7. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes and I too say, thanks Kutu..

    @JW – agree totally.
    Thats one more stripe for the sleeve , for that buggerlog – providing close protection for the snake. For once he’s made to feel important about his job. What a joke! Im sure he doesnt even realise all the damage being done right under his nose. Io, ni ra sa yavu boci dina ga!

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    There used to be a show called the untouchables !
    But they were called that because they were beyond corrupt behaviour .
    It was about Elliot Ness and they were elite FBI Agents .
    What a contrast with Chaudhry and the others in the IG .
    I’m looking forward to seeing them all being paraded before the media on their way to prison , in the not too distant future !

  9. Shri Says:

    This picture tells us what the future of Fiji will be –

    Indians leading and Fijians following.

    An Indian PM and a Fijian deputy.

  10. Shri Says:

    Heil Guru Dev! Shri Chaudhry

  11. sakua Says:

    Hey, doesn’t it occur to you people that this soldier is only doing what is required of him .. so that he can put bread and butter on the table for his family!

    Calling him names is a NO NO … how about one of you guys offer him a brighter future, a better job with a good pay … he may leave the army and also forget about the job he is currently doing!

  12. Lau Lass Says:

    The soldier should just pull out his gun & shoot the snake !!!!

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Can anybody identify the fool in the photo and send messages to his family to get them to make him see the damage he is doing to Fijians.

  14. Shri Says:

    doesn’t he look STUNNING……………..

  15. Budhau Says:

    Hey SV, your opening remark –
    “The snake is using a mobile phone I am paying for and being guarded by a military personnel I am also paying for. However, I do not have a say in how the snakes was appointment as holder of the Nations Purse String and destroyer of the Taukei Race.

    So you (the people) did not have a say in how the Snake was appointed….

    Does that make any difference – because when the people did appoint him to a position of power – remember – what happened then. This picture could have been from when Chaudary was the PM and you would still be bitching about it.

    So that appointment argument does not work – does it.

    ..the Tourists suggestion that we should harass the poor security person’s family – that is typical – just like we have been harassing FB daughter and son-in-law on the purchase of their new home –

    Hey you ex-Tourist idiot, and those others – how about those goons find out about some of the guys on this blogsite and start harassing their family back home – now how would you like that.

    JW – that Fijian bociguard – that you don’t seem to like – do you suggest that FB and Chaudary should contract with a more trusted group for protection – say the Indian army. The Soldier is just doing his job – just like there were Fijian bodyguards protecting Chaudary when he was the PM.

    There were others in the army back then, in the military intelligence who were supposed to protect Chaudary -remember how they back stabbed him then by supporting the coup.

    Lau Lass – good idea – so what will happen if the Soldier boy pulls out a gun and takes care of Chaudary – what will happen to them other guys with guns in Fiji – and does Qarase and other leaders on the other side have guns to protect them. You see – you kill one guy – then it becomes OK to take out others.

    ..and that crap about Indian supremacy – the dude happens to be of Indian descent – you idiots – he probably could have done more good for you working class and middle class Fijians if you had just let him remain the PM the last time.

    Just like one coup started a cycle of coups – one political assassination will start something new in the Fijian political scene – I don’t know where you idiots up with these ideas.

  16. solivakasama Says:

    can some one find out the name of the bociguard so we can pay him some money to do the honourable thing ..put a bullet in the snakes head

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is a shame that the green goon above can not dissect a line of reasoning but has to resort to creating a diversion by going off on a tangent.

    This is typical of the twisted reasoning of his puppeteer, chadopu$$.

  18. Teve-li Says:

    If you’re wondering why the hell these bociguards and soldiers are acting the way they do…the Milgram experiment(1961) will give us an explanation of how people behave under authority.”If a person in a position of authority ordered you to deliver a 400-volt electrical shock to another person, would you follow orders? Most people would answer this question with an adamant no, but Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a series of obedience experiments during the 1960s that demonstrated surprising results. These experiments offer a powerful and disturbing look into the power of authority and obedience”..The psychological experiment is summarised here http://psychology.about.com/od/historyofpsychology/a/milgram.htm
    iIG & Co they know this…

  19. Teve-li Says:

    perhaps therein also lies the the path to their undoing… “Later experiments conducted by Milgram indicated that the presence of rebellious peers dramatically reduced obedience levels. When other people refused to go along with the experimenters orders, 36 out of 40 participants refused to deliver the maximum shocks. “

  20. natewaprince Says:

    Hahahaha……….Sa rere sara ga o Bud.Ni da vei talanoa taka tiko me lauvana o tamana,e voleka sara tiko ni mi o raboci.

  21. tim Says:

    with deference to Teve-li above and others, its because the guy thinks he has (albeit short term) security, and is as thick as the pig shit currently running the circus. The requirement is brawn not brains. Feelings and indigenous affinity take a back seat. Were that not so, Frank would have a hole a couple of centrmeters in diameter in the middle of his forehead some months back.
    @ MM – you might have to wait a couple of eons – the “nice people” are desperately trying to moderate a nice solution – as IF there hadn’t been enough attempts already at indulging their egos. I hope those “nice people” (Reeves et al) haven’t entirely forgotten the big picture however. Half a dozen creaming it at the expense of an entire population

  22. natewaprince Says:

    Kutu,what about putting a bounty on the snakes head?? And one on Bud’s too.

    Qo sa baci lamu sara tu ga o Bud, hahahahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Budhau Says:

    SV – good luck with your fund raising to get a hit man to do the right thing. Just remember them folks on the other side, they can also do fund raising, and maybe better than you guys. BTW – how much money did you folks raise so far to help Qarase.

    Teve-li – in that experiment, the participants were asked to do something that people would otherwise not do. Here, the guy is just doing his job – just like thousands of hardworking Fijians are working for the civil service today. Why don’t you ask all Fijians to stop going to work, those Fijian lawyers to stop appearing in front of judges who are appointed illegally and all that – now, that would bring about a show down – but no, you wanna blame this poor security guard.

    If you really believe that the guard should take advantage of his position to take out the person he was supposed to guard – why don’t one of you loud mouths in here do the honorable thing – and go do it yourself, and then rot in jail for the rest of your life – or maybe hope that Qarase will get you amnesty. It is easy to ask the other guy to do it for you.

    BTW – there are people who really believe in their cause who would do something like this – remember the Sikh guard who took out Indira Gandhi. You buggers do not have the balls to go do a march – because some of you might get an invite to the QEB for physical activity – and that may not be that comfortable – and you want this poor guard to sacrifice his life for YOUR cause.

    Tim – that remark about “Half a dozen creaming it at the expense of an entire population” – isn’t that sort of what the Fijian chiefs and the educated elite have been doing to the middle and working class Fijians – and those Fijians instead of seeing the light that this is more of class struggle – they are brain washed into thinking that it is the Indians who are trying to screw them .

  24. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooodhau we are working on it. Tell you father that he had better start getting Indian Bociguards because we are slowly winning the war on the minds of the soldiers and very soon one of your father’s own guards will ram a bullet up his arse.

    Remember blood is thicker than water and you father had better be watching his own shadows by now!

  25. Budhau Says:

    Hey Duana – who is this “we” in we are working on it.
    You are remark “blood is thicker than water” – you a kinda suggesting that a Fijian will stick with a Fijian.
    Well, first go look at you history and see how often were there Fijian versus Fijian conflict – so there ain’t any logic to that line.
    This one is also about a conflict between the Fijian chiefly families and the confederacies.

    You see Duana – you don’t even see that problem – that the privileged elite among the Fijians have been screwing you guys (the workers, Farmers and the rural poor Fijians) for a very long time – and pushing that myth about the Indian domination. Idiots like you buy into this – with your racist crap.

    BTW that “We” are working on it – that was very phunny – you see Duana, you ain’t doing shit – posting messages in here don’t count – and even if someone with balls decided to stand up to regime – don’t go around taking credit for it – that “WE” did it.

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    we are evening coming to Redfern to where you work to mess you up.

    Remember the sikh guards of Indira in India now conceptualise that to your father’s situation in Fiji…………………….maro marge

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    btw Gandoodhau this is not about chiefly families tis is about you father chodo lusting for power at our expenses so do not try and pull the wool over our eyes.

    We are out to get him so he’d better be ready. A network is being extablished and it is expensing quickly…………………time is on our side and it sure aint on your father’s side

  28. vakasama Says:

    Those who live by the cell phone shall die by the cell phone.

    All it takes is a button by remote control!

    This man Mahendra Chaudhary should HANG in public for all to witness and Voreqe Bainimarama should be flogged by every male member of his family, including his son Meli the boci.

  29. tim Says:

    @ Budhau, you might have a valid argument IF and only IF you were able to apply concepts of property and ownership, and class structures to what is traditionally understood. And that is precisely where it all falls down. Even if some (such as educated elite, or whoever YOU judge as fitting a description YOU have defined), is only a perception and one from a non-indigenous point of view.
    If I were to follow your judgmental understanding, I’d be suggesting that the Maori King (and the queen before him) was riding on the backs of poverty stricken Maori, and that is not the case. What you, Chodo, Shaista et al are trying to do is apply your values and judgments to a situation that need not have any effect on non-indigenous in terms of class structures, nationhood, the state or any other “measure” YOU choose to make an issue of.
    What you should be concentrating on is how all are represented within a political economy that includes indigenous and non-indigenous that enables people to co-reside within that “space”
    As I’ve said many times before, shitting on the indigenous will not rectify any ills you feel you have suffered.
    Destroying indigenous institutions, trying to rip them off for a quick earn, portraying it as “equality”, expecting respect when you are not prepared to reciprocate, applying innapropriate values and attempting to tar all with the same brush is all doomed to failure.
    Fijians are well aware of the leaders who have let them down and those who have not – they can deal with that by their own means, but in the political economy that you would want to apply judgments about class structures and any other ideologies, nothing matters really other than how you are represented. It actually says more about what an abysmal failure Chodo has been than anything else.
    And if and when electoral reform is deemed necessary, and more equitable means of representation introduced, it cannot be successfully achieved by decree – any such solution is bound to be SHORT LIVED unless it is sustained at the point of a gun.
    Show me where in the world and in history that has not been the case. I presume you would like peace? Its really a damn sight easier for all.

  30. painter Says:

    The picture does not haunt me, it just blerry irritates the hell out of me seeing the face of Pig’s left cheering-cherry!

    Budhau – if you can get over your ‘unnatural’ obsession with Chodri, you and I just might find a lot more in common! What say you?!!

  31. painter Says:

    Hey Jose @ 3.53a.m – you still sound traumatized if that picture triggered off something that happened a longtime ago. Maybe you should spend more time with a counsellor than reading your bible. Just trying to be helpful…

  32. natewaprince Says:

    Painter,check your mail plse,and you too Kutu.

  33. painter Says:

    Venus to pluto… venus to pluto! I’ve just checked, which email u’re talking about?

  34. Dauvavana Says:

    @Painter LOL o koya na Ravouvou ni Natewa e se oco oco tiko kei Big Mama……….sa sega madaga na vei nanumi me bau vakavo mai

  35. Wailei Says:

    check this website out!


  36. painter Says:

    Hey daushooter – na feathering ka dina jiko vei kemudrau! Rerevaki! 🙂

  37. painter Says:

    Venus to pluto… venus to pluto! if u’re referring to the earlier ones, thanks pluto, over & out!

  38. Mark Manning Says:

    I thought the soldiers in Fiji had all their ammunition taken away from them !

  39. Linus Says:

    As someone remarked today. Killing Chods would be a mistake as then many would make him a martyar. Then we would find even more pics. of the evil bastard all over the place. Just throw him into Korovou and throw away the key.

  40. Jose Says:

    @ painter
    The point is, just how true that man’s statement is with regards to the “kaiviti lialia” in the above picture. The Bible is a Great Counsellor. Didn’t you know that painter?

  41. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tim, lets get a couple of things out of the way and then we shall discuss the more relevant stuff that you said.

    You wrote, “As I’ve said many times before, shitting on the indigenous will not rectify any ills you feel you have suffered.”

    I have no personal or racist agenda – and BTW, I have not suffered as a result of what happened or continues to happen in Fiji. I am just an observer and I ain’t “shitting on the indigenous”.

    Tim wrote, “What you should be concentrating on is how all are represented within a political economy that includes indigenous and non-indigenous that enables people to co-reside within that “space””

    Let us discuss – “being represented in the political economy that includes the indigenous and the non-indigenous.

    Here, we are talking about the common good of all – the indigenous and the non-indigenous – right? Not the self interest of the ruling Fijian and the business elite.
    My position has been that to go after that common good – we have to go after the ruling elite – both the Fijian elite and the business elite.

    So our problem is economic inequality and that has little to do with ethnicity – it is true that the Fijians are lagging behind in the commercial sector, however, that has less to do with race and more to do with how the Fijian ruling elite has taken advantage of programs meant to benefit the common Fijians.

    If the people of Fiji – both indigenous and non-indigenous work closely together cutting across ethnic lines – based more on their economic inequality than race, they could make a difference on the political side and threaten the privileged.

    That is exactly what the ruling elite fears – they realize that ethnic tension benefits the privileged ruling elite.

    Simply put, the problem in Fiji is not ethnic – what we have is a whole bunch of poor folks, more Fijians than any others and the poor are getting poorer – this is a class issue.

    Therefore, the Fijian chiefs and the Fijian elite combined with the non-Indigenous business elite – Indians, Europeans, and the international corporations use this smokescreen of the “Indian threat” to confuse the Fijians to continue with their grip on power.

    Tim, you said something about Chaudary – “It actually says more about what an abysmal failure Chodo has been than anything else.”

    I think that Chaudary had been part of this struggle all his life – a struggle against the wealthy, privileged class. The man just happens to be an Indian – race has little to do with this struggle. The reason for the success of the Labour Party in the two general election was that the some Fijians had began to see that this was a class struggle – and joining forces across ethnic lines was to their benefit. BTW – the coups that followed were never for the indigenous rights – that was done to protect the interest of the privileged.

    If we return to the status quo, the Fijians would continue to be exploited – the ruling class will remain on top of the pile.

    BTW – I agree that the military coup is wrong and we must get rid of the dictatorship – I think what were seem to have a disagreement with is who should replace this military dictatorship.

    In the bigger picture – Qarase is part of the problem, Chaudary is part of the solution – you go figure.

  42. Tim Says:

    I’m not making judgements on coup supporters and the junta on the basis of race either, rather on their actions – which is not to say there might not be a racial component in that.
    I’m pointing out that there is no viable solution in shitting on indigenous institutions in order to rectify inequities, and by decree rather than by negotiation. There is an entire military force that is complicit in that and I have no idea what its demographics is, but I do note that their actions are shameful, whatever their background.
    You rightly point out that if indigenous and non-indigenous worked closely together they might overcome the elite (especially the self-appointed ones)and the opportunists, however when idigenous institutions are constantly under attack, people might reasonably construe it as an attack on them (and their very being).
    Btw, I speak of “elite’ in the context of a political economy and not one where people might consider spiritual or cultural representatives as “elite” (religion is not my opium and nor is the theory of 18th and 19th century european academics, but i’ve got no problem if others want it to be theirs).

    You also can’t overlook the fact that those backed by guns may well have their own agendas (see michael field’s analysis for example). They can be driven by (for example) race, religion, ideology, mental illness or blind stupidity just as they are elsewhere in the world. They can play on the guilt of past injustices creating new ones (such as Mugabe), and like Frank, Chodo and all.
    I’m pleased you recognise that a coup culture is no solution, NOR is a “coup to end all coups” by people who have (by their own record to date) proven themselves to be totally incapable, incompetent and operate with double standards.
    Chodo for one is a complete disgrace to the entire labour movement, and whatever soscialist leanings the Shyster and her cabal profess to have are laughable – they’re pathetic little facists but I’d put that down to the extremely high opinion they have on themselves and their self-indulgent behaviour. Whatever it is doesn’t absolve them from responsibility though.

    One of the worst things this junta is guilty of is disrupting a democratic evolutionary process at the expense of an entire population in order to protect their own misdemeanours, egos and greed.

  43. Dauvavana Says:


    we are coming to gt your father. And the inmates at Naboro are waiting with their marbles and eight inch duruka. It is going to be a gay fest bahaahahha

  44. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m sure Sir Paul knows what’s going on .

  45. Peace Pipe Says:

    This snake is still trying to butt in with his NCBBF into the Presidential forum. He makes out the NCBBF to be the only thing that matters and seems fanatic about its inclusion by all means. My reading in to this is that the NCBBF is his baby and was designed before the coup as a big cover up and escape plan. He is the only one forcing the NCBBF’s inclusion. The pig seemed to be quite about it and has not mentioned its inclusion as a condition of participation. After all the NCBBF was not mandated by the people and has membership from the FLP and NAP who could present the views of the NCBBF themselves. The NCBBF only carries the views of these few groups who make up a small fraction of our society anyway. So my question is why does the snake adamantly insists on NCBBF’s inclusion in the presidents forum. Whatever the reason is it aint for anything good for the people but himself. I always thought he was good enough to carry his own views across but this has led me to start doubting his calibre.

  46. painter Says:

    I absolutely agree with Budhau @ 5.36am except for the last part on Chaudhary. Yes, he might have been part of the solution initially and you’re right he’s an absolutely driven man. However, he’s gone way out on a limb this time by riding the same tiger’s back that others did before him… the problematic tiger, the one CONSTANT factor thru our nation’s coup history… and thereby makes Chaudhary PART of the problem instead of the solution. I find it sad really sad but I think he’s really lost his way for good this time. well, i guess that’s life, and that’s the nature of human complexities. We may never get to see the Fiji utopia that we all crave for in our lifetime but we can all contribute to building it that dream by making the right choices during our short time here…

  47. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoodhaus father is the problem, is he providing us a solution now? Well take a look at Fiji 18 months after 12/06. Fuck all is all I can say that is why Papa better get ready for what to expect in Naboro Maximum by starting to sit on some of those long thick baigani or carrots to train his gandooo for some rough riding.

  48. painter Says:

    Daushooter – what i think what Budhau meant was that Chaudhary had got to a stage where the ‘end justified the means’, that, for him, was his big picture solution. It is clear to us all that he and his cronies had finally ‘lost it’. And as u’ve rightly pointed out, our country has continued to spiral downward since their coup of Dec06 and it’ll never recover unless and until we rid this military junta by getting back to parliamentary democracy ASAP and let the people decide on their collective destiny. And as a longterm solution, i think the overwhelming majority of our people will want a decision to be made on the fate of the Rottenfmf as that has been the ‘stolen vehicle’ upon which all these treasonous felons conveniently rode on.

    Shri, destiny, satish etc are obviously from the Rottenfmf media cell who’ll harp on and on about indian persecution/genocide at our hands, then about fijian genocide and keep on at fanning the racial flames to keep the 2 main races focused on each other than on the real culprits of coups, Rottenfmf and this round of the so-called elite cum bankrupt power-grabbers ie. mara/ganilau/nailatikau. Even then, it does not imply that Qarase and his SDL govt were saints, i think they do have stuff to answer for. But as in all parliamentary democracies, bad leadership should always be ousted at the ballot box not through coups!

    Well, gotta do some work. G’morning.

    Btw i vei mada o NP, baci AWOL tu o mudrau. As MM said, ‘its freezing in Sydney’… 🙂

  49. natewaprince Says:

    Ther was a sweet lady called ‘painter’,

    Whose pulse became fainter and fainter,

    A medic called Bud,

    Hit her chest with a thud,

    And then turned off the light so he could mate her.


  50. painter Says:

    There was once a threesome

    A Prince, a Sniper and a Bernie pea-some

    They oh so loved to tango

    That they turned a ghastly yellow

    And blind Shri mistook them for his pickled mango…

  51. painter Says:

    NP – pls do somethin useful instead of sitting in yr pyjamas all morning!

  52. Jose Says:

    Kemudrau @ NP kei painter. Drau velomani. Drau yalo vinaka drau lako mada drau lai wili feather vataka e kaya tiko o Shooter. Drau veilomani vaka na tinani toa sa dau ovica tiko na luvena.

  53. Dauvavana Says:

    Jose vacava kedaru, via wili nomu feathers 8)

  54. natewaprince Says:

    Io,mai wilika noqu feathers kerekere.

  55. natewaprince Says:

    Sorry ‘painter’ if I offended you.

  56. Dauvavana Says:

    wara na boi dada qori………………waiya de qai jealous taki au o Butt

  57. Jose Says:

    TRUCE. PEACE, lady and gentlemen.

  58. Budhau Says:

    This Painter person – posts some intelligent stuff – whether one agrees or disagrees with him/her – unlike that idiot Duanabanana.

  59. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau
    She posts intellingently all the time and she is very sensitive unlike you. Now piss off, you’re not supposed to be here right now.

  60. Budhau Says:

    I see that you, Jose, are very sensitive and very Christian like.

    This is your degenerate collie here.

  61. Tomasi Says:

    Budhau, never degrade yourself like that, bud. These hooligans are very JEALOUS of you – you live in an advanced city – Sydney – and are earning in a hour what they probably don’t even earn IN A DAY! You go to fine restaurants while they take their families to old McDonalds!


  62. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Kivei kemuni na noda, na vola eda veitalanoataka tiko oqo e rui vakagonegoneya vei au. Kivei kutu, qarauna na nomu vakasama baleta e vakaraitaka na lolovi ra ni vakatagedegede ni ka o kila.

    Ena sega vakadua ni rawa vua e dua nai taukei me via vakamatei mahen. E ra sa vuli na kawa i taukei ka ra sa kila ni cala vakalawa na veivakamatematei. E cala talega ke vakarautaki ki na i vunau e tini. O kkoya gona kina ya e rai vakagonegoneya kina na i vola da mai veitalanoataka tiko qo.

    E wara ni kilikili kina me da vei vakatatabea mai kina na rai ni nodrau na vei vakamatematei e rua na i taukei ena vukui mahen baleta e da vuli nai taukei ka da kila ni sega ni dua na kena yaga.

    Me vakarusai vakadua na rai ni da rawa ni veivakamatematei na i taukei ena vuku i mahen. Baleta o mahen ena vesu ga ena kena gauna me na qai vesu kina. Na i taukeii era yadravi koya tiko ka wadravi koya taletikoga.
    Esa rui vakagonegoneya kina vei au na i vola eda sa mai veitalanoataka tiko oqo.

  63. Tomasi Says:

    @ Bhudau
    I earn that $15.00 too. Don’t you lower ourselves like that they so jealous of us-we live in a advance city Sydney packing chickens and cleaning chicken shit. We go to eat chicken- chop-suey while they take their families to fine restaurants. Any time you short of paisa give me a call maybe I do the same too, being you my big barka boss.

  64. Bhudau Says:

    @ Hae Tomasi baiya
    Aare yaar baiya tomasi, BEST college konchi re? We not earn much paisa. Only we pack and clean chicken shit. Walega kana muruqi sa rawa brother. Cant afford it re. No too much bullshit sa levu tiko ko iko bullshit, our children go to… walega ike public school. Walega bakalailai ko au sa draiva ike Taxi aqo levulevu paisa. Vacava koiko. Malua ko iko sa sapasapa tiki ga qo denitoa sa segai binaka qo na job. Ko yau na baibi na bese moce ko yau sa bosa kokoya boi denitoa. Vava koiko na baini?Set tiko?

  65. Tomasi Says:

    Budha-Gandoo-Dhau, you little coolie. See the mess you’ve made and I have to clean up.

    There was NO need at all for you to disclose your LOW income & LOW IQ to these idiots –

    No need at all.

    Now see how they’re using this to rip your heart out. You stupid bloody wanker.

    I suggest you stop posting for a while and visit a good Hindooooooo temple and pray to your 330000000000000 gods and goddesses.

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