Poll chief yet to take up office

Bloggers, whilst we understand the weather conditions in NZ, one would have thought appropriate arrangements for Ms. Heffernan’s personal items would have been done, well before this, as her appointment had been confirmed some months earlier.

Ms. Heffernan is the winner of the CLANZ/Wigley Award and has a Masters degree in Environmental Law. She’s worked in the Galapagos, Kenya and Uganda albeit in the Wildlife Protection area and SV questions her competence and suitability to undertake the unenviable task and responsibilities of Supervisor of Elections during these most difficult times and underlying political maneuvering.

What do you think?

07 JUL 2008

Newly-appointed Supervisor of Elections Felicity Heffernan has not taken up office despite an announcement by the Constitutional Offices Commission.Heffernan was due to start her new job in Fiji today but her arrival in the country has been delayed.

Commission chairman Rishi Ram said Heffernan advised the COC she would not be able to make it to Fiji on the said date because of adverse weather conditions.

Ram said Heffernan told the Commission by email this morning that recent heavy snowfall where she lived made it hard for her to move her belongings in time.

He said the delay was only for a few days and elections work would not be affected by this delay.

Heffernan, a lawyer with overseas experience, took up the job after initial appointee Dr Maurice Coughlan withdrew.

Dr Coughlan’s withdrawal came after the COC discovered that he had been disbarred for 10 years by the New Zealand Law Society.



22 Responses to “Poll chief yet to take up office”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Uh well …environment and electoral process knowledge are poles apart both experiential and competency wise.

    So you can happily assume that she’ll pretty much be learning on the job.

    Galapagos? Kenya? Uganda? WTF are they saying that her experience there makes her ready for Fiji? We may have the same skin colour but that’s the ONLY similarity….sheesh!

    No I lie. The other similarity is that Frank is Fiji’s Mugabe who by the way is about to get his ass whooped from the international community 😉

  2. church mouse Says:

    An expert is almost extinct tortoises, long-necked giraffes and almost hidden jungle creatures. Hmm. How relevant are those concerns? She is probably an inappropriate choice for director of elections. Should have chosen someone local with an abundant knowledge of Fiji.
    Now snowed under and can’t get her pretty bling things packed and moved? Come on. What does a woman need in Fiji? A sulu, a cooking pot, a lap-top. Not much else!

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    She has outstanding qualifications with regards to environmental studies, and practices. She has not had any relevant experience whatsoever in electoral processes.

    How does one transition from environment law to election supervision quickly ?

    Further we do have several individuals in the country who are qualified lawyers with strong background in constitutional law, and have had prior election supervision experience, and in this country too. Karavaki, and W Rigamoto come to mind. Jon Apted is another qualified candidate.

    Given Heffrnans lack of specific experience, I suspect this presents the IG with ample opportunity to fiddle the elections on the pretext of showing her the ropes.

    It also doesn’t say alot about the calibre of Heffernan. As a professional I never ever try to get secure work outside my sphere of expertise, unless in a joint consultation with another who does have the required expertise.

    Its hard to fathom the PSC as well in this appointment. Seems like they’re floundering too.

    Anyway I thinks she’s having second thoughts, and is probably securing another assisgnment conducting a census amoungst kiwis on chatham islands, where it now must be frozen solid, with no hope of exiting till spring – somewhere around Oct 2010.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Please bring back Peter Foster !

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    sounds like she’s stalling because she knows the NZ and Australian Governments will ban her from travelling if she goes ahead with this appointment by the Illegal IG .

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Bloggers, I notice that on the Raw Fiji News blog there are no comments to any of the articles; some of which have proved to be accurate.

    Is there a reason for freedom loving bloggers staying away?

  7. Tim Says:

    @ eFT: Probably the requirement to log in. Some are aware that there are sympathisers even resident in Queensland trying to hack the computers of bloggers.
    As for Heffernan, she may well have decided to look a little deeper into Fiji politics and realised that the junta’s motives have not been genuine.

  8. Say True! Says:

    Well, I suppose this is the ideal person to conserve/protect the Pigs,Snakes, Ass’s etc. Fiji’s first Zoo. ex Fiji Tourist – it’ll be up and running for your next holiday. Bring Mark for a gander as well.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    It will be interesting just how well she handles the position, as her background is totally alien to this one. I remember stories of expats coming to the Pacific with big perks, but no knowledge whatsoever on how to do the job on hand.

    I sincerely hope, Ms. Heffernan does not come within this classification.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Indonesia has the garuda , fictitious bird , Fiji could have one , what shall we call it ?
    I’m close to Sydney’s zoo actually . But Fiji would have some pretty rare species , all washed up from the IG and Military very soon !

  11. Dauvavana Says:

    How about the Big Mama Bird. Natewa Prince knows how all the feathers are arranged on that one eh NP???


  12. natewaprince Says:

    Very true baraca.Na levu ni vuti tu ya,au sa dau oca sara ga na va cega me’u raica na ka ya ,hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Na ka o via rogoca ya ?,you baaaastud……………..!!

  13. natewaprince Says:

    An important post as the supervisor of elections needs the best person for the job.She was the second choice,which means she wasn’t the best.

    And if she’s unavailable for some reason,will they pick the third choice who will probably be a real estate lawyer?.Or maybe some ambulance chaser from some small NZ/Aussie backwater town.

  14. Groggymaster Says:

    @NP … or a shameless lawyer like R Chaudry ????

  15. Dauvavana Says:

    NP bahahhahahaha, vacava nodaru date kei rau na Mara sisters???

  16. natewaprince Says:

    Keirau sa set tiko kei Koila.Sa qai vo ga mo drau ‘on’ kei Eveli, hahahahahhhhha……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Ke sega,me rau ‘on’ taki iko ruarua o rau na vei yacani.

  18. painter Says:

    Hey daushooter – i know you! You’re BB aren’t you, big mama’s ex! 🙂

  19. Wailei Says:

    oilei.. this is beyond her capabilities. Please stick with environmental issues and save the animals and the environment. If you want to work in Fiji that much, than please set up an environmental Rights movement in Fiji to clean up the military and the thick pollution in Suva…

  20. Wailei Says:

    NP… at least e rairai vinaka tiko o koila lailai.. ni dau dara na shorts he lau rai na nona “second cheeks”. Vacava that??

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    NP nomu ga o iko na qala mate nei Eveli drau fire, keirau se gole mada kei Ele

  22. natewaprince Says:

    O ganei Ele?????????????????????????

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