Leweni appointed to Fiji TV board

Bloggers, here is proof of Vore’s claim after his coup, that ‘none of my military officers will benefit from this coup.’ So much for this hypocrite. Imagine Lewensky’s incompetence together with his other officers in these board positions as they become the laughing stock of other professionals on the board, but to the detriment of the shareholder, which unfortunately is the State and in turn, the poor tax payers.

Monday, July 07, 2008

MILITARY spokesman Major Neumi Leweni has been appointed a board member of Fiji Television Limited. Major Leweni confirmed this to The Fiji Times but would not want elaborate.”Yes, I am, but I cannot confirm any other thing,” he said. Major Leweni is one of several high ranking military officers who’ve been appointed to boards by the interim Government.

Since the military takeover in 2006, two Territorial Force soldiers on special assignment with the military and two former officers are the directors of Home Link Security Company. The company, which was registered last June with $10,000 nominal capital, was awarded a $320,000 contract by the State-owned Fiji Ports Corporation Limited this year to man ports facilities in the country.

Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, who is heading the independent audit into institutions, Pauliasi Naivalu, Filipe Alifereti and Lieutenant-Colonel Serevi Vananalagi are the directors of Home Link Security. Colonel Kurusiga and Lt-Col Vananalagi are on special assignment with the military.

At Post Fiji, Brigadier Ioane Naivalurua is board chairman. Earlier this year, chief of staff Colonel Samuela Saumatua was appointed Housing Authority board chairman.

End of story


26 Responses to “Leweni appointed to Fiji TV board”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    WTF man,first he was on the Fiji Sun board,now he’s appointed to the Fiji TV board.

    E sega beka ni wawale na nona tilotilo na kubuta tiko no soresore nei Vore ,me sa soli veitarataravi tiko vua na tutu lelevu va qo.????Tamata mada ga e cemuri mai Jaina.

    That Anthony arsehole who wrote the report on Fiji’s media must be laughing in Hawaii or where ever he is,the blerry kulina vavaku.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Kutu,qarauni iko vinaka na vanua o kabi toko kina qori.Lakolako ena tilomi iko o Leweni na levu ni kubu e cakava tiko.Kua tale ga ni nanuma mo na safe ena cici nei Vore,vanua qori e dau werewere tiko kina o Khaiyum,hahahahahaha…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. far and wide Says:

    here You go, Thanks to Professor Brij Lal., USP


    Fiji Times

    Academic picks at military

    Monday, July 07, 2008

    WHATEVER electoral system in place in Fiji will mean nothing if there is no desire among people, especially the military, to respect the verdict of the ballot box, says one of the architects of the 1997 Constitution, Professor Brij Lal.

    “That is the fundamental problem in Fiji,” he said.

    Professor Lal said the deep-seated cause of instability in Fiji was the military.

    “We need to know what should be the military’s place in the broader scheme of things in Fiji.”

    He said we could talk about all kinds of things but unless the root cause of our problems was addressed, all would come to nothing.

    “Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the interim administration has been infected by the virus of hubris and narcissism.”

    Professor Lal said the arrogance of power was constantly on display.

    “There is no accountability, no transparency in what it does or in what it says.

    “They talk about inclusiveness and dialogue but resort to the sledgehammer approach.”

    He said there was a pretence of working within the law but if it conflicted with their agenda, they simply disregarded it.

    “They may try and introduce electoral changes by decree but things done through fiat don’t work.” He said in the ultimate analysis, they would have to go to the people.

    “That is the only way.”

    Professor Lal was responding to moves by the National Council for Building a Better Fiji to change Fiji’s electoral voting system.

    The NCBBF communiqu last month stated it would make an extensive nationwide consultation on why changes to Fiji’s electoral system were necessary before the election.

    They would also recommend to the people the replacement of the alternative vote by a system based on proportional representation and providing for the open list voting system.

    The NCBBF proposed the adoption, in all future elections, of the common roll system as a substitute for the ethnicity-based communal system.

    The NCBBF believes:

    – Fiji’s electoral system is undemocratic in that it does not accurately reflect the will of the people and violates UNconventions by not providing for one vote to have one value,

    – The system fails to adequately address representation for certain groups such as women and small minorities,

    – That communal representation and voting contributed to ethnic division and entrenched ethnicity-based politics which have been detrimental to our national development, and

    – The electoral system is too complex and a hindrance to the conduct of a free and fair poll.

    While the NCBBF has agreed to take the proposed NCBBF election reform package back to the people for study and endorsement, it also proposed the new electoral system be implemented before the next election.

    Other resolutions by the NCBBF include incorporation of specific anti-discrimination laws in the Electoral Act.

    to strengthen our resolve to establish a system based on equality, the voting age be reduced to 18 years, the mandatory power-sharing provision in the Constitution be repealed, and compulsory voting be abolished.

    In making these landmark and historic recommendations, the NCBBF affirms that the time has come for the leaders of this country to move the country forward in a direction that ensures sustained democracy through equality for its entire citizen.

    “National unity and development must be promoted and ethnic division and race-based electoral systems and politics must become history” were the general sentiments echoed by members of the NCBBF.

    The NCBBF based its decisions from the various reports received and discussed by its Working Group and National Task Team, and also from the public submissions.

    “Majority of people who made submissions to the NCBBF called for a review of the electoral system and the introduction and implementation of a fairer, simpler and people-friendly system,” says the communiqu.

    Lal is currently a Professor of Pacific and Asian History at the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), Australian National University. He has previously lectured at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, the University of Hawaii in Manoa, and at the University of Papua New Guinea. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of South Pacific and simultaneously, Head of the Centre for Diasporic Studies at the University of Fiji.

    Among his many books are an autobiography, “Mr Tulsi’s Store: A Fijian Journey” (2001), which won the San Francisco-based Kiriyama Prize in 2002. He is also the author of “Chalo Jahaji: On a journey through indenture in Fiji” (2000) and “Bittersweet: The Indo-Fijian Experience” (2004), the latter two recounting the history of the trials and triumphs of the Indo-Fijian community. He is the present Editor of the Journal of Pacific History and the Founding Editor of the literary journal, Conversations.

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    leweni is fast rising through the ranks of the corporate boards. I only hope he can rise to the occasion. You go bugler!

  5. Tomasi Says:


    HEIL M&Ms


  6. newsfiji Says:

    why don’t they appoint him to replace Mesake Nawari – wa..ha..ha..oi me lusii na kabani!

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This story from the Sun sums up the jaundiced junta; including major disaster.

    “The National Federation Party was reacting comments made by Mr Chaudhry in the Fiji Sun that a proposed political forum mediated by Commonwealth’s special representative Sir Paul Reeves should be within the boundaries of the proposed People’s Charter.

    NFP president Pramod Rae said the comments by Mr Chaudhry, who is also the Fiji Labour Party, illustrated his quest to hang on to power illegally at all costs.

    “It is abundantly clear that he does not want free and fair elections to be held by March 2009,” said Mr Rae.

    Mr Chaudhry could not be reached for comment yesterday.

    Mr Rae said the FLP leader’s statement just showed his “devious” desire to continue as an interim minister in the military installed regime for as long as possible.

    He said Mr Chaudhry had no regard for the welfare, dignity and livelihood of the people who are suffering tremendously as a direct result of the low economic status of the country.

    “The FLP leader just doesn’t get it – the charter lacks the support of the vast majority of the people of Fiji. It is made up of a motley group who have no mandate whatsoever from the people to decide our country’s future,” said Mr Rae.

    He said even the President Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu had decided to seek the United Nations’ and Commonwealth’s assistance to try and get all political leaders to find a political solution to our problems.

    “Mr Chaudhry’s anti-forum comments mean that he is basically usurping the authority of the President,” said Mr Rae.

    “This is symptomatic of a tyrant and a dictator who for his own personal and political advancement will do anything to derail any initiative that will move the country forward.”

    The party said the political forum must not be used as rubber-stamp for the charter.

    “The NFP has made it clear that it should be totally independent of the charter process,” said Mr Rae. “And the terms of reference to be drawn up by Sir Paul should clearly define this.”

    He said Mr Chaudhry had in the past been vocal about Commonwealth’s Harare Declaration and that any constitutional reform initiative should conform to this Declaration.

    But instead, said Mr Rae, he had now clearly changed his tune.

    “His actions and utterances are now beginning to become more and more similar to Robert Mugabe’s who after achieving independence for his country Zimbabwe, is now holding on to power illegally by brutally suppressing his opposition.””

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The first thing that major disaster will do on the board is ask for more looney tunes cartoons to be shown so he can understand what all the programmes are about.

    I guess that Fiji TV could accommodate this by playing speeches by bananasinpyjamas and hairyarse; they are really comical.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Tomasi , thank you , I get the message !

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The illegal chief justice comes back from leave today.

    To welcome him back to the junta, I would like to dedicate a poem to him.

    “There’s an illegal pirate named gates,

    Who danced the fandango on skates,

    But a fall on his cutlass

    Rendered him nutless,

    And absolutely useless on dates.”

    I am offering a carton of cyberbeer to anyone who can write a limerick that really sums up this misfit.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve decided , in my infinite wisdom , to appoint myself , myself and then, Minister for all things pointless , unimportant and unattractive to others .
    My 1st. promulgation is to declare a public holiday in my honour and to half the pay of all public servants , except the brave soldiers of the RFMF and the Naval Officers , who , in my opinion , have done so much for Fiji , of late .
    It is with profound humbleness that I declare myself incredibly capable of all things , and now , if you’ll excuse me , I must get myself dressed into a pretty uniform , in order that i may impress the girls , I mean my fellow soldiers !
    I want to thank the people of Fiji for their support in these difficult times and I want you all to know , that I will do all I can , to restore the rudder , I mean the confidence that you expect of someone as brilliant as myself . Do I look pretty in this Naval outfit ?

  12. Groggymaster Says:

    Lewenski will now anchor the news presentation, so he can spout Chodo’s lines. The camera will have to be angled from the floor up, because lewnskaya tends to drop his eyes when he tries to tell the truth!!!.

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    that might be a welcome change for TV One News. I am sick and tired of the current anchor, seeing that softie every nite for almost a month now! In fact the sports presenter, Shane, does a more splendid job; I wish they’d keep him.

  14. Striker Says:

    What happened to the clean up policy announced after the illegal military takeover of restricting multi-Board membership by individuals? Is that all a lie? Where’s God’s truth in all this?

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Khaiyum and Anthony Gates,

    Two faggots we all love to hate,

    The difference you see,

    Is that Tony’s cici,

    Is so pink while Khaiyum’s ain’t so great.

  16. tim Says:

    I’ve refrained from making posts, only because they’re all so fcuking ridiculous that 20 or 30 years earlier, they’d have all been the stars of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It’s sad and embarassing really that they expect people to take them seriously! Especially those that should know better (Gates, Shyster, Nazi, SlackArse and a number of others). All they’re doing is prolonging the pain – including their own. In their case the pain comes later.
    Even those with an academic ‘bent’ seem to have their ideologies all fcuked up so bad that together with their superiority complexes and self-indulgence, they’ve wound up being facist pigs feasting at an ever diminishing swill. Its a fast track to ruin. It appears they’ve forgotten one thing though – most Fijians are more staunch and resilient than they’ll ever be. Most of them couldn’t do without a cellphone for half a day

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    We have reached , or should I ask , have we reached , the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Major Leweni ?

  18. Tui Says:

    O Leweni e saga tiko me taura na role nei MG na manipusi mai Fiji Onei! Koteme!

  19. Corruption Fighter Says:

    If Leweni can’t make it to some board meetings they could send a sack of cassava in his place. Oh. no! they’d better not do that. The sack of cassava might make a more useful contribution than him.

    Frank is always talking about governance, but isn’t governance all about appointing people to boards who are qualified and competent. That’s why annual reports usually show the qualifications of board members.

    Could Leweni let us have a took at his resume.

    BTW, Raw Fiji News reports that the attempt to plant the idiot on the Fiji Sun Board failed because FHL don’t have board appointment rights on the Sun. Is this the competence of Sereana Qoro on display? Let’s hope she doesn’t run FHL into the ground before she is removed by a legal government.

  20. Groggymaster Says:

    @ Corruption Fighter – Also article on Raw Fiji on Home Finance and alleged divulging of HF high profile/IG hit list is worrisome too. Disclosure of financial information on customers to FICAC, I-AG, etc is also grossly unethical, ruthlessly vindictive, and total unprofessional. Anyway what goes around – comes around – when the SDL govt is restored.

  21. lauan boy Says:

    the shareholder who chose this prick to represent them on the Board of Fiji TV is a blerry idiot.

    surely, it displays how far the military is going to protect their sorry arse….this must be the better fiji they r alluding too…by appointment useless military arseholes into commercial boards.

    ni vei cai na sotia…..

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Groggymaster, the return of SDL to power is not the question or issue as it is a foregone conclusion. The main problem is what happens after that with these thugs still around. Already they are trying all sorts of things to delay, prevent and even mainpulate the elections knowing full well what would be the outcome. This is the main topic we should concentrate on as it will come back to haunt us when the coupsters decide that they wont accept the results and retake power once again to the chagrin of everyone.

    As for the bugler I really dont know what his contribution would be to the boards. Maybe he is there to make up the numbers and look important. He’ll probably put all the board to sleep with his lullaby tone of voice and half shut eyes. But here we have another broken promise by the pig of NO MILITARY WILL GAIN FROM THIS COUP.

  23. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    News……..Cama Tuiloma is our next High Commisioner to New Zealand…..That actually is not the news……..The news is……..Chaudhary can’t stand Tuiloma and Tuiloma can’t stand Chaudhary…..Chaudhary knows very well that Tuiloma’s appointment will be rejected by the NZ Govt. but by then another of MC’s supporters from within the department is already warming Tuiloma’s seat……Meanwhile Tuiloma will be waiting for any result to his overseas appointment just like Driti and in the meantime most conveniently he will be no longer an obstacle to Chodo…When finally the rejection from NZ is confirmed he will just be transferred to Works Department where he was inially employed. That’s your NEWS.

  24. Groggymaster Says:

    @ Peace Pipe – On return of the SDL, A special court be set up to try all those who participated and instigated the 2006 coup, for treason and imprisoned. Since there was a great furore over the RTU bill, the bill be withdrawn, and reconciliation processes envisaged under that bill not be extended to this crop of idiots.

  25. Wailei Says:

    What happened to Leweni in China??? Levu na lasa kei ira na pros mai china qai toboka beka o watimu?? WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. painter Says:

    Tukuni mai Wailei kere2…

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