Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves – Abraham Lincoln

Have elections, not coups: Dinger

05 JUL 2008

Counting down on the number of days as the United State’s Ambassador to Fiji, Larry Dinger has sounded a friendly warning maintaining the US stand that coups and election do not go well together. Instead, the outgoing career diplomat said it is critical that Fiji realises the importance of maintaining democracy being the right way to move Fiji forward. He said the US government valued its democratic roots, which it believed was just as important in other countries, explaining the US stand on the current political situation in Fiji.“We continue to believe that democracy is the right way to go, that elections routinely without coups are the right way to go,” Dinger told more than 500 guests in attendance at the US Independence Day celebrations.“American policy and coups don’t go along very well together so that has made it difficult but Fiji is still filled with wonderful people and great deal of potential. “And so Washington and I just hope that things settle down rapidly and you can achieve those potentials in the future.”Dinger, who toured polling stations around the country in the 2006 general election, said past elections had shown that there could be free and fair elections under the current Constitution. He said there were a lot of ways a country could undertake democracy.“The US has one way and the Fiji Constitution has another, other countries have different ways. Many ways to get there but the key is to have the voice of the people heard so that the leadership is responsive to the people and has legitimacy from the people,” Dinger said.“And that’s the problem Fiji has at the moment. “An election under the current system will be fine by us to bring in a government with that kind of legitimacy and that they can address other issues that obviously need addressing in Fiji.    We are not fans of coups. But we believe very strongly that the United States will continue to advocate for a return to truly democratic governance at the earliest possible time.”


And that’s only a friendly reminder, for now, Voreqe, so LISTEN UP!!

SV echos Uncle Sam’s statements to the Pig and his band of THIEVES and DEMAND to have ELECTIONS ASAP, as that is the starting block on the roadmap back to democracy.

Let the people’s ELECTED representatives voice their concerns on the issues and changes they wish to make!!!




13 Responses to “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves – Abraham Lincoln”

  1. painter Says:

    Since its the Sabbath morning, I am feeling a little pious and holy… so I will concede to a CONDITIONAL immunity for the military junta. Conditional only upon the immediate dismantling of the Rottenfmf after elections! And that immunity btw, only extends to treason, certainly NOT to the MURDERS, KIDNAPPINGS, ASSAULTS AND BATTERY our people suffered at their hands!

  2. Bebenibogi Says:

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    Article 21.
    (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

    Thank you Solivakasama for continually reminding us. March 2009 deadline. Have a pleasant Sunday.

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Thanks Dinger.At these critical times,it’s good to let the pig know that our big brothers are watching every illegal step the pig makes.And every step this regime takes is taking us closer and closer to becoming similar to the situation Zimbabwe finds itself in.

  4. Jose Says:

    Oh, there you are painter. You were AWOL yesterday.Busy night?

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thank you Mr Dinger for constantly reminding the pig about his ill-conceived coup and the need for a quick return to democracy which is the only way to express the will of the people. Not through dictarship and the enforcing of devious legislations to benefit themselves. We all know the coup is all about naked power grab by losers so we are fooled by their diversionary tactics and rhetorics.

    The only concern now is given the international pressure for elections in March 2009 would the pig try and throw a spanner in the works and bring up various excuses as he now doing to delay the promised elections. What would they do to effectively punish the pig for reneging on his promises. Or are they going to believe and accept his excuses? To date the international community has not wavered from the March 2009 dealine and I hope they stick firmly to that course since the livelihood and welfare of ordinary people are more important that the hoodwinking ig. If come March 2009 and elections is not deleivered as promised then pressured applied from inside and outside can have a very strong and desired impact.

  6. Ika Soata Says:

    Yeah Dinger’s absolutely right….maybe he should also be reminded of William Blum’s Rogue State (third edition).

  7. painter Says:

    G’morning Jose! Wow! What a beautiful sunny morning! Clear blue skies, little fluffy clouds in the far, far horizon, birds singing, sea glistening… and to think TV1 predicted rain rain rain today! Oops, better touch wood.

    Yes sweety, a very BUSY night……………… now stop thinkin’ those thoughts, its your sabbath.. run along, run along!

  8. Budhau Says:

    Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves – Abraham Lincoln.

    Exactly – because we have been doing this coup thingie for a very long time – and some of you bugger have either supported such coups or will support the next coup if you are not happy with the election results.

    Dinger said, “……elections routinely without coups are the right way to go” .

    Right on Dinger – here he was critical of all coups –so guess what, for arguments sake, lets say Chaudary wins the next elections – are we willing to accept him as the PM – hell no!. So we will support the next coup – because the next coup would be justified, just like the 1987 and 2000 coup – it is only this 2006 that really had no justification.

  9. painter Says:

    Some pessimists from yesteryear need COUNSELING! Budhau, I’m sure u’re not in that category. People of my generation want to hitch our dreams & hopes upon STAR LEADERSHIP, not on wounded tigers & their vindictive agendas… That said, we will respect the results of a free and fair election!

  10. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Although i totally agree with Dinger – i am skeptical of anything coming out of the US right now esp in light of Iraq – although i bet my bottom dollar if Fiji had oil or other precious resources Bainimarama would be a non-issue right now.

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    you are a broken record.

    It still does not get through your thick skull, that not all Fijians supported either the 1987 or 2000 coup, yet you generalise, as if we all did, so cut the crap!

    Get over it!

  12. Budhau Says:

    Yes JW – you are right – not all Fijians supported the 1987 coup and I should not be generalizing.
    Only The Great Council of Chiefs, the Methodist Church (remember the Sunday ban) and the nationalist Taukei Movement were out there supporting the coup. Members of the Alliance Party, a predominantly Indigenous Fijian party became members of the military council.
    How can all Fijians have supported the 1987 coup – there was Dr Bavadra,, a Fijian – right?
    Then there was Rabuka who later became the leader of GCC and the GCC endorsed his political party the SVT.

    You are right JW – I no get it through my thick head that not all Fijians supported the previous coup – I am sure you personally know all 10 of them that did not support the coups.
    and of course there were those who “support the cause but not the means” – remember them.

    Of course the GCC and the Provincial Councils do not speak for all Fijians – so what if they supported the coups. But I am sure this time around all (almost all) Fijians are opposed to this coup because the Provincial Councils and the GCC say so.

    ….and that Dinger guy talking about democracy – very funny.

  13. natewaprince Says:

    Bud,if the coup is to topple your daddy Chodo,then I support it.If he wins next year,even with his military support,there’ll be another coup.Mark my words.

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